X Factor Australia 5 – Live Show 8

Only two more eliminations until finale. And it is time to do the time honored tradition of Aussie music week. Perhaps we could get some Killing Heidi, Savage Garden, or INXS? No, not really, but the selection of songs does excite me with modern hits, “Somebody That I Used to Know” and classics, “You’re the Voice.” Tonight could be a great night.


I cannot quite place my finger on what Jai Waetford did so right that I had to put him at the top of my countdown. He sang perfectly well (which arguably everyone did tonight), but it is more than that. On “Plans” it felt age-appropriate and modern and edgy and on top of all of that he commanded the stage like a boss. There were some solid glory notes near the end of the performance. Frankly in terms of a Jai Waetford performance, I couldn’t have expected anything more out of the guy. I feel bad that last week I had Omar at the top of my list, a position I will readily defend, and he was eliminated. Perhaps now that I have finally come to terms with the best that Jai has to offer it could be his time to go? Probably not, that performance was solid. His fan-base will love it, and he will successfully avoid the bottom 2.


Almost Dami Im, I almost felt her pain, almost felt her bleed. When she said, “we’re all someone’s daughters, we’re all someone’s sons” during the first verse of “You’re the Voice” I almost felt it. I am guessing these quirky outfits are a part of Dami’s stage presence at this point as they have been a part of her performance since week 1. There is no way that someone like Dami, doing such an Oz classic was going to get eliminated this week. I’m not saying “You’re the Voice” is automatic safety card, but in some ways it could be compared to the equivalent of when Kristy Lee Cook did “God Bless the USA.” I am excited to hear Dami’s winner single, I am hoping for an emotionally rot ballad over a snazzy synthesizer, but I will probably get something bland. A guy can dream right?


Another solid, albeit safe performance from Taylor Henderson. This is why I knocked him a few pegs, whereas I believed of the three, Jai took the biggest risk and it paid off. “One Crowded Hour” was kind of the same territory as “Choirgirl.” Ultimately, no big risk, I’m not going to give you a big reward. That being said, he did it fine, sounded strong, and the growl made me appropriately weak in the knees. We’ve come so far, and now I can see the final 3 that so many people have predicted since the beginning coming into fruition. Taylor, Dami, Jai. Yep, we knew it all along. And as fun as the ride has been getting here. We all ultimately knew that is where we were headed. Part of me was hoping for a Vino-esque upset where it wasn’t Emblem3 who took his spot in the final 3 against Tate and Carly Rose it was the surprise of Fifth Harmony that did it. But perhaps, I was being too optimistic with that comparison. For Taylor’s winner single I want it to be more “Wake Me Up” and less “Choirgirl,” but we will see.


I am glad that Jiordan Tolli took a risk this week, with Gotye and Kimbra’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” It wasn’t a direct-cookie-cutter version of this new Oz classic, but it wasn’t all that different either. I think this song for her could’ve been better translated to just piano and perhaps put in a minor-key. Giving Jiordan the haunting edge that she does so well in. At this stage you don’t want to pull off a Hollie Cavanagh “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” no at this stage you want a Hollie Cavanagh “Bleeding Love.” The first performance ended her American Idol run in the final 4, and the latter one got her that far so she could sing then. At this point it isn’t about what you as the performer wants, it is about getting you that one week closer. And with the right embellishments this song could’ve been it for Jiordan, but instead I think it could be the end for her. At this moment, I feel as if a 3D and Jiordan Tolli bottom two is inevitable.


Why is THIRD D3GREE at the bottom of your countdown when you love them and they didn’t do anything wrong with Guy Sebastian’s “Battle Scars”? They needed a risk, something to destroy the juggernaut that is Taylor/Jai/Dami and they frankly delivered a pretty safe performance. The song choice wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t emotional enough for me or fun enough for me. It was in an awkward apathetic region in my musical brain. I wanted 3D so much to win, I see so much potential for them. But we led them to the circus, and they needed to wow us and instead it was just O.K., perhaps maybe even more than O.K., but when I am looking back at their full X Factor career, this song will not stand out as a highlight. At this point they need to be delivering highlights. Never underestimate the power of a cute boy. Three Wishez lost out to Johnny Ruffo and ultimately, I suspect, THIRD D3GREE is going to lose out to Jai Waetford. I wish Jiordan and 3D the best in their sing-off tomorrow.

  1. Jai Waetford
  2. Dami Im
  3. Taylor Henderson
  4. Jiordan Tolli

The only good news in all of this is that one of them will get one last chance to take down one of the mighty three next week. Which ever one survives, Jiordan or 3D, they NEED to take a chance. Go out in a blaze of glory. Do NOT play safe. Whatever you do, make it a spectacle. Make us cry, make us cringe, do it or you will not make the final 3 either of them. They are playing a losing game and it is time to deliver.

Thanks for reading my rant article.



  • I LOVE Britney

    I really do think 3D and Jiordan will be in the bottom 2! I love 3D, but Dami, Taylor and Jai have a lot more fans than 3D!! I still hope 3D will stay somehow. And if they do, a better song choice for them next week!

  • Listening

    Okay first off Third Degree stole the show. They made and saved the show their performance was the only one I enjoyed. Jacinta’s voice was powerful and flawless. Kelebeks rapping was cool. Jordan’s vocals were cool I thought the first part of the song he sang at the beginning of the song was very smooth, not everyone has to have a massive voice to be worthwhile. Only thing I will say he did get lost a little later in the song when singing w/ Jacinta. I had to strain a bit to hear him. He really needs to make sure he projects the entire time. I will concede though I believe Kelebeks and Jordan’s voices were supposed to be more backgroundish while Jacinta’s voice cut through and was the focus.

    Jai he’s the worst first of all. He should go home it aint gonna happen though b/c for some reason the Australia people love that week, trembly little voice. They eat it up he constantly gets up there on itunes and stays there why I don’t know but he’s stuck there like a fixture. Oh but if I have to hear Roan comment on how Jordan isn’t as vocally strong as the girls again i’m gonna scream. He is so hypocritical he badgers Jordan yet doesn’t say a peep about Jai’s weak vocals instead he praises him.

    Next Dami was vocally struggling once again it was pitchy and i’m gland somebody finally called on it. But she aint going home and she doesn’t deserve to go home.

    Taylor hmm I adored last week sunk from my notice this week and I blame Roan for that. That was a horrible song choice he couldn’t do anything w/ it he was too busing trying to get all the words in to finesse a note.

    Joidan was fine vocally. I felt like she didn’t take any risks and it felt very similar to the original.

    Now b/c Dami, Jai, and Taylor are such big favorites they’re not in the bottom two so by default Third Degree and Joirdan are in the bottom. In that case Joirdan would deserve to go home but I fear the other judges will get rid of Third Degree are more competition for their category, so they’ll get rid of a threat.

  • Sonya Dunn

    Have to disagree with your assessment of Dami – very, very pitchy in places and the arrangement was not good. Didn’t like it all – she murdered an Aussie classic! Enoyed Jiordin and Jai and loved Taylor but like you thought 3D were the weakest. Jordan’s vocal in capabilities were shown tonight. Do I think Dami will go? No! Either 3D or Jiordin tonight!

  • MvpEureka Tucson

    wtf? Your ranking is really bad Jai, Dami and Taylor werent great

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    For me the best of the night was Jacinta. Everyone had ups and downs, appart from Jiordan and Jai that were weak all the way. While I think Jiordan was the worst, I hope that maybe your ranking can jinx Jai…

  • Jason Gorny

    I was reading the comments from the videos on youtube. A LOT of the people are angry with Ronan. They were saying that he was harsh on the other acts except his two acts. Many felt that Taylor and Jai did not do a very good job this week compared to the other acts. Third Degree has more viewers for their performance this week than the other acts. They will not be in the bottom 2. My bottom 2 would be Jai and Taylor just to make Ronan angry and to even out the playing field so each mentor can have one act for next week.

  • Christopher Bee

    Besides the fact that i can´t stand little boys in Tv contests (omg he´s sooo cute) he really did a very good performance. Dami was weak, Jiordan was soso, Taylor was strong and 3D was 3D.

    I can´t make it out this time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    Third D3gree have most vierwers on youtube pretty much every single week. If you want a better indicator of popularity, go to the X Factor Australia facebook page and see the number of liked from each performance.

  • Iav123

    Jai first? really? he sucked.

  • Iav123

    Dami was the worst of the night plain and simple, even Danni agreed.

  • Alex Sivixay

    I think Jiordan might go home!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003345355267 Caio Fernandes

    Itunes ranking in the moment:
    60. Dami Im – You’re the Voice
    63. Taylor Henderson – One Crowded Hour
    87. Jai Waetford – Plans
    95. Third D3gree – Battle Scars
    101. Jiordan Tolli – Somebody That I Used to Kno

  • Listening

    Here’s how I ranked them

    2) Jiordan



    5) Jai

    I struggled w/ whether to switch Dami and Taylor’s positions. Dami was pitchy and Taylor had a stupid song that he couldn’t master. I finally put Dami ahead of Taylor b/c she had a few moments and I didn’t even want to finish watching Taylor’s performance.

    Jai just has a weak voice and should of been gone weeks ago.

  • Bluebeat

    So predictable and sad. What would be a real miracle is if Jiordan is safe this week and one of the Boys will go home. I would really like to have an all-girl Top 2 this year with Dami & Jiordan. I wanted the same thing on Idol last year, but Holly blew it with her song choice in Top 4. Same goes for Bella Ferraro. I still believe in Jiordan though…she could be this year’s Samantha Jade so who knows…(Jiordan’s performances still chart well on iTunes btw).

  • bostonred

    Weird. This is the first week in a while that Dami did not bore me and the first time the judges did not go bonkers over her always solid but never original, performance.
    However, Foo continues to say nothing and does it, in an always cliched and always boring manner. He needs to be voted off, PERMANENTLY.