Reality Stars Take the Ice Bucket Challenge! (VIDEO)


The latest online viral phenomenon is the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Basically, folks pour a bucket of ice water over the heads and then challenge 3 people to do the same. It’s all in the name of raising funds and awareness for ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, as the deadly form of muscular dystrophy is known.

Kyle Selig and PIPPIN Tour Cast Tak...
Kyle Selig and PIPPIN Tour Cast Take on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, Matt Lauer and tons more have taken the challenge. Musicians are getting in the act too, as are out favorite reality stars! He’s a compilation of alums from American Idol, The Voice, X Factor.

There’s nothing more lol worthy than people being doused with ice cold water! Enjoy. And of course, its for a very good cause.

For more information, and to donate, check out

American Idol season 4 winner – Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher

Ice buckets? How about some heavy machinery!

American Season 6 alum – Melinda Doolittle

Melinda was challenged 3 times! Super hilarious video. And then she challenged…

America Idol 8 winner – Kris Allen

….ha ha ha! (Kris may have to re-upload his Telly video…it’s still processing)

American Idol season 5 alum – Chris Daughtry

Chris was an early adopter. He did his two days ago!

American Idol season 10 alum – Pia Toscano

She’s a LA Kings girl! The official NA singer for the Kings, Pia accepted the challenge from the gals of the Kings Ice Crew.

American Idol Season 6 alum – Chris Richardson

American Idol Season 6 Alum – Jared Cotter

Chris’s fellow Season 6 alum…

The Voice alums participated too!

The Voice 5 Winner – Tessanne Chin

Tessanne isn’t messing around! She’s giving the peeps she challenged 24 hours to complete the task!

The Voice 3 Winner – Cassadee Pope Cassadee calls out some big country stars.

The Voice 2 – Raelynn

Raelynn was Blake Shelton’s fav on season 2 of The Voice. Her squeaky reaction is cute.

Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Carson Daley

It’s a team effort! Fitting for The Voice. Blake calls out Adam Levine, who was on hand. And, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell…who were not. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Gwen Stefani

Gwen took the Blake’s challenge on Saturday and he did the honors!

Keith Urban

American Idol judges are in on it too! I wish he would have called out Jlo.

Ryan Seacrest

…And Ryan Seacrest of course!

X Factor US season 2 alums – Fifth Harmony

The girls screaming is hilarious! I would be too. I HATE cold water!

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  1. Yeah, it’s a stunt, but it has raised millions of dollars for a disease that’s basically a death sentence for anyone who has it.

    So no. I would not call it pointless.

  2. I know the disease is serious, but this stunt isn’t helping in any way. It’s just a shock for the system.

    I just find the whole thing a massive turn off.

  3. It’s raised 9 million dollars so far that probably wouldn’t have been raised otherwise. I think that’s helping.

    If it’s annoying, just filter your feed or scroll?

  4. People in my country started doing an ice bucket challenge about 2 months ago for cancer. Ours was a bit more extreme since it’s winter here and people also had their feet in ice water, had 2 buckets poured over them and then the one they had their feet in.

  5. The challenge has raised over $10 million to fund research, etc for a horrible disease that not only has no cure it basically has no treatment to even slow it down. How is that pointless?

  6. Yeah, such a turn off to raise millions of dollars to help fight a fatal illness.

  7. but this stunt isn’t helping in any way.

    I can understand being annoyed with the stunt. But it IS helping. It’s raising millions of dollars to fund research for a disease that has no cure.

  8. it’s sad someone had to think of something this stupid to raise awareness for the disease. And it’s sad people are jumping on the bandwagon just because the stunt went viral. The disease is serious, but still just one of many that need awareness and research. That’s why I doubt that the majority participating in this challenge really care about the disease.

    Sure, a lot of money is being raised, but if people really cared about this cause, the stunt wouldn’t be needed.

  9. If it wasn’t kinda silly it wouldn’t become a viral phenomenon. The idea came from a man with ALS. I get tired of overexposed charity grabs myself but it’s just such a little thing people can do to show their support and pass it on that anyone can do it. It’s refreshing to see people doing it becuase they were not forced or for an agenda, or at least appears that way.

  10. It’s sad a man with this disease came up with the idea? There are millions of diseases and charities, are we supposed to be aware of and donate to every single one? It’s called marketing, charities need to market and get awareness out to get support. It’s too bad that’s the way the world works but that’s how it is. So nobody should donate unless they have a deep passion about supporting this cause? Not becuase they saw the videos and felt like helping?

    Read about the man who started it:

  11. I agree with your sentiment, but since millions of $ for ALS research are being raised with this dumb stunt, it’s fine with me.

  12. You do know that the person who originally thought of this “stupid stunt” used to be a pro-ball player who now is confined to a wheel chair and using a computer program to communicate at the age of 28-29?

  13. The charities don’t care why people are donating they are just happy to get more money. There are so many charities competing for peoples donations.

  14. They’ve helped raise a lot of money, so how can it be pointless?

    From the ALS website:

    Between July 29 and today, August 12, The ALS Association and its 38 chapters have received an astonishing $4 million in donations compared to $1.12 million during the same time period last year. The ALS Association is incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from those people who have been doused, made a donation, or both. Contributions further The Association’s mission to find a cure for ALS while funding the highest quality of care for people living with the disease.

    “We have never seen anything like this in the history of the disease,” said Barbara Newhouse, President and CEO of The ALS Association. “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the level of compassion, generosity and sense of humor that people are exhibiting as they take part in this impactful viral initiative.”

  15. The stunt does help. It brings more attention to the charity than just talking about it, or donating money. It reminds me of a stunt that was stupid and pointless, a few years ago, when Alicia Keys had people give up twitter. The celebs learned that if people could not hear them or see them talk about the charity, they weren’t going to donate. This “stunt” has gone viral, which is why ALS has been able to raise so much money.

  16. Exactly. He can no longer walk or talk and has to be fed through a feeding tube. His wife is due to give birth in September to their 1st child. And he’s just 29 yrs old. He’s decided to go on a ventilator just so he can live a little longer, but because the average life span once you are diagnosed with ALS is just 2-5 yrs, he is not going to be around to see his child grow up. He knows that it’s too late for him, but he still came up with this ice bucket challenge to raise money in the hopes of finding a cure in the future. I don’t think anything about this is a silly stunt. If having celebrities pour ice water over themselves raises more money and awareness for this disease, to me, this idea is nothing but a good thing. And I’ve noticed that the celebs are not just dumping water on themselves — most of the ones that I’ve seen are actually donating money to the cause as well.

  17. My husband was nominated just today for this by his boss who’s mother died from ALS back in October. We’re getting ready to do it in the morning AND make a small donation. The whole thing may seem silly but the fact is it IS bringing attention to a horrible disease thats often ignored and it seems to be working judging by the statement on the ALS website.

  18. According to Mashable,

    it started without an ALS focus but somehow the ALS angle either hit a chord with people or entered the equation at just the time when the thing was about to explode. Hard to know which. Interesting:

    But according to new Facebook data, the ice bucket challenge quietly
    started as far back as June 8, nearly six weeks before it was tied to
    ALS in July and eventually reached viral status this week.

    For those unfamiliar with the trend, the concept is easy: Grab a
    bucket of ice water, pour it over your head and have someone film the
    whole thing. Post the clip to Facebook or Twitter and then challenge a
    few people (even celebrities) to do the same within 24 hours, or make a
    $100 donation to charity. Of course, the idea is to do both….

    While “Today” show anchor Matt Lauer was one of the first to bring
    the ice bucket challenge to the mainstream on July 15 during a live
    broadcast, it wasn’t until golfer Chris Kennedy participated too and
    challenged his cousin Jeanette Senerchia of Pelham, New York to film her
    own video — her husband is battling is ALS.

    “I was called out by a friend who had picked a different charity —
    the purpose of the challenge was to pick a charity that was personally
    significant to you,” Kennedy told Mashable. “When I challenged
    my friends and Jeanette, the charity of my choice was the ALS
    Foundation. Family and friends eventually rallied behind them and it
    spread like crazy.”

  19. I think its even more sad that the man who came up with this idea has to suffer with the disease.

  20. No, and I really don’t care who originally thought of this stunt. Even if the person suffers from this terrible disease, the stunt is still stupid. I know the disease is serious – I’ve read some articles online and a few years ago I saw a patient featured on TV.

  21. Ansel Elgort (the guy from The Fault In Our Stars) did it and it’s the funniest thing because he screamed and hopped around. He challenged John Green (the book’s author), Nat Wolff (his costar) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf, the upcoming Maze Runner). So far it doesn’t look like they accepted his challenge.

  22. Regardless of whether or not the donors “care about the disease,” the stunt is helping to raise millions. In no way shape or form is that “pointless.”

    In the real world, it generally takes stunts like this to get people to notice, and as long as it does genuinely help, then I am all for it. It’s not like anyone is forcing us to participate or even click on articles about it.

  23. When somebody in your family has this disease, you don’t say it’s “Pointless” – take it from somebody that knows!

  24. Well here is my country people are raising money for children born with deformed feet that need surgery to be able to walk. Doctors here think amputation is the best and easiest solution, but parents and the general public don’t agree. So they are raising money for surgery outside of the country. Nobody is pulling any stunts.

  25. BTW in the winter time there’s something called Polar Plunge, where many, many people go into freezing cold water to raise money for Special Olympics and its been around since like the 1930’s before stunts happened so they can go viral. Personally I find that even more outrageous that this icebucket thing but if it wasn’t helping it wouldnt still be happening.

  26. Sure, a lot of money is being raised, but if people really cared about this cause, the stunt wouldn’t be needed.

    Most of the people mentioned are known for their charitable deeds, but the whole point of the stunt isn’t to get them to donate, it’s to get the general public to donate, and to spread awareness about ALS. That’s one of the reasons why they are taping themselves.

  27. So, I’m assuming that your exposure has resulted in you making a yearly donation to a charity that deals with this disease?
    I don’t mean to be flip about it, but at the end of the day the whole point is to spread information about the disease, and to get as many people as possible to donate. That’s not going to happen if people are silent about it, or if the charity does not have the support of people who have the ability to speak to a mass audience.

  28. Wouldn’t it be better to find some people with this disease, tape videos of each and show the general public what life is like for these people?

  29. No, not really. Maybe in an ideal world, but this is far from an ideal world.

  30. The person who came up with the Ice Bucket challenge HAS the disease. His name is Peter Frates and he played college basketball for Boston College before his diagnosis.

  31. I think it’s everyone’s prerogative to do what they want. I’d be willing to bet it’s not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but sometimes a person goes out of the way to help a cause because it’s the right thing to do…for them. There are tons of celebrities who are not involved right now and maybe they too, feel it’s useless, although I would hate to know the ones (if any) who feel that way. Or perhaps if they’re challenged, they’ll get involved too. Kudos to all these celebrities willing to freeze their arses off to raise money and awareness. I can’t figure out how this would be wrong on any level.

  32. If you ‘ve ever known anyone who has this horrible disease, anything that raises awareness AND raises funds is to be celebrated ! Of course it’s silly, that’s why it’s working. It’s no different than a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or anything else that stops people for even a few minutes to do something kind & generous for something outside themselves. The boost to the morale of those suffering with ALS & those fighting to even find something to slow its progress makes every ice cube worth it.

  33. The celebrities have the attention of more people, so their involvement will result in more people donating, and more people learning about the disease.

    This is also not the first time that we have realized that humor and levity are a good way to raise money for a serious cause.

  34. No, my exposure didn’t result in yearly donations. Charities here mostly raise money to provide food for the poor. Here people like to raise money for various causes, but mostly when they think they can really help. They would raise money for food and bare necessities, wheel chairs for disabled people, money for surgery, etc., but not money for research of some relatively rare disease that might take a long time and fail to produce any substantial results.

  35. but not money for research of some relatively rare disease that might take a long time and fail to produce any substantial results.

    Thankfully, there are people who didn’t have this mindset in regards to Polio and other diseases that are no longer a public menace.
    I’m not the most inventive person, but I am glad that there are people who don’t just stand still, have the mindset that there is no reason to try to find a cure or treatment for HIV, cancer, or any other virus or disease, no matter many people have been impacted.

    This is not the only charity in this country. We also have many charities that raise money for people who are hungry or homeless. So, I don’t understand your point.

    As someone mentioned above, these charities are all competing for the public’s attention, and for the ones that are legitimate and that do good deeds, one is not more worthy than another.

  36. Not that I’ve seen, but the songwriter Shane McAnally did challenge her husband.

  37. Then I feel sad for them. If it weren’t for people caring about more than mere survival or dealing with the after effects of disease, the world would be far worse off. It’s not as if this is the only research being done, while all else is being ignored.

  38. On Thursday a dj from an Atlanta radio station did, but it was super unlikely that she even heard about that one. Like girlygirl said, Brandon was challenged today and I’m hoping he passes that one right along to her. ha

  39. Would you feel this same way if your 39-year old daughter with a 2-year old came and told you she was diagnosed with ALS? Six years later, she can no longer walk, talk, move any part of her body except her head when it doesn’t fall forward, barely swallow food, need 24-hour care, and the list goes on and on. This so-called “pointless” act has brought awareness to those that know nothing about the deadly disease that has no cure or even anything to slow it down. Plus, it’s brought donations for further research to help find a cure.

  40. I donated today after seeing one of my favs get doused. I wouldn’t have otherwise. I donate to other charities but every one is valid for these diseases whether they are widespread or rare. The folks who suffer from any disease would never find a fund raising method pointless.

  41. This is so great. Happy to see so many participating and it really is a good way to get people thinking about ALS and to raise money. I’ll be honest and admit that I had to look it up a few days back when I first saw challenges getting posted because, while I’ve heard of ALS before, I didn’t know many specifics about it. Now I know much more.

  42. Glee stars were already trained to receive slushies in their face for a living… At least the first slushies were real ones… As Glee actor Chris Colfer said:” it feels as being bithcslapped by an iceberg”…

  43. Hopefully, One Direction gets challenged. It’s for a very worthy cause.

  44. We have tons of diseases here, too many to name, that money is being raised for without stunts. Some that are common enough because so many people have them and everyday even in the smallest of ways money is being raised. You can’t turn a channel without seeing commercials for St. Judes Childrens Hospital, Avon’s Breast Cancer Walk or ads encouraging people to sponsor children that are starving. Hopefully this country will keep giving and being generous until cures are found.

  45. lol looks like Drew Brees lost!

    FYI for anyone who doesn’t know this: Steve Gleason is an ex-New Orleans Saints’ DB who has ALS.

  46. Carrie’s is absolutely the biggest volume of water I’ve seen! Nice to see folks coming together for a great cause.

  47. Is it “better”? Maybe. But would it gain more attention than videos of celebrities doing stupid things? I’m not so sure about that. And the most important thing right now is to raise the awareness. The more people aware about it, then more they care, and the more money they get. This stunt did it, so while I understand that it looks stupid, but it certainly is NOT pointless at all. I hope you get that.

  48. so one cause is better than another? Because your favorite cause isn’t getting the 10 million dollars then its not worthwhile? Are we really going to debate who is suffering more and who needs the money more?

  49. If we have to wait for our family members to suffer before we give a damn, we are lost. I don’t care how boring, silly, or redundant it seems, if it raises awareness, and leads to treatment/cure then let the so be it.

  50. Scotty did it too – he challenged some sports guy, Brad Paisley and Kellie Pickler – I don’t think any of them accepted

  51. If my daughter had the disease, I wouldn’t feel much different. She would suffer and I would suffer along with her watching the disease progress. I would do everything possible to get her the needed care. But knowing what kind of disease ALS is, I wouldn’t hope for cure. I mean, that would be ideal, but realistically, if they found a way to slow it down for a few years would be a huge success. My mother is a doctor. Over the years I learned some things from her, including:
    a) doctors don’t have magic wands. Often people expect from them to take an illness away immediately and it’s not that easy.
    b) medicine is a science that is constantly progressing, but some diseases will be always hard to crack, if not impossible. Sometimes research results only in better understanding of the disease, but no cure or treatment.

    ALS is one of the most hopeless conditions I have ever heard of, but that doesn’t make the ice bucket challenge any less stupid. Some people might find seeing celebrities drenched with ice cold water amusing, but I don’t. In fact, if I was considering donating for this cause, this stunt would turn me off.

  52. It’s no different than having a concert or a race or a celebrity golf game or any other big event for charity. These things are done to raise money for charities. This is an event that everyone can participate in – common folk and celebrities. No one is forcing any one to participate or watch the videos. If you are turned off don’t watch.

  53. I’m surprised that Danny didn’t promote his new album at the same time. lol

  54. All I know is- I see a lot of celebs good naturedly accepting the challenge, recording themselves, and challenging others to do the same- all in the name of a very worthy cause. If they motivate others (including a lot of really young kids) to do the same and start thinking about those less fortunate- I say this is a rousing success.

  55. It’s not about pouring ice for the narcissistic youth and celebrities but having them write checks raising whopping $10 million already

  56. Fun is pretty pointless. We should raise money to eradicate it too.

  57. My husband just mentioned how we are in a drought, we can’t water our lawn or wash the car, yet all these people are throwing buckets of water on themselves. So wasteful in a time like this. Should have come up with another way to bring attention to the cause.

  58. We aren’t in a drought in my area, so I took the challenge today! It is a great way to bring awareness to ALS. Like many others I’m sure, I wouldn’t have thought to donate if I hadn’t been challenged by someone. I’m not a big celebrity and could only donate a small amount, but I had fun doing the ice bucket dump, nominating some friends to do likewise, and then donating. Win-win if you ask me!

  59. The 2 remaining members of Emblem3 decided to do this challenge butt naked. Now that might be attention seeking?

  60. IMO this is all so self-serving and attention seeking. If they really cared about this charity, they should all just write a big fat check and be done with it. I couldn’t care less who pours a bucket of water over their head. LOL!

  61. Its something fun and its doing good. Win/win. If the person who had started it had just written a check instead of creating the Ice Bucket Challenge that has gone viral, then lots of people would not even know about the ALS fundraising campaign. Its raised millions more for a great cause.

    I sometimes think there are those who have to search out ways to make anything negative.

  62. Jim Cantiello accets Kris’ bucket challenge Jim Cantiello
    #ALSIceBucketChallenge accepted & donated, @KrisAllen and my sister. [tags @jessegiddings @utopiatvusa @DavidArchie]

  63. I can’t believe I’m living to c this day. I have battled ALS for 15 yrs and never thought I would c this day in my lifetime but its happening..????Thank u GOD for allowing me to c ALS go from being an ORPHAN Disease to everyone knows and is Donating their TIME and MONEY..YEA TO AWARENESS #inmylifetime ????????????

  64. I think this is amazing. One of my closest friends mother died of ALS. The doctors in her small town kept telling her she was having minor strokes and that was what was impairing her motor functions. When I visited, I just knew something more was wrong, as did my friend. She finally wound up at the Mayo Clinic and it was too late for them to do anything. She passed a few months later. I was shocked at how few people knew what ALS was and even more shocked when my friend told me the doctors at Mayo said it was kind of the hidden disease and not a lot has been done to advance treatments. I think it is just the worst, most horrible disease and am so happy that maybe this simple easy “stunt” may just help find, if not a cure, a way to help prolong life and make living with it not so painful. Celebrities are putting ALS into people’s conscience and that is a gigantic leap forward. Kudos to all that participate!

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