Lauren Alaina Debuts New Song, Danielle Bradbery Performs At CMT Next Women Of Country Event (VIDEO)

Lauren Alaina and Danielle Bradbery-CMT Next Women Of Country

CMA Awards week means a ton of industry events in Nashville, and one of them took place yesterday with CMT’s Next Women Of Country showcase. CMT’s Next Women Of Country was launched in January, “dedicated to showcasing the new generation of signed and unsigned female artists across CMT platforms and at” Both Lauren Alaina and Danielle Bradbery performed, with Lauren debuting a new song and Danielle performed her current t30 and rising single “The Heart Of Dixie.” Check out video courtesy @chriswillman (cwillman):

Danielle Bradbery performs “The Heart Of Dixie”:

The deluxe version of Danielle’s self-titled debut album (which includes her covers of Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel,” Sara Evans’s “Born To Fly”, Pam Tillis’s “Maybe It Was Memphis, and Jessica Andrews’s “Who I Am) is now available for pre-order, and it’s now possible to download album track “I Will Never Forget You” (co-written by Katrina Elam/, Josh Kear, and Chris Tompkins).

To pre-order Danielle’s debut album, click HERE!

According to a CMT press release, Danielle is the latest addition to the CMT’s Next Women Of Country franchise:

CMT announced Big Machine Records artist Danielle Bradbery would be the newest addition to its NEXT WOMEN OF COUNTRY franchise, joining 15 other females whom CMT promotes on-air and online throughout the year. The network will grow the franchise to include more than a dozen taped performances with Next Women artists throughout the year, which will air on CMT, CMT Pure and In addition, CMT will highlight Bradbery and Brandy Clark as part of its upcoming LISTEN UP series, a multi-platform franchise that showcases artists on the verge of breaking out.

Lauren Alaina debuted “Same Day, Different Bottle,” which according to EW’s Grady Smith is cowritten by Lauren with Caitlyn Smith and Dan Couch:

According to’s recap, Lauren discussed working on her songwriting since American Idol. She hasn’t released a single to country since “Barefoot & Buckwild” peaked at #57 on the Billboard Country Airplay Chart. “Same Day, Different Bottle” is a country/pop weeper in which Lauren sings about someone else’s alcohol addiction, and it’s a far cry from the aggressive pop/rock stylings of “Barefoot & Buckwild.”

Here’s a list of known cuts &/or cowrites for Lauren’s upcoming sophomore album:

“Ain’t Giving Up On Me Yet” (Lauren Alaina/Eric Arjes) * added 3/30/2015
“Bad For Each Other” (Lauren Alaina/busbee/Nicolle Galyon) * added 3/20/2015 via @Shibbled
“Barefoot & Buckwild” (Lauren Alaina/Chris DeStefano/Jon Nite)
“Beauty Queen” (Lauren Alaina/Catt Gravitt/JT Harding/Rob Hawkins)
“Born & Raised” (Lauren Alaina / Nicolle Galyon / Jimmy Robbins)
“Breakdown” (Heather Morgan/Jimmy Robbins; live video here)
“Catching Fire” (Lauren Alaina/Cary Barlowe/Shane Stevens)
“Cheap Hotel” (Lauren Alaina/Nathan Chapman/Sara Haze)
“Courthouse” (Lauren Alaina / Jesse Lee / Sarah Parish) *added 6/8/2015 via @Shibbled
“Crashing The Boys Club” (Lauren Alaina / Johan Fransson / Emily Weisband) *added 6/8/2015, likely cut
“Every Little Thing” (Lauren Alaina/Jon Nite/Jimmy Robbins)
“Forget Everything You Know” (Lauren Alaina / busbee / Emily Weisband) *added 4/22/2015 via @Shibbled
“Get Your Summertime On” (Lauren Alaina/Matt Dragstrem/Heather Morgan)
“Glitter Lingers” (Lauren Alaina / Blair Daly / Sara Haze) *added 6/8/2015 via @Shibbled
“Goodbye Song” (Lauren Alaina/Cary Barlowe/Eric Paslay)
“Growing Pains” (Lauren Alaina/Cary Barlowe /Blair Daly) *added 7/14/14
“The Hardest Goodbye” (Lauren Alaina/Heather Morgan/Sean McConnell)
“Honest Mistake” (Lauren Alaina/Nathan Chapman)
“Hurt People” (Lauren Alaina / Brett Mikkelson / Eric Snyder)* added 4/28/2015
“I’ll Remember For You” (Lauren Alaina/Jessi Alexander/Troy Verges)
“I’m Doing Fine” (Lauren Alaina/busbee/Emily Shackelton) *likely cut, check out a live performance of the song here.
“If I Had Your Heart” (Lauren Alaina/Steve McEwan/Gordie Sampson)
“It’s Not You It’s Her” (Lauren Alaina/Nathan Chapman)
“It’s Your Mother” (Lauren Alaina / Victoria Banks / Philip Barton / Lindsay Rimes) *added 2/10/2015
“Karma” (Felicia Barton / Todd Wright) * possible cut, added 6/8/2015
“Last Call” (Lauren Alaina / Andrew Pruis / Matthew West) added 5/16/2015
“Leaving Me” (Lauren Alaina/Tom Douglas/Zac Maloy)
“Livin’ For The Night Kinda Town” (Jaron Boyer/Matt Bronleewe/Phil Barton)
“Long Shot” (Lauren Alaina/Marti Frederiksen/Gordie Sampson)
“Look At What You’re Missin'” (Lauren Alaina/Hillary Lindsey/Gordie Sampson)
“Mixtape” (Lauren Alaina / busbee / Liz Rose) *added 2/10/2015
“My Kinda People” (Lauren Alaina / busbee / Emily Weisband) *added 4/21/2015, see live performance here. – likely cut
“New Boyfriend” (Lauren Alaina/Jaron Boyer/Matt Bronleewe/Sara Haze)
“Next Boyfriend” (Lauren Alaina / Matt McVaney / Emily Weisband) *added 6/8/2015, likely cut
“N-O” (Lauren Alaina/Ross Copperman/Ryan Tyndell)
“Painting Pillows” (Lauren Alaina / Alex Masters / Lindsay Rimes) *added 4/22/2015 via @Shibbled
“Pretty” (Lauren Alaina / Felicia Barton / Emily Weisband) * added 3/30/2015. 4/22/2015 update: Check out LQ video of Lauren’s 1st public performance here via LaurenAlainaNow:

“Pretty Something” (Lauren Alaina/April Geesbreght/Danelle Leverett)
“Queen Of Hearts” (Lauren Alaina / Victoria Banks / Lindsay Lee) *added 6/8/2015, likely cut
“Reckless Heartbeat” (Lauren Alaina / busbee / Emily Shackelton) *added 2/10/2015, likely cut
“Ride Around” (Lauren Alaina/Kara DioGuardi/Marti Frederiksen/Catt Gravitt)
“Road Less Traveled” (Lauren Alaina/Jesse Frasure/Meghan Trainor) *likely cut
“Same Day, Different Bottle” (Lauren Alaina/Dan Couch/Caitlyn Smith) *likely cut
“Second Wind” (Lauren Alaina/Sarah Buxton/Jesse Frasure/Tina Parol)
“Single” (Lauren Alaina/Ashley Gorley/Luke Laird)
“Smiling In The Pictures” (Lauren Alaina/Chase McGill/Brett Tyler)
“Song Of The Summer” (Lauren Alaina/Nicolle Galyon/Jimmy Robbins)
“Stranger To My Heart” (Lauren Alaina/Nathan Chapman/Liz Rose)
“Stronger In Time” (Lauren Alaina/Darrell Brown)
“Sugarcoated” (Lauren Alaina/Jason Gantt/Heather Morgan)
“That Chevrolet” (Lauren Alaina/Heather Morgan)
“The Girl” (Lauren Alaina / Audra Mae Butts / Emily Weisband) *added 4/21/2015
“Think Outside The Boy” (Lauren Alaina / Emily Shackelton) *added 6/8/2015, likely cut
“Today I Will” (Lauren Alaina/Tony Lane/David Lee Murphy)
“Told Ya So” (Lauren Alaina/Felicia Barton/Jesse Frasure)
“Town Behind Me” (Lauren Alaina / Jerry Flowers / Bobby Hamrick
“Unnatural” (Lauren Alaina/Johan Fransson/Tim Larsson/Tobias Lundren)
“Up Town Down Home” (Lauren Alaina/Lori McKenna/Jimmy Robbins)
“Watchin’ You Watchin’ Me” (Lauren Alaina / Shane McAnally / Josh Osborne)
“Wake Up Sleeping Beauty” (Lauren Alaina/Tina Parol/Emily Shackelton)
“What Would Jesus Do” (Lauren Alaina/Nicolle Galyon/Jimmy Robbins)
“Who Do You Think You Are” (Lauren Alaina/Preston Brust/Chris Lucas)
“The World’s Gonna Turn Without You” (Lauren Alaina / Marti Frederiksen / Gordie Sampson)
“The World Inside Your Heart” (Lauren Alaina/Cary Barlowe/Eric Paslay)
“We Ain’t Going Home” (Lauren Alaina/Hillary Lindsey/Jimmy Robbins)
“Who Do You Think You Are” (Lauren Alaina/Preston Brust/Chris Lucas)

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  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Lauren Alaina is still in the biz? Whadaya know…

  • Spurrious

    The new song Danielle released “I Will Never Forger You” is pretty awesome. It is probably the best showcase yet for her huge voice. Ya’ll should give it listen.

  • gem2477

    I love Lauren!

  • gem2477

    well, it’s only been years…

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    She was out promoting her prior single just six months ago, so rumors of her retirement would seem to be premature.

    It’s not like she hasn’t been saying in interviews that the album was delayed to take another crack at finding a sound that radio would play. Unlike the Phantom Second Singles that haunt artists who already have a low-selling album out, trying a new lead single before committing to an album release is a known strategy that labels try with newish artists. The most I can document a label trying before giving up is three.

  • TJM2010

    Why wouldn’t she be? She has had 3 singles go in the T-40. Her album had decent success, so why would her label drop her now? There was also an article where Mike Dungan (CEO of UMG) said, “I’d put her vocal up against any of the greatest singers in our genre.” This is a song that I feel will do well, its country, it relates to everyone, and the vocals are on point.

  • TJM2010

    I like Daniel but she doesn’t do anything for me. I feel she doesn’t connect with her songs AT ALL. She is just dull and a little too boring. Her voice, ain’t that big either.

  • Darko_5

    Lauren’s tone as always is fantastic. The growth ia not only with the material but also with her ability to tell a story. This is a really strong performance light years from where she started.

  • AlesheaDominique

    Windmills: do we know who wrote this song. I really like it and the chorus is already stuck in my head after about three listen. I like the idea of this song at country radio way more than her last.

  • Craigin

    in the earlier days of country music, people would release 5-6 singles before they found a hit or got dropped. Of course no label would probably have that kind of patience now a days but Country does have a reputation for sticking with artists for a little while until they find a song/sound that works. A lot of the guys topping the country charts right now had a few flop singles before they made it big with the right song. I hope UMG gives Lauren the same opportunity.

  • Guest

    Mike Dungan – Chairman and CEO of UMG Nashville – said about Lauren Alaina just yesterday: “I’d put her vocal up against any of the greatest singers in our genre.” Sounds like they know what a gem they have.

  • Mac100music

    Pretty sure UMG is loving Lauren right about now.

  • windmills

    I don’t know who wrote it, unfortunately. I am trying to find out and will post and tweet if I do.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Lauren sounds great and I like this song.:))

  • Guest

    Lauren Alaina is a talent that is from another world! Love what UMG’s CEO, Mike Dungan, said about her – just this week: “I’d put her vocal up against any of the greatest singers in our genre.”

    Sounds like UMG knows what a gem they have!

  • Guest

    Love what UMG’s CEO, Mike Dungan, said about her – just this week: “I’d put her vocal up against any of the greatest singers in our genre.”

    Sounds like UMG knows what a gem they have!

  • BonnieDee

    Lauren sounds absolutely wonderful. Love the song and the vocals.

  • jean gauthier

    I love her voice and I wish her the best in the business. So proud of her…

  • l8er

    I personally just love her voice. It sounds very clear and pure to me. There’s also an innocence in it that I like. I guess I just don’t care about “connection” (there’s been other singers I’ve liked that have been criticized for the same thing).

  • CanadianLady

    This is way closer to what I’d like to see from Lauren than the dumb one she had out last. Forget her age and let her sing things that showcase her voice.

  • L. R. M. L.

    Danielle is very, very pretty isn’t she.

  • Mac100music

    She sounds like a country Joanie Mitchell. Beautiful.

  • Madilo

    Wow Lauren co-wrote all the songs on her next album but two, that’s amazing.

  • CanadianLady

    I like this, but I’m not a fan of whatever she has on her head. :)

  • Guest

    I heard through the grapevine that she co-wrote this song.

  • Mac100music

    I hearad through the grapevine that Lauren co-wrote this song.

  • Brad Bery

    Danielle’s new song is amazing! I love how she connects so well to all her songs, and that note at 1:05 is unbelievable and beautiful!

  • windmills

    I’m aware of that part – CMT’s recap implied it and I confirmed it with EW’s Grady Smith. What I’m trying to confirm is Lauren’s cowriting partner(s) on the song.

  • onebirdlover1

    Lauren is a very good singer and a good personality as well. Hoping she get’s the career boost she needs with this next album.

  • Deon Oxivar

    Lauren? Vocals? lmao