A Few Comments About Tonight’s Show

Sigh.   I’m capping as fast as I can, but it’s taking awhile…   I promise, a full re-cap soon–with pictures!

In the meantime…

The Brittenum twins did an interview with radio station V-103 in Atlanta.   They were NOT in attendance for the taping of the Top 44 episode.   And, according to the twins, they were kicked off Idol, but have been offered a record deal.   More on that tomorrow… Thanks to Dan for that bit of information.

Those looking for Patrick Hall tonight in Greensboro–according to Dar, who left a comment,  Patrick Hall actually auditioned in Las Vegas.   Ahhh.   I  guess that’s why I couldn’t find him!   Dar says  the picture I posted doesn’t do him justice, he’s really  much cuter. :).  

Spoiler, thanks for the detailed info on the audition process!   I’ll be posting more on that later.

A few comments about tonight’s show…

Did I actually say that potential Top 24 contestant Paris Bennet  might have more personality than vocal ability?   Why did I say that?   I may have been repeating something I heard from a fellow contestant.   Any fellow singer who thinks she ain’t talented is just jellus.   Cause, man, based on what I heard tonight, that young girl is a PHENOMENAL singer.     Without a doubt, the best I’ve heard so far.   I also really liked Halicia Thompson and Tyra Schwartz.   Who cracked me up:   Marcus Behling and Rhonetta Johnson.   Otherwise–gah, the material just DID NOT warrant a two hour show.

Last thing tonight…

A poster over in the AI Spoiler section at Idolforums.com claims to know at least some of the names on the Top 24 list.   I heard from another reliable source that the Top 24 were chosen today (Tuesday).    I’m going to post the information, with the caveat that s/he’s the one and only source for this information, and that  s/he’s only got about 25 posts on the forum.  If anybody out there can verify or has a second opinion, I’d love to hear from ya–anonymously if you’d like.   I won’t name names.   ;).

People who made the cut (Top24):

Taylor Hicks
Chris Daughtry
Ayla Brown
Becky O’Donahue
Jose Penala (SWAY)
Patrick Hall
Paris Bennett
Heather Cox
Kellie Pickler
Gidion(?) from Memphis
David Radford
Ace Young
Lisa Tucker

Those who did not

The Brittenum twins were not in attendance
Megan Bobo
April Walsh
Brooke Barrettsmith

So, there you have it.