Top 11 Spoilers

Ricky from Idol Forums has started posting spoilers for tonight’s Top 11 performance, featuring music of the British Invasion.

Tonight’s song choices listed in performance order:

  • Haley Scarnato – “Tell Him” by The Exciters.
  • Chris Richardson – “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying” by Gerry and the Pacemakers.
  • Stephanie Edwards – “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” by Dusty Springfield.
  • Blake Lewis – “Time Of The Season” by the Zombies.  He beatboxes at the start. (probably kinda like the record).
  • Lakisha Jones – “Diamonds are Forever,”  Shirley Bassey (from the Bond movie).
  • Phil Stacey – “Tobacco Road” by The Nashville Teens.
  • Jordin Sparks -Â   “I Who Have Nothing” by Tom Jones.
  • Sanjaya Malakar – “You Really Got Me” by the Kinks. (EEP!)
  • Gina Glocksen – “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones.
  • Chris Sligh – “She’s Not There” by the Zombies
  • Melinda Doolittle – “As Long as He Needs Me” from the musical “Oliver!”

Hairstyle and Fashion:

Sanjaya Malakar  will be sporting a Mohawk tonight.   No, that’s not a joke, that’s for REALS.   His hair is not actually shaved, just gelled to the sides of his head. Nadia Turner got kicked off after she sported a mohawk season 4.   I’m just sayin’

ETA:   According to Ricky, Dean the hairstylist is having trouble with the gel, so the   Faux-hawk may not happen, or it will happen in a modified version…

Lakisha Jones – She is wearing a emerald green dress. The stylists are planning on dressing her  up  in a million dollars worth of real jewelry.

Haley Scarnato – She is wearing brown shorts with tank top.

Stephanie Edwards – She’s wearing a bright blue dress.

Melinda Doolittle – For Melinda, a tanish/greyish longsleeve dress.

Gina Glocksen’s – Her hair was  cut  into an inverted bob.

Chris Richardson – He  shaved his head this weekend (but not bald, just really short).

thanks milajoy

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  • bruno

    viewer ratings must be in the toilet but heh, i’m looking forward to this.

  • Kerri

    A Mohawk?? LMAO! Tonight is going to be awesome!!!

  • milajoy

    Ricky said that Blake was boring tonight :ponder_tb:

  • cheese

    Sanjaya is love! These hairstyles are apparently all his idea, too. I’m hoping for a “Crocodile Rock” type moment tonight. Yay!

  • ealbino

    I can’t wait to see Lakisha, Melinda, Blake (even if he’s boring) and Chris R! I don’t care much for all the others :biggrin_wp:

  • hs

    Tell me please that you are actually kidding about my boy Sanjaya! rflol

  • Doc

    Sanjaya is probably already immune to the “Curse of the Mohawk.” Don’t think he’ll be out this week cuz everyone’s gonna want to see what hairstyle he’ll have for Latin week. I’m thinking his style will be like Ace’s during Rod Stewart week (hair slicked back into a ponytail). Sorry for the scary visual everyone!

  • milajoy

    Blake is singing:
    Blake – Time Of The Seasons : He beatboxes at the start. Blake is singing 4th

  • lynnie

    OK, Who the hell decided to put Sanjaya in a Mohawk for British Invasion week?
    Did the stylists perhaps mix up the British Invasion of
    1960’s ( revolutionary music) with the British Invasion of the 1770’s (revolutionary war)?

  • Lisa

    Can’t wait to hear what Melinda brings tonight! Go Melinda!

  • CatFromWI

    I think it’s a good song choice for Blake because it’s in his vocal range. However, it isn’t the most exciting song & it’s possible it could be boring in a performance sense. Not exactly a show stopper.

  • cheese

    Ricky just posted that Sligh is doing a Zombies song too. I hope it’s “She’s Not There”

  • geekygirl

    Hey, LaKisha does Shirley Bassey! I said in an earlier thread she reminds me of Shirley Bassey. I just couldn’t think of too many Shirley songs that would be interesting on AI. This is a pretty boring song too! I can only think of the phrase Diamonds are Forever in the song and I don’t have a clue how the rest of it goes.

    If Sanjaya is sporting a mohawk, is he doing some Sex Pistols songs? Now THAT I would love to see! LOL.

    I agree CatfromWI. He will probably do a pretty faithful version of it to the original but it’s not exactly a show stopper. Watch Randy and Simon call him karaoke and tell him to be original.

    Ohhhh, so do I cheese! That’s a good song. But of all the artists and songs of the “british invasion” two choose Zombie songs?

  • jersey

    No info on Phil’s hairstyle, MJ? ;-)

  • ealbino

    Yay.. I love that song that Blake is singing.. Ok.. so now you know I’m 53.. LOL

  • beesims

    No info on Philà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s hairstyle, MJ? ;-)

    I think this is the way to go for Phil.

  • Ladybug

    OY! Sounds like these kiddos are scraping bottom for attention. Whatever happened to just being talented?

    And now we have not one, but TWO, ugly bald heads to look at?

    And a faux-hawk on Sanjaya?

    My eyes! My eyes! I hope it is not also … My ears! My ears!

    Double OY!

  • MaryS-NJ

    Aw, Sanjaya is “shouting out” to his VFTW peeps with a faux hawk! :thumbup_tb:

    I wonder if my Daughter will finally give up on him. She was freaked enough about last week’s curly doo.

  • jokiebird

    I’ve been so bored this season but I’m suddenly excited for tonight. I normally don’t purposely watch train wrecks, but I can’t WAIT to see Sanjaya. LOL. I’m hoping Melinda does Dusty…

  • lisaN

    an “inverted bob” would be a flip, right? Showing my age, maybe?

  • jersey

    beesims – LOL

  • milajoy


    pistol Sligh is singing she’s not there, and hes spot #10

    1st – Haley
    2nd – Chris R
    3rd –
    4th – Blake
    5th –
    6th –
    7th – Jordin
    8th – Sanjaya
    9th – Gina
    10th – Sligh
    11th – Melinda

  • SODF

    I understand why LaKisha wants to do Shirley Bassey, but “Diamonds are Forever”? Not the best of Bassey, and not exactly a highlight of the British Invasion. A million dollars in real jewelry?? Hmmmm…..

    Didn’t Melinda have the pimp spot just a couple of weeks ago? In the second week of the girls semifinals, maybe? Just curious.

  • jersey

    Yes, SODF, she did. Kirsten posted the pimp spot/death spot locations for all the idols for the past weeks over in the daily chat thread. Page 5 or 6 I think.
    ETA: Do they make a conscious effort to go girl/boy/girl/boy as long as possible? I never noticed that before but it appears to be the case so far tonight. (and will hold if Phil gets spot number 6)

  • MaryS-NJ

    Passing along for what it’s worth, here’s an update in Ricky’s thread:

    Lakisha – diamonds are forever
    Blake – Time Of The Seasons : He beatboxes at the start.
    Chris Sligh – she’s not there
    Jordin – I Who have nothing
    Sanjaya – You really got me
    Gina – Paint It Black
    Melinda – As long as he needs me.
    Steph – you don’t have to say you love me
    Phil – tobacco road
    Richardson – dotn let the sun catch u crying
    Haley – tell him

    He doesn’t know some of these songs.

  • radname

    has melinda ever performed on the first half of the show besides last week? It always seems like she’s in the back half of the peformances.

  • jersey

    Sanjaya – LOL

  • MaryS-NJ

    It sounds like Sanjaya is either trying desparately to commit kareokicide or to be the most outrageous guy on the show so that peeps will vote for him out of novelty.

  • jersey

    Jordin isn’t straying from her comfort zone either. The song she’s doing is Shirley Bassey but it’s also from the Soundtrack for Oliver!

    ETA: nevermind, i misread – I guess Melinda is doing this song.

  • geekygirl

    As long as he needs me????? The song from Oliver??? WTF? Who had a hit with that besides the broadway show?

    Hooray for Chris R!!! Singing some Jerry Marsden. I think Jerry and the Pacemakers got left off the invasion list. Jose Feliciano had a hit with that song too. Well, it could be a real suckfest tonight, should be interesting. MJ, I’ll look to this site tomorrow to see! Night all!

  • Kirsten

    SODF: Didnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t Melinda have the pimp spot just a couple of weeks ago? In the second week of the girls semifinals, maybe? Just curious.

    Actually, a bit more recently than that. She had it the third/final week of girl’s semifinals.

  • RightSaidFred

    geekygirl Mar 20th, 2007 at 3:16 pm
    As long as he needs me????? The song from Oliver??? WTF? Who had a hit with that besides the broadway show?

    Shirley Bassey.

  • SODF

    Jersey, thanks for the info – and thanks to Kirsten for compiling that list. Very interesting.

    “As Long as He Needs Me”? Oh, please. Melinda should know better than that. Some of the best pop tunes in music history to pick from and she chooses…..a Broadway ballad.

    Melinda can do more than belt. But it looks like she and LaKisha are going to belt no matter what, and the heck with the theme.

    Sanjaya – The Kinks. In a mohawk. Sometimes Idol really is great TV.

  • jersey

    I am way more excited about a stupid tv show than I really should be at my age, LOL.

  • jokiebird

    OMG The Kinks. I don’t believe it. I’m rubbing my hands in glee at the imminent train wreck. Poor kid, I hope he is voted out soon to put him out of his misery.

  • bean99

    I think Blake picked the perfect song for him. I’m already bored to tears by what Lakisha & Melinda chose. Why not do something different to show some versatility? I can’t believe that Melinda has the pimp spot again. I get the feeling that Blake isn’t someone that they want to push even though he’s quite popular.

  • jersey

    I agree bean, he always seems lost in the middle.

  • MZK

    Anyone else feeling like this is Nadia Turner week? Not only are they singing two songs that she sang on her short run on the show (“As Long as He Needs Me” and “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”), but Sanjaya is sporting a faux-hawk!

  • colette

    What’s an inverted bob, peeps? Maybe they’ll make Gina look like Mary Quant? (and if that ref doesn’t age me, nothing will…)
    I think Steph got the money tune, a Dusty triumph. now she’s gotta dig deep, and sing it with real feeling.
    I agree, the schmaltzy ballads for KiKi and MindyDoo are a shame, conceptually. To quote Simon: “Lame cabaret!” But the right people singing them well might make for some….dare I say, Diana Ross kinda moments?
    And maybe they should rename this “Zombies Week”?
    The original and forever Zombies, Rod Argent (piano) and Colin Blunstone (vocals) have been touring the U.S. And on March 13 Rhino Records will release both a CD and DVD version of their “Live at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London” concert. The Idol exposure should help rekindle interest in this unique, and genuinely spooky duo….

  • lynnie
  • lynnie

    Sanjaya will have to do the Van Halen version of You Really Got Me tonight!

  • bruno

    i think melinda made a strategic error for tonight. she will be signed to do a cd – absolutely. so what is she going to sing on it – broadway covers? she has to start branching out.

    quick, what are your guesses for song selection from a latin broadway show? just want to prepare myself for the upcoming latin theme night. maybe something from west side story would cut it.

  • db

    Sanjaya’s song choice and hair!? :lol_tb: This might be the best snark material ever

    Jordin and Stephanie chose well, IMHO.

    My prediction is that Chris R and Phil will suck – well, for me, they normally suck irregardless of song choice. Chris R’s vocals won’t do his song justice, and the AI5 guys performed Tobacco Road so very well on last year’s finale that (in my mind, anyways) Phil’s performance is destined to pale in comparison.

  • lynnie

    quick, what are your guesses for song selection from a latin broadway show? just want to prepare myself for the upcoming latin theme night. maybe à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“mariaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  from west side story would cut it.


  • bruno


    lynnie – you got it! perfect. don’t cry for me argentina

  • colette
  • colette

    “Hernando’s Hideway” from Pajama Game? At least it’s not a ballad…

  • AngC30

    an inverted bob is a haircut that looks like a bob haircut in the front but is shorter in the back…ala Posh Spice…Victoria Beckham…It probably looks really cute on gina…….:)

  • Preston

    I can’t wait for tonight’s show!

    Top eleven has always been a really strong show, with plenty of knockout performances. With tonight’s great music, I expect the same.

  • AngC30

    here is a pic of an inverted bob hairstyle…it can be modified alot to suit your facial features, but here is an idea…

  • AngC30

    here is another picture of an inverted bob

  • maheshg

    Oh Man, I really love the song from Oliver, and have karaoked it myself a few times– but Melinda has done three weeks out of the last four on Broadway– My Funny Valentine and Home. Actually, I think there was a Lieber Stoller Bway show which probably had I’m a Woman in it, if they wrote that.

    I wanted her, or someone else– not Phil and his lousy lower register, and not Sanjay, to do House of the Rising Sun.

    And I can’t believe Shirley Bassey counts as part of the British Invasion. (And Goldfinger would be a lot more fun than Diamonds.)

    Actually, it would have been fun to see Blake beatbox on the song from Oliver.

  • MaryS-NJ

    bruno, how about “West Side Story”? That’s got a latin-ish theme, sorta… kinda.

  • kaleidoscopick

    Awesome song choice for Sligh. I hope he just sings it straight. And rocks it. I also really like Haley’s choice and it’s such a fun song. She needs to summon some acting skills and really sell it with attitude (not like the Queen of the Night performance, however!) Chris R. has potential with his song, too. Let’s see him work the teen heartthrob angle with this sweet ballad. (and please, let him show no signs of JT!)

    They’re really setting up the Dueling Divas with Lakisha, Melinda and Jordin picking songs from Shirley Bassey’s Greatest Hits. Worried about Jordin– that song might be a bit big for her.

  • lynnie

    I hope Sligh doesn’t screw with the song or with his hair !
    Dueling Zombies, too, with Blake and Sligh.
    And as usual, Sanjaya will be dueling with himself!
    Too bad I have to work tonight- I really want to see this!

  • Venom

    Oh no. Blake beat boxing again? He’s going to ruin his own chances at winning for sure.

  • colette

    How about “Uptempo Week”? No power ballads allowed!
    And that bob looks great, I want one…’s a link to the ’60s version:

    Meanwhile, what’s ’60s about a Mohawk???

  • t2

    Mar 20th, 2007 at 3:55 pm
    Shirley Bassey singing
    As Long as He Needs Me

    Melinda = Broadway Idol. Could she at least pick something with a little bit of a beat?

    Lakisha = Diva Idol. Jeesh. C’mon. Take a walk on the wild side.

  • skylight1219

    OF all the songs available, this is what they chose? Yawn!! But, it will be worth watching to see Sanjaya’s new do. Can’t wait!

  • beesims

    UGH, a song from “Oliver”???? Since when is this considered British Invasion. As much as I love Melinda, I hope Simon gives her a supper club or dinner theater dig.

  • star

    Oh no. Blake beat boxing again? Heà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s going to ruin his own chances at winning for sure.

    Have you listened to his song? I’m pretty sure he’ll only do it a little at the beginning, because it kinda sounds like that, and then sing the rest of it straight.

    I’m thrilled with his song choice. It’s what I was hoping he’d pick. Don’t disappoint me, Blake!

  • calimari

    That song from Oliver is a really lovely song, but I was hoping Melinda would rock out w/ something cooler than that. Kinks, Zombies, those are cool songs. What’s with the Gerry and the Pacemakers choice? Talk about a non-invasive british invasion. Wait and see I guess!

  • MaryR

    SODF –

    Is that you Son of DF?? Just curious – it suddenly dawned on me that it might be.

    I’m with everyone – Love, love “As Long as He Needs Me”, but I was hoping Melinda would sing some Dusty Springfield. But I guess she’s just a Broadway Baby!

    Enjoy the show all!

  • colette

    Does anybody know: were the Beatles off the table? Taylor got the OK to sing “Something” last year, but it’s odd nobody jumped on a Harrison or Lennon-McCartney tune….

  • CatFromWI

    Sanjaya didn’t disappoint haha. And that crying little girl…simply priceless. Yes, Sanjaya makes the tour where there will be thousands of crying little girls just like this one. TPTB must be smiling (while calculating the money that the parents of these little girls will be spending on posters, pins, photos, etc.).

  • cricket

    Melinda knocked another one out of the park tonight. She has been consistant every week.That this girl has remained a back ground singer
    is a shame. I bet she is a much better singer than the “stars” that she has backed up.

  • ParticleHustler

    Re: the Beatles, I have a feeling their songs were pulled when Paul couldn’t/wouldn’t be on the show – maybe they’re holding out for later in the season, the finale, or next season? With Heather Mills one-upping Paul in the media battle for sympathy over the divorce, I’m somewhat surprised Paul couldn’t find time in his schedule for AI.

    Re: the song choice, I absolutely agree with whomever labasted Melinda for choosing a Broadway song for British Invasion week. And honestly, the show should be more forceful about making them sing a song within the spirit of the theme. Several of those choices flat out sucked. And Melinda’s not so good that she should be spared the criticism of her choices all being the same and 40 years too late to be worthy of AI 2007.