Big Brother 16 Episode 15 – Recap and Discussion

It’s time for another episode of Big Brother! Who will Zach and Frankie nominate for eviction this week? Who will win the Battle of the Block? It’s time to find out! We start the episode with a recap of last week and how the Detonators were formed to take out people like Brittany. We then see Frankie and Zach winning Head of Household at the end of last week’s show. When the show comes back after the competition, no one seems too happy with Zach winning Head of Household because he is a “wild card.” Meanwhile, Frankie is overwhelmed at winning Head of Household since he’ll get to see pictures of his grandfather who just passed away.

The show then goes to Zach who says that his main target for the week is Amber. He wants to go after Amber because he found out from Christine that she wanted to start an alliance to go after the guys in the house. Meanwhile, Jocasta and Donny are in the fire bedroom talking about the fact that they will most likely be going up on the block again since the same people are being targeted. They are also onto the fact that they are at the bottom of the houseguests because Christine intentionally paired them up in the last Head of Household competition. After this, the show goes to Zach and Frankie who are celebrating their wins in the hive room. During this time, they also talk about the strategy for this week. Zach again mentions that he wants to target Amber for the week and Frankie seems to be on the same page.

After this discussion, Zach then goes to Caleb to discuss the possibility of Amber going home this week. At first, Caleb tells us that he wants to keep Amber in the house but then admits that he doesn’t think Amber is grateful to him for keeping her safe the 1st couple weeks of the game. Caleb then goes to Amber to tell her that someone mentioned that she wanted the guys like Zach out but doesn’t tell her that it was Christine who ratted her out. Amber then figures out that it could be someone within her alliance and says that she will rat the whole alliance out if she is nominated for eviction this week.

It is then time for the Head of Household room reveal! Frankie gets pictures of his grandfather in the room which makes him very emotional. Zach gets a picture of his little brother and is excited to be in the room. After the room reveal, Zach goes to  talk to Christine and mentions to her that he wants her to be the pawn this week against Amber. She refuses his suggestion because she knows that pawns tend to go home in Big Brother. Zach is not happy that she won’t just take one for the team and thinks he was betrayed.

We then go to a segment of the houseguests eating pickles. During this segment, Amber mentions to Caleb that she will go on a “date” with him if he eats a full pickle. He eventually does and they go on “date” in the backyard. The date is super awkward. The show then cuts to Cody and Zach in the Head of Household room. Cody is trying to calm Zach down after he learned that Christine is not willing to go on the block as a pawn this week. Cody then mentions to the audience that Zach is on a major power trip since becoming Head of Household.

Next, Nicole goes to speak to Zach in his Head of Household room. During their conversation, Zach begins to plant the idea that Christine may not be trustworthy into her head. Nicole kind of falls for it and goes to Christine to ask her if she’s being completely honest with Nicole. Chrisitine assures Nicole that she’s being honest with her because she doesn’t want her game to be exposed. After this Derrick and Cody are in the Head of Household room where they solidify their 2 person alliance as the “Hitmen”.

We then go to the Diary Room, where Donny finds the card with the Team America mission for the week. This week’s mission is that Team America must play “puppet master” and get 2 houseguests to engage in an argument at either the Nomination Ceremony or the Power of Veto Meeting. Donny mentions to us that Zach will be good for this mission because he is so unpredictable. The show then cuts to the Head of Household room where Zach is practicing his nomination speech which will be perfect for Team America’s mission. Amber then goes up to Zach’s room late at night to make sure that she will not be nominated this week. Zach tells us that she won’t be nominated, but she WILL be backdoored.

It is then time for the nomination ceremony. At the ceremony, Frankie goes 1st and nominates Jocasta and Victoria for eviction. He tells them that they are nominated because he wants to get as little blood on his hands as possible and wants to remain the Head of Houehold for the week. It is then Zach’s turn to nominate houseguests for evitction. He nominates Christine and Nicole for eviction. During the nomination ceremony, he calls Christine out for being a floater and insults Nicole by calling her a “Fruit Loop Dingus.” Unfortunately for Team Americam, their mission was not successful. This means that they will have 1 more chance to complete their mission at the Power of Veto meeting.

After the ceremony, Zach goes to talk to Christine about how he ratted her out to Nicole. Cody is in the same room and seems to be comforting Christine. Meanwhile, Jocasta and Victoria are not happy to be nominated again and Jocasta mentions that they just have to win Battle of the Block to keep themselves safe for the week. It is then time for the Battle of the Block competition. This week’s competition is called “Wedding Crashers” and obviously has a wedding theme. Each set of nominees must assemble a wedding cake and stand on top of it for 3 seconds. The 1st team to complete this task will be safe for the week & dethrone the Head of Household who nominated them.

Nicole and Christine are able to really communicate during the challenge and have a lead over Victoria and Jocasta who are struggling. Eventually the 2 teams are close to finishing at the same time, but Nicole and Christine are able to climb to the top of their cake 1st and become the winners of the challenge. Since they won, this means that Zach is the dethroned Head of Household and could potentially be nominated this week. Meanwhile , Frankie is the Head of Household for the week and Victoria and Jocasta remain on the block.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used? Will Team America suceed in their mission? We’ll find out on Wednesday!  As always, please feel free to discuss tonight’s episode down in the comments.