Kelly Clarkson Covers “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks (VIDEO)

“Anybody like country music?” Kelly Clarkson called out to the audience at the IronStone Winery in Murphy, CA Saturday night before introducing the Dixie Chicks’ “Wide Open Spaces,” her fan-requested cover of the night.

“I do too!” Kelly enthused after the crowd cheered, “I’m Texan, so you kinda come out of the womb liking cowboys and Texas music.”

“I love the Dixie Chicks,” Kellie said, “I hope you like it.”

They did! So did I.

Tonight, Kelly plays the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and anything could happen. Her Duets partner, Jason Farol is confirmed to sing with her. But I would stay tuned for other possible special guests.

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  • Van

    She looks really pretty in that dress. Lovely! 

  • Pam

    Kelly is fearless isn’t she?  She truly can sing the phone book.  ;)  Love it! 

    Thanks mj!

  • Anonymous

    Kelly has the best taste in music!

  • Madred

    Reba is taping episodes of Malibu Country in L.A. right now. It has been rumored the pair might take stage together tonight also. 

  • Anonymous

    Liked this a lot – Kelly sang in her lovely lower registers which appeal to me much more than her higher ones which tend to get shrill.  And she looked smashing.

  • RustySax

    I was there. . . loved this cover, as well as Fun’s “We Are Young” earlier in the show.  She and the band were on FIRE!!  Jason’s son playing banjo was awsome, too!

    Sat next to the sound board this time, as opposed to 3rd row center floor in Reno.  Sound was completely different – you could really hear her vocals over the band, even tho it was an outdoor venue.  Jill & Kate could be heard in the mix from this vantage point, too!! 

    Only negative??  It took well over an hour to get out of the parking lot!!