Carly Smithson And We Are The Fallen – Preview Clips from ‘Tear The World Down’

Check out 30 second clips from the new album by Carly Smithson and We Are The Fallen at Amazon UK.  The band’s debut, Tear The World Down will be released everywhere on May 11.

  • Listen to clips from Tear the World Down HERE.

We Are the Fallen are currently touring with Finnish hard-rock band, H.I.M. Check out their schedule HERE.

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  1. Oh I love what I am hearing so far. Carly I am so happy for you!. If the snippets are any indication this is going to be and awesome album and I think the band We are The Falling will be very well received. Carly sounds fantastic in these snippets and makes me want to hear the complete songs. Great Great Job. Best part it doesn’t sound like Evanescence 2.O in actually has its own style and sound separate from Evanescence IMHO. Carly voice sounds very rich and clear and I love her phasing. Yeah! Can’t wait until May 11, 2010

  2. Nice…really happy for Carly-she has such a big voice. She could have won this season of Idol.

    That is cool that they are touring with H.I.M. now..they are pretty big in Europe.

  3. I need to hear the whole thing. From the snippets it sounds just like Evanescence, only worse. Evanescence fans won’t be pleased with this:)

  4. I really liked the snippets. I loved Carly on AI, and was hoping she’d do this type of music. I like Evanescence too, but think these are distint enough from their music. I’m so happy Carly is doing this type of music.

  5. Evanescence fans won’t be pleased with this:)

    I agree. I’m not liking what I’m hearing so far. Too many of these songs sound identical.

  6. Hmmm, to me she sounds kinda like Cher singing rock music on some of those songs. I wasn’t a Carly Plantson (per VFTW) fan during season 7 but I will probably check out the songs again once I can hear them all the way through and may even buy a couple of them.

  7. I’m an Evanescene fan and I’m pleased with what I’ve heard. I think the complete versions of the songs will make them sound less alike. I hope folks will give them a chance.

  8. Of course they are going to sound a little bit like Evanescence, that is who they were for so long and it’s going to still influence their sound. If people can get over the “identical” sound, this seems like it is shaping up to be a really great album. It’s very authentic and I’m hearing a lot of good songs.

  9. Just thought I’d add that H.I.M. are Finnish not Norwegian

    From the clips it does sound similar to Evanescence, so I’ll wait until full songs are released to decide what I think. I always liked their music, but not so much Amy Lee’s voice. Even though Carly’s voice is similar, it might be enough of a difference for me to be interested.

  10. hmmm not sure what to think. I liked Evanescence. this does sound almost the same except that Carly has a lower register. Its kinda like you have a favorite song that you have been listening to for years. And then one day your hear the song and there is just something slightly different about it. Your not sure if its good or bad just different and that makes it a little off putting. Just it being a tad different. I will have to wait to hear more of each song the only one that I can say I like for the little snippet is St. John..I’m liking that one already.
    Well best of luck to them

  11. I think these song snippets sound amazing and Carly’s voice is fantastic in the studio. I’m not a huge Evanescence fan but I do like their music and own both of their cd’s. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Carly and the guys sound like Evanescence. They have a different sound to me and I think Carly’s voice is just as good as Amy Lee’s. I’m excited to hear the full songs on the album.

  12. I hear some similarities to Fallen, but I really don’t care, I’m an Evanescence fan and I can say I like this album.

    Of course it sounds like the old Evanescence because is “their” sound, at the end they’re Evanescence (-) Amy, but they should’ve updated it though, adding some new sounds, instruments, etc.

    Speaking of similarities “Don’t Leave Me Behind” sounds just like “Imaginary” and “Sleep Well My Angel” will explode into full band somewhere in the middle, so I guess it’s a “My Immortal”.

    My favorite songs are: Paradigm, Don’t Leave Me Behind, Through Hell, Sleep Well My Angel and St. John.

    Good luck WATF!! (imagine if they would’ve named the band We The Fallen… ha)

  13. I’m liking the snippets a lot. I’m looking forward to buying the CD.

    Good for Carly! Why am I not surprised that S7 remains the season that gave me the most? Love Adam from S8, but now I’ve bought Cook’s, Castro’s, and soon, Carly’s from S7. Must be a “C” thing… ;-)

  14. Not bad! I like a lot of the snippets. I think I’ll just follow weareinnocent around tonight and say, yeah, what she said.

  15. That is one creeeeepy album cover. I like it though! I love Carly, so I’ll definitely check it out.

  16. I like the album/cd cover art. Creepy kind of but very cool. I see Houston said the same thing above me. Ha ha!

    My favorite Carly performance on AI was the song she sang from JCS, but then she was eliminated. :(

  17. Well, I never knew Evanescence, so I can’t say how similar WATF are to them, but the snippets all sound very similar to each other, on first listen. There is definitely a “sound” to the album, which is not a bad thing really, I just will have to wait and see what the full songs sound like, before I can really judge whether I like them or not. I can say I like the single, “Bury Me Alive” very much. Hope Carly has lots of success with her new endeavor.

    Oh, and I like the album cover. It has a Nightmare Before Christmas quality to it that suits the first single, and the minor chords of the snippets I’ve heard very well. I will probably buy it, because I have bought most of the other Season 7 crews CDs, except Kristy Lee and Archie’s. I did enjoy Carly on the show, and I’m glad to finally be able to support her.

  18. I would have loved to go see them live, but I don’t care for HIM at all… so I won’t be going :(

  19. I really liked Carly’s voice in season 7 so will check it out. I’ll be more likely to buy a couple of song than the whole cd though. I hope it does well. She was one of my favorites.

  20. They are Evanesence with a new name and front woman.
    And their album cover is a rip off of Within Temptation’s video for The Howling.

    That said, I still like the music *shrugs*.

  21. I pre-ordered it last week from Amazon. I’m pretty sure its not really my cup of tea (I’m more into classical) but Carly is one of my all time Idol faves (along with Kat & Siobhan) so I don’t mind dropping a few buck on a CD. I really like the acoustic versions they did for the radio stations though, less about the driving sound and more about Carly’s voice.

  22. Oh, and I like the album cover. It has a Nightmare Before Christmas quality to it that suits the first single, and the minor chords of the snippets I’ve heard very well. I will probably buy it, because I have bought most of the other Season 7 crews CDs, except Kristy Lee and Archie’s. I did enjoy Carly on the show, and I’m glad to finally be able to support her.

    I think it has a very Houses of the Holy kind of vibe to it. I really like it too. I agree it fits the first single quite well. I will be buying this album without a doubt.

  23. Don’t know if anyone is still checking here, but the songs leaked on YouTube! So funny to hear the Prayer cover.

    I really love the album cover – it really fits the vibe of dark artistry I think they are going for.

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