Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory – Music Video

Lady Gaga premiered her “Edge of Glory” music video on the So You Think You Can Dance results show Thursday night.

So You Think You Can Dance featured Gaga back in 2008, when she was but a fledgling pop star.  It was her first network appearance.  Within a year, she had broken out in a big way, but it looks like she’ll never be too good for the little Dance show that gave her a shot.

That was pretty sweet of Lady Gaga to repay Nigel Lythgoe back with the premiere of her new video.

Maybe it’s the super sincere 80’s throwback vibe that gets to me here, but I really really really like this song.

PS Get well soon, Clarence!

Watch the entire video here:

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  • smeggingnuts

    Apparently Gaga had orginally had one of her epic cinamatic movie/videos for EOG but at the end of the second day of shooting she scrapped the whole thing sent all her dancers home and did it solo.

    You can kinda get that from this guys twitter if you read back like 8 hrs.!/ChanclerVHaynes

  • Willis

    I got the more minimalistic thing Gaga was doing with this and liked it. Had to get used to it, with the faux city sets and all. She seems to be putting on a bit of Bonnie Tyler lately and I love it. It’s all leather and streets and lonely and free. Edge of Glory feels like a Steinman/Meatloaf song that never happened. She really put out a great album and I think this song is fantastic.

  • Buffynut

    I love this song, it’s my favorite on the album. But I thought the video was boring.

  • jlscott13

    The song is one of the most played tracks from her album. I love it, but I felt the video didn’t live up to the power anthem that well.

  • SajiNoKami

    XD I thought this video was cute. Ignoring the outfit, which I actually like, especially the hair, Gaga comes off as an excited kid running around dancing. She gets these big smiles on her face, especially during the sax breakdown when she is just rocken’ out… I like it. It was cool to see her do something minimalistic.

  • jammasta

    To be honest, I kinda can’t wait for her to just disappear (or somehow return to the Lady GaGa who did Captivated), but I can’t help but like this song.

  • weviewedit

    looks like they ran out of money filming the judas video, so they decided to film this on the dl during a sesame street soundstage tour. :/ too bad…since i like the song.

  • MayMirabella

    I figured out part of her enormous success..her music sticks in your head, it is catchy . I found myself singing this all evening after watching it on Tv tonight.

  • koshka

    I think it looks like she blew her video budget. heh?

  • RemusL

    Buffynut: But I thought the video was boring.

    Agreed. Catchy song but the video was a real yawner.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Cool, catchy song! The video was an interesting change from Gaga’s other videos and I thought that the best part was during the sax solo.

  • TwigLA

    smeggingnuts, thanks for the link to that guy’s twitter. It explains a lot. I was thinking whoever directed and edited that mess should be fired. Oh, it was Gaga herself …. alrighty then.

  • tammyinohio

    I absolutely love this song!! Just my opinion but I think it’s the best one off this album. Maybe that’s what they were banking on w/ this song that they wouldn’t have to go high budget w/ the video because the song is so amazing that it sells itself.

  • abbysee

    Videos tend to bore me. This was not bad. I love the song, and Gaga, so I have nothing bad to say.

  • Kirsten

    But I thought the video was boring.

    It is. I’ve seen videos from indie artists that had more of a concept.

    I guess Gaga has decided to SHOCK the world by being minimalistic?

    looks like they ran out of money filming the judas video, so they decided to film this on the dl during a sesame street soundstage tour.

    Apparently, not. If the rumours floating around are to be believed, there were lots of sets and dancers and a lot of shots had already been done. They tossed it all away because Gaga suddenly changed directions. No wonder Jimmy has no hair and has to wear a ball cap all the live long day.

  • Lucy1234

    I was kind of disappointed in the video for being a Gaga video BUT I love the song so much that I could care less about the video. This song is on repeat in my car all the time. I actually would have rather they used an expanded version of the Gaga Google Chrome commercial with her little monsters. I love that commercial and a member of my family is in it.

  • car3278sweet

    I think we need to take up a collection to buy this woman some pants.

  • spritely

    She has set the entertainment bar so high that I’m disappointed by anything less than outrageous, and this was a lot less. I like her, like the song, but I quit watching halfway through the video because it didn’t add anything to the experience of the music (for me).

  • unidentified

    I’m Gaga’d out. It would have to be spectacular for me to notice her again.

  • St.Lucia

    This is one of my top 5 favorite songs from her new album, and I get that she was possibly trying to be a bit more simplistic, but there is simple and then there is almost pointless. This video didn’t do anything to enhance the song, and especially it being a song that had such huge possibilities, she could have had a really special video to go along with it. Instead we got her dancing around the street/building and nothing more. It needed more.

    I love Gaga, but I don’t see myself watching this video more than the two times I’ve already watched it.

  • chrislongisland