The Voice 3- Top 8 Power Rankings

Wow. It happened. Bryan Keith exited the competition. I guess he didn’t have quite the following I had thought. I didn’t think he’d win, but I thought he was a legitimate shot at finalist territory. I’m not surprised (based on the performances) that Sylvia went home. I think Trevin got really last night.

8) Cody Belew- I think he lives week-to-week as sort of a “joke” contestant. With Itunes sales factoring in, I don’t think Cody can last much longer, even if he is entertaining. That being said, for a joke contestant, he does sing really well.

7) Dez Duran- He had a pretty good performance this week, but I think Team Christina’s final surviving member is not destined for the finale in any capacity. For that, he remains low in my rankings (despite constantly defying the odds and surviving the eliminations).

6) Melanie Martinez- She definitely deserved to stay last week, but she’s going to need to keep up that momentum if she wants to continue to oust fellow contestants who are considerably better singers than she is. She is probably the weakest vocalist left in the competition.

5) Terry McDermott- Last week, he turned back into a cover band singer. He’s going to need to switch gears this week to regain his “finalist” status.

4) Trevin Hunte- In case you were wondering, Trevin, “Scream” is not among the recommended song list for you. Keep singing songs like that, and you’ll be the most “shocking” elimination of the season.

3) Nicholas David- I finally saw Nicholas as a contender this week with his Lean On Me cover. I don’t think his record deal afterward will yield anything, but he could give some more performances that demand you vote for him.

2) Amanda Brown- Really great song choice last week. I don’t think she was in the “bottom 3” by any means, since Carson never identified that as being the bottom 3. I think she’s still a major contender in this thing.

1) Cassadee Pope- If you thought this “power list” wasn’t going to end with the only person this season with a #1 song on Itunes, then there’s a ticket to crazytown with your name on it. Cassadee emerged as a potential victor this week. The big question is, when you’ve had your moment at the Top 10, how do you keep that momentum up for the next 3 weeks?

Join me after X-Factor on Turkey Day for some power rankings. :) Sound off in the comments below! Do you believe Dez and/or Cody can survive another week? And if so, at what cost?


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  • Jon Karev

    I agree with your top 3.  I’d have put Amanda at #1, but I guess Cassadee getting first spot in your rankings is still well deserved.  Like or hate her, we can’t deny that she delivered a fantastic performance with that Blake Shelton song, and of course she topped the iTunes chart. Melanie takes my #4 ahead of Trevin and Terry.  Trevin and Terry went a bit downhill, I think, with Trevin choosing an awful song and Terry becoming overly predictable week by week.  

  • sdmama

    When I as flipping through channels, I caught Cody, and it was so entertaining, I watched the whole song.  Without comparing it to other people, I though he was good! A nice showmanship.  So I am surprised by a lot of negative comments about him in this blog. Then, I remember that the show is “voice” and not “idol”. OK, I understand now :)   Now I want to watch, I mean, hear the rest of the people.

  • Yanyan | RR

    As much as I would like to put Amanda at #1, those iTunes votes is going to guarantee that Cassadee can still place second at worst. She charted the highest out of all the contestants this week and if she keeps this momentum, she might win this whole thing. 

    Amanda made a big mistake by singing one of the hardest Florence + The Machine songs which even Florence can’t sing that well live. I think Amanda peaked at #8 this week but I’m still confused about the rules. If the only thing that matters is that she got in the Top 10 charts this week, then she’s in a good place. If they need to still be charting by the end of the voting period, then she might not get the same privilege Melanie and Cassadee got.

    I would place Melanie at #4 or 5 though. Like Cassadee, she’s been pretty consistent when it comes to iTunes sales and she peaked this week when the two of them stayed in the Top 10 iTunes charts during the results show. She’s definitely the weakest singer right now in the competition but she’s also the most unique. She reminds me a lot of Dia when she was on the show. Dia was the weakest singer of the Top 4 yet she was the most marketable and had breakthrough performances week after week.

  • Jordana33

    I agree with the top 3, although I think that Melanie could also be a contender. She’s been gaining momentum with every week  and has been attracting quite the loyal fan following. She also tends to have some of the best itunes recordings.  Amanda is definitely my #1 favorite, but I’m having a hard time gauging her popularity, relative to Nicholas and Melanie.  
    The remaining contestants are harder to place: Trevin is impressive, but I get bored by his performance. However, might last for a while, because I don’t see him splitting votes with a lot of the other contestants. I love Cody, and I would probably rank him higher if his performances weren’t so hit or miss. He’s such a character, that it often overshadows his incredible voice (check out his “Jolene” performance). I don’t know what kind of album he’d put out. He strikes me more as an all-round entertainer, who would do well on a Broadway show or a TV series like “Smash”, or even doing Carson Daily’s job! No matter where he places, I really hope the show will give him the career boost he deserves. 

  • sweetmm

    I think Dez & Cody might just manage to stay long; these 2 seems to have fans who vote come what may.  However one bad/lack lustre performance Terry & Trevin might just be out-voted.

  • Claude Dee


  • Levis501PW

    Cody is not a “joke” contestant.  He is the male version of Lady Gaga.

  • John Rocketship Potter Clayton

    Cody Belew on Smash is an AMAZING idea. 

  • girlygirltoo

    Huh? Cody is not anywhere close to Lady Gaga in terms of actual talent. 

  • Leandro

    It’s kinda interesting that the joke contestant can sing circles around The Chosen One contestant.

  • WestiesRule

    Regardless of who wins at least they can all sing and perform. I can never predict these things. I picked Casadee from the blinds. Even without knowing she had real experience, she had “the” presence on stage. I have a soft spot for Dez as a person and Melanie could sell records if marketed properly. Amanda and Cody would do well on TV. Not sure what the 3 left would even sell. But, they all sure cab belt out a tune.

  • tomr

    Love Melanie’s recording voice.  She has the potential to be extremely marketable.  Her voice is immediately recognizable…I love that about her.

  • SapphireBlue9

    This year I’ve grown to like XTina as a judge/mentor way more than in S1 &2 (except her wardobe), but her plan for victory totally backfired. She loaded her team entirely with pop artists, mostly female, and she’s the first coach down to 1 artist- Dez (the non female).  

    After the blind auditions when each coach had 16 artists she had 12 girls, 3 boys, and that weird duo.  Knockout rounds 8girls, 2 boys. And so it continued.
    The other three coaches had way more open minds about choosing their artists which looks like it will lead one of them to win. With XTina out for next season  I wonder if she’ll be cranky if/when she comes back.    She will need to find a new strategy.

    Dez won’t make it to top 4.  I bet XTina is ticked off at Cody for “taking her artists spots” right about now! I can’t blame her there, he is a novelty item and given that this is the VOICE he is just taking up space!!!

  • Jonathan Frahm

    It’s really cool to see more Melanie fans on here finally! She doesn’t deserve the negative comments she’s been getting, I think she’s proved that last night and more of us are being vocal about enjoying her style. :)

    I mostly agree with you Mac (hi there, by the way; it’s J :P), though with a few placement differences. My power list (I listed the specifics in the Top 10 elim. thread) is as so:

    1. Cassadee
    2. Nicholas
    3. Melanie
    4. Amanda
    5. Terry
    6. Dez
    7. Trevin
    8. Cody

  • chillj

    I think Nicholas could surprise everyone with his longevity, even after the competition.  He is engaging, lovable, and has a killer song style; I frankly think America would be crazy him.  As for his appearance, he looks like a rocker after the heyday of the sixties and seventies.  Bob Dylan has looked worse for forty years.

  • chillj

    Melanie needs to pray no one remembers here harmonies in group performances from last night.  

  • Jordana33

    Group interview with top 8 contestants after the elimination night. It’s hard not to like these guys.

  • Matthew Kitson

    Gotta disagree, Cody is nowhere near a joke contestant. He’s an entertainer with a legit voice, just check out his “Jolene” performance

  • sdmama

    I agree!
    I never watched Voice this season, but I decided to give “blind” test to all the top 10 (Thank you, Hulu) after catching Cody’s performance. Is he really a joke? Why? I had to find out.With my eyes closed, I still think that he sounds the best, and his voice actually gave me some tingle. Because he is theatrical, maybe people watching him stopped listening to him? ;)  He reminds me of Freddie and Adam Lambert with my eyes closed. Yes, I went there. Anyway, I saw nothing but just singing, if he is a total nut job off stage, I would not know. (hope not)I also liked Amanda and Terry a lot, but Terry reminds me somebody whose back is against the wall a bit. I felt white knuckle developing on my hands… I did not feel anything from Cassadee’s singing, so I am a bit surprised to find out he is the best iTune seller. And Contrats to Dez who survived Feeling Good, that was once named the most toxic song that should be banned from competition forever.