Dancing with the Stars 21 Tamar Braxton & Val – Rumba – VIDEO

Tamar picked 2012. She almost lost her husband to blood clots. He was put into a coma. Tamar got pregnant soon after and is very appreciative of her husband and son, so she is dedicating this dance (to her own song) to them. Val speaks about the lack of chemistry and that he agrees with the judges. He wants to show they have chemistry. Damn. A gorgeous rumba we are seeing here. Val is certainly concentrating on perfecting that chemistry. Lovely hip movement, elegant steps, great arms. Tons of fluidity here as well. This is arguably Tamar’s best routine of the season. Just lovely. She kisses and hugs her husband at the end and is crying.

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Carrie Ann is in tears. Her story touched her deeply but her dance touched her even more. Julianne says she loves the vulnerability and freedom she saw. She sort of hints that she is giving Tamar a 9. Bruno loved the connection. He loved that it was a proper rumba.
Carrie Ann- 9
Julianne- 9
Bruno- 9
Total: 27/30