Scott MacIntrye – Jimmy Kimmel Live – VIDEO

Scott MacIntyre took part in a skit on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show last night. He played the infamous umpire, Jim Joyce, who ruined Detroit Tiger pitcher’s, Amando Gallaraga’s perfect game.

And, as I’m sure you’ve already figured out if you’ve read this far…BLIND JOKES AHEAD!!!

Watch the clip after the jump. Scott sings. It’s kinda cute.

Video after the JUMP…

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  • melicert

    It is kinda cute.

  • TwigLA

    LOL, that was perfect. I love Jimmy Kimmel’s show, and Scott played the role perfectly. I wasn’t a big fan of his on Idol, but he did have pretty pitch perfect comedic timing. He should consider musical comedy.

  • Esqt

    Luv, you better watch this. You might have a change of heart. Tee Hee :)

  • LadyBeBop

    MJ comes through again. This Scott fangirl was following his tweets all day (not knowing what the skit was about), but I was unable to watch or record it. Due to rearranging of the living room, our DVR was disconnected.

    Classic Scott. That’s all I can say. I agree, he’s a natural for musical comedy.

  • Grammie Kari

    Hall of Fame called. Send us some stuff.

    So the Tigers will send the Baseball Hall of Fame the spikes Armando Galarraga wore on Wednesday night in his imperfect perfect game at Comerica Park.

    Plus the base that was first base that night.

    The Hall of Fame recognizes a historic moment when it sees one.

    This was such an important event that I recorded it on the same tape containing American Idol performances. Armando is a sweetheart!

    This was a script that only few could do. Good for Scott! I wonder if he had any leanings towards musical comedy?

  • csprof

    This was pretty cute, and a great opportunity for Scott!

  • jpfan

    I was actually watching Kimmel and saw this. Scott was pretty funny and actually has some talent as a comedic actor. Who knew?

  • sonyab

    Hahahaha perfect! ROFL! Okay Scott er Jim Joyce I will call that number. ROFL!

  • windmills

    I had reservations about this but it was actually pretty funny. Good job Scott!

  • Lu

    okay THAT was funny! Good job Scott!

  • BootStar

    I was not a fan of Scott’s on Idol (in fact I kinda loathed him), but that was really funny. Hat’s off to him for making a little side business out of his tenure on the show.

    As an aside, last night the Phillies’ Roy Halladay was on the mound (Roy pitched a perfect game exactly one week ago in Florida — the first by a Phillie in 46 years), and guess who was umping behind third base? Jim Joyce! Fortunately for him, Halladay gave up a hit very early in the game, so the pressure was off. God forbid he blew a call like that Galarraga one in Philadephia. I’m not sure he would have made it home alive (and I’m only half-kidding).

  • Truthiness

    That actually was pretty fun and tight and Scott sounded good. I was expecting to cringe about this skit, especially the blind jokes thing, but it was actually okay.

    Hunh. That was unexpected.

  • jammasta

    ROFL. That was pretty entertaining.

  • Elizabeth Lemon

    BootStar: God forbid he blew a call like that Galarraga one in Philadephia. I’m not sure he would have made it home alive (and I’m only half-kidding).

    Oh my. It would be reminiscent of Steve Bartman having to leave Wrigley in 2003. DISASTER!

    I feel for Jim Joyce. This was pretty funny, even though I’m a bit weary of blind jokes.

  • hoosiermama

    Made me and my 16 yr.old daughter laugh! Good for Scott!

  • weareallinnocent

    I dunno, this was sort of cringeworthy to me still. He did well, I just don’t get a great feeling from this opportunity essentially using him for his blindness. But, yeah, he did a good job.

  • luvadamlambert

    Go Scott!!!!

  • heidijoy

    I happened to have been watching Jimmy Kimmel’s program with this aired. The lead up made it sound like the umpire was going to be there, so as a viewer,I was expecting the umpire to have a typical sit down with Jimmy to discuss the incident etc. When Scott appeared it dawned on me who it was and it was funny but a little wierd. I think Jimmy should have had Scott come back to his desk aread later like Jimmy Fallon does with his skits. This would have given Scott an interview about his music and promote his CD, Kimmel briefly mentioned the Cd but something seemed unfinished. It made me wonder if Scot was the one that asked to be on to do the skit. I’ve never been a fan of Scott and the way he promotes himself but I feel sorry for him. TMI ? my perception.