Joshua Ledet – Broken Man – VIDEO

Joshua Ledet performed a NEW song tonight at the iHeart Radio concert in New York city! The retro tune is called…I THINK “This Is The Sound of a Heart Breaking.” Joshua never announced it! 

ETA: It’s called “Broken Man” and should do well on Urban Adult Contemporary radio.  During his results show critiques, Jimmy made it no secret that he intended to sign Josh no matter where he landed. It looks like it’s all coming true!

Joshua also performed “Runaway Baby”.


New Song

Runaway Baby

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  • Garrett Clayman

    i loooooove this sonnnggg it is perfect for him. i hope they have more commerical stuff in the wings, but he was sooo good

  • jennyl2

    Oooo! I love this song. Joshua sounds wonderful. Definitely in his wheelhouse. Great picking Jimmy! Looking forward to the album.

  • elliegrll

    Incredible delivery.  I hope that UMG and Joshua’s management have a good plan to market him to radio stations.  Like I said in the other thread, it makes no sense that he hasn’t been making the radio rounds during the tour.  Hopefully they have just been trying to help him get over his shyness, and teaching him how to handle himself with the djs.

  • chillj

    No doubt about it; I’m buying this guy’s album.  Good song!

  • Israel Aislan

    He announced last week on his facebook :o

  • Leandro

    The song is pretty good but I don’t think this should be the final arrangement of the song. It should be higher on the verses. Joshua’s voice is a little bit shaky in the lower register. I don’t see this kind of song getting radio play, but screw the radio. Good music in first place.

    I hope he gets signed soon. He’s the most talented of the Top 4, IMO.

  • jr8809

    Go Joshua. I don’t buy albums at all but I will buy’s Joshua’s album.

  • justmefornow

    Great performance. He can really sing! What format would they release this to, Urban radio?
    I too think that on sheer voice, stage presence, and performance ability he was by far the best this last season.
    Is he signed yet? For a development deal or a whole album, does anyone know?

  • elliegrll

    It’s an Urban AC song.  If it does well, and he gets the right promo, it could cross over and get some spins on Urban.

    Leandro, Joshua’s appearance at the event pretty much confirms that he’s been signed.

  • Trina

    A couple of Josh fans who were there said everyone that performed tonight is signed under UMG, and that this song is actually called “Broken Man”.  Urban AC should eat this up. I said yesterday I had hoped for a song worthy of Josh’s insane talent, and well I ain’t disappointed! I think he’ll just get better and better too as he performs it more.

    Is he signed yet? For a development deal or a whole album, does anyone know?

    Recently he tweeted a pic in the studio and he said he was recording his “album” so I assume hes doing a full album.

  • Eilonwy

    Great performance. He can really sing! What format would they release this to, Urban radio?

    I’m thinking Ledet’s home format would have to be Urban Adult Contemporary. It’s a decent-sized format (AI for #10 is above 5 million), and it’s where more traditional R&B seems to find a home. It seems like the format where Ledet’s impressive vocals are most likely to be a selling point.

  • milwlovesadam

    Joshua was by far my favorite this past season. I’ll be looking for his album. Way to go!! Saaang!!

  • potatorocks

    I liked Joshua the best during the season.  Only caught the end but it seemed overwrought(I think that is a word).  I think he will have to reign it in a bit for the masses but I sure hope to see him live one day.

  • milwlovesadam

    Just want to add, he seems like he already is dialing it back a bit, more in control, and much more comfortable performing.  He’s still so young, just thinking about his potential is exciting.

  • Rosett

    He was the best singer and performer combo artist on the show season 11. This song is perfect for him, it allows his soul and heartfeltness to come out. He can really play around with the arrangement of it when he decides to. It’s got potential for breakdown all over it.
    He sang it to murder, He looks great, He delivered it with soulfulness…I’m buying whatever he puts out, and I nvr buy nything but gospel…but Joshua is one I will invest my money in for pleasure listening. Go Boy!

  • nekola

    Wow. Joshua’s original song is awesome! He definitely knows how to deliver a soulful, emotional and heartfelt performance. I’m really looking forward to his new album.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    Very very entertaining performance. Well done joshua

  • Stefan Wind

    “Runaway Baby” was one of the best performances of the night. Totally amazing live!

  • smiller2851

    OMG!! Really, Josh???? Seriously?? You just nailed this old lady to the wall with your new song. The lyrics are so “visual”– conjuring up thoughts of a great video.  Josh’s heart is all over this one.  I will buy his album in a heartbeat.  The only concern I have is that I want him to take good care of his voice.  It may be difficult for him to scale back just a bit, but I hope he gets good advice about prolonging that fabulous talent! Love, love, love him.

  • dabney c

    Ooo, I LOVE it! Fingers crossed that Josh catches on with the non-Idol crowd. I don’t listen to Urban AC (am a CHR; Classic Rock; and 70s/80s/90s “oldies” type), so I most likely will not hear Josh on the radio. BUT – I will buy whatever he puts out because his talent really excites me. I just ADORE this kid and am praying that he finds success because I want new music from him at regular intervals for the rest of my years, lol. I would even buy a gospel album from him, and I’m the furthest thing from gospel imaginable.

  • Israel Aislan
  • girlygirltoo

    Joshua sounds great. The song isn’t the most current sounding thing in the world, so if they sent it to radio it would probably be limited to Urban AC. But it fits his style well. Anyone know if he had any hand in writing it?

  • roarpen

    I love me some Joshua Ledet. He’s an exciting performer and he continues to get better. He is channeling that gospel exuberance into just plain hot sexy performances. The sexual tension is palpable. Way to turn the gospel on its head  – woot! I think the song needs some work. And Josh continues to evolve. But man, that guy is a volcanic talent. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he has got to be one of the top three talents Idol has ever seen.

  • elliegrll

    Joshua is a straight up r&b singer, so his natural home formats are Urban AC and Urban stations.  

    With his style, it’s highly unlikely that he would get airplay on Pop or Hot ac stations, but so what?  The idols who are Pop aren’t going to get played on Urban stations either.

  • thirdtime

    Man…this guy can SING!  Really good job!

  • Shirley Williams

    He just fantastic. Bring the cd on ! I will be first in line to buy it!

  • abbysee

    I’d buy it. Great job Joshua. His voice needs rest though. The song is awesome though.

  • Shannon Smith McNeely

    Shocked…or at least Startled by what an awesome fit this song is for Joshua- am thinking TPTB truly do “get him” and arent gonna get in his mix and mess it up!!!!   Very eager to hear more of his album!

  • BonnieDee

    LOVE, Love LOVE that they kept Joshua to his strengths.  His sound is old school and they really came up with something both old school and still appropriate for today.  Where’s his album already?  Can’t wait to buy it!

  • Veronica B. Lee

    Joshua, You are just outstanding, outstanding young man with a old soul. (when will your album be release) Ready to buy.
    All I can say the BEST performer on American Idol from S11. (yes of them are good but you are the best)

  • shamrock

    I really love this song, I think it fits very well to Josh’ voice and style.

    I just hope he isn’t doomed, because my taste these days doesn’t seem to go in tune with what’s popular in the charts right now. :~

  • IrisandLilies

    I’m not a fan of R&B, but the song itself is pretty good.  However, I didn’t think his live performance was particularly good.  His voice sounded strained, and at times, primarily in the beginning, I thought he was off-tune. (Perhaps he’s overdoing it on the tour?)  In addition, his lower register is weak. 

  • dabney c

    I know what you mean – he was a little off at the beginning here and there. But pitch is not usually an issue for Josh, so I’m chalking it up to a tired voice, or maybe difficulty hearing himself.

    His lower register does sound a bit weak live, but it comes through so beautifully on recordings, when you can actually hear it.

    Still, I think he performed it very well. I just love his intensity on stage. The song is kind of sexier than the stuff we’ve heard from Josh so far, and imo he pulls it off just fine. People were worried that he wasn’t going to be believable that way, but I think this performance demonstrates that he can be.

  • tierbee

    Woooo, he still makes me jump up out of my chair. I love him – he, for me, is kinda Al Green-ish with some Otis grit thrown in but somehow he’s still uniquely *him.* Loved that. Boy can sing. Damn.

  • Tinawina

    Now this is what I’m talking about. It is right in his wheelhouse and he sounds GREAT. It sounds like they need to play with it a bit more but this song is already so Josh. I’m very happy! Can’t wait to hear more!

  • memphis805

    Much better sound and video!  He sang the hell out the song.  When will it be released as single; I’m ready to buy!

  • standtotheright

    Clearly someone on his team knows the kind of material that suits him. That’s a good amount of the battle right there.

  • P Venture

    Well done Josh!!!! I knew you could do so much more – I just knew it!!!! AND STILL THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Stay loyal and close to God and your family and their beliefs because it has gotten you this far and God’s Grace will take you much much further. I’m looking forward to buying anything that you record!!! With much love, respect and support – pamv

  • windmills

    I love Joshua on this! ITA with abbysee that his voice sounds tired but the song has such a great, smooth melody, strong groove, and it fits Josh like a glove. Josh able to bring some controlled shouting in keeping with the lyric and the melody gives him plenty of room to play. He’s already had enough time with the song to impose his phrasing on it and that’s only going to get better. 

    I’m very relieved this song isn’t trying to popify Josh. The fact that he has this song gives me hope the label actually understands his strengths and appeal, and isn’t trying to filter them through the mainstream AI lens. 

  • Angela Smith

    Great review for Josh’s new song:

  • Happyhexer

    That’s my fear as well, Shamrock.

    In fact, I’ll go a step further.  There are many talented Idols who have a retro sound in various genres that currently are out of favor in today’s music scene. Such a shame.

  • Happyhexer

    If this is a sample of what will be on Joshua’s CD, then sign me up.  Now!

    Josh sounds amazing on this song.  Incredible that this is the first time he’s sung it live.

    Whether Josh could get radio airplay with something like this, I have no idea.  But I sure as heck hope so.

  • Maj

    Ooh, a pretty good song! Joshua’s style is not necessarily my thing but this is “him” but at the same time very accessible to this white European 20something. :) 
    I have to say his voice did sound strained during this performance. I hope he gets some vocal rest after the tour and before recording his album – which if it features songs like these I might actually consider buying.

  • Troy Mccoy

    This is a good song for Josh. He knows who he is. I hope it can get some radio play, because I like it. 

  • Ann Freeman

    When is the cd coming out?!  Just fantastic!  Love me some Joshua Ledet.  Great job Josh.

  • Gwen

    Thank God they didn’t popify him! Gritty gospel soul at its finest. I can tell that still feeling out the song, but this is fantastic that they found one that fit him so well. Interestingly, it reminds me a little of “I’d Rather Go Blind.”

  • JosieX

    I think he is just amazing – love the song and can’t wait for his CD!  Also I like his version of “Runaway Baby” SO much better than the original.  Joshua is truly an extraordinary talent.

  • steph6449

    Promising start for Joshua if this is the kind of original music he is going for. I like it.

  • Shirley Williams

    I didn’t hear the strain in his voice . I thought he song it beautifully and was pitch perfect. I was amazed that he could so well just after singing the very energetic “Run Away Baby” perhaps that is why you thought his voice sounded tired.