Audio Interview from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Here’s some good stuff.  Journalist Tim Cuprisin interviewed Kellie Pickler, Elliott Yamin and Ace Young for this audio podcast.  He asks some really good questions–it’s worth a listen.  Highlights:

  • Kellie is actually very articulate and thoughtful.  She’s no dummy.
  • Her album is dropping October 31 (moved up from November 14).  Her single will be released the day after the tour ends.
  • Elliott says there is “absolutely” an album in the works. The album will be “independent of 19 Entertainment.”  Elliott adds, “We’ll have some official news soon.” (Elliott’s contract with 19E is up August 25. At that point he’ll be free to sign a deal outside of 19E).
  • He mentions jamming with the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, Taylor’s old band,  as a way to “blow off some steam”.  He says it’s been “a lotta lotta fun.”
  • Ace is interested in acting, and takes it seriously.  He wants to be a good actor.
  • He says that signing with a record label is “inevitable.”  He’s been getting good feedback on the music he’s recorded so far.

thanks Frogpond, Lene and Tony