Jessica Sanchez Debut Single With Ne-Yo “Tonight” Details! (Possible Demo Added)

In an interview with CBN News in the Philippines, Jessica Sanchez revealed the name of her first single will be a collaboration with Ne-Yo titled “Tonight.” No ballad–the American Idol runner-up describes the track, set to be released in February, as a “fun, clubby dance song.”

Jessica, and her fellow Idol, Colton Dixon will perform in Manilla on February 14.

The song is her first single off of her debut album set for release in May.

UPDATE: Possible Demo! “Tonight” (You and Me)”

Also, check out Jessica performing on UKG. Colton evenutally joins her on stage

Colton Dixon sits down for an interview

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  • Jenny Williams

    Sounds like they are really targeting Top 40 Radio. I love that, and I can’t wait to hear what the song sounds like. and Like the interviewer said, it’s really easy to forget Jessica is only 17 when you listen to her interviews. She sounds so mature.

  • ali_359921

    There’s a demo version of a song named ” Tonight ” (just you and me)by Ne-yo..
    If that is the collab , then, I gotta say LOVE IT ..

  • Landon Cox

    Ne-yo is sort of hit or miss, hope this is a hit for her. Would be great to have multiple success stories from this season. Wish Hollie were one of them

  • girlygirltoo

    Glad to hear they are going with a fun upbeat song rather than a ballad. She really should stay away from ballads — at least in terms of singles — at least until she gets established a little bit. 

    I like Ne-Yo, but he isn’t someone whose name guarantees a smash hit. His name should help it at least get radio play, what happens from there, who knows

  • Nick

    Hmm… I gotta say, I’m not crazy about that demo, so I hope that’s not the song. It sounds like some weird jazzy club song from a musical. Although, I’m sure they would tweak it for Jessica and pop radio though.

    I’m just so curious to see if Jessica makes a name for herself. Surprised they waited this long to get material out for her. Sometimes that can really backfire. *cough* Haley.

  • No Thanks

     Thanks.  The demo has potential.  Definitely needs tweeking for Top 40 radio.

  • Tommyo2000

    I forget how amazing she a singer she is when she just breaks into a flawless Whitney like its no big deal …

  • Anny_nanny

    The video was uploaded 05.02.2012. Is it a demo or a cover?

  • ali_359921

     I totally agree with you .. The song has potential … Time will only tell ..

  • jtgraffix

    if that’s the right demo, i can definitely hear that on the radio. me gusta

  • Eilonwy

    There’s also a Ne-Yo demo referred to as “Tonight” that was submitted for Kelly Rowland’s 2011 album but not tracked for the album. It’s very dance-club.

  • Shoriagirl

    This song is absolutely not appropriate for 17 year old.  Although Jessica doesn’t look like 17 …

  • ali_359921

    I would not be surprised if there’s another song named “Tonight”  LOL …
     Now, What should we expect ?? I have no Idea …

  • Jenny Williams

     This one sounds exactly like Jennifer Lopez’s “Im into you”. Exactly the same instrumental.

  • mtthew

    i much prefer this to the other demo in this post. i don’t like the structure/lyrics of the other one… they seem awkward. 

  • No Thanks

    Those lyrics are beyond inappropriate for Jessica to sing.  They would have to change them completely for her to sing that song.

  • ali_359921
  • GA

     She was originally saying her album was coming out last November, but They are saying they put it off to coincide with her upcoming appearance on Glee.

  • Tinawina

    I’m glad I’m at work and can’t listen to all these demos. Sounds confusing LOL.

  • raya

    If she performs it a her concert, we likely won’t have long to wait to find out.  Also I don’t know if it’s been noted, but Jessica’s two back-up singers for the concert tomorrow (or today over there) are Blair Perkins & Ariel Sprague, both folks who tried out for S12 of Idol, though I’m pretty sure Ariel also tried out for S11.  Blair is probably better known as a youtube singer and has worked with Jessica before.

    Either way, I’m more impressed by the sheer amount of clothing Jessica’s stylists must have flown over for her to wear during her trip.  I’m sure some of it is Bench since she’s an endorser of that too, but they have her changing outfits/hairstyles/makeup like every two hours.   Even for events that aren’t even remotely televised.  I guess that’s the norm these days, though some of it seems a tad overkill.

  • Jake W.

    I love this song as well as her other one. I was surprised to learn that she was bullied. I’m glad they didn’t milk it on the show because she didn’t need a sob story to get far.

  • Aaron

    Thank God Idol producers didn’t use Jessica being bullied as a sob story. Even with a lot of bad editing (showing Jessica in pageantry dresses at 7 years old) and the Idol demographics stacked against her, Jessica still managed to be the runner-up. 

  • No Thanks

    That’s a demo of an already released song by Ne-Yo and Pitbull.  But it begs the question, how many songs titled “Tonight” did Ne-Yo write?  LOL!

  • No Thanks

    I’m not surprised she’s been bullied.  She’s been actively pursuing a career in music sing she was little.  She was on TV, performed a lot, probably had many high profile gigs around San Diego.  I have no doubt that brought out a lot of jealousy with her peers.  I’m sure they tried to take her down a few pegs because they were envious.  Same thing happened to Christina Aguilera growing up. She started out early, much like Jessica.  Was on the Mickey Mouse club as a tween, etc…  It got so bad for Christina, her family had to move to a new city.

  • Shoriagirl

    How Jessica could be bullied if she was home schooled? 

  • Tinawina

    She was home schooled after she was bullied. That was her family’s solution to the problem.

    It is a pretty common occurance for kids who work in showbiz. In addition to Christina Aguleria, I remember reading that Lindsey Lohan, The Jackson 5 and Britney Spears had the same issue. Didn’t some girl who auditioned for idol this year have the same story?

  • Aaron

    She was bullied before she was home schooled.

  • GA

    That Ne-yo Demo is NOT the same as her single, per people on Twitter who were present at the video shoot today.

  • frammus

    Why does the interviewer stumble when she is trying to help Colton with a Tagalog phrase?  Is she not native Filipina?