Jason Castro Cuts His Dreads! (PHOTO)


Where have all the dreadlocks gone? First it was Idol season 9 runner up, Crystal Bowersox chopping off her dreads. But now GASP it’s Jason Castro!


Jason’s dreadlocks were his trademark when he competed on American Idol in Season 7! Maybe he took a cue from Crystal. Or maybe he just thought it was time for a change. We all need that once in a while.

“The day has come. #GoodbyeDreads” Jason posted on instagram.

What do you think of Jason’s new short do?

Jason’s sister, Jackie, Cutting the last dread

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  • raya

    His sister posted an instagram vid of her cutting off the last dread.


    It honestly doesn’t look bad on him. It’s just an adjustment, but people are freaking on him in his comments. As long as he doesn’t start wearing it like his brother, I’m good.

  • http://twitter.com/ElizabethThe Elizabeth Rosalyn

    Dreads are dead! RIP!

    Seriously though, I think the short do looks good on him. It’s just going to take some getting used to, since his dreadlocks were his signature for so long. New year, new you.

  • http://www.holyhomo.com/ Rand


  • Sicola789

    It almost looks like a completely different person.

  • Karen C

    Looks good but very different. I might not have recognized him from the after picture.

    Paula Abdul gave a critique of the new haircut. But she said it before he had it cut;)

  • nyc57

    i think he looks good but i wouldn’t recognize him.

  • girlygirl

    He looks way different. But he looks good.

  • raya

    I’ll say this. He’ll probably get recognized way less now. I know AI people aren’t super famous, but somebody like Jason had a very distinctive look and there was no real way to hide the dreads. I remember even during AI7 Cook and maybe Michael Johns complaining (jokingly) how hard it was to go any place with Jason because he couldn’t go incognito.

  • jennyl2

    It reminds me of a sheep after shearing. (jking) lol! It’s a good look. Bet his head feel lighter.

  • Jae

    Awwww. He is so cute though without them! I liked them when he was younger but it’s more than time for a change! He looks great!

  • Nicole P.

    Whoaaa! So different! But I think he looks way cuter! :)

    And Bo Bice has cut off his long hair too! The Idols are just all getting dramatic haircuts!

  • DragonFly

    Very nice new look on him.

  • macfae

    Whoa…what a change… I like it but will.still have to get used to it.
    Jason has always been one of my very favorites and always thought he was a sweet, cute guy regardless. .

  • macfae

    Oh, brother, I bet his fans are going nuts. Such a trademark look gone in one fell swoop. .

  • breakdown

    He is such a sweetheart, whatever hairdo he has!

  • weareallinnocent

    Weird. It’ll take some getting used to, that’s for sure.

    lol @ Paula critiquing before he cut it. Poor Pauler. lol

  • geekygirl

    Still cute!

  • Kariann Hart

    Jason Castro has been my favorite contestant on American Idol! Yes, I was involved in the purchasing of about 200 balloons being sent to the studio, and they had no room for them. Most were sent to the local hospitals. I also contributed towards the scrapbook made for him. Right now, I am in the state of shock; however, if this is what he (and his wife) want, then more power to him. Oh, my adorable Jason looks like a normal person. Still adorable, but different!

  • KrisAllenLists

    This shocked me last night – because it is a HUGE change, but he still is cute!

  • tomr

    Looking younger. Now if Archie returns with a shaved head, we’re all set!

  • Vetle

    Most clever comment I have read in a while! You deserve more up-votes, or whatever it’s called.

  • Tom22

    He probably needed to cut it all off to get rid of the tangles before starting on a new style. Something longer but off the shoulders I imagine. Something like keith urbans shorter swings in hair length

  • Cindy

    I was shocked to seeing this on twitter! (his instagram is connected to his twitter) But he looks good. :) I wonder if he considered selling the dreads on ebay? hehehe. Just kidding. (maybe?)

  • pj

    I love Jason. Everyone needs a change. His voice is so unique.

  • Daytripper73

    I didn’t expect him to keep his dreads into his 30’s, so this doesn’t shock me. He’s at the age where he’s probably ready to look a little more grown up. I’m not crazy about the current ‘do, but he’ll figure out a new style soon enough.

  • iluvai

    Jason’s eyes were always my favorite. So I’m good. :o