Scotty McCreery to Attend North Carolina State University

AMERICAN IDOL: Scotty McCreary performs on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, March 29 (8:00-9:00PM ET/PT) on FOX. Pictured L-R: Scoty McCreary, Jimmy Iovine and Ryan Seacrest. CR: Phil Mcarten / FOX.

Scotty McCreery reveals to CMT radio that he was accepted to all 4 schools he applied to, but has ultimately decided to accept admittance to North Carolina State University in Raleigh–hid Dad’s alma mater. He may transfer to a school in Nashville after 2 years.

Tonight, Scotty will perform at the Freemont Street Experience ahead of the ACM awards set to air live from Vegas on Sunday.   Scotty will be presenting an award and performing his new single “Water Tower Town.”   He’s also nominated for ACM Best New Artist which is partially determined by fan vote.

Congratulations Scotty! Kudos for keeping up the academics.

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  • itah CM

    proud of him for keeping his promise of having an education and not letting fame get in the way of that 

  • getgetaway

    Good for Scotty.  Of the AI winners, only Carrie Underwood and David Cook have college degrees.  Carrie initially went on Idol to pay for her tution, and went back to finish, after winning Idol.

  • Anonymous

    I am so proud him. Yesterday when I was watching him receive his plaque, I almost had tears in my eyes with how far he has come. And I don’t tear up a lot, heh. 

    The fact that he got accepted into 4 colleges must mean he’s a pretty intelligent kid. I remember him receiving some kind of honor roll for getting straight As or something. 

  • Anonymous

    As a mom, I am so proud of him. I think he can have a career and college.

    ETA: congratulations Scotty!

  • Lexie

    Thanks for the thread, MJ.  I just feel like so much exciting is going on.  I, too, say kudos for Scotty sticking to his promise…I mean, he’s been in a National Education Association ad for over a month with his fave teacher:))

    A source close to him said that he plans on Clep-ping out of a number of classes, that will make it easier.

    The Fremont experience looks fantastic…wish I was there!

  • Gadfly

    Congrats Scotty! I’m so proud of you!

  • Anonymous

    What does “clep-ping out” mean?

  • Anonymous

    Some of the basic classes in college can be not taken as long as you pass an exam & then you are given credit for them. For example if you didn’t want to take Algebra I in college, you can take a exam & if you pass it you are given credit for the course & don’t need to take the class.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Scotty , we are all so proud of you for continuing your education while having a successful career. You are such a great role model for today’s young people.  

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Scotty! I am proud of Scotty for sticking with his word to finish his education. It speaks volumes that he was raised right & his success so far has not gone to his head & he’s stayed humble throughout it all.

  • Pam

    The very night Scotty won AI, he talked about the discussions he had been having with his parents about school and they wanted to make sure that Scotty made his education a top priority and I thought that was a good thing.  You always need a good backup plan.  You can’t put all of your eggs in one basket (as the saying goes). 

    It’s good that Scotty wants to broaden his horizons by finishing his education.  He should be applauded for that and so should the other AI alums that have done the same.  Scotty had even mentioned taking courses learning about how the music business really works (I suppose that would happen if he went to Belmont later on).  I think it’s a good thing to have some that knowledge that could help him as his career moves forward. 

    That’s really impressive that Scotty was accepted at all four schools that he applied to.  That’s a good problem to have.  

    Congrats Scotty!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, we have that in Canada too, but it’s not called clep-ping out.  I never heard that term.  Thanks!

  • CanadianLady

    Good choice, Scotty!

  • Anonymous

    And people say the fame is getting to him. Good for Scotty!

  • Anonymous

    Good for Scotty!  Show business is great when you’re hot, but when you’re not, it’s scary. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I never understood. I’ve seen some people think he has a ego now or has gotten a “big head.” I think he’s one of the most level-headed & humble Idol alums to come from the show.

  • Miz

    That means taking and passing CLEP tests to earn the college credits for specific courses instead of taking the classes. Usually it is for the beginning level courses. Students who were in advanced placement classes in high school would be candidates for this, or those with life/work experience.

    Congrats to Scotty on his acceptance. I think it’s wonderful that he is following through on getting an education. It will take him a long way in life.

  • windmills

    Congrats Scotty!

    I guess there’s some fan debate about NC State as opposed to Belmont in Nashville since it appears Belmont was one of his options. I’m not going to act like there wouldn’t be some short term and maybe even long term career advantages to attending Belmont but at the same time, I like the idea of maintaining a healthy distance from the insidery Music Row scene. At least for now. Scotty can transfer after a couple years like he says. Even if he doesn’t, I have no doubt he made this decision under careful consideration and I feel weird even commenting about something so personal as this. 

    I just feel like (please excuse my language ahead) celebrity, especially instant celebrity is such a mindf***. Especially for these people who go on AI as unknowns who just like to sing and then suddenly have all these fans who care intensely about them….EVERYTHING about them….for reasons they’ll never understand. So, whenever I see these AIers making decisions that might give them a little space and detachment from that part of their lives I tend to think it’s a good idea even if it isn’t the obvious way to advance their careers.  

  • Anonymous

    Curious question. Does anyone know the other two schools he applied to? So it’s NC State, Belmont, ________, ________?

  • Anonymous

    I am so proud of Scotty! Way to go!

  • Anonymous

    Eastern Carolina University (ECU) & Middle Tennessee State.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad Scotty followed through with his college plans (I had no doubts that he would) and the great news is that he probably won’t even need it. With his humble attitude, easy confidence, and talent aplenty, I say he has a long run in this business. I don’t even think his primary goal is necessarily to have a back up plan – I think his parents simply want him to not miss out on that experience and opportunity for a ‘normal’ life. Major kudos to them all – I couldn’t be happier :) 

  • Anonymous

    Middle Tennessee and East Carolina University

  • Anonymous

    Good for Scotty.  So glad he is not missing out on having normal life experiences in spite of being an American Idol.

  • Anonymous

    That is one well rounded kid. Smart move.

  • Anonymous

    CLEP tests are different than credits for AP classes. If Scotty made a 3,4 or 5 on his English AP test, he will get credit for the first semester college level couse of English. Many students begin their freshman year with a semester or more of college credits in the fundamental subjects.

  • Kitwana

    Congrats to Scotty. Will this be full time like Brooke Shields and Jodi Foster where they put their careers on hold for 4 years or more like Tyra Banks who was able to continue doing ANTM while earning her MBA? It’s a tough choice. Full time will give him the real college experience but being away for two years will be tough in the competitive music industry.

  • Anonymous

    Yep I think he is pretty intelligent.  He said last year when he was still a junior he had already written the SATS and he only needed English to skip senior high and go straight to college (flew home the day after he won the title to write the English test but I guess he either didn’t get the mark he required to skip senior English, or at that time decided he didn’t want to miss out on his senior year).  He was also on the Honor roll again this year. 

  • Anonymous

    I really like this guy. He’s a star (I guess, right?) who’s definitely grounded and “real”, for the lack of better word. He doesn’t have the glamor or flash of many other celebrities, which makes him seem more like a regular dude who just happens to be a star performer. His music isn’t half bad, either. He’s the kind of guy you just feel really great to see succeed, at least for me.

    I hope he can prioritize both in a way so that he doesn’t disappear from the country world but he has time for his studies.

  • Teresa Renee Parvin

    Unlike most of us, he won’t have to be in student loan debt til he dies with that platinum record success. Lucky dude! The only way I’ll get my student loans paid off is to die so they go away.

  • Anonymous

    I go to NCSU. BFFs?

    I’m surprised he chose NCSU. But whatevs. I wonder what he’ll study. If he chooses psych, maybe I’ll be his TA. exchange a grade for a snippet of “baby lock dem doors”

  • Nele621

    Many smart high school students start taking AP classes in their Junior year and by the time they enroll in college, they already are either second semester Freshman or Sophomore. If Scotty had many AP classes and also does clepping, he could have more than one quarter of his education out of the way.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t skip Senior English. Scotty was taking AP English his junior year. A passing mark (3,4,5) in AP Jr. English does not mean that a student can skip Sr. English. A passing mark in AP English, taken during the junior year, replaces Eng Comp in college. AP English, taken during the senior year, replaces Eng Lit in college.

    All North Carolina Universities require four years of high school math. Scotty would have had to take two subjects his senior year, if he had all of his other requirements out of the way, to attend a college in NC.  

  • Susan

    You can take them even before junior year.  My friend’s daughter is a sophomore taking AP European History.

    When I was in high school, we didn’t even get AP classes until my senior year, and we had only 5 choices.  I took 4 of them.  Between those and CLEP, I graduated a semester early and only had 2 classes my last semester.

  • Nele621

    Some kids take what they call accelerated math (Algebra I) in eight grade. Then in their freshman year in hs, they start off in their second year of math. By the junior year, they’ve fulfilled college requirements for math. Those are the students who would most likely take AP Calc in their Sr year, and of course, easily passing the tests. It’s not unusual for these kids to have over a 4.0 gpa when they graduate.

  • Anonymous

    would have had to take two subjects his senior year

    Thanks don’t know all the ins and outs…all I know was he said he only needed to pass his English test to get accepted to college.  Not sure what that meant – I thought it meant he could skip senior year.  I believe I heard it in his interview with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood. 

    With his mother being a teacher possibly she taught him the two senior year subjects while he was still a junior – if he got passing marks would he qualify that way?  

    Either way – still think he’s a pretty intelligent kid! lol 

  • Anonymous

    I know, but an eighth grade course (even in Algebra I) will not count for your four year requirement for NC schools. I know people who had to take a fourth math during the summer before their freshman year. NC Universities could have changed this in the past couple of years, but that was the requirement. Maybe they decided to let a math course taken during junior high count towards the four math credits , IDK.

  • Kylee

    That’s literally right down the street from his house. I wonder if he plans to commute? Hopefully he will still do as much as possible music wise. 

  • Anonymous

    He can pretty easily go to college and do his music.  For one, he doesn’t need to be a full-time student; he can earn his degree over the course of more than four years, obviously.    If he is in the studio recording or on a long tour, he’ll probably cut back his school hours during that time.   He’ll be extremely busy, but he’s young and shouldn’t have too much trouble pursuing both at the same time.

  • Nele621

    OK. All I know is that most kids who were into the AP classes, took AP Calc in their Sr year and getting college credit for that (barring they pass the test). Maybe they took that because they needed the four years of hs math.

    I’m wondering how Scotty will be able to go to college if he is on the road during part of any semester. I guess it depends on the prof, if they let him miss classes as long as he does his assignments and can show up for tests.

  • aaa sss


  • Chrissie H

    “I don’t think his primary goal is necessarily to have a back up plan – I think his parents simply want him to not miss out on that experience and opportunity for a ‘normal’ life. ”

    Yes, or probably a combination of wanting a normal life and security. I remember Scotty saying in an interview that he does want education to lean back on because he knew that in music business today your status can change within months.  

    I really like and admire the choices Scotty´s making. Education is always a plus for security and for human developement. Congrats to this genuine young man

  • Bill Mitchell

    Never cared for Scotty’s music.  Goes to show you if you want to sell a lot of records nowadays, sing country / gospel.  These people actually PAY for their records.

  • Lexie

     Sorry, I hit my wall and had to go to bed:)  Thanks, ptebwwong, for answering in my stead.  It’s called clepping out because they are actually CLEP tests, they’re the main company who creates the tests.  Have a great day!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Adding my congratulations to Scotty for being accepted at all of the colleges that he applied to.  So great that he wants to continue his education at a higher level.

  • Miz

    Harlow, if you notice I spoke of the types of people who would tend to take the CLEP tests. You are correct in that some colleges bestow credit for AP classes in high school.

  • Karen C

    It could be that the college he chose has a distance education program where the others don’t, so he could take some classes online.  Also, if he took AP classes, they might not be transferrable as college credit to all colleges. At least from my high school, the credit only transferred to the state colleges, and not the private ones. I know some people got most of their first year done this way, and finished in 3 1/2 years.  This might be why he’s saying he might transfer in two years, because once you get the credit transferred and take the courses beyond the freshman level, it won’t matter, and the last 2 years are when you are in your major anyway.

    Whatever is behind his decision, I think it’s terrific that hes continuing with school and with college. 

  • halo9125

    I have the utmost respect for Scotty and his family. They have an incredible sense of values, and practicality. I wish him the very best of luck – if anybody can balance school and career, Scotty can.

  • Lexie
  • Listening

    If you look at the pictures at gettyimages of Scotty at  Fremont Street Experience there’s one particularly hilarious one. It’s the one were we see the crowd and Scotty’s back in it the entire crowd is looking up at him in adoration well except for one of the two little girls at the front. The girl by his right foot looks like Damien you know like I am the evil that was spawned from the depths of night and I will destroy you. Watch out Scotty she is one unhappy camper.

  • Anonymous

    What can I say except that I am uber proud of Scotty!!!

    He kept his promise to pursue his college education and he has stayed totally grounded amidst all the achievements he has accomplished.
    How can one not admire someone like him?!?!  I DO!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the photos Lexie!  Awesome crowd. Hope some videos surface later.
    By the way, since this is a Scotty thread just wanted to ask if anyone (who’s a member of his fan club) is having problem logging into his website?  Thanks in advance.

  • Lexie

    I haven’t even been able to fully join the fan club yet, problems with Paypal. 

    I had to go see which pic had the evil-eye girl, LOL.  Those two girls looked like they were younger, might have thought they’d get to meet him, etc.  AI seems to make people think they know these guys personally…the one I’d worry about is the slightly older woman tweeting him constantly and went to his house…wow.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a picture of me.

    Just kidding.

  • Anonymous

    Most profs don’t really care about attendance.  I was in one class once:  one day we had 12 students attending the lecture.  The next day there were 200 students attending the midterm.

  • Anonymous

     As a prof, as you call us, I can tell you that most professors DO care about attendance because we know that attenders are actually learning the material, but we generally acknowledge that by college age, one is an adult who chooses whether or not to attend, whether or not to listen, whether or not to learn.  So, generally, the students who care attend (I’m not saying here that he doesn’t care.  Sheesh, don’t jump my shit about this statement).  I agree though that it’s possible to pass without attending regularly, in some classes.  Also, and this is a really good option for someone like Scotty, every semester I teach at least one of my courses completely on-line, so something like that could be part of the plan.

  • Anonymous

    It depends on what college you attend. Some colleges have a required attendance amount. I attended a college where if you missed more than 5 classes for a course that semester you automatically failed the course.

  • Incipit

     As you point out, Triskel there are many avenues for satisfying the course requirements – Scotty will be fine. Since the circumstances of winning AI have rearranged his original college plan – he’s certainly going to find ways to work within them.

    We could think of it as a person working their way through college, with a sometimes demanding job that can take focus – countless people manage it, all the time.

    DavidC was writing songs, recording albums and playing gigs and regional tours while he was in college; it’s doable…even if it turned into a 5yr Plan. Heh.

    And Scotty has management to arrange the gigs and the transportation of the band and equipment, do the advance PR, bring in the merch, negotiate the terms and collect the monies – none of the normal concerns for a young artist even have to worry him. Just rehearse and show up…and leave it on the stage.

    He’s a motivated and determined young man – I see no reason to be concerned for him at all.

    JMO. Of Course.

  • mchcat

    There are two videos – TTWG and WMY# are both on fansofscotty

  • Anonymous

    Good for him.

  • SaSa8

    I am so happy for Scotty.  I had a strong feeling this would be his choice of colleges to attend.  Scotty is keeping his feet on the ground like he said he would.  He loves what he is doing and is grateful for the career he is building.  But he also wants to live life and experience things that he always imagined.  He indicated in an interview that he would take classes to help him with his career like marketing, communications, etc.  So even though he may not be “studying music” I have no doubt going to NCSU will further his career.  Doubters said he couldn’t go back to his high school and he did, that he couldn’t play varsity baseball and he is, so this will be no different.  He has my respect – that is for sure. 

  • Anonymous

    I remember Scotty saying in an interview that he does want education to lean back on because he knew that in music business today your status can change within months.

    He is a very smart young man.  I hope that his young fans appreciate and follow his example.  And I wish him well combining strategies in a way that works for him and his career.

  • Nancy Alexander

    CLEP used to stand for “college level entrance program”, but I don’t know if they call it that anymore.  Our oldest daughter was able to pass enough college level courses to cut her time down to 3 years, and save a whole lot of money!!  Proud of her too.  I think it also speaks well of her high school education.