Idol Headlines for 3/4/13

Crystal Bowersox sings national anthem at Walleye game Sunday – Bowersox performed as part of the team’s “Pink In The Rink” promotion, which raises money and awareness for breast cancer. The promotion spans two games — the Walleye beat Evansville 7-1 on Saturday and hosted Trenton at 5:05 p.m. today. Bowersox, an Elliston, Ohio, native, sang the national anthem hours ahead of a concert at the SeaGate Convention Centre with Monte Mar in a concert that benefits Toledo School for the Arts. – Read more at Toldedo Blade

Kelly Clarkson: Opportunity Education Benefit Concert – Kelly Clarkson takes the stage at the Opportunity Education Benefit Concert held at Verizon Theatre on Friday (March 1) in Grand Prairi, Tex. “My mother is a teacher and I come from a long line of teachers and we’re all about education, so I was really, really excited to be a part of this,” the 30-year-old singer told the audience during her show. – See more at Just Jared

5 things Kelly Clarkson said while sober at Verizon Theatre – 1. “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” She explained that education is near to her heart because her mother is a retired teacher. She went on to imitate — spot-on, we might add — the viral phenomenon Sweet Brown, famous for her “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” video. The audience roared with laughter. Clarkson made sure to mention she wasn’t acting this way because she was drunk. Read more at Pegasus News

Jason Castro talks Winter Jam, new album, ‘Only a Mountain’ and American Idol – Jason Castro exploded on the music scene with American Idol in 2008 and a self titled album in 2010. Now Castro has a new album and is touring with the highly successful Christian music tour, Winter Jam, with some of the biggest Christian artists such as TobyMac, Red and Sidewalk Prophets. The Global Dispatch’s Brandon Jones spoke to Castro about Winter Jam 2013, making the new album and some of his fellow Christian artists. – Read more at The Global Dispatch

Carrie Underwood Blows Away Las Vegas – Giving her fans a fantastic night, Carrie Underwood played at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas on Saturday (March 2). Decked out in a shiny, strapless purple dress, the country songstress belted out her most popular hits as part of her Blown Away tour. – See More at Gossip Center


The Ten Commandments of winning ‘American Idol’ – To the 20 young singers who have made the Season 12 semifinals of American Idol: Congratulations, your goal is in sight. Between now and the May 16 finale, though, all but one of you will be eliminated —- many because you’ll make mistakes that any longtime fan of the show knows to avoid. After two rounds of live competition (Fox, Tuesday and Wednesday, 8 p.m. ET/PT), 10 of you will go home Thursday night, in what promises to be one of the most brutally frustrating shows in series history. – Read more at USA Today

‘Survivor: Caramoan’: Hope on Being Voted Out, What Really Happened With Shamar – Hope Driskill, a 23-year-old pre-law student from Jefferson City, Mo., was voted out on the most recent episode of Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites. While she had an alliance with Reynold and Eddie, it appeared at one point that the polarizing Shamar was trying to hint that she should vote against them and she would be saved. However, she relayed a different version of that conversation at tribal council. After a tie between herself, Shamar and Eddie, Hope got the boot in the second round of voting. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Ann Romney considered ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – (CNN) – Ann Romney, the wife of former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, confirmed in an interview that she considered an offer to join ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” but ultimately declined. “I would’ve loved to have done it, and I am turning 64, and I started thinking about it,” she said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I’m not really as flexible as I should be.” Romney, who has openly talked about her multiple sclerosis, said she’s a big fan of the show but was fully aware of its rigorous training. – Read more at Political Ticker

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  • Namarinad

    Rémi Prieur

    Ca tourne sur chez Virgin Radio ! Cc @phillips

    Polydor France

    Phillip @Phillips de passage chez @VirginRadiofr pour y interpréter son single “Home”

    La quotidienne d’Elé

    Tonight showcase of @Phillips in Paris !! I can’t wait !! #americansinparis

    Manoël Hellio

    Interview with @Phillips at @VirginRadiofr !

  • Jonathan

    You all have to hear Crystal’s cover of Hallelujah in her Toledo concert. She lets it all out. Amazing.

  • curly_yenta

    Nice big video promotion for Taylor Hicks and his show in Vegas from Fox News! This could be similar to what Idol might be doing when they visit his show tonight at Paris (reportedly).

  • Namarinad

    You Oughta Know Who Phillip Phillips’ Musical Idol Is

    La quotidienne d’Elé

    Tonight showcase of @Phillips in Paris !! I can’t wait !! #americansinparis

    Manoël Hellio

    Interview with @Phillips at @VirginRadiofr !


  • istersay

    Fantasia’s ‘Lose to Win’ Music Video was released today

  • tripp_ncwy

    Epic Records has taken Melanie’s photo off their Artists page once again. After the news last week about her project being delayed indefinitely. This may be another nail that coffin.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Not a good sign at all. I don’t like the possibility that as the winner of the X-Factor, Melanie doesn’t get the opportunity to release at least one album.



  • irockhard

    LOL at the 10 Commandments! Love that James is mentioned, and it’s absolutely true that the backstage crew enjoyed working with him.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I thought is was funny how they said, “almost without exception, Idol winners are described as absolute sweethearts…”  I don’t want to start a fan war, don’t have a clue who would be the exception, but it’s like begging for trouble…

  • irockhard

    Yeah I can’t think of any winner that was cocky TBH. Maybe Fantasia? I didn’t watch much of S3.

  • standtotheright

     I wouldn’t read that much into it. I think it’s more trying to forestall fanwars in the comments of people saying, “Well, my cousin knows grip #2 and HE said Contestant X was a total jerk to him one time, but he loved Contestants Y and Z! They were great!” Even genuinely decent and charming people have the occasional off day. It doesn’t mean any one contestant was being singled out there, IMO.

  • mmb

    there are also no longer links to her official sites on her twitter (I’m pretty sure they were there before).  And she has tweeted a few cryptic things this afternoon re: “keeping my head up” and “letting go”.  So….really kinda crappy.  They at least could have let her put out a digital only EP for her fans.

  • Larc

    Maybe somebody should start a pool on who gets a record first, Melanie or Pia.

  • jpfan2

    A picture from P2’s private little concert in Paris today:

    Maybe it’s me but P2 and Paris are one funny combo (funny weird not funny ha ha).

  • Namarinad

    they’re loving it though

    Justine Sériès

    @HP_France Phillip phillips est génial en live ! #showcase #HPConnectedMusicHP France

    En direct du showcase de @Phillips avec #hpconnectedmusic. L’émotion est à son comble sur son single “gone gone gone” Sériès

    Quel joueur de guitare ! #PhillipPhillips @HP_FranceFlavien Demeure

    @Phillips à paris ! let’s go ! @HP_France Concert priv? Phillip Phillips

    BouchetMorgan (M by morgan b.)Clo’

    Phillip Phillips en showcase ! C’est top ! ;)

    Stéphanie Bapes ?@StefaniBapes
    Le concert privé de @Phillips était magnifique surtout sa reprise de Thriller de MJ ! Merci @hp_france pour ce concert ! #hpconnectedmusic

  • Namarinad

    to sum it they loved the showcase saying that Phillip is great live, his cover of Thriller was terrific and that even Michael would be happy, he’s a good guitar player and his new song was full of emotion

  • jpfan2

    Thanks for the translation!

  • Incipit

    Brian Mansfield’s Ten Commandments are Great – love that he name checked several Idols as examples – but still – – the part that gets me is when Brian says “mistakes that any longtime fan of the show knows to avoid.” and yet there will be contestants who say “I didn’t know!” – and smash the First Commandment “Thou shalt not mimic any other Idols before you.” into little crumbly bits.

    They didn’t know? Why not? The information is out there on the web – doesn’t anyone do their homework anymore – or practice Due Diligence? I don’t even know if they can get away with obeying the Tenth Commandment anymore – This is easier said than done in this Era – “Pick your songs because they’re great songs for you, not because you like pretending you’re the person who sang them first. Remember how David Cook surprised and delighted us by creating new ways for us to hear those songs? Do that. “

    Because Idol isn’t about flexibility, risk taking and boldness anymore – the contestants have lost a lot of room to move, and the judges are rewarding a different set of criteria, no matter what the audience may prefer to hear. But still, I loved reading them – they were common sense!


  • girlygirltoo

    who was this showcase for? one of the tweets says it was a private show?

    ETA – my French isn’t as rusty as I thought. I understood all those tweets :)

  • irockhard


    I guess an announcement about her parting ways with Epic will break any day now.

  • irockhard

    Pia I guess since she’s been recording stuff forever.

    Let this be a lesson for all the singing show producers: quit casting pageant-bots. Not only are they boring to watch, they’re not marketable and the labels don’t know what to do with them anymore.

  • girlygirltoo

    Just because they are lkids doesn’t mean they should be excused for things like this. Maybe Bieber needs to call his fans out.

  • elliegrll

    I don’t think that it’s just the pageant bots who are making the show boring.  I’d take the pageant bots over the people who think that they are too big for the show, or are only using the show as a launching pad.  I don’t think that people need to have winning as their only objective, but I do like when people play along with the format, while trying to get noticed. a contract, or build up a fan base.  

    For the most part, I think it’s the people who think that they are too good for AI, who are the main ones who don’t take chances, or think that they know what steps to take to get what they want out of the show.  

  • shell29

    Poor Melanie. It sure sounds like she’s going to be dropped. That stinks. I guess they’ll try to pretend that she never won X Factor.

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris is back to being a tease…

    #stuff…secret stuff

    His mom tweeted back to him that she knows what this “secret stuff” is, so it could be they found out the sex of the baby

    However, he did say in an interview a couple of weeks ago that they did have some secret stuff in the works musicwise.

    So who knows…this “stuff” could be more than one thing :)

  • roarpen

     ” Just because they are lkids doesn’t mean they should be excused for things like this. Maybe Bieber needs to call his fans out.”< – Oh good lord! The internet is too easy for "mean girls."

  • justmefornow

    Under very sad circumstances, James will be performing Thursday at the HP Pavilion in San Jose at the memorial service of two slain Santa Cruz Police Officers, killed in the the line of duty (very sad story).

    Heidi Durbin ?@MrsHeidiDurbin
    Getting ready for the memorial on Thursday for our Santa Cruz heroes#ButchElizabeth

    Elaine Marie ?@Marie90501
    @MrsHeidiDurbin Heidi, is James @durbinrock going to be singing there?

    Heidi Durbin ?@MrsHeidiDurbin
    @Marie90501 yes :)

  • roarpen

     From the ten commandments: “When it comes to your band leader, your lighting designer or your
    stylist, you need to listen to them, work with them and give them ideas.
    Help them find ways to make you look good. Adam Lambert and James
    Durbin were masters at this.”  – Is this apparent because both of these guys did a little something special with their performances? Or is there more to it like insider knowledge?

  • durbesque

    Un moment magique….. That’s the kind of French I understand.

    Also…. Pretty amazing guy with a freakin great voice.

    Je concur.

  • revolution

    I attended Crystal’s first 3 shows on this tour. Each one adding something new that made it better than the last. First show in Evanston, the Show stoppers were Shine, and Movin’ On…Crowd went crazy for Shine…she was very emotional. She then put down the guitar and blew us away with Movin’On. one advantage of a full band backing her is she doesn’t have to play guitar on every song and didn’t on Moving on.

    Second night in St. Charles…Another Standing O for Shine…crowd loved everything, but Shine blows people away. The Encore was unbelievable. She absolutely killed it on Hallelujah, first time she ever sang it. Bobby Magee was also amazing.

    Then came Toledo…She plays the whole album as her main set and a couple songs from the EP…awesome …last song before encore, she brought her high School’s chorus, (Toledo School of the Arts) she sings Falls into Place At the point the song is usually over the chorus continues as Crystal starts testifying…Incredible…then another amazing Hallelujah followed by Holy Toledo and Bobby Magee…

    On to boston to see how she continues to top her last show…one of the lyrics in Shine is that she’s going to sing like its her last show…she is doing that every night.

  • revolution

    Here is Crystal Bowersox singing Hallelujah.

  • abbysee

    Holy smoke! Incredible……can’t wait to see her @Joe’s Pub on the 6th!

  • revolution

    Anyone on the fence about buying Crystal’s album listen to this, Full show from SPACE in Evanston, Ill…First show on the tour….And the second and thierd were better than this!!!!

  • revolution

    For me the song Shine is grammy material…the label wasn’t just hyping this album, its amazing…

  • revolution

    And how about the band!!! Monte Mar is amazing too!!!

  • Jonins

    ” Kris is back to being a tease…”

    He surely is. He loves riling his fans up LOL

    “His mom tweeted back to him that she knows what this “secret stuff” is, so it could be they found out the sex of the baby”

    Maybe but I doubt it since I feel Kris wants it to remain private between him, Katy and their families.

    My guess is he’s under negotiations with a new major label. Or something of that sort.

  • Kariann Hart

    Her version is so much better than Lee’s, IMO.  Crystal has a wonderful voice and I hope she’s successful in all she does!

  • Karen C

    Because Idol isn’t about flexibility, risk taking and boldness anymore – the contestants have lost a lot of room to move, and the judges are rewarding a different set of criteria, no matter what the audience may prefer to hear.

    I agree with this, and this started when they put Jimmy Iovine as mentor in Season 10, and the new judges, though I think they had more freedom last year.  The problem of taking this flexibility away is that the previous years set the bar so high for performances, so it seems like the newer seasons do not quite measure up for viewers that are looking for this type of performance. 

  • mmb

    Big article in advance of Adam’s Singapore concert.  There has been a good amount of print and internet press coverage for all of the concerts on Adam’s current tour. 

  • jpfan2

    Where We Came From from P2 Paris show:



    Showcase Phillip Phillips, Paris. March 4th, 2013

    La quotidienne d’Elé

    New post: @Phillips showcase in Paris last night – first video … #music






    Phillip Phillips at the Magic Stick in Detroit

  • bridgette12

    Great promo, look like Adam did TFM in Hong Kong, I hope he does it in Sinagpore also. Can’t wait for video.

  • CanadianLady

    I wasn’t really invested that year, but I thought Crystal was definitely the best. She sounds great here! And it seems as if her career is finally on the move, so all’s well that ends well.

  • CanadianLady

    The problem is that the industry has become so much about having a platform (i.e. people you know will buy whatever it is you’re selling) that not having a clear “brand” (country, pop, AAA, etc.) really hurts you. In a sense, it’s the marketing side of it taking over while the purists, who want great singers (and also versatile singers) don’t so much care about branding, and are left frustrated.

    There’s always been that tension between the product and marketing, but right now I’d say on Idol that the marketing side is winning. And in a way that makes sense since most people actually want the winners to succeed.

    Yes, I said winners – I think all of the top 10 are winners – they now have a platform and a good chance of a career in music. Which is why it’s so important to sing what you really love because you are creating a brand every time you sing.

  • mmb

    There are really no words for …whatever the heck this is (a video game ad??)

  • bridgette12

    Today is the official launch of that video game Adam is endorsing. That must be what that ad is about.

  • mjsbigblog


    PLEASE. NEWS HEADLINES IN THE HEADLINES THREAD ONLY. I’ll be deleting any and all concert videos.

    Actually, I would prefer ALL tweets concert related to go into the daily concert threads.

    I am about to put a post up now

  • jpfan2

    Pia was always going to be tough to market. But she was fine on the show. Is Melanie A considered a pageant bot? Huh I don’t think so.

  • Axxxel

    I don’t know about Durbin, but I know that Adam Lambert did ask a lot to e.g. the lighting designer… Remember Mad World first and second version during that Season 8 ? How different the lighting and the stage set up were…

  • Karen C

    By flexibility, I meant that the contestants were able to do their own arrangements more. Though I think this was better last year and Phillip was able to show what kind of artist he is. As you said it is important to create a brand when they sing, the ones that have been able to do this have had the most success.



  • tripp_ncwy

    CMT creating a show following Cassadee Pope.

    “We think there’s something really valuable about a first-person account of
    the process of becoming a country star,” Dinsmore tells THR of the Pope
    series, which was developed internally.

    The Cassadee Pope Project joins CMT at a to-be-announced date, with
    Hillbillies opening in summer and Dirty South in the fall.
    Cops Reloaded premieres March 25

  • irockhard

    James was the initiator of all the stuff he did on Idol. Asking for TPTB to clear YGATC, drawing a storyboard for his SNAFF performance, bringing in Zakk Wylde for Heavy Metal, the costume and marching drumline for uprising. Those were all his ideas and Michael Orland can vouch for it.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Blake Lewis’ single “Your Touch” is now out on I-Tunes for those interested.

  • revolution

    Sorry…I was just pushing my audio all over the place…the World needs to hear it…I recorded it and Crystal green lighted all video posts.