Idol Headlines for 4/16/13 – The Evening Edition

R&B Songstress Fantasia to Headline Pride Festival – This year’s 30th Annual Pride event will feature R&B songstress and American Idol winner Fantasia as its musical headliner.Fantasia will appear on the main stage on Saturday night, May 18. She will follow performances by Julian and the Krush and Diana King. Sunday’s main stage will host a variety of American Idol and The Voice finalists. Rounding out the Idolists are David Hernandez, Kimberly Caldwell, and Paris Bennett. The Voice finalists will feature Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, and Jamar Rogers. – Read more at IBpost

Smash Is Now Losing to the Oprah Winfrey Network – This is what it’s come to for NBC’s Smash: The once-promising series is now doing worse than … Iyanla, Fix My Life. According to final Nielsen ratings data released this morning, Saturday’s Smash averaged a mere 0.4 rating in the crucial demo of adults under 50, while on the same night, over at Oprah Winfrey’s OWN, the season premiere of Iyanla (with featured guest DMX!) averaged a 0.6 rating. – Read more at Vulture

American Idol’s Kree Harrison talks Kristofferson cover, all-female top 5, more – “Kris Kristofferson” and “American Idol” aren’t two phrases you typically find in the same sentence – at least not until last week, when Nashville-based contestant Kree Harrison performed the country great’s “Help Me Make It Through the Night” as her pick for a song she wished she’d written. Harrison told the Tennessean Kristofferson is “one of my biggest influences,” and the song let her show the “Idol” audience another side of her. “I’ve sang Aretha and a lot of these songs that have been more about showing off, rather than having that singer-songwriter moment,” she says. – Read more at

Arbos says stutter didn’t get him votes on ‘Idol’ – “I think that I had really good songs. I had bad songs, but I had really good ones (too) and when I messed up, they stopped voting for me,” he said in an interview Monday. He went on to say that if he didn’t stutter, he thinks he would have lasted longer on the show.GOD Lazaro is deluded – Read more at Denver Post

Two ‘Idols,’ one goal: a long career in music – Allen, who famously beat out runner-up Adam Lambert, will become a father in July. And once his wrist recovers from a car accident he was involved in on New Year’s Day, he will begin working on his next album — regardless, he says, of whether he has signed with a new label by then. As for DeWyze, a paint store employee from Mount Prospect before ‘Idol,’ he got married to model and actress Jonna Walsh in July and signed with Vanguard Records in January. DeWyze expects to release his next album this year and recently released the single “Silver Lining.” – Read more at Chicago Tribune

Adam Lambert: LAX Arrival After Miami Beach Gay Pride! – Adam Lambert is all smiles as he arrives at LAX Airport on Monday (April 15) in Los Angeles. The 31-year-old entertainer made his way through the terminal after his flight from Miami where he performed at the 2013 Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival. – See the photos at Just Jared

Kellie Pickler Thrives on Dancing With the Stars – “I think my Grandpa Ken is more excited than anybody because it’s his favorite show,” Pickler tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown segment producer Tim Hardiman. “When he heard that I was asked to do it again, he said that if I didn’t do it, then I wasn’t his favorite granddaughter. And I’m his only grandchild, so he’s stuck with me. He has to like me. I can’t let Grandpa Ken down.” The upbeat singer is teamed with dance partner Derek Hough this season, and she has already earned raves for her dancing skills. She’s shy about her own natural talent, though. – Read more at CMT

‘DWTS’ Week 5 Backstage: Karina Smirnoff Talks Boston, Dancing With Maks, and Her Leap of Faith With Jacoby – So what was it like for Karina to team up with her ex for two ultra-important dances? “When I was first told that would be the situation, I was like, ‘Ha! Interesting.’ I was wondering if it was going to be a little awkward or weird,” she said. “We started rehearsing, [and] it was such a long time ago that we had our situation. … It was good. I actually enjoyed it really well.” – Read more at

Jennifer Hudson on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  • MyDailyComment

    Smash ” also scored lower demo ratings than ABC’s under-the-radar new game show Bet on Your Baby,”

  • Li Wright

    I.Do.Not.Like Jhud’s makeup….who is doing her makeup?

  • Laura Corn

    Just. Saw a post that Adam arrived in Hong Kong few minutes ago. He is there to perform and possibly win an award as International star if the year at the China Music Awards Show? Think Lax a stop over!

  • merkureye

    Lazaro thinks he would have lasted longer on the show if he didn’t stutter? Longer than who? Amber? NO. Janelle? NO. Kree? NO. Angie? NO. Candice? HELL NO!

    Then who is he talking about? Even if he didn’t stutter, wouldn’t he still possess that same voice and the same tin ear? I don’t get it.

  • Mary S. Shepherd

    In the thumbnail picture of Kree at the top of this post, she looks like a young Priscilla Presley.

  • H.A.

    Nice to see all these Idols doing Pride Festivals. It’s a huge market and Fantasia having a large gay fanbase the turnout should be great.

  • Larc

    If Lazaro didn’t stutter, he likely would have never made it past Hollywood, if he had even got a Golden Ticket.

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • roaringpen

    Nice interview with Lee and Kris.

  • Li Wright

    Awright, I’m going to say it — what is wrong with JHud’s makeup….can somebody please fix it!

  • Li Wright

    Bet on your Baby is so funny and so cute. I was hooked, but could only watch about 1/2 hour of it. One hour of all that cuteness is overkill.
    I suggested that Smash try and go cable, like Cougartown did.

  • Shannon Smith McNeely

    Man, help me out here, y’all. Is Jennifer H…um, not very intelligent or something? I am not trying to be funny or sarcastic… Unlike many others whom I have heard describe her voice as shrill or too shouty, I truly love her instrument. It hits a sweet spot for me. However I dont think I have ever heard her in an interview come across with such animation, chirpy even, and her fund of knowledge appears to be rather limited….she comes across
    very concrete and ummm, like I said, perhaps a bit limited? Oops…

  • hoosiermama

    “You might find this surprising, but I don’t have as much money as RCA does.”–Kris Allen lol

    Good article on Lee and Kris with some similar insights on their experience post-Idol.

  • HKfan

    He just passed through Hong Kong, the performance at the awards show is in Macau, a 50min ferry ride from HK. Its the 17th China Music Awards.

  • Axxxel

    Macau. isn’t that the Las Vegas from China, in an historic setting ? Hope Adam can visit the Great Wall.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe she was just nervous or even tried to be funny. Maybe she is just not really into (action)movies…

  • Shannon Smith McNeely

    Not trying to be unkind…referring to several aspects of the interview: her comment about buying her worry-stone at a stone store for example, just very concrete and, well, seemed very limited- so much that it startled me

  • Axxxel

    LOL, I noticed that as well… I still think it is actually her unelegant way to avoid answering the question. Sometimes we don’t want to tell people where we buy our stuff, especially when “superstition” is involved. And Jimmy was gently poking fun at her “worry stone”… If I were her, I would just say, in a special place… and change the direction of the conversation.

  • mmb

    Re: Smash ratings, I thought they were moving it to 9pm on Saturday? But this weekend they ran it at 8pm and did a re-run of the Voice at 9. I can’t imagine a worse spot than 8 pm on a Saturday night — at least at 9 pm you can catch viewers who went out to an earliesh dinner or movie. At 8pm? Who is home watching TV on a Saturday night???

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “He went on to say that if he didn’t stutter, he thinks he would have lasted longer on the show. – GOD Lazaro is deluded ”

    He sure is. Lazaro knows that this isn’t true too.

  • mmb

    I get what you are saying. IMO Jennifer has never come across particularly well in interviews. Her speech pattern is somewhat stilted so I find her interviews awkward. I think this hurt her when competing on Idol — she might be the most charming, wonderful, friendly person in real life, but on the show she, fairly or unfairly, came across as very unlikeable.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Lazaro is lying or deluded. He played the victim card and exploited the sympathy and emotions of his fans. I think that he knows what the reality is.

  • Larc

    It’s back to 9 PM for the next 2 Saturdays.

  • Jennifer Woolley

    Rehearsal video for the China Music Awards

    “@glam_alidol: 2013 Chinese Music Awards ? Dancers doing rehearsal of @AdamLambert Trespassing

  • Nadine_Bitch

    I counted 6 dancers. So excited to watch it. There’s a live stream too and if it would be like the MAMA’s we can expect for an HD-like stream:)

  • Liteasy

    Jennifer was very arrogant on the show and talked back to the judges.

  • HKfan

    In the UK, a saturday evening time slot is coveted, all the big programmes are on a saturday night….(at least thats how it used to be, think it still is, but can’t be 100% sure as I haven’t lived in the UK for many years!)

  • CanadianLady

    I just remember Simon making fun of her clothes (which had been made for her by a family member?) and her standing up to him. I thought he was quite rude since he seemed to be focused on how she looked, not how she sang.

  • Face

    I found it interesting the discussion around ways a major label both helps and hinders… esp Kris’ comment about how they can slow down the process of releasing a new album…
    I also hope he does indeed write more for others… I always thought that the writing / producing route may be where he ends up…

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Lazaro posted this recent video to his fans:

    It’s interesting how the severity of his stuttering varies so much. In this video, his stuttering is a lot less severe than on the show. Also, it looks like he isn’t wearing any pants! lol