American Idol 10 Top 12 Guys Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’: Steven Tyler’s ‘F’ bombs, and why Jordan Dorsey sang Usher’s ‘OMG, ‘ on the scene for the Top 12 guys

Oh, Idoldome, I missed you too. I wasn’t sure I would. As I headed toward American Idol‘s sound stage at Los Angeles’ CBS Television City, I was thinking about all the other places I’d rather be on this particular cold, rainy night. But my attempts to be depressed about attending another season of Idol were futile as soon as I stepped inside the sound stage, walked past the judges’ makeup chairs, and took my seat in the newly redesigned Idoldome. Franz Ferdinand’s “This Fire” was blasting out of the speakers, stagehands were running around making minor adjustments to the slick set and collecting gum from the audience members, and the guy sitting next to me had driven six hours from San Jose just to be here. And then I remembered Idol‘s appeal: It’s pretty darn cathartic to forget the rest of the world for a couple of hours, and hear talented young musicians belt out some catchy tunes. And, boy, can these boys do just that.

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‘American Idol’ Top 12 Guys Offer A Promising Start, But It’s Still All About Steven Tyler

Season 10’s first show with a studio audience isn’t exactly live. To work out the Top 24 kinks a little while before the Top 12 (or is it 13? Or maybe 15?) kicks into gear, the producers tape these early episodes without the usual time constraints or production pressures. There’s still a schedule to keep, but it’s not as unwavering as next week’s episodes, when the competition really gets going.

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American Idol Recap: Let’s Get Critical

Twelve shipwrecked guys are treading water amid a swarm of ravenous sharks, when suddenly, a luxury yacht pulls up alongside them. “Darling, your bathing suits are divine!” exclaims a glamorous actress, peering down from the deck. “Dude, your backstroke is bitchin’!” says the rock star alongside her. “Way to throw caution to the wind and do your thing, dawgs!” says their pal the music producer, sipping from a tall Coca-Cola glass. Welcome to the American Idol season 10 men’s semifinal — life boats not included!

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‘American Idol’ recap: 12 Rangy Men

Ryan Seacrest stood patiently in a brand new galaxy, dwarfed by possibility, surrounded by stars. He strode confidently forward to find himself flanked by six stoic men on each side. Aliens? Not so fast. Ryan grew taller, rising in rank, until the real rulers of the planet emerged: two sassy runway models and Randy Jackson, with their leather and lace and empty offerings of peace. These were the real aliens, the ones with the power and the earrings. And “THIS! is American Idol.” It’s your top 12 guys, America. Everyone clap for how pretty J. Lo is!



‘American Idol’ Top 12 men: James Durbin, Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk should be safe

It’s here! The moment has arrived! Finally we are going to see the “American Idol” contestants perform (pretty much) live and we get to start voting. Who ya got?

J.Lo is looking very chic for her first live show. Steven looks like he just stepped out of an Aerosmith concert next door and popped over to judge. Randy is the Man in Black.



‘American Idol’ Top 12 Men: Jacob Lusk And Casey Abrams Soar

By the time the top 12 men on “American Idol” make it to the big stage, it’s usually pretty easy to tell who is in it to win it and who will be going home after one week in the IdolDome.

And Tuesday night (March 1) was no exception, with some of this season’s standouts proving again that they have their eye on the prize. While Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk soared, James Durbin brought the rock thunder and Scotty McCreery did his country thing, dawg.



‘American Idol’: ‘Top 12 Boys Perform’ Recap

Leave it to the boys to give us an ‘American Idol’ evening that ran the gamut from Usher to Sarah McLachlan to Judas Priest.

All eyes (and ears) were waiting for Casey Abrams, direct from the Cedars-Sinai Hospital emergency room, to close out the night … but first we had to sit through the11 other guys hoping to make this the fourth year in a row a dude is crowned the ‘American Idol.’

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‘American Idol’ Semifinals, Pt. 1: Twelve Awesome Men

On Tuesday the top 12 “American Idol” boys performed in what was possibly the most competitive semifinals episode in the series’ history. Usually at this early stage in the game, it’s positively painful, but this season? Not so much. There was only one performance that was truly awful–Jordan Dorsey’s–but even that took place under unusual, somewhat scandalous circumstances. Read on for more on that, since I was in the studio at this show’s taping, and there was plenty the TV audience DIDN’T see Tuesday night.

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‘American Idol’ Top 12 Guys Offer Promising Start

Season 10’s first show with a studio audience isn’t exactly live. To work out the Top 24 kinks a little while before the Top 12 (or is it 13? Or maybe 15?) kicks into gear, the producers tape these early episodes without the usual time constraints or production pressures. There’s still a schedule to keep, but it’s not as unwavering as next week’s episodes, when the competition really gets going.



‘American Idol’: Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams Lead Favorites On Boys Night

As happens at this stage, the real talent was showcased, the rest were exposed as pleasant-voiced wannabes way out of their league. The producers certainly indicated their own prejudices with the way they programmed the show, starting off with long shots Gamboa and Barreto, before building to the final threesome of McDonald, Lusk and a set-closing Abrams, who once more stole the show with an incendiary version of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You” that earned one of the evening’s two standing ovations from the crowd. The other was from rock & roll belter Durbin’s wild take on Judas Priest’s “You Got Another Thing Comin.’”



‘American Idol’: Casey Abrams And 11 Other Guys Perform

At this point in the competition, we wouldn’t be surprised to find some tone-deaf or totally out of place singers sneak into American Idol’s Top 24 – but surprisingly, during last night’s Top 12 Guys performance night, the biggest fault we could find with any of the menfolk was being unmemorable rather than off-key. Find out who failed to impress and who blew us away (if you haven’t already figured out from the headline of this post) below!



Iffy singing? So what? ‘Idol’ judges love the guys

There’s only one semifinal round of “American Idol” this season, and the field of 24 will be cut to 13 following Thursday’s results show. Only five men are guaranteed spots in that group, which is terrible news for the judges, since they loved pretty much everyone.

Well, almost everyone. They weren’t crazy about Jordan Dorsey’s decision to sing Usher, so he’s in big trouble. He was the only singer to get feedback that was truly negative.



Idol Watch: My Top Five Guys (Or So)

American Idol entered the semifinals last night, as the twelve remaining guys battled for five (non-wild-card) spots in the final and the new judging panel strutted its stuff for a primetime voting audience for the first time this season. After the jump, my top five picks (based only on last night’s performances) and one wild card—plus some snap judgment of the judges:



‘American Idol’: The Top 12 Guys

On Tuesday night’s semifinal round show, which featured the season’s top 12 male contestants, audition-round favorites were exposed as scammers, charlatans and fools. This season’s conceit, in which the show appeared to be focusing on skilled contestants over punchline-ready singers, felt like a bait-and-switch. Here was a lineup of the middling, revealed as such: the blank optimism of Stefano Langone, the kooky chirping of Paul McDonald, the hair shield of Brett Loewenstern. Just last week, they were singers; now, they were set up to be collateral damage.

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‘American Idol’ Season 10, Top 12 Guys Perform: TV Recap

Ryan Seacrest introduced the 360 degree stage and Steven Tyler got his own little bleep popsicle and with that, “American Idol” was put into the hands of voters as the show went live.

Twelve guys tonight, twelve girls tomorrow night and then your votes pare down the numbers.

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‘American Idol’ Top 12 Guys perform

The guys sing for viewer votes for the first time Tuesday night on “American Idol.”
Clint “June Bug” Gamboa kicks things off. And, though the show’s been around for years, the producers still have not figured out how to keep the band and backup singers from drowning out the competitors we’re trying to hear. But June Bug puts up a good fight. What with his teeth, and those glasses, and his oversize red shoes, he looks like Bugs Bunny’s smarter brother, which is not who you expect to see singing “Superstition” on “Idol.” The judges like it. “No karaoke singer in the world has got that kind of vocal talent, ” raves Randy Jackson.

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Top 24 Guys Recap: No More Shityard For Us!

Well, the guys tonight were a treasure trove of VFTW goodness. Our pick, Brett Loewenstern, certainly didn’t disappoint, but really almost all of the guys were horrendous. If I had cast the show, I’d have done it a bit differently… but not that differently. These guys are almost all train wrecks and over the top goof offs. Hooray to Nigel Lythgoe for finally getting it right! So let’s take a trip to American Idol Season 10 Male Semifinal land where honey’s got a booty like pow pow pow, hair whipping lights my fire, and seizing like you’re dying puts a spell on me.

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‘American Idol’ Recap

American Idol is finally ready to move on from the craziness of the auditions and the drama and tears of Hollywood and just get down to business. Last night the performances of the top 24 began with the top 12 boys. Some favorites disappointed us while some quiet ones came out of the shadows and blew us away.



Why does Randy make sense: American Idol 10 Top 12 Guys

Was that the first time Ryan Seacrest ever screwed up the words on his teleprompter? That’s kind of sad, considering this stuff was taped on Friday. Way to keep the illusion going, American Idol. The man IS NOT infallible. And then he says F**K. For Steven Tyler’s sake. So Steven says it, too. Oh ha ha ha. They will bleep us. Aren’t we devilish? Oh ha ha ha hearty ha ha.

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American Idol goes Boy Crazy

Last night’s American Idol powered through the top 12 male contestants, with the show finishing its business in 90 minutes and distractions (for the most part) kept to a minimum. The show—which Randy Jackson referred to as “the remix, ” in a sorta-weird homage to Jennifer Lopez—moved along briskly thanks in large part to its being taped in advance, although Seacrest was quick to point out that the shiny new stage was also being watched by “a live studio audience.” (That’s TV code for “people watched this as it happened, but you’re not one of them.”)

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