Kelly Clarkson Planning a Fall Wedding, Talks Beyonce Lip Sync Controversy

As if promoting a Greatest Hits album and the simultaneous release of a pop song “Catch My Breath” and a country song “Don’t Rush” with Vince Gill isn’t enough to keep the singer busy, she’s also planning a wedding to her fiance, Brandon Blackstock.

The American Idol season 1 winner tells K-Frog radio that she’s hoping to get married in the fall, but it’s been very hard to keep the event small. She’d like to get married outside, and her buddy, The Voice Coach, Blake Shelton will sing at the reception.

She was at K-Frog promoting “Don’t Rush” and she revealed that she’s got another country tune she describes as “a little different…still soulful” waiting in the wings to be released.

She sympathizes with Beyonce’s lip sync controversy. “It’s the most nerve-wracking situation ever,” says Kelly of singing live in front of big crowds, “and it was cold.”

“That event isn’t about me or Beyonce or James Taylor,” Kelly insists, “That event is about Obama, Biden and our history and our country.”

Kelly gets the fact that Beyonce felt that the moment wasn’t about her and that she didn’t want to mess up and ruin the moment.

Listen to the full interview below:

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  • Katie’s Uvula

    So why was Kelly able to sing live in that SAME weather the same day but Beyonce had to lip sync?

  • Rico Suricata
  • Robert D’Angio

    Look, different people handle the weather and difficult situations differently. I think Beyonce lipsyncing the national anthem wasn’t that big a deal. She has sang it live before and she has proven herself vocally time and time again. It’s seriously been blown out of proportion.

  • tomr

    Regardless, Beyonce was amazing! 

  • Van

    Kelly’s having another amazing year! Can’t believe our little “ducka ducka ducka” girl is getting married. I love how naturally everything has fallen in place for her the past few years.

  • Gwen

    That Beyonce situation is sooooo tired.  It wasn’t a Milli Vanilli style fiasco, so I’m not sure about the obsession.

    So excited about Kelly’s wedding.  Wonder if she’ll sing.

  • Jenna

    She was still technically lip syncing, she was singing into a dead microphone while the pre-recorded track played over her on the speakers and in the broadcast. That is why you hear two distinct vocals at times in the WSJ video. That camera was close enough to pick up what she was really singing in addition to what the speakers were playing. That didn’t happen in Kelly and James’ WSJ videos because the speakers were playing the same thing they were singing.

  • Jenna

    Kelly makes a good point that the performances weren’t supposed to be about them so the fixation on this story has been unnecessary. But it does annoy me how Beyonce and her team remained silent about it. She could have cut a lot of speculation by just releasing a statement or something. It feels like she’s trying to keep up this fabricated facade of “perfection”.

  • Bug Menot

     I heard an expert on TV address this. He stated the only way to lip sync convincingly is to actually sing.

  • MaxxD

    Gettng sick of all this Beyonce stuff.  Everyone is saying just wait till the SuperBowl but IM pretty sure all Half time performances lip synch – at least part.  You cant do all that jumping and dancing and singing in front of a large crowd

  • Bug Menot

    Milli Vanilli won a Grammy for Best New Artist. That’s why the discovery of their having lip synced turned into a fiasco. Being asked to sing at the widely televised inauguration is also a high honor accorded few.

  • Gwen

    Milli Vanilli were not singing.  Beyonce was, pre-recorded or not.  That’s my reason for the comparison and my misunderstanding about the media fascination.

  • Taylor

    Between the 30 and 40 second mark, the microphone picks up her scarf blowing in the wind. The mic was not dead.

    A Fall wedding! Kelly is in a good place in all aspects of her life. So happy for her!

  • heartly

    As I said in the headlines thread, I’m going to guess an October wedding but will have to wait and see what Kelly’s tour schedule is going to look like before finalizing that guess.

    This year is quickly gone from light to very full for her.

  • Karen C

    Milli Vanilli won a Grammy for Best New Artist. That’s why the discovery of their having lip synced turned into a fiasco.

    The reason this was such a fiasco was not just because they were lip synching, it was because they did not sing the vocals on the album. And whenever there was a live performance, they would lip synch to the other vocalists recording.  That is why the Grammy was taken back, because they didn’t even sing on the album.

  • emme

    she has a stronger voice

  • WestiesRule

    I say it’s over WHO CARES???? You go Kelly!

  • kmd23

    I agree. The performance by Beyonce will be just like Madonna’s lip synching last year at the Super Bowl. I don’t think the Biebs even knows how to sing well live. lol. So happy for Kelly. She deserves all her success due to her great vocal talent unlike so many other music artists that don’t.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I thought that Kelly responded to question about Beyonce and the lip syncing issue very well. So glad to see things going so well for Kelly in both her professional and personal life, and I’m still hoping to see her perform at the Grammy’s.

  • 1rollbounce2

    Kelly Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson-Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson Blackstock.  Did anyone ask her if she’s been practicing her new name?  Will she keep the old?  These are more important than Beyonce lipsyngin! 

    But since ya mentioned it – how come cold was a reason, yet Kelly was the one bundled up?  Beyonce didn’t have her coat on did she?  (DO.NOT.CARE!)

  • Heidijoy

    Beyonce did a disservice to the Orchestra too, who were prepared for a Once in a liftime performance but had to FAKE playing because she reportedly missed practice and decided to do a Tape at the last minute the eve before.

  • Jake W.

    this whole thing is kind of annoying. The media/etc. wanna fault Beyonce because of her clean record. Even Kelly doesn’t care.

  • standtotheright

    Even Kelly doesn’t care.

    Which is why all this outrage about how the scores of comments comparing the two was unfair to her just seems like a manufactured fanwar to me (especially since I maybe heard of one or two outside of Twitterstandom; my entertainment media diet was all about Michelle Obama’s coat and/or bangs, Sasha and Malia photobombing each other, and Eric Cantor’s weird face).

    At any rate, I wonder what “a bigger wedding than she’d like” will look like. I suspect she’d be cool with a kegger if nobody else were involved in the decision making, but there will probably be some semblance of formality. I just hope that some attentive photographer gets a shot of Clarksonspaz after the official kiss. Because Clarksonspaz is awesome.

  • Myrrna

    Beyonce’ is a professional singer who didn’t trust herself enough to sing live. 

    Weak sauce.

  • Seth McHale

    Agreed. I believe she mentioned she would take Blackstock as her last name, but would continue to publish music under Clarkson. Not because you care, but because I wanted to respond. 

    Oh and I agree, the Beyonce thing doesn’t matter. It’s a silly controversy that has been blown out of proportion. We’ve all heard the King B sing live enough times to know she is exceptional. Unlike the female MJ.