The Voice 4 Premiere – Christian Porter – “I’m Sexy and I Know It” VIDEO

In this new The Voice 4 preview, Christian Porter performs a sexy, bluesy rendition of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”  Apparently, he “borrowed the arrangement from this guy.

Watch as the judges fight over the guitar-strumming hopeful.

The Voice 4 premieres on Monday March 25, NBC 8/7c pm.

  • Prime_Minister

    I have a feeling Idol’s core viewing audience missing the WGWG will now migrate to The Voice.

  • Eric Ascher

    James Arthur on X Factor UK also did a similar version. And I believe James’s version was better than this.

  • Eric Ascher

    James Arthur on X Factor UK also did a similar version. And I believe James’s version was better than this.

  • pj

    Do we know i Jon Peter Lewis gets picked? Any spoilers?

  • pj

    Do we know i Jon Peter Lewis gets picked? Any spoilers?

  • pj

    Well the Voice has had BGWG and WGWG so maybe it’s time. ;-) I kid.

  • durbesque

    James? Where is it? Not on youtube.

  • David Facenfield

    I was just gonna say James did this… I guess James ‘borrowed’ the version from the Noah guy on YT (as its from May 2012)… surprised Glee haven’t done this version yet… they also tend to ‘borrow’ from YT

  • Incipit

    According to the link mj provided, Arthur also got the arrangement from the same source as Porter – he just didn’t acknowledge it. Maybe Arthur performed Noah’s arrangement better – maybe not. That’s subjective…but anyone performing this without a little tongue in cheek is a bit too full of himself for my taste. JMO.

  • David Facenfield

    just looked him up on YT… he has his own channel with around 18 or 19 videos.. looks like he has his own home studio… he has done songs by coldplay, john mayer, maroon 5, the fray amongst others… a true WGWG (and piano)!

    problem for me is that while obviously talented, he does sort of sound a bit like he is imitating the people he covers… the risk I guess of being a WGWG (and piano) covering such established WGWGs (and pianos)…

    there’s even comments from people saying he should audition for AI… LOL he could’ve been WGWG v6.0 ;-p

  • Taylor

    Knowing Mark Burnette, The Voice 4 will crown a WGWG winner and beat the crap out of Idol in the ratings (probably will get 17+ million and 5.0 demo ratings this year). I’m betting there will be WGWG overload on The Voice 4 this year. :)

    Mark B. wants a big successful post-Voice, and he’s gonna get it with a Phil Phillips type of winner.

  • David Facenfield
  • cosem

    Ugh damn you NBC..I can’t watch the preview…boo. Is there a youtube for this poor scorned international soul to watch? (I can’t find a yt for the previous preview either). Plz, plz :-)

  • Wally.

    Have fun with the WGWGs.

  • irockhard

    Get Tunnelbear.

  • irockhard

    LMAO! The Voice smells blood and they’re going in for the kill!

  • Miz

    Shame he didn’t credit Noah Guthrie for the arrangement. It will be interesting to see how this guy does when he has to come up with his own sound on the show.

    With that said, I liked it a lot. I’m actually looking forward to The Voice this year.

  • Miz

    I was already migrating for the judges. With the two contestants we’ve seen so far, the talent will keep me interested.

  • Jake W.

    Very cool arrangement.

  • No Thanks

    I dunno. I think this guys schtick is gonna get old real quick.

  • Amy Beth

    The Voice has had WGWGs every season so far. They haven’t dominated yet. Could change if the audience does, but it’s not a given.

  • Amy Beth

    You might even say they’re in it to win it!

  • Bazzle

    Dude… this guy can’t compete here… he’s already got a multi platinum single out…..

  • cosem


  • David Facenfield

    i’m in UK and can’t view it either… I could find this on YT…

    its the same dude performing it 8 months ago in a bar somewhere… I guess it would be ‘cleverer’ (is that a word?) if it hadn’t already been done previously…

  • steve

    anyone got a non american link????

  • chloe18

    Usher has the most amazing smile. Usually I watch a few episodes of the Voice each season but I’m really excited for Shakira and Usher. This contestant is a little too corny for me but with the new judges I’m really excited to watch this next week. Do the judges still perform together on the show? I would love a Shakira and Usher dance off.

  • Madilo

    there’s only one Phillip lol

  • quickjessie

    Thank god.

  • LeoCS

    This guy name Noah did it before Cece Frey, James Arthur and Christian. He’s the source of all these originals

  • LeoCS

    IWhen Noah did this version, I remember someone told him to audition for The Voice or one of these shows because 1. he’s damn good and 2. someone could end up stealing his cover. Almost one year later and I think this is the 4th karaoke show that had a copy of his version treated as an original arrangement.

  • alt28023

    Seriously, he better get some kind of credit, at least James Arthur acknowledged on twitter that he based it off Noah’s cover.

  • LeoCS

    This year, he wouldn’t be WGWG 6.0 even if he sang like Freddie Mercury. The better he were, soone he woulod be cut: probably he wouldn’t make even the very first audition with the producers.

  • Jason Scott

    WGWG for the WIN!!!!! Heh.

  • David Facenfield

    exactly… hence the ;-p

  • Jordana33

    I liked it too. I always remember on AI how much flack David Cook got for supposedly not crediting Doxology for his Eleanor Rigby arrangement. Later on, it was confirmed that Cook actually did credit the latter group in his intro package, but it was cut by the producers. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened a lot.

  • maymay

    I hope this guy doesn`t be calculated like Colton Dixon. The Idol`s WGWG winners are always pure and innocent. I don`t like the way how he looked at camera on youtube. It is a little annoying. He has a nice tone but hope he also has a unique style.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    After I stopped expecting this show to produce any successful artists, I finally started to enjoy it. This guy is good! And I LOVE the judges’ chemistry. Usher and Shakira are a hoot.

  • Axxxel

    Glee did a spanish/english version of the song, sung by Ricky Martin.

  • bahogbugan_simj

    well the “original” version from Noah is still and always the best

    but among the covers of that cover so far, performance-wise i like this performance from Christopher the best. next would be Cece’s. i like both because they played along with the tongue-in-cheek nature of the song

    the worst was from James Arthur who turned it into a depressing constipation song

  • David Facenfield

    i’m not sure if this is best thread for this… but the Voice UK judges (esp are slamming the record companies over fact the S1 winner has been a flop… see link below…
    with S2 just about to start… there’s been some media focus on fact The Voice UK hasn’t produced chart stars like UK XF does… I guess this the shows attempt to explain why this is… which cant make for a great relationship between the label and the shows producers…

  • bahogbugan_simj

    to be fair, who would have thought that a very old-fashioned singer like Leanne would win from that batch. she didn’t even seem to be popular in the forums/facebook/twitter/youtube so i would chalk up her win on the low demographic viewership. it’s as if, it’s only the old people who are watching and voting in that show. it’s a shame because i thought they had some good talents in there.

  • David Facenfield

    I agree she is incredibly old fashioned… and a lot of it is to do with the fact its on the BBC and they have an older demographic..
    but someone voted for her… and there is a market for that stuff… esp here in the UK…
    so i’m amazed they didn’t take her down the Subo route and get an album of easy listening stuff out within 3 months of her win… you know strike while the iron is hot… to at least try and have some chart success…

  • durbesque

    Ha…I forgot there’s another James. I had visions of Durbin singing “I’m Sexy”. Arthur is good.

  • David Facenfield

    he’s OK… I agree with Incipit, that this song needs to be done with tonge firmly in cheek… and James Arthur (I will use full names or surnames to minimise confusion!) didn’t have that… he was wayyyyy too earnest… which is why, unless he changes this, I think he may have problems with his post reality tv show career… the public that votes generally doesn’t want earnest reality tv stars… matt cardle is a good case in point…

  • durbesque

    Arthur (I’m Sexy) is not embarrasing or boring. That’s enough for a winner who may never sing this type of song again. Intensity is his stock-in-trade and he does it well.

  • David Facenfield

    possibly… but i’m referring to how he’s coming across in the media here in the UK post win… it seems to be a repetition of all the ‘school boy errors’ that Matt Cardle made… and I think the reality tv voting public don’t care for that sort of attitude…
    more traditional rock n rollers, hip hop stars and singer songwriter types can maybe get away with that level of intensity and eef you attitude… but they are not trying to appeal to the people who watch tv talent shows…
    and the people who are more likely to embrace that intense / rock n roll attitude will not purchase music by a reality tv star… at least not here in the uk

  • TFLS

    He totally ripped off Noah Guthrie. Note for note. That really interferes with my enjoyment of what truly is one cool arrangement. And Noah did it better – which kinda makes it worse, in a way. I wonder how Noah feels about all this? From what I understand – it isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Other people keep reaping what he sows.

  • ladymctech

    I agree with you. He is fun to watch…for now and maybe for a few more times, but isn’t a great singer by any means.

  • durbesque

    I never heard of Noah before. If “other people keep reaping what he sows”, and if this clip is a typical example, it’s easy to see/hear why. Chris Porter performs the song, Noah just gives us the bare bones deadpan. Once a song is written, performance is everything.

  • Anny_nanny

    Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 (Cover)