The Voice 3 Top 10 – Who Was Your Favorite? (POLL)

You watched The Top 10 perform on The Voice tonight, now vote for your favorite!

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  • Kesia Monteith

    I’m guessing no one liked Bryan?

  • jlscott13


  • alain arias

    Cassadee by far!!!!!!!!
    Please listen to Grace Potter songs and then speak about Amanda, her version was horrible..

  • cherch

    Cassadee was really really good tonight. I enjoyed Cody very much too.

  • b_james

    LOVED Melanie tonight.  Cody was entertaining, and Amanda and Cassadee were both great also.

  • jlscott13

    Please listen to the original “Over You” and then speak about Cassadee. ;)

  • Erika Fernandez

    Wow Cassadee is number 4 on Itunes. Doesn’t she automatically move on or something like that?

  • pj

    I peeked at iTunes.  Looking bad for Cody and Trevin.  :-(  I don’t obviously know how votes are going.  Cassadee is a lock. Top ten so extra votes.  Sigh. 

  • oncee

    Cassadee gets all her iTunes votes multiplied by 10 if her song stays in the top 10 by the time the vote closes tomorrow. iTunes votes/downloads from the start of the live shows all carry over to the final vote as well. So if Cassadee makes the final she will have a huge lead already.

  • Erika Fernandez

    This rule only started with the top 12 correct?  I remember Amanda charting high w/ Dream On, but that was during the 20 playoffs.  Only downloads during the voting period get multiplied by 10 I would assume.  She’s number 2 now.  Good for her.

  • oncee

     Yeah only top 12 onwards so downloads of Dream On don’t count towards the final vote. The 10x vote bonus only applies to the downloads of “Over You” that happened within this week’s voting period, but the bonus is still carried into the final vote.

  • hayes

    11pm PST: Cassadee at #1, Melanie at #15, Amanda at #16, Nicholas at #20.

    We might as well crown Cassadee the winner now.

  • poipugirl

    Dez and Terry are faves.  Seconds are Nick and Cody.  Like Cassadee too.

  • Leandro

    Yeah, and we might change the name of the show to The Fanbase.

  • pj

    I think they definitely need to tweak it a bit, but I think each fan is limited to votes, unlike on idol.  Even if those votes are itunes downloads.  The multiplying by ten is hideous though.  Grrr.  It makes them more money to give over invested fans that incentive. 

  • pj

    Amanda looks safe, but if Bam Bam is eliminated I will throw my hands up in the air and give up.  Just kidding.  I enjoy his performances.  I know nothing about the fan bases, but I’m thinking for sure Sylvia is a goner.  Maybe Trevin or Bam Bam too. Or even Bryan and his sweaty hat.

  • J

    Nicholas is my favorite. I think Bryan Keith is going to win this show though.

  • Jordana33

    I really don’t mind Cassadee’s voice as much as others do and I thought her performance last night was an improvement,. However, there’ve been much better performances throughout the competition that didn’t even make top 30 on itunes. People mentioned that Tony Lucca and Juliet Simms also came with a lot of fans last season, but I don’t remember them having as big an impact as Cassadee’s fans. However, I also liked both of those contestants (especially Simms) and I might have just attributed all of their votes to good performances.  

    By the way, I’m surprised that Xtina hasn’t made any comments about Cassadee’s fans yet. Or does she only do that when they’re on Team Adam? LOL 

  • Claude Dee

    Goodbye Bryan and Sylvia!

  • Jordana33

    My favorite performances were Amanda, Nicholas then Melanie in that order.

  • WestiesRule

    No matter who you back at least the show was enjoyable and every contestant has some sort of appeal and level of talent. Getting tired of the less than stellar talent on some of the other shows….

  • Valentin432

    Cassadee didn’t peak anywhere close to the top 10 previously, so for as big as her initial fanbase was, her performance last night was the reason it went n°1 on itunes.

    But I guess even when a girl looks like she has a chance to win (and it’s just a chance, can’t forget Juliett dominated itunes most of the time last year and the winner never was very high) we have to find a flaw in that.

  • 1rollbounce2

    Excellent show…reallllly was.  Funny – Summer of 69 is at 69 on itunes this morning. 

    I had to support my man Nicholas!  He’s holding his own in the top 20!  Yay!

  • kmd23

    It has to be Sylvia , Trevin, or Cody that leaves tonight based on iTunes but you don’t know the votes.  Cassadee was lucky that Blake gave her that song to sing. I still hope that she does not win this.

  • Jordana33

    But I guess even when a girl looks like she has a chance to win (and it’s just a chance, can’t forget Juliett dominated itunes most of the time last year and the winner never was very high) we have to find a flaw in that.

    I don’t think it’s fair to invoke gender bias, unless you honestly believe that Cassadee’s performance was the best of the entire season by a mile. If it were a really impressive female singer like Dia Frampton, Juliet Simms, Jessica Sanchez or Amanda Brown, then I’d agree with you, but I really don’t think that Cassadee is in the same league (just my opinion). I certainly wouldn’t go looking for flaws if Amanda Brown or Melanie won the competition.

    BTW, prior Voice contestants like Juliet Simms, Vicci Martinez, Dia and Lindsey Pavao had a lot more supporters at this site than last year’s male winner, Jermaine Paul, and many people were very disappointed when Juliet didn’t win.  Unfortunately, Juliet was pretty sick in the finale week and it really affected her vocals, so it’s hard to cry foul. Clearly, a lot of viewers, including myself, still loyally voted for her, but it just wasn’t enough.

  • Nanc

    I just don’t get Cassadee’s appeal…she is one of the two weakest actual singers in the competition….if they are going to call this show “the voice” they need to find a winner they don’t have to auto-tune to make her sound good….yes, she is a good looking girl, but I get tired of fans accusing people who don’t care for her voice of “hating” on her because she is cute…Amanda is a beautiful woman and can sing rings around Cassadee….I don’t base my love of music on what someone looks like, if I did I would have totally ignored the Stones, Cass Elliott, Tom Petty, Amy Winehouse, ….the list is endless, if she wins it will be a travesty with so many others with GREAT voices on this show

  • Maj

    It was a strong evening so it wasn’t easy choosing my very fave. But I ended up going for Melanie. Surprised myself a bit. If I heard that on the radio I’d wanna buy this.

  • Gwen

    I love Nicholas.  He’s the only reason I am still watching.

  • Jordana33

    Current top 200 itunes rankings as of this morning. The ** are next to songs performed on prior weeks.

    1.   Cassadee Pope “Over You”
    9.  Melanie Martinez: “Seven Nation Army” 
    14.  Amanda Brown: “Stars”
    17.  Nicholas David: “Lean on Me”
    28.  Dez Duron: “Feeling Good”
    62.  Terry Mc Dermott: “Summer of 69”
    80.   Bryan Keith: “New York State of Mind”
    **87. Cassadee Pope: “Not Over You” (Performed a month ago, but based on the itunes comments, I think her fans mistook it for “Over You”)  
    110. Sylvia Yacoub: “Im on Fire”
    129. Cody Belew: “Crazy in Love”
    **130. Amanda Brown: “Dream On”
    131. Trevin Hunte: ” Scream”
    **167: Melanie Martinez: “Toxic”
    **189: Nicholas David: “Stand By Me” (performed 2 months ago, and probably mistaken for “Lean on Me”).

    Other interesting Voice-related rankings. Both Amanda and Cassadee gave the original artists quite an impressive bump!

    19.  Christina Aguilera, feat. Blake Shelton: “Just a Fool”
    23. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: “Star”  
    36. Miranda lambert: “Over You”
    153. The White Stripes: “Seven Nation Army”.

  • Daaavey

    I’m very curious how accurately iTunes will predict again. This is a week where the phone/text voting might change it up. Currently, Trevin and Cody are lowest on iTunes. Cody could make it on personality without ppl wanting to download his song. And it’d be surprising to see Trevin go this early when he was ordained the chosen one but a few weeks ago.

    If they both go, it would show what a misstep it is to do songs that don’t give much of a chance to showcase your vocal.

  • DB987

    Cassandra is not the strongest singer but she does have an appeal factor that is high. She uses her voice well and Blake is a master at making the audience think they have just witnessed the most fantastic thing on earth.  The song choice was oh so smart and suited her voice well enough. Who could pass up all the sad stories associated with the whole performance.  It will be tough to top that performance but clearly Blake knows she is his best chance for a win.

  • Valentin432

    Yes her performance last night was the best at least from the night, it’s not only about the voice it’s about emotions and relatibility.
    If you think that she can’t top itunes based on her own merit and that she needs to ride the coatails of Blake or I don’t know what other fanbases, then yes I’m saying you’re making a judgement based on gender.

    It’s pretty clear that people here have been hating on Cassadee since the beginning of the competition and when that’s the case it’s hard to admit when the competitor does somthing well even more so when it involves connecting with the performance, hard to do so when you’re predisposed to hate.

    As far as previous contestants that you may or may not have supported, it’s pretty easy to say one or 2 years later that such female contestant was better than Cassadee and thus using it as a reason not to vote, that reminds of all the right minded people here who delay voting for a girl because she isn’t Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson or Crystal Bowersox, but can find good reasons to vote for midling male talent.

  • pj

    I vote for females all the time.  I tend to think Amanda Brown is the superior performer and singer.  I do think Cassadee did better last night than previously.

  • Jordana33

    What PJ said.

  • Leandro

    Tony never had many fans. Just twitter followers. I think Justin helped him to get some mentioning the Mickey Club stuff. As for Juliet Simms, I’m a big fan of her and i know exactly the size of her fanbase, which’s pretty big, but it’s nothing compared with Cassadee’s huge and organized fanbase. Plus, she’s ridiculously more talented than Cassadee, I don’t even like to put both names on the same argument. Juliet Simms deserved all the sales on i-tunes and votes she had.

    I think Christina isn’t even aware of Cassadee’s fanbase. Blake, OTOH, is completely aware as he keeps mentioning her fans every week, asking them to vote for her . lol

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t remember Tony after being in any danger of leaving the show until they got down to the final 4, so how do you know if Cassadee has more fans? Tony was very well known in the indie world, especially here in L.A., before he went on The Voice.

    I keep seeing Cassadee tweeting to her followers encouraging them to vote 10 times per day? week? whatever the maximum rule is. If they are doing that, that would put her at or near the top without needing all that big of a fanbase.

    Hey Monday was not this wildly popular band. So I’m unclear why she would have this huge fanbase. A really really organized fanbase, sure. But really big? I have my doubts.

  • Shander Maxwhite

    That was such and astounding show .. hard to express really.  All the peformances  were top notch.

    Nichaolas’s lean on me.. was as good as I’ve ever ever heard of that aboslutley classic song embeded in our american prescence –   Melanies pure artistry,  Amanda’s a cover of a gorgeous song that connected more emotionally to me and soared even higher in terms of human possiblity than Miranda’s

    Wow.. that was a great show.. makes idol pale in comparison… there were 2. maybe 3 other star quality peformances I didn’t even mention that didn’t give me anything new to the songs but were top quality. 3 astounding, 3 greate, 4 others pretty darn good too… crazy good show

  • Jordana33

    Nice tweet from Grace Potter:

    “Guess I gotta get near a TV more often! I’m blowing up with CRAZY POSITIVE feedback from @Amanda__Brown’s performance of my song! Go Amanda!”