Kris Allen Introduces New Songs at The Mint (VIDEO)

Kris Allen performed at The Mint last night in Los Angeles, introducing a slew of new songs that will appear on his upcoming album due later this spring.

Newly introduced songs Monster, Better With You, Out Alive, Teach Me How Love Goes, and Vision of Love.  The set was acoustic in front of a sold out crowd. He also performed a cool little medley of girl songs!  Check out the set list and videos below.

VIDEO: jsalow2

1. Monster
2. Better With You
3. Out Alive
4. Alright With Me
5. Leave You Alone
6. You Got a Way
7. Shut That Door
8. Teach Me How Love Goes
9. Vision of Love
10. Girl Pop Medley of Rihanna ‘We Found Love’, Katy Perry ‘Firework’, Lady Gaga
‘Just Dance’
11. Live Like We’re Dying


Better With You

Out Alive

Alright With Me

Leave You Alone

You Got a Way

Shut That Door

Teach Me How Love Goes

Vision of Love

Girl Pop Medley of Rihanna ‘We Found Love’, Katy Perry ‘Firework’, Lady Gaga
‘Just Dance

Live Like We’re Dying

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  • Anonymous

    Time to get comfy for my in home Kris Allen Concert! Thanks MJ! :)

  • jersey

    Just posted this in the headlines thread but will move here. I’ve avoided listening to leaked songs so far but because of Lindsay Parker’s review, I had to listen to Better With You. So glad I did! Super catchy! I love love love it! Kris looks great!

  • buffyloverlori

    I really love OL but it’s going to be one of those songs where I’ll have to be in a certain mood to listen to. Right now my favorite is BWY, and VOL. And I love how he changed a little of LYA, and the way he changed LLWD also. Can’t wait for album.

  • Kevin Lee

    it was a great show all in all. 
    I laugh more in a Kris Allen shows than at the Cinema watching a comedy movie

  • Diana

    Really loved the new songs! “Monster” was even darker than I’d been hoping it would be, so I was thrilled. The new verse of “Leave You Alone” was great. Kris sounds amazing and he’s just so charming on stage, even just via videos and audio.

  • Anonymous

    Kris signed hand written set list.

  • Anonymous

    Really good stuff.  As I said yesterday I was always kind of indifferent to Kris because he never could capture my attention much, but I am definitely buying his new CD.  He is sounding really good.

  • Anonymous

    On a side note, final confirmation that Heinz Winkler (SA Idol) did record Kris co-write “Blindfolded”.

    heinzwinckler (Heinz Winckler)
    Yes, thanks @KrisAllen “@Da_Moley @heinzwinckler just found out you wrote this…… Amazing. LOVE IT”

  • Anonymous

    Better With You is amazing.  That song is so good.  I don’t know if I want it, or the equally amazing Stand For The Vision of Love or My Weakness to be the first single.  

    Stand for the Vision of Love’s lyrics are better than the remix showed them to be.  I really love the whole chorus, and the inclusion of the refrain.

  • Anonymous

    So excited for the new music!! The songs really exceeded my expectations – his songwriting is so good & he sounds great in the videos.  He’s definitely got a cool vibe going with the new material.

    The full VOL sounds great. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Kris is sounding really good on these new songs and I like them a lot more than those on his debut album.

  • Anonymous

    Kris is sounding absolutely great. And the new songs are great. Really really impressed. I was not a fan but that could really change. He has really grown as an artist, plus he really is charismatic. What fun to watch him evolve! I hear James Durbin was at the show. I hope they got a picture together.

  • mimi

    These videos are fantastic!  Kris, Cale, and Torres sound soooo good.  All the songs are great, although I agree with girlygirl in that I might need to warm up to Teach Me How to Love a little bit… So glad to hear that My Weakness is probably going to make the album (if I read between the lines correctly).  Can’t wait to hear the radio version of SFTVOL, it flows so well, falsetto, woah oh’s… Go Kris!

  • OffLeash

    I was most anxious to listen to the whole version of Vision of Love because the remix leak had turned me into a new Kris fan. Now the live version, flawless falsetto, and simply perfect song. Great lyrics, great hook, great singing. Kris always had tons of charisma, but now with a superior sophomore album, I’m sold!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Not a Kris fan and almost didn’t click on this thread – but I thought, what the hell.

    Better With You is stellar. Just wow!

  • Kirsten

    I love “Better With You” of the new songs. Loving the acoustic version of “Vision of Love” as well. I think this album is going to be good!

  • Anonymous

    Love all the songs!!!

  • Diana

    “Stand for the Vision of Love” is even better with the additional lyrics and the way Kris sings them. And I love how, after two choruses of being high, Kris drops down for the last one.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Wow! Just wow! That’s all I can say! I can’t wait!

  • David I-Chen Lin

    The new songs are blowing my mind!! This is gonna be a great, great album :D

  • B

    Kris sounds great – love his voice. Enjoyed most of the songs (not too into Teach Me How Love Goes or Leave You Alone).  Still hoping that Parachute is on the album – I love it about as much as Stand For the Vision of Love – which is a lot – both the original and the remix.
    His banter is hilarious – the part about “that Chord” LOL.

    ………………………sexy as always……………………

  • Anonymous

    The material on this album is a gazillion times better than KATA.  All three of the guys sounded great last night.  So excited about these new songs!

  • Anonymous

    ‘you got a way’ is gorgeous!!! love the way it was changed up!!!

  • Anonymous

    New songs are so catchy!  Nice job, Kris.  

    It never fails to amuse me how Kris says something (and I’m sure he’d agree) that is barely funny, yet the audience of women ERUPTS in laughter. What a stud.

  • Anonymous

    Love “You Got A Way”… 

  • Tinawina

    It took a while to listen to all of these but I’m glad I did. I think this new material is pretty great! I’m very impressed with how these sound just with 3 guys on stage, and I can’t wait to hear the finished versions since I think his producer knows what he is doing. I feel like this came out of nowhere, I certainly wasn’t expecting to like it this much. Congrats to Kris!

  • Anonymous

    My favs are really close & is hard to rank. 3 & 4 are a virtual tie.

    1. Better With You
    2. Vision of Love
    3. Monster
    4. Out Alive
    5. Teach Me How Love Goes

  • Anonymous

    According to Katy, there’s even better music to come. :D

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing is no one would have expected that Kris had so much talent as an artist and writer when he was on AI. Isn’t it great to watch him evolve and continue to surprise and amaze his fans! He is confident and yet humble what a great combination – that is why his fans find him so endearing!

  • randi

    These new songs make me very excited for Kris’ upcoming album.  Regardless of how it does commercially I’m confident we’re going to get some amazing new songs.

    Kris sounds great.  I’ve always really loved his voice. 

    I really loved Leave You Alone.  Sounds like a country smash waiting to happen to me.

  • Anonymous

    That was a great concert! *damps face with tissue* Hot music and hot Kris—————->AWESOME!!!

    This album is gonna be so much better than KATA! Love the direction and vibe of the new songs (and the changes on the “old” new songs). I’m very happy right now!

    LOL on the girl pop medley. Oh Kris, you amuse me while you amaze me!

  • Diana

    I have to admit that I’m not as in love with “Teach Me How Love Goes” as I am the rest of the new songs. It’s sweet but it feels like it’s missing something.

    I feel kinda bad about it because it’s a Cale co-write! But I also was never as into “Is It Over” as I was a lot of the other songs on KATA. But that song got better the more that Kris and the band did it live, so maybe the same thing will happen for me with TMHLG.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing show!  All of the new songs are so good but “Out Alive” has my heart.  It’s just incredible.  The wait for his album is going to be so hard.  Hurry up RCA!

  • Anonymous

    I like how he’s combining different styles of music.  I like the reggae influence in Better With You and  The soulful influences in Vision of Love.  And even though he’s showcasing his knowledge of different styles of music, he seems to have figured out how to make them all fit together.

  • fed

    these songs sound great, but (with the exception of vision of love) i’m assuming they played the songs that will be album tracks and not the ones that are in contention for being singles. aside from maybe better with you (the melody of which sounds so gosh darn familiar) , i don’t see these on the radio. out alive is beautiful, i must say.

    to be honest though, i think cale/kris should probably not include their songs on the new album (teach me… and leave me alone). compared to the new material, they sound like leftovers from his debut. 

    still digging my weakness and excited to hear the final version of vision of love. 

    ps. if they were to name the album after a track, i nominate “out alive”. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hard to listen to this stuff (or to comment) at work! But from what I’ve heard – AMAZING. In all respects. The SONGS are so cool and the voice is so awesome. As a performer/entertainer he’s unique.The show runs from fun to moving and back again. Kris amazes me every time. How does he always keep getting better? 

    I loved hearing the full Vision of Love – it’s going to be an amazing record. Better With You is also a killer tune. All the songs are great, though.

    Clae and Chris T deserve their share of the praise too. Can’t wait to really sit down and watch this stuff when I can give it all my time.

  • aquayers

    can’t wait for the album. Please come sooner!!!!

  • dy77

    I can’t decide on a favorite and I love them all!!!! Such a proud, happy fan today and really happy for my friends who got to be there in person for that.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of “My Weakness” Kris talked on stage last night about the leaks and said that although they wouldn’t be performing “My Weakness” since they hadn’t had time to work out an arrangement, he did tease that they might be performing it at a future show. Which I hope is a hint that the sogn made the album :)

    Alo, there was a rumor going around the venue that Kris will be attending tonight’s MusiCares gala honoring Paul McCartney. Evidently someone saw a press release last fall when tickets first went on sale that listed some of the invited guests, and Kris’ name was on there. He is NOT on any of the press releases about performer, so I’m guessing that if he was invited and does go (and why wouldn’t he, given how muh he loves McCartney) it would be just to sit in the audience.

  • Anonymous

    i’m so amazed at vision of Love!! It’s such a great song!! great music, great lyrics, very heartfelt.
    The dance remix is good but I like this so much better. Can’t wait to hear the produced track later this month!  I’m surprised Kris didn’t announce it as the new single yesterday!

  • dy77

    I haven’t seen it mentioned here but it was cool that there were RCA/19 folks there last night. Here’s some tweets from them since these have rolled way down the twitter list:!/19News/status/167852891305021441!/19News/status/167851429057409024

    And this one is more notable for her bio of “RCA Marketing Magician”!/nBILZerian/status/167830312712282112

  • Anonymous

    I’m still trying to work my way through the videos, but I really love You Got A Way, it’s so gorgeous & the lyrics are obviously very personal.

    Love the changes to Leave You Alone, the song is much improved since he first played it live over a year ago.

    Did I hear correctly in the video that Nasri, co-writer of VOL, as well as Tim Pagnotta were there last night?

  • Anonymous

    I am just blown away by these songs! After first listen, I absolutely love Better With You and Vision of Love. As a matter a fact, I think BWY might be a better choice for the first single. I like Monster and Out Alive as well, but I didn’t connect with those songs right away. Really need to hear those songs — as well all of the songs — with the full band. Not feeling Teach Me How Love Goes though.

    You can really tell that Kris put a lot of effort and passion in theses songs and, as always, his performances. I am so looking forward to getting his new album!

  • rayni

    So many things to love here I’m not sure I can articulate them all.

    1.  I love love love the tone and timbre of Kris’ voice. It owns me.

    2.  And that little ‘cry’ he has before certain notes. It breaks me.

    3.  He delivers – he makes me believe.  It’s the same way Taylor Swift makes me believe the story in her songs.  And believe me, I ain’t their target audience :/  It’s some sort of sincerity they are able to deliver.  To my ears, anyway.

    4.  Good lord, he’s handsome.

    5.  And pretty darn sexy in an unassuming way. 

    6.  I love his musicality – it oozes from him when he plays & sings.  Reminds me of Keith Urban or John Mayer – it seems to be instinctual rather than mannered.

    7.  I can hear maturity in his voice.  And it’s delicious.

    8. I love their harmonies.

    ETA: 9. He didn’t have a BIT of trouble with live performance falsetto. Wound up loving Vision of Love and Better with You. Loved them all but especially these. And still ca-RAZY about My Weakness.

    OK, I think that’s plenty for now…..

  • Anonymous

    Tim was, not sure if Nasri was.

  • Anonymous

    Girlygirl, maybe you would know this.  Why would RCA and 19 have people there?  To know more about him and his music?  To finalize the songs that are definitely making the CD?  To determine who he might be a good fit to tour with? I’m just curious to see what their motive would have been.

  • mzhallcat

    Woah, I am very impressed with Kris! I’m unable to choose a favorite (yes, they all are that good). Like others, I think the additional verse on LYA ties the whole song together and is an improvement. I also like the subtle changes to YGAW. After watching the videos, real life pulled me from the computer for a while before I could post and I was surprised that Teach Me How Love Goes was the song that kept replaying in my head. My Weakness was pulled before I had a chance to hear it, and after all the comments I’m really anxious to listen to that one. OK I need to watch these videos some more so I can choose a fav (or maybe just to stare at Kris)!

    girlygirl, your comment that according to katy theres even better music to come intriques me. Kris loves to surprise his fans so does this mean he hasn’t pulled out the big guns yet?

  • luly

    I love the new songs and Kris sounds great :D.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know for sure, could be any number of reasons, from seeing how the songs go over live before deciding on final track list for album to seeing how he performs live so they can get a better handle on how to market/promote him, to just hearing the new music live. It was a good oppoturnity for them to see Kris perform live, something most of them have likely not done before, and for them to talk to him to discuss plans in regards to the upcoming single & album. There were several people there from the label & from 19, which was nice to see.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that was a fabulous way to spend some down time on this Friday afternoon.  Loved all of the new songs.  If I had to rank, I think I agree right down the line with tripp

  • mick

    I loved all the songs that includes Leave you alone and Teach me how loves goes.  Hard to pick a favorite and I appreciate having so many to love.  Kris is showing all the promise I saw in him & voted for on Idol.

  • Cinntillicious

    So excited for the album!!!  “Teach me How Love Goes” reminds me of his covers of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”/Alison Krauss & Union Statio’s “Maybe” and I love his soaring voice and the guitar on it so much.   “Vision of Love” is so wonderful and effervescent, I cannot wait for the album version, it is going to sound so great blasting from my car stereo!!  “You Got a Way” just blows me away, so perfect for date night!!  I could go on, suffice it to say. Well done Kris!  Oh, and the harmonies were divine, Cale and Torres!!

  • Anonymous

    Mix 100 @MIX100Denver
    Pictures from last night! Kris Allen at the Mint LA! Kris Allen has some great music coming!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently I’m a minority opinion, but Monster is hands down my favorite of the new songs.  It’s got such a lovely, but complex and surprising melody, and I love the shifts in rhythm.  Don’t know how it would do on radio, but I can guarantee it will do very well on my iPod.  :)

  • Anonymous

    I really like all the new songs! “Better with you” is propably my favourite at the moment, because I like it as a whole but there are also parts of the other songs that bring me back to listening to them again and again. I think this happens because every one surprises me in one way or another whether it’s the lyrics that I find unexpected (esp. “Monster”) or the rythm and the melody. So I think that’s why some seem to not really like “Teach me how love goes” because maybe it’s not so unexpected and it seems similar to some songs from KATA. If Kris hasn’t set the bar so high with the others I would totally love that too, because the last part with the harmonies is amazing (watch this HQ video 2:52 I think it will grow on me. Oh, I’m afraid it has already happened, LOL!
    I would be really grateful to anyone who would attempt to transcribe the lyrics to Monster.

  • Seeker


  • Anonymous

    WOW WOW WOW! Love the new songs esp. Vision of Love, Better with you, Out Alive and Monster!!! Still think Vision of Love is a great single choice!! I’m so glad that this album will have Kris Allen’s unique stamp on every song!! Hopefully these will shut up those Script-lite comments about Kris’ music.. :) Can’t wait for the official single and album!!!

  • Anonymous

    nncw: The funny thing is no one would have expected that Kris had so much talent as an artist and writer when he was on AI.

    Really? S8 is the one season of AI I watched from beginning to end in real time and I thought Kris’s musical chops were pretty obvious from the choices he made on the show. 

    He might have been relatively new to singing and performing, but to me it seemed clear his music instincts were very strong — and you can’t teach those, IMO. You can develop them, and I’ll grant Kris has definitely done that, but I think he had that going for him even back then.

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to these videos, but I did hear the “My Weakness” (is that the right name?) leak the other day and I *really* liked it. I think it not only captures a popular sound, but more important, it’s right in the wheelhouse of what it seems Kris wants to do with his music. I’m looking forward to what he brings out this year.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with you. And I think that “Teach me how love goes” is a very pretty ballad with a lighter feeling than other KATA ballads which makes it sweet :)

  • Banished

    Am I the only one who thinks Better With You has a very similar melody to “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat?

  • Anonymous

    Did not know Torres could beatbox or that it was in the song. “Better With You” different angle. 

  • Anonymous

    The Mint

    Kris was so great last night, his voice was better than ever, he was very funny and too good looking , kind of distracting sometimes. His hair was photoshoot ready. (I hope it was already done)
    I went to the restroom and this vision in white just came out and walked fast in front of me. Was that Kris ? I forgot what he looks like live, it’s been a loooong (almost) a year since I saw him last. 

    Monster: I like it this one, pretty good hook.

    Better With You : my absolute favorite. From the first note, Kris hooked me to the song. That voice !, then he rapped a little in the middle, he got audience participation. I was watching this with my mouth open. Sooo good, the great video does not do it justice., honestly. After the song ended, I looked around me and people were ” love that”, “that could be a hit”, “that was so good, so good”
    This song could totally be a single at some point, it should. I can hear him singing this on TV and people will like it. From the twitter feed, and some more opinions, I think this one got the best first impression and best remembered (by me). And Kris was having fun singing this and love the tiny twist at the end 
    “… stay by my side”

    Out Alive: I could feel the audience anticipation after Kris announced the song because of his mention of this song in the  HALO Award interview.
    I love it. I wonder what the final album cut will sound like.

    Alright With Me: always a fun song.

    Leave You Alone :  Kris – This song is ” New”.  LOL at the hand quote gesture.
    Fun banter about singing different chord. I did not recoqnize the intro since there was no drum part. LYA is a gorgeous song, I listen to it several times a day, every day for more than a year. The extra verse that he added at the end, agh ! Amazing. Kris made this “New” song, …New.

    You Got A Way: Cale was playing a church Hymn ? I did not expect YGAW after the intro. Now I wonder what the final album cut will be. I love this song, so pretty and love seeing Kris playing Andrew’s guitar part.

    Shut That Door : Fun song. Love the banter. “…we haven’t played a show in who knows how long”. (audience: we know). ” So sorry” “You guys like -I know the exact date”. :D  Too funny. 

    Teach Me How Love Goes : Not my favorite, need to listen more since it did not grab me at all on first, second listen. Funny banter about leaked demos and :( on not singing My Weakness on the show.

    Vision Of Love:  “I got to go to the piano” Oh. Kris banter about being short after he saw Cale adjusting the mic stand for his height. I did not expect VOL on the piano. Love the falsetto, and yes, he was fine singing them. 

    Girl Medley : Again, Kris joked about his height when he adjusted the mic stand lower. He joked about needing to wear high heels. Be quiet , Kris, you are perfect, IMO. Fun watching Kris trying to cover Fireworks, at least he remembered the good parts. 

    LLWD : Love the changes and the audience participation.

    Afterwards, Kris came out to m&g inside while the next band was playing, so it was loud. I feel bad for the band because most of us were hanging around waiting for Kris.
    My turn – I took out my sharpie and The Mint Kris postcard. I totally told him that my birthday is on X  days and you are my birthday gift. He was, aww, thank you, he hugged me. After we took a photo, he pointed at my postcard (duh, he was very distracting up close) and took it and signed it. I said thank you again and left, went to a brighter area to see his sigs. 

    He signed : Happy B’ Day  !  Kris Allen.

    Sigh. I have no words. Love .

  • Anonymous

    I was expecting a new song or two but this was such a treat by Kris, Cale and Torres. Awesome! I’m grinning like a fool and just rolling around in all the videos from last night. Can’t wait for single and album, but meanwhile these song will hold me over, somewhat :p

  • mick

    Coming back to comment again.  I commented a few times in the past but gave up because of login problems.  Maybe since this new login is so easy, I’ll comment more now or maybe not.   One thing I like about Kris is how he always changes things up. This version of You Gotta Way was gorgeous. As this is acoustic, who knows how they all will be different on his album.

  • CircadianDomination

    My favorites are Monster and Out Alive. Better With You sounds like a smash, but I prefer the soulful stuff to the poppy stuff. That is a great song, though. TMHLG is pretty good, too. It’s really interesting musically, imo. I think the prechorus really ties VOL together.

  • Anonymous

    Oh sads – I wasn’t being literal with that statement – more like he was great on AI but he is even greater now!

  • windmills

    I just listened to the new songs twice, and for me the new songs included You’ve Got A Way and Leave Me Alone. 

    First off, very happy to hear Kris’s voice maturing. His control’s gotten better and he’s just so much more comfortable using his voice. It helps when his songs are much more suited for his voice though I noticed with a few covers last year that he was singing those way better too. 

    Second, the songs get back to the more soulful phrasing I’ve been wanting from Kris. I didn’t think his debut album catered to that as much as it should’ve. 

    Third, I like this batch of songs and think they’re more attention grabbing than anything on Kris’s debut with the possible exception of Alright With Me (which was my fave track)! Even the more anthemic pop/rockier ones (Out Alive and Vision Of Love) have a touch of soul in the verses. I also think this batch of songs overall has better dynamics than most of the Kris’s debut album.

    With Kris’s personality I wouldn’t necessarily expect him to be able to pull off a song where he presented as a bad boy but the darkness of the melody of Monster takes care of that. What I also like is there’s almost a desperate cry in his voice where he’s begging this girl to realize he’s bad news and that makes Kris more believable singing this song. 

    Better With You is in that Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat way. I have a feeling it’ll have  some bass groove going on in the studio so it’ll sound a little harder than their stuff typically does. It’s very catchy (I do hear a little bit of Bubbly in there). I think there probably should be some consideration into making this the lead single because it’s likely to stick in people’s minds more. It’s not necessarily my favorite but CHR/HAC minds shouldn’t be listening to me anyway.

    Out Alive has an uplifting melody, much like Vision Of Love. Good hook and it grabs the sincerity of Kris as a singer. I like it, think it’ll make a good album track. Its vibe reminds me a little of the Will Hoge song Even If It Breaks My Heart (which is now a country single for Eli Young Band, but I don’t think Out Alive is country at all). 

    Leave You Alone has a really nice melody that brings out the sadness in Kris’s voice that I remember from Heartless. Good album track.

    You’ve Got A Way really reminds me of Billy Joel’s She’s Got A Way but that’s probably been hashed out by Kris fans already. I love the soulfulness of it and really want this on the album. 

    Shut That Door has been a favorite since the 1st time I heard it. REALLY hope it makes the album because it’s different, it’s dynamic, and it’s cool.

    Teach Me How Love Goes has a really nice melody. It’s a good mood piece for a depressing lonely afternoon. 

    Vision Of Love is probably the song with the most explosive feel though Better With You is up there too in that aspect. I kind of hear a little bit of Still Got Tonight in this but Vision Of Love is definitely a stronger, better sung song. The way Vision Of Love starts makes me think it needs to be the final song on the album, to sum the whole thing up. It has a really nice build and it has a nice singalong aspect. I feel like the label’s attracted to it as a lead single because it has a strong hook and kind of combines the anthemic uplifting elements of LLWD with the big hooky chorus in The Truth with more soul and tempo. There’s strong dynamics in this song and it’s probably attractive to the label too that it lends itself to remixes. 

    I’m really happy for Kris and his fans. I love it when you can really hear an artist coming into his or her own and I think Kris sounds like he really is.

  • Anonymous

    Oops! No worries. I was just taken by surprise (my excuse for why my response was so, er, pompous). I think we’re actually in agreement. It’s fun to watch someone like Kris take what he’s already got and make it better.

  • Anonymous

    Monster and Out Alive are my favorites too. Those were the ones I was most excited to hear because of the way Kris talked about them.I do love Vol and Better  With You and think they would make great singles. Vol is the perfect choice for the first single because it stands out.All four are great songs.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I can’t even stand how good this stuff is. There is and will always be a place in my heart for album #1, but these songs definitely feel more “him” – genuine and soulful. So looking forward to the album! Go Kris!

    ‘Leave You Alone’ and ‘Monster’ are my favorites, but I do love them all, trite as that may be to say. :D

  • Diana

    “Monster” was my absolute favorite of the new songs as well. Complex and surprising is the perfect description.

    ETA: Someone asked for the lyrics to “Monster” and I just transcribed it over on KAO, so I figured I could just put them here:

    Just when you thought that you had me down
    I go changing my ways
    I wait ’til the moon is out
    it’s just part of my game

    This is a cautionary cry to you
    before you figure out what I’m turning into

    Just close your eyes and try to think it over
    you’ll realize I’m not the man you know, girl
    I hypnotize ya, I paralyze ya
    go on and scream ’cause nobody’s gonna find ya

    Did I ever think to tell you that I am a monster?
    You ain’t never seen this side of me.
    maybe I should wear a warning that says there is danger
    if you ever get too close to me

    I’ve been telling you to run away.
    but you say you’re not scared
    but when I break your heart someday
    girl, you need to be prepared, yeah

    so sit close, I gotta dirty little secret
    the kind that takes away the air you try to breathe in
    you won’t believe it
    until you feel it
    Your love is blind I guess that’s why you didn’t see it


    Well, you don’t know
    what I know
    you don’t know
    what I know

    That you’re not safe here, yeah


    Did I ever think to tell you that I am a monster?
    You ain’t never seen this side of me.
    maybe I should wear a warning that says there is danger
    if you ever get too close to me

    Did I ever think to tell you that I am a monster?

  • randi

    I just got to listen to Monster and gotta admit something struck me as familiar, both lyrically and themeatically.  Then it came to me… my favorite band, skillet has a song called Monster from their album Awake

    Obviously Kris’ isn’t nearly as hardcore but the underlying theme of the songs is really similar. 

  • almondean88

    I don’t know which song is my favorite, but just wanted to say how much I love “Teach Me How Love Goes”.  It has a classic, timeless sound and the lyrics are so sincere and yet sexy.   Just give it another listen and really listen to the lyrics. I think this will fall into the category of “I Need To Know”, at least for me. One of the songs that is so full of meaning.  

    Trying to pick a favorite song is like trying to pick your favorite child. I don’t think I can do it.

  • madeformusic

    Happy day! So many great new songs :) Better With You and My Weakness are definitely single worthy as well as VOL. Now my only worry is to try and restrain myself to listen to all those songs again and again before the album drops. I want to keep my ears fresh for that ;) I wouldn’t bet that I win this fight :D

  • RockiDreams

    Someone described everything about Kris as delicious.  EXACTLY!  I have always loved his tone and ability to sing anything his way.  The girl thing was too cute and just reminded me of how he made me love Heartless when I hated the original.  Love him and can’t wait for the new release.

  • RockiDreams

    PS:  Thank you, thank you, thank you for these videos!

  • sleepinin

    I’m so excited about this album – I can’t even.  There is such a confidence about this music.  I just love it.  It sounds like Kris if that makes sense and it has energy and vibe.  So. Good.  I’m a happy music lover and Kris fan today. 

  • Trish Martin

    I didn’t think I would like these new songs of Kris as much as I do!  NO, scratch that, I LOVE THEM!!!!  I now have two CD’s to look forward to, this is one of them

  • Anonymous

    nice analysis. thank you

  • Trish Martin

    I am loving Better With You!  The beat is so catchy!

  • moonz

    First let me say how I wish I was there last night. What a treat that was for all the folks that attended that concert.

    I’ve missed Kris so freaken much. So happy to finally hear NEW music from him and these songs are so Kris. He’s a fantastic musician and knows what works for him. I can’t wait for this album. It’s gonna be one of the best of 2012.

    I’ve watched and listened to these videos a couple times and I have to say even though I love all of them the standouts to me are Better Than You, Out Alive, You Got A Way  and Vision of Love. I’ve always loved Leave You Alone and love the way he added that last verse.

    Would have loved to hear him sing the full song of Firework. He would have killed it haha.

  • Diana

    Would have loved to hear him sing the full song of Firework. He would have killed it haha.

    He needs to learn the words first! But I agree. That would be tons of fun. I hope he keeps working that medley – as Paula noted back on the show, Kris always does well with cover songs from the women’s side of the aisle.

  • Karen C

    I love the new songs, especially Monster, Better with You, and Vision of Love. I think they are very radio friendly also. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the lyrics.  Stored them away safely.  Great set, every song.  Kris’ singing has grown more itself…organically grown…lol

  • Anonymous

    I am just blown away by these songs! After first listen, I absolutely love Better With You and Vision of Love. As a matter a fact, I think BWY might be a better choice for the first single. I like Monster and Out Alive as well, but I didn’t connect with those songs right away.

    It’s hard for me to say that Better With You would be better than Stand For the Vision of Love, since we haven’t heard the final studio version, but I agree with you that BWY would be a great first single, because it’s not a slow grower.  It has a great and instant hook. Even with the acoustic version it’s easy to see that song is very radio friendly.  There are several elements that stick out rather quickly, and that are unforgettable, the same is true for My Weakness.   Based on what I’ve heard so far, I think that the chorus of Stand for the Vision of Love will also be an earworm, maybe not as much as LLWD’s, but that depends on the final production.

  • Anonymous

    My favorites are Monster and Out Alive. Better With You sounds like a smash, but I prefer the soulful stuff to the poppy stuff.

    You know the side affect of being in this fandom for me is that when I listen to a song now, the first thing that pops into my head is: “Can this song be a potential hit on the radio?” Which is one of the reasons why I love Better With You and Visions of Love straight away.

    But I love soulful singers/songs and Kris can definitely deliver. After several listens of Monster and Out Alive, I am now completely sold on those songs. I just hope his soulful voice and timbre translate on the album. One thing I didn’t care for on KATA, is the production of some of the songs seemed to strip the emotion from Kris’s voice.

  • Anonymous

    Mix 100 @MIX100Denver
    Pictures from last night! Kris Allen at the Mint LA! Kris Allen has some great music coming!…. 

    Cool.  At least one radio station was there, and I hope that more came out.

    vtu said: Apparently I’m a minority opinion, but Monster is hands down my favorite of the new songs. It’s got such a lovely, but complex and surprising melody, and I love the shifts in rhythm. Don’t know how it would do on radio, but I can guarantee it will do very well on my iPod. :)

    This is my choice for the third single. It’s something that’s unexpected, and I can see the video for this being amazing. I don’t think it’s a safe choice for a first single, and the second single should probably be closer in style to the first one.

  • Anonymous

    What I also like is there’s almost a desperate cry in his voice where he’s begging this girl to realize he’s bad news and that makes Kris more believable singing this song.

    Wow, great point.  I think that one of Kris’ greatest strengths is that he’s able to make people believe the songs that he sings.  For some people, he might be too good at that, and they can’t tell the difference between the song and Kris, but there’s a high level of sincerity in most, if not all, of his songs.   So one way to make this song work was to add the element that you mention.  It’s totally believable, and keeping with the style of his other songs, that he would beg this girl to see him as he is.  

     What he’s done with this song shows that he doesn’t have to be placed in a box, and that he can deliver edgier songs.

    I think there probably should be some consideration into making this the lead single because it’s likely to stick in people’s minds more. 

    Stand For the Vision Of Love and Better With You would make an incredible one two punch.  Just based on what we’ve heard, I think BWY would probably rise faster on the charts, simply because it’s the one that people would connect with faster, even if SFTVOL might be the one that makes the bigger impact.

  • Anonymous

    “[…] it seemed clear his music instincts were very strong — and you can’t teach those, IMO.”

    ITA, MollyAnnMay.  In my opinion, these instincts are more desirable than the “skill” of performing for audiences.  The skill part can usually be learned, but innate musicality and raw talent can’t.  Kris always had the musical talent & creativity, and he’s really grown in confidence & mastered the art of performing for an audience.

    I still can’t decide my favorite from the songs.  I love SFTVOL (& can’t wait to hear it on my radio), but I think my favorite is either She’s Got a Way or My Weakness.  I’m glad I don’t have to decide right now.

    Ratna12, I’m so glad to hear about your encounter with Kris.  What a great birthday present!  I’m happy for everyone who got to go to the concert!

    ETA: I completely forgot about Better With You! That’s in a three-way tie for my favorite.

  • Anonymous

    this is the best vid of ‘Better with you’ imo

  • Nina Korol

    Jason Reeves, one of the co-writers of Better With You also wrote Bubbly, so no wonder there is a similarity between two tunes.  Definitely, a catchy song – people were singing along after the first verse.

  • HappyDaisy

    Wow.  So glad I listened to these. Haven’t followed Kris closely (really do not like Live Like We’re Dying — at all– but own and listen to Before We Come Undone often and also have The Truth).

    I am so impressed with these songs, Kris’ stage presence/performance skills, and his good humor.

    Shut That Door reminds me of early Elvis.  Like it very much!

    Definitely buying the album. Hope it takes off for Kris, he deserves it.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never had so much fun watching these videos.  Kris is in great form.  I don’t think anyone can make oh’s, whoa’s, and mmm’s sound as good as he does.  I still love, love Leave You Alone. It just gets me.  Of the new new songs Monster and Better With You are stand outs for me, but all of them are right there.  The pop girl mash up was so much fun.  I actually like those songs when he sings them.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Kris, please call it VOL, not SFTVOL.  Long titles are the kiss of death.  Every time I try to name CaseyJ’s single, I have to stop and think for a couple seconds…Don’t let’s call it a day…or some such convoluted thing.

  • Anonymous

    Just want to add that Ocamy24 Youtube Channel has excellent videos too.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I love Monster, but I really love Out Alive, …still love Better With You the best, even though nothing can beat Leave You Alone.
    O yeah, love You Got A Way too.

    I’m trying to re-listen to the others.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope the single comes out on St. Valentine’s Day as rumored.
    that would go well with the box of long-stemmed chocolate covered cherries my husband always buys me. I also  hope and believe he’ll do a concert in New York soon. Please Kris!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the videos and recaps everyone! So happy Ratna12 got yet another hug from Kris–happy early birthday!  :-)

    I’m still loving BWY the most. I love the “rap” part on BWY and hope it’s not something that was just done for this acoustic show; I hope it’s on the album version as well. It just gives BWY that extra spark. Also, love how easily Kris’ voice moves in and out of the falsetto and that he didn’t play an instrument on it so he could move around the stage more. I think this song is so fun–a complete polar opposite of The Truth (and I want the public to see that fun side of Kris)!! I think it definitely has single potential!

  • Anonymous

    rayni, I ‘m just catching up on the posts.
    I agree with 1-9. LOL.
    You articulate it very well, I thought.

  • Scott Gutman

    I was at the show and Kris just blew me away.  Second time I’ve seen him (last time was last spring at The Viper Room and he was amazing then too).  I shot 4 videos – three of them are up on youtube already.  Crazy-busy at work so it’s taking me a while to find the time to get them off my iPhone and/or upload them.  Here’s a link to my playlist – love the quality of the iPhone 4s for these shows.

    Pictures will be up on flickr tomorrow.  I’ll return with a link.

    I’m very excited about Kris next album.  I sense some very radio friendly tunes.  I hope it will be the breakout he deserves.  He wears the Idol crown well.

  • MissMyEm

    I was at The Mint on Thursday and loved all the songs.  I simply cannot say which song I loved the most…just that I feel they are all radio worthy, including Shut The Door.  I was glad to see 19E representing.  They had two booths to the right of the stage where I was standing.  I’m short so it was a great spot.  Just in back of Torres. 

    It was also nice for James Durbin to show up.   I  had no idea they even knew each other or how James knew of the show, but he was there.  I have so much respect for Idols when they support their fellow Idols. 

    Also (I didn’t see them, but Kris gave them a shout out) there were two co- writers, Nasri and Tim Pagnotta in attendance.

    The gal at the door, Deana…was super nice and obliging and I do believe a fan.   I brought three casual fans with me.   They had never seen Kris perform before.  They became more than casual fans after seeing him perform.   One was the hubby of my friend, who didn’t expect to like him at all and just came to humor his wife.  He had a great time.

    Kris’ friend Adam was video taping and backed into me.  Then I got bumped from the back.  That’s how tight it was in there.  The second time I turned around and it was Kris!!!   Kris bumped into me.  I wanted to say something witty, but decided he might not get my humor.  Besides I couldn’t think of anything to say. 

    I thought the show was super exciting.   We heard practically an entire CD.  Kris is an amazing performer.  He’s so comfortable with the audience and is personable and has a great dry wit.  

    I’m already going through withdrawals.  I need another show.   I hope once that CD comes out in May or June we get a tour. 

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop listening to all of the songs (from various awesome video sources) esp.” Out Alive” because he sounded so good and show a different tone to his voice that I absolutely love! I love the lyrics too. I agree with those who say “Out Alive” should be the album title. I also agree with those who mention “SFVOL” is too long and not as effective as “VOL”. Hope they will just name it “VOL”.

    Oh gosh.. I can’t wait for the official release esp. after all these videos. I’m dying to hear the actual recordings… May is just too far away fro me.. Hurry up please…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, as a collection of songs they’re pretty awesome, aren’t they? How many concerts would include elements of soul, reggae, rockabilly and pop with some rapping thrown in for good measure? And he even made the throwaway pop of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga sound meaningful.
    The amazing thing about Kris is that he can make all of these styles sound right for him. It’s funny to remember how Kris was dismissed as a ‘coffeehouse’ (God, I hate that expression!) acoustic performer during AI8, and how some people felt that LLWD represented Kris being pushed in a pop direction that didn’t really suit him. Thank God his music has turned out to be much more varied and dynamic (IMO) than the artists he was commonly likened to back then.

  • Anonymous

    All of these songs are amazing imo. Out Alive hit me hard the first time I heard it and it continues to do so. Kris’ voice is perfection during it… the way he emphasizes parts of word, the “cry” in his voice. I’m sorry that I can’t describe it properly.
    The others are great too.  Kris is really delivering on the promise he showed during Idol.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    It’s funny to remember how Kris was dismissed as a ‘coffeehouse’ (God, I hate that expression!) acoustic performer during AI8, and how some people felt that LLWD represented Kris being pushed in a pop direction that didn’t really suit him.

    I think that this happened after the season.  It seems to me that Kris was given some, maybe not a lot or enough, credit during the season for his musicality.  I think that someone mentioned it yesterday, one of the reasons that people noticed Kris is because of the diverse lineup of songs that he picked to cover, as well as the re-arrangements that were attention grabbers, but at the same time they fit him.  His live performances were very different from the studio versions that were released, and different from some of the songs that appeared on the first album.

  • Anonymous

    Still buzzing from the concert. The funny thing is that Katy tweeted that there are even better songs to come (he didn’t play at least one that she really loves) and of course we need to hear “My Weakness” — which is the song most of my twitter friends continue to rave about the most.

    Not that RCA will listen to me, but here are the songs I think should be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd singles (hope we get that many :)   )

    1. VOL (since it appears 99.9% certain this is the lead single)
    2. My Weakness
    3. Better with You

    (But I’d be cool with BWY being 2nd & MW being 3rd single as well)

    I’d also love if Out Alive was a single, but that is more of a Hot AC song than the others, so wouldn’t want that to be the 1st or 2nd single although it is an absolutely gorgeous song. 

  • Diana

    Yeah, I agree. Kris got a lot of credit during the season for his musical chops. I only got into Idol about a week before the Idol S8 tour began, so I went back and read a lot of the blogs and reviewers all at once, and lots of people noticed what great things he did, musically.

  • Raftrap

    He’s just awesome, just wanted to say that.

  • Anonymous

    The more I listen to these songs, the more impressed I am. They really sound like Kris to me & you can tell he’s really comfortable performing them and that he’s proud of the songs. That’s very exciting to see as a fan.

    I love the entire VOL and hope we get to hear the final version streaming next week some time.  It seems like the type of song that will have a good chance at radio. Better With You & My Weakness sound ready for radio as well, either of those would be good choices for singles.

  • mzhallcat

    girlygirl, ratna, or anyone who was at the mint–did Kris actually say or introduce any songs as being on his next album. From what I could see in the videos he called them new songs but didn’t say “that will be on the new album”. With so many good songs (the ones we’ve heard and the even better ones Katy says we haven’t heard yet) I’m wondering if they are still in the process of choosing songs for the album and the mint was part of the process of elimination. What would be the deadline for choosing if they are shooting for a late May or early June album release?  I thought all the new songs from the mint were album worthy and hope none get cut. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry multiple post….

  • Anonymous

    mzhallcat, what you hear in the intro was just that.
    He just introduced the songs as ” this is a new one, or another new one”
    Or when he introduced LYA as “new”.

    He never mention album, I don’t think. I don’t know if anybody even asked him about it, my mind was in a fog and when I met him face to face, of course all the words /questions just went out the window.

    Again, he is very distracting. :D

  • Anonymous

    I’m not trying to call Katy a liar, but how can it possible to have an even better song than what we’ve heard ?

    OK, scratch that, this is Kris we are talking about, so I guess it is possible.

    I’ve been re-watching all the other songs and OMG, they are so great.

  • Anonymous

    Pippygirl, I’ve been re-watching Out Alive I think because of your first comment. My mind was too fixed on Better With You, but Out Alive is so amazing. The progression of the song is incredible. At the beginning, oh, maybe a nice slow song, and then smoothly progress and by the end, wait , it is like an anthem here.

    Yeah, I can’t describe it either.
    I don’t know enough words to describe Kris’ new and “new” songs.

  • mzhallcat

    lol ratna you are cracking me up! But our minds are thinking alike. I love these new songs so much it is unbelievable that there are better songs that could bump them from the album. But I agree that Kris is such a trickster anything is possible.

    Any idea why his friend was video taping at the mint? Maybe another behind the scenes vid like the awm vid?? If so, whoo hoo!!

  • mzhallcat

    lol ratna you are cracking me up! But our minds are thinking alike. I love these new songs so much it is unbelievable that there are better songs that could bump them from the album. But I agree that Kris is such a trickster anything is possible.

    Any idea why his friend was video taping at the mint? Maybe another behind the scenes vid like the awm vid?? If so, whoo hoo!!

  • Anonymous

    So many amazing and awesome songs but right now I’m obsessed with “Out Alive” because he sounded so sexy in it… Can someone help me with its lyrics? Thanks in advance! :)

  • happygolucky

    Era 2 is goin’ to be great!  Loving all the new songs!

  • Diana

    I’m not trying to call Katy a liar, but how can it possible to have an even better song than what we’ve heard ?

    Musical tastes differ a lot from person to person. Katy’s opinions were included on Brian Mansfield’s review of KATA and her favs were WAOMF, RG, and AWM – and, of those, only AWM is one of my own favorites, so I know that my musical tastes diverge from hers in some places. So, the song that she considers better than the ones we already heard, I’m guessing that some people will agree and others will disagree.

  • Anonymous

    lol…well it’s just Katy’s opinion, of course. But since she’s his wife, I would bet that she has heard all the new stuff, while we fans have only heard a few of them. It would be exciting if there are even better songs than the ones we already have heard :D

  • Anonymous

    Well, Kris did himself proud here.  Love so many of these songs.  Strangely, VOL is probably my least favorite.  I adore Out Alive and Leave You Alone.  Shut that Door is just terrific.  And just behind is You Got a Way.  BWY is a potential hit, but not one of #1’s for me.  Really looking forward to Kris’s album – think he’s got a winner here.  (Love when he gets down with the guitar and so “in it.”)

  • Diana

    I guess that I view her the same as I would any other advance reviewer. She may have more information and access to more of Kris’s songs, but her musical tastes are still going to be her own and not universal.

    We also know that Daniel Allen’s favorite song of Kris’s that he’s heard is “Out Alive” and he’s in a similar position to Katy re: getting to hear more demos than we are.

  • Linda

    I just finished watching all the videos here and I deliberately took my time, watching the ones I’d already heard and then the new songs. BWY is probably my fav new one while YGAW is my fav one I’d heard before. I’m so excited for this new album. I hope Kris has a breakout hit and gets the success he deserves.

  • buffyloverlori

    After listening to them all so many times I lost track, I’ll say my favorite out of the one’s we heard in the past would still be YGAW, and out of the new one’s my favorite is still BWY, but M, VOL and OL are next. OL is so sad though so while I love it, I haven’t listened to it as much as the other new new ones. While I still want VOL to be his first single, I’d like BWY, to be one also. I’d love M and OL to be contender’s also but not sure how well radio would take to them two songs. Loved how he added a last verse to LYA, it makes the song even more interesting and Kris is so sexy when his singing that song. On OL when his singing you can tell how much he loves that song and how much it means to him. Boy these next two to three months need to fly by, I really need his new Album in my hands right this minute, and I also think OL should be the name of his album.

  • Anonymous

    out alive would be a good album title. BWY also would be good.
    I’ve listen quite a lot to the new songs. Still think VOL is a stand out (very strong dynamics as would say windmills) but it stands out less than the other new when done acoustically imo (maybe i think so because of the dance remix).
    I quite love all the new songs and thinks we are in for a killer album.
    As to what Katy said, I just want to believe her and it wouldn’t surprised me that Kris is withholding the best ones (remember he said that he likes to surprise!!) and i believe ‘my weakness in in the lot :D

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with you. I also think VOL seems to stand out less in this concert because it’s done acoustically. But from the remix, I still think it’ll be a very good first single. How I wish wish wish they will release both the album verion and the remix version at the same time. I know the album version can be good (if mixed right for its potential) but I just hope it’ll have the impact of the remix version which is outstanding and shockingly good! Not to mention it will get him attention from a different group of music lovers. I strongly believe the remix will give his first single a big boost if they will release it at the same time and it’ll do really well internationally!

  • Anonymous

    I just LOVE that “Shut That Door” – Kris is so into it – keep coming back to listen again.  Going to be just crazy on the album.  Terrific.

  • Anonymous

    How about both versions of VOL for one price, $1.29…downloaded together!  If the release catches on and reaches hit numbers, it would promote the album and make the investment pay off. 

  • almondean88

    I just went back through all the lyrics that Kris tweeted and matched them up to the songs from the Mint.  There seem to be a few extras.  Maybe something Katy likes even better.
    Here are the lyric tweets that don’t match:

    “foot on the gas the car keeps stallin. A passionate kiss with eyes wide open.”   I think this was from that snippet that disappeared.  Has anyone heard anymore about this?

    “She got my t-shirt on with a sleepy smile and walks into the kitchen.”
    “it’s gonna be another beautiful day cuz I got you girl.”
    “she loves me whenever she is lonely or after watchin a girly movie…”
    “Somebody call her an ambulancebecause she’s fallin in love all over again and I won’t pretend that she won’t end up hurt.” This one’s not on the album but promise you’ll hear it sometime.
    Late bloomer.

  • Anonymous

    Love the idea!!! It’ll certainly make the ionvestment pay off and pay off good!

  • mzhallcat

    almondean88 I just listened to My Weakness and I didn’t hear any of those lyrics although everyone seems to think it will make the album. Was the name of that snippet “I’m coming over”?

  • Anonymous

    In general “Out Alive” is a good album title, but it seems very heavy.  I’d go with something lighter just to let people know that there are some fun songs on the album.

  • Anonymous

    In other news
    The Kris demos Forget About You & Parachute were co-writes with Steven Lee Olsen and Matt Serletic.

  • Anonymous

    I just now really listened to Stand for the Vision of Love.  What a great, great song.  The melody is very catchy, yet the song has a meaningful message and isn’t sappy (although it did make me tear up).  With all the bullying that goes on these days, it would really be nice for this song to be out there.

  • Anonymous

    I think Out Alive as a title could be thought of as upbeat. I mean he got out didn’t he, lol? He could have used Vision of Love but I guess they can’t because of Mariah’s song.

  • Anonymous

    Wanted to add that if Katy says there are better songs to come, I’m really excited now. RG, WAOMF and AWM are soem of my favorites too so I guess we have similar taste.

  • calico

    nncw – I actually did suspect all that talent lurking around in Kris.  Doing what he did on Idol – rearranging those songs to sound fresh and contemporary and GOOD – I think it’s a lot harder than people think. 

    Anyway, I was at the show.  It was excellent.  The sound was great, the energy was great, the crowd was so into it.  The CD is going to be amazing.

  • calico

    Yes!  I loved how he inserts his “rap” into songs.  That sounds like Kris Allen to me.

  • calico

    ITA about the “rap” part.  It got a big cheer from the audience.  It puts his stamp on it for me.

    That song has been in head all day and refuses to leave.

  • Anonymous

    When I commented about 16 hours ago that Kris was once routinely dismissed as a coffeehouse performer, I didn’t mean that people didn’t recognise his musical instincts or talent, just that it seemed to be a commonly held feeling that acoustic – style performances suited him best.

    I remember during Season 8 Kris fans here and on other blogs suggesting songs he should cover by artists who, by and large, I had never heard of. And when I YouTubed them, I found those songs pretty low key and unmemorable for my tastes. I was so pleased when his debut album was not like that at all. And all this new music is even more exciting and perfectly Kris than what came before.

  • almondean88

    mzhallcat Yes, that snippet was “I’m Coming Over”  It’s funny I can still hear it in my mind but I think it got pulled down right away.  It was very upbeat and fun sounding.

    Right now the song stuck in my brain is “Teach Me How Love Goes”

  • madeformusic

    Based on the snippet I’m Coming Over could be also a contender for second or third single. Seems like upcoming album is loaded with potential singles :)
    Both Monster and especially Out Alive has grown for me as I have listened to them few times. Usually that kind of songs (growers) are the songs that I end up to love most.

  • Anonymous

    On the AI show I think the thing that stood out for me about Kris was just how he was able to sing each song with such feeling and pull you in, and how he allowed you to focus on the lyrics and melody of a song.
    Now he is pulling me in with music and lyrics he has created!I have been singing in my head, humming both VOL and BWY so they are definitely catchy. But I love all the songs and I hope each of them find a special home whether it be on his upcoming album, picked up for movie or tv show, or sung by other artists.

  • Adam Lim ™

    so speaking about VISION OF LOVE..The falsetto
    Those haters thought Kris was gonna have tough time singing it live…

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving on all the discussion of which song is the “best” or personal favorite out of the good songs.

    And I agree (and actually forget) that people have different musical taste. LOL. That’s why sometimes I thought, why ? How come some people don’t like Leave You Alone or Red Guitar, since they are my favorites ?.

    I think watching the videos helps (or maybe not), since when I listen to mp3
    of BWY, I imagine Kris smiling in ecstasy and doing his little dance on the ooh-ooh-oohs part.

  • Adam Lim ™

    One more thing, based on VOL live performance…
    I can already say that it is the better first single than BTIKM…

  • almondean88

    Remember when “I Need To Know” was featured on Vampire Diaries?  They need to use “Monster” this season.  I think “Monster” would make a great theme song for a movie or TV series.

  • Anonymous

    I woke up this morning with TMHLG running through my head.  That one didn’t grab me instantly, but it has such a pretty melody, I can’t get it out of my head.    

  • mzhallcat

    Yeah ratna it is interesting. I still can’t choose a fav but that will probably change once I hear the actual cd. I do have some thoughts though.

    1)Song that has been stuck on repeat in my head: TMHLG. If this song is not on the album I’m going to go sit in the corner and pout.
    2)Song that is really growing on me: Monster. The more I hear it, the more I like it.
    3)First single: I think VOL is the best choice because it is just so “Kris”.
    4)I want all these songs to be on the album. If Kris is holding back any that are better that will just be icing on the cake.

  • Anonymous

    Have no idea whether VOL will be a hit single – just know it’s probably my least favorite here (don’t like “whoaaas” in any song).  Some of the other songs are really terrific and keep coming back to play them again.  Maybe will like the album version of VOL better.  But OA, BWY, LYA, YGAW, and STD – soooo good.  Will listen again to TMHLG – didn’t grab me at first – but you never know what happens after repeated listenings.  But VOL – didn’t help.  (LOL – watch it sail to the head of the charts.)

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I never loved Leave You Alone and I didn’t want it on the album.It just seemed t be missing something but I am so glad he reworked it.It’s just so much better now and I really like it. 
    Teach Me How Love Goes has grown on me. Kris’s voice is really beautiful on it.I agree that it is a song that grows on you.I just don’t want there to be too many slow sad songs on the album.
    While i like Fighters,i really hope it’s not on the album.I think one inspirational song is enough.I just don’t think it fits in with the feel of his other songs and i think critics might say it is cheesy.Vision Of Love,while inspirational,is definitely not cheesy.
    I really do want Out Alive to be the title of the album.It’s short and catchy and intriguing. Plus Kris really loves that song.
    Finally,I want so badly for My Weakness and Parachute to make the cut.  

  • Jo Crawley

    I always liked Leave You Alone and the added lyrics have made it even better. I too hope Fighters is not on the album, I like it well enough but it is a bit cheesy. I really like Parachute, it has been in my head for days, and My Weakness is pretty good too. Out Alive I was a bit disappointed in when I first heard it because it was not really what I was expecting, but after listening to it a number of times it has really grown on me and i very much enjoy it now.  Overall I am very happy with all the new Kris stuff and it is soooooo good to have a proper show from him after all this time.  Really looking forward to official release dates and to hear more of the writing skills of Kris Allen!

  • Linda Parish

    I am still on Cloud 9 from Kris’ show.  I do not remember Kris saying any of these were going to be on his album. just that they were “new” or “old new”. I cannot wait for the single and album to come out!

  • Linda Parish

    All I kept saying at the show was WOW, WOW and WOW!  You can hear it on several of the videos.  Kris is so AMAZING and his voice is golden-toned.  So glad I could log onto this.  I have been trying for the last 2 years and always had trouble logging on.  

  • buffyloverlori

    I just so love how he can keep surprising his fans and now some that were never really a fan of his before, that and the way he makes my heart melt when I hear him sing are just two of the main reasons I love him so much, and enjoy him just as much.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree on LYA and Fighters (except for the liking Fighters part–I’m just not a fan of that song).  Personal tastes vary, so I know some fans would be disappointed not to have it on the album, but the cheesiness alone is a good reason to exclude it.  VOL >>>>> Fighters

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you on LYA. Loved it first time but it seemed incomplete to me, now I feel the whole song is there and it’s very good.  About Fighters, i also agree, it’s too cheesy for my taste and i find it a bit generic so for me it’s definitly not a keeper; also it would feel out of place with the rest of the songs we heard imo 

  • buffyloverlori

    While I do like Fighters, I agree with you that it does seem out of place with all the new music we just heard, and I have it on my I-pod so at least I have it already for my I-Pod. I’ve always loved LYA but with what was added to it makes it even more wonderful. am starting to really start to love TMHLG, and I didn’t hardly like it before, but besides LYA it took me awhile to grow to love Is It Over, which was on the first album and another Cale Co-write. 

  • Anonymous

    I am a very cynical person and I usually hate inspirational songs but I love VOl and I think it is a perfect match for Kris.He sings the song so sincerely and i think people can feel that and will respond to it .Kris personifies the message of this song and if RCA does it job,I think it will do well.

  • almondean88

    Here is a great reivew of Kris’s show.  Wonderful writing makes me feel I was there.

  • Anonymous

    Well since I couldn’t be there, this review was the next best thing.

  • Anonymous

    Kris photo shoot for his album is today!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW..What a writer!!!  She sees things in a much wider context than I do…and to read that Kris has his finger on the proverbial pulse is nice to know.  I’m glad the new songs are so good, but my primary interest is in his singing.  And I think in this concert, he reaches the highest level of the integration of all the desirable requisites of great singing of anyone today.  

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I heard your “Wow” several times, even in a hush second ooh-oohs
    part of Better with You. :D
    Me: I was too stunned to be able to utter a word.

    I really hope that non Kris fan will give his music a chance and a listen.
    Kris might change their mind. And go to his concert if he comes near you, because he is incredible -acoustic or with the band, it does not matter.

  • Kurizero Oneil

    yeah, right!… I wish wish do wish “My weakness” will be on the album. That song is so fresh and perfect, from the lyric, vocal, melodies…all of them.. beautiful!!