Idol Headlines for 05/15/12 – The Evening Edition

Q&A: Adam Lambert On Trespassing, Stankface, Tracking Nile Rodgers On Twitter, And Being An Out Pop Star In 2012 – SOTC caught up with Lambert yesterday before he performed a brief set at the MLB Fan Cave, located in the former Tower Records space at East 4th St. and Broadway. – Read more at The Village Voice

Adam Lambert’s second album, ‘Trespassing,’ hits today: EW rides along on his promotional tour – What’s a typical day like for Adam Lambert? We tagged along with the the Idol alum turned Grammy-nominated solo star — whose second studio album, Trespassing, hits stores today — as he juiced, jogged, and hung with Jimmy Kimmel on a recent Thursday in Los Angeles.- Read more at Entertainment Weekly

Thank You’ Kris Allen = Confession: I didn’t watch Kris Allen’s season of American Idol. I was a fan of his song Live Like We’re Dying but never really put a face to a name. Or name to winning American Idol. Boy, was this fangirl missing out.When Kris stopped by studio, I knew exactly why America had voted for him. He is totally intriguing and utterly captivating … although I cannot figure out exactly what it is about Kris that makes him so charming (it could be that he has really great hair). – See the Video at the Insider

Oprah: ‘Carrie Underwood is so darling’ – “Carrie Underwood is so darling. Everything you love about her, you will even more. Her husband Mike is as lovely as she. So happy for both of them. Interview airs this Sunday night at 9 p.m. on NEXT CHAPTER.” – Read more at USA Today

‘American Idol’ Star Haley Reinhart Sucks on a Lollipop as She is Swarmed by Paparazzi – Haley Reinhart may have come in third place on last season’s American Idol, but that isn’t stopping this talented singer from being swarmed by the paparazzi. As Haley is busy promoting her upcoming debut album, Listen Up!, she was spotted laughing away at the photographers as she sucked on her yellow lollipop. – Read more at OK Magazine

‘X Factor’ may be singing “Oops!…” over Britney – (Reuters) – Simon Cowell and Fox television are gambling on pop icon Britney Spears and teen singer Demi Lovato to revive “The X Factor”, but for many media watchers it could be a case of “Oops!…” did they do it again? Spears, 30, and former Disney Channel star Lovato, 19, are expected to bring in bigger, and more importantly younger, audiences when the singing contest returns for its second season on U.S. television in September after a weaker-than-expected debut in 2011.
But whether viewers will tune in is less certain, and the huge check Fox and the producers wrote – Spears is reported to be getting $15 million for one season – may not pay off, pop culture and TV experts say. – Read more at Reuters

Not Worried About Britney Melting Down – Simon Cowell isn’t bothered one bit at the prospect of Britney Spears falling apart during a live episode of “X Factor” … insisting whatever happens will be ratings GOLD!! Simon was leaving ABC Kitchen in NYC last night after a dinner date with the other new “X Factor” judge Demi Lovato … when we asked the $15 million question — “Are you nervous with Britney being on live TV?” Some people are concerned about Brit because of her ongoing mental health issues … highlighted by the fact she’s still under a conservatorship. Simon is NOT one of those people. – See the Video at TMZ

‘X Factor’ Announcement Was a Bloody Nail-biter – No one was more nervous to see and hear reassembled pop princess Britney Spears at her big $15 million “X Factor” announcement yesterday than Britney herself … at least judging from her chewed up and bloody fingernails. Despite the unwavering support from her new boss Simon Cowell, Britney seems to be taking out her pre-show anxiety on her cuticles … a problem she’s been dealing with for years. – Read more at TMZ

Ryan Seacrest Buys Ellen DeGeneres’ $49 Mil Estate – Ryan Seacrest has snagged Ellen DeGeneres’ amazing Beverly Hills estate, which was listed for a cool $49 million, and he paid close to the asking price … TMZ has learned. Seacrest, who is reportedly worth $125 million and rakes in $45 million a year (these reports are sometimes off — he probably makes more) … will be the proud owner of the 9,200 square foot main house, 3 guest houses, and a couple of cement ponds. The estate sits on 2.87 acres — for Bev Hills, that’s huge. It basically covers an entire block. Our sources say Ryan is paying within a couple of million dollars of the asking price. The deal is in escrow and it will close this week. – Read more at

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  • Anonymous

    Why’s EW printing an old article – trying to get on the crazy train after the slam they printed about his album?

  • Van

    Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, and John Legend sang at the closing of ABC Upfronts today. Jennifer Nettles was missing.

    Here are two pictures: One with Kelly and two of the Modern Family guys and another one of John, Kelly, and Robin performing. 

    And a super short clip of Kelly and John singing “Let Me Entertain You”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this! I was wondering where the Duets news was. Kelly looks STUNNING.

  • Anonymous

    JLo was on Ellen today to promote her movie with Cameron Diaz, and Ellen asked if she was going to come back to idol next year. JLo said she “doesn’t know” and said she’s not sure if she can do it a 3rd year-said her twins are getting older and hinted she may want to move on to more opportunities. Ellen said she hopes she stays because she is doing a “great job” and the audience cheered. So who knows.

    I personally hope she moves on-I like her, but I also realize that the show needs some tweaking and revamping in order to keep it fresh and to stay on top. They also need their equivalent of a Britney-a young big star. P!nk, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Track-by-Track: Kris talks about “Rooftops” 

  • HaleysShindig

    One word: #HaleyPop

  • HaleysShindig

    One word: #HaleyPop

  • Enough already!

    How nice to know that Seacrest can purchase Ellen’s Beverly Hills Mansion for 49million!   Especially in this economy where record numbers of ordinary folk are losing their whole lot less than 49 mil homes to foreclosure.   Onto another lofty subject, if Jlo who didn’t buy Ellen’s house, but probably could, leaves Idol, then the seat will be filled with a much younger diva?   Trends…I was happy and watching when Paula was on the show.   

  • Van

    @kelly_clarkson:twitter @reba and I are officially members of the ABC family woohoo!!

  • Anonymous

    how is this an old article? Adam was just on Kimmel  2 weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

    Read it back then.

  • Anonymous

    I read this article a couple of weeks ago.

  • YankeeFan08

    Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel, Adam’s episode re-airs tonight.

  • Anonymous

    I hope JLo leaves – she’s useless as a judge and is there just to promote herself.  Steven can go too as far as I’m concerned.

  • YankeeFan08
  • Anonymous

     They should recast all the judges.

  • TheOther

    If America was voting, J-Lo would probably be eliminated as a judge.  She adds little value to the show.

    Jimmy Iovine.  That’s all I have to say.

  • Anonymous

    Agree, they really need a fresh start with brand new judges that will actually do the job correctly.  No favoritism, give constructive critism not negative,  no self promotion and stop confusing the contestants.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the Village Voice article.  I think the VV has some of the best reviews and music articles hands down.  I sometimes read their reviews even if I am unfamiliar with what is being reviewed because I always learn something!  I love Adam’s response to their article last week.  I hope folk buy because Trespassing is a damn good album.  

    ” It just hit me in the head and I was like, “That’s the type of record I want.” It’s instant. It’s classic. It’s old, it’s young. It’s black, it’s white. Gay, straight. I was captivated by it.”

    I love that entire idea.  I think he’s captured it!

    The more I read about the hiring of Brit and Demi, the more I am worried that Simon doesn’t give a damn about anything but beating idol.  I think he almost wants either of them to be a trainwreck, either on or off screen, just to good his withering ratings.  I don’t think Britney in particular is ready for the scrutiny that this show will bring.  Oh well, hopefully her conservator will be vigilant.  

    I don’t have as much problems with the judges on idol because I’ve seen far worse on both the Voice and Xfactor, but if Jennifer want to move on, so be it.  I think she is actually the best judge this year, followed closely by Randy.  I absolutely adore Steven Tyler, but as a judge it’s almost sad to watch.  I don’t really know if just younging the panel up is the best way to go.  I think an established, mature star, who wants to slow it down….like Justin Timberlake, (wishful thinking, I know, but he’s not doing much music making, so there’s that) or Diddy, if he was willing to stop drinking the product, tm Heejun, lol.  Or even better the queen of hip hop soul, Mary J. Blige.  I think it could be a boon for the show. I don’t think idols format needs that much tweaking, but it needs new blood, better themes, and judge autonomy.  Watching this season really crystalizes how much tptb are pulling strings.  And it makes me wonder why they bother.  

    I am glad Adam is having such a great opening day.  I know it’s only the early adapters, but I am glad that so many seem to have stayed put.  For me it was well worth the way.  Trespassing is really a solid cd.  There some dancey, dancey stuff that I love, and some music that makes a statement without beating one over the head, and some stuff that just shows off what an incredible vocalist Adam is.  I am a happy fan today!

  • Anonymous

    Belinda Thomas LA Examiner: Video: Kris Allen talks new album ‘Thank You Camellia’ Part 2

  • Anonymous

    You know I would be more welcoming of new judges if I thought that would stop the favoritism, and the kinds of criticism given, but I don’t think that new judges would change that as I believe it’s tptb that determines who gets negative criticism and the favoritism doesn’t start at the judges table.  The self promotion doesn’t bother me, because it’s part and parcel of accepting that job.  The only reason this is such a big deal now is because we’ve never had panelists(besides Randy) who still were viable musical artists as are Jen and Steven.  Love or hate them, folk are still buying what they are selling,  That’s what made them decent choices for idol.  I think now however, it should be two and done, or one and done.  Leaving Randy, for better or worse as the old guard.  I think he’s needed, if only for that. 

  • raya

    That’s never going to happen IMO.  No judges are ever going to be completely without biases and favoritism.  They are IMO never going to please the majority of the viewers since viewers will often feel slighted whenever their faves are even slightly criticized and everybody has different faves.  Contestants will likely always get confused just because of the too many cooks in the kitchen mentality.  Also Idol or any other show like this are never going to get famous folks to do the show without giving them some room for self promotion.  If people want the judges to be industry giants, let’s just say they won’t be doing the show unless there is something in it for them as well.

    Also more power to whatever female judge replaces Jennifer, if she goes, because they have a much harder job of it than the male judges IMO.  They will likely be held to a higher standard and then be accused of either being jealous everytime they criticize a female contestant.  Heck, Randy doesn’t even make sense most of the time, but Jennifer is supposedly the problem with the judging panel.  At least I can understand what the heck she says.

  • raya

    I maintain I’d like to see how on point and witty Jimmy is when he has to give his critiques live right after a performance, as opposed to getting a night to ruminate on what to say and serve up perfect little edited soundbites.

  • Anonymous

    Busy Kris has another radio show tonight, at Mix 100.5

  • Emily

    Let’s say that the Sing Off doesn’t get renewed even with a fan campaign. I’d love to see any of that panel on Idol, especially Ben Folds, who gives constructive and witty criticism.

    While we’re at it, I really liked Stevie Nicks as a mentor, she would be great.


  • Miz

    That interview with Kris at THe Insider was fun and funny. Great having someone totally new who never watched Season 8 asking questions.

  • Anonymous

    lol nobody on my twitter feed even knew about this, even though I guess there was a big banner on the radio station’s site about it :D.   But I saw that the radio station in Palm Springs (KPSI) had really upped its spins of TVOL last week, so I can’t say I’m surprised they got a show.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that he’d be as useless as Steven, Randy and Jennifer, that’s why I want him to continue his Monday (Thursday) morning quarterbacking. Simon Cowell needs to take on the same role at the X Factor, and stop being one of the mentors.

  • Loretta

    Ok Trespassing is seriously, sonically good.

    It reminds me of Prince and JT but Industrialized.

    Adam has a hit on his hands.  That boy can really write him a moving song.

    Color me surprised. 

  • Anonymous

    This is a nice interview from today, where Kris Allen talks about his record, and Jessica Sanchez.,0,2419877.story

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if this was posted yet. Version of TVOL which is on the acoustic EP: 

  • kesia monteith

    I think she needs to move on as well. I wouldn’t have any bad feelings over her staying, but I am tired of this back and forth nonsense of “will she, or will she won’t” mess. I mean, please, you know your schedule, just decide already.  

  • Wex

    Dont think he adds much. Repetetive same comments weve heard year after year..totally interchangeable & despite judging 11 yrs, hes supposedly the least paid. Tyler dorsnt add much..hes like the loony uncle in the attic who spks in tongues. I think Jlo often gives good critiques in a Paula way. They dont feel spontaneous to me but maybe they watch rehearsals & someone helps her. They dont necessarily need a mean judge but at least an honest one who says what audience is thinking. A current artist doesnt want to be perceived as harsh,bully,mean cuz they have an image & brand to protect. AI has def been boon to Jlos career. I want to see changes to panel & some creative new twists for the format. (Im still gagging @ Simon hiring Brit & Demi. Latter shouldnt mentor unless they create a kids category. The former never actually sings, seemed terrified yesterday, isnt good at spontaneous public speaking & is actually still under conservatorship. Hiring 2 bipolar women may initially be good for curiosity ratings but I hope their mental health isnt jeopardized & we dont see Rachel+Nicole breakdowns

  • randi


    how is this an old article? Adam was just on Kimmel  2 weeks ago.

    That article appeared in their print magazine two weeks ago.  In the media anything that happened two weeks ago is old. 

  • Wex

    Pink was mentioned for xf but dont know what happened? She might be good for the spring voice edition.she seems like the type whod be perfect judgel/mentor…Simon stepped in it by promising A list artists like Mariah & delivering Demi..but she was cheap…All those who said selfserving..Why do u think Demi wanted the gig?

  • Anonymous

    I love our AI judges (Randy, Steven, and JLo) mainly because they have picked great contestants these last two years. I have loved all the variety of singers these last seasons. I’ll have to give these judges a lot of credit for knowing how to pick talent. Maybe it is hard for the judges to give critiques after being with all the singers especially during Hollywood week. Do you think they get invested and don’t want to bring the dreams down? I wonder because they are only human and are musicians themselves.

    In my opinion some of the best all-time judges for giving good musical critiques were the judges for the Sing-Off ( Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman, and Sara Bareilles). I’m going to miss that show.

  • Anonymous

    Nigel Lythgoe ? @dizzyfeet
    Three songs from tomorrow’s #AmericanIdol. ‘Imagine’ – ‘Beggin’ – ‘I’ll Be There.’

  • Kariann Hart

    Emily, you bet I signed the petittion.  It’s nice to remind Nigel about the Sing-Off judges!  Ben and Sara are getting a kick out of all the Twitter messages.  Shane is also a good judge. 

    I also think Stevie Nicks would make a terrifric judge but I don’t know if she’s healthy enough to handle such a long term commitment.  I’d sure like her to return to help Jimmy Iovine. 

    I really thought Jennifer was refreshing the first part of Season 10.  Lately, she’s acted kind of dizzy, going overboard for several of the contestants.  I can’t wait to find out what changes will be made on Idol. 

  • milwlovesadam

    Just checked, Adam is still at #1 on Itunes for the Deluxe Album. Happy Trespassing Day !!!

  • Tess

    For you lucky southern Californians…a great twofer.  July 18, Scotty McCreery and July 19, Adam Lambert at Costa Mesa Pacific Amphitheater.  Now that would be worth a trip.  Tickets on sale May 19.

  • Just Me

    More Haley News
    Carole King Named BMI Icon at 60th Annual BMI Pop Awards

    The all-star tribute to King featured promising young talent, an international star, and a golden-age pop idol, reflecting the broad appeal of King’s extraordinary work. 19 Recordings/Interscope Records recording artist and American Idol alumna Haley Reinhart delivered an inspiring performance of “Beautiful”; Universal Republic recording artist Colbie Caillat offered a soulful rendition of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”; and Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits capped off the tribute with “I’m into Something Good,” the debut smash for Herman’s Hermits in 1964.

    Upcoming events
    May 17, ‘Little Pink Dress Party’, ‘Little Pink Dress Party, tickets via WSJO SOJO 1049, Atlantic City, NJ
    May 18, Headlining Girls Who Rock Benefit, Gramercy Theater, New York City
    May 19, Spring Fling Concert, WINK-FM, Fort Myers, FL
    May 20, Billboard Awards, Interscope After-Party, Hard Rock Las Vegas NV

  • Jae

    are you kidding????  We haev heard alll of those before. :(

  • Roger Kramjet

    I checked Itunes when I woke up and not only is Adam’s album Trespassing still #1! Adam stayed on top of Itunes despite the season finale of Glee and their Graduation album. Many thought they would outsell Trespassing as the finlae aired but he held onto the #1 spot! He has 2 songs Trespassing and Runnin in the top 200 Itunes songs overall and 6 songs Trespassing, Runnin, NCOE, Underneath, Better Than I Know Myself and Outlaws of Love in the top 200 Itunes songs on Pop! Trespassing is #5 on Amazon Best Seller list overall with a green arrow up and #2 on Barnes and Noble’s Best Seller list right behind Queen Adele. Congratulatons Adam! SO impressed with the music and am SO glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s a good venue, I remember when Adam played there before and sold out.

  • Anonymous

    I have been fairly OK with the Idol judges this season. They are – fortunately – doing a much better job this year, IMO. Last year I was so disgusted with them as the only thing Steven and JLo seemed to be able to say was “It was beautiful”, and favoring Scotty and Lauren Alaina also got to my nerves (they are good singers, sure) – and especially the way they treated Haley was the worst put-off for me.

  • Anonymous

    If you clean out the judges’ panel, who replaces them?  What big name is out there that would be willing to tie up 6-7 months of their schedule for a show that is losing its pop-cultural relevance?

    Saying OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! sounds good, but you’ve got to have three more heads to replace those.  And I don’t know if those heads are out there

  • Anonymous

      I checked Itunes when I woke up and not only is Adam’s album
    Trespassing still #1! Adam stayed on top of Itunes despite the season
    finale of Glee and their Graduation album. Many thought they would
    outsell Trespassing as the finlae aired but he held onto the #1 spot! He
    has 2 songs Trespassing and Runnin in the top 200 Itunes songs overall
    and 6 songs Trespassing, Runnin, NCOE, Underneath, Better Than I Know
    Myself and Outlaws of Love in the top 200 Itunes songs on Pop!
    Trespassing is #5 on Amazon Best Seller list overall with a green arrow
    up and #2 on Barnes and Noble’s Best Seller list right behind Queen
    Adele. Congratulatons Adam! SO impressed with the music and am SO glad
    you are getting the recognition you deserve.

    Oops, did I step into the numbers thread by accident?  I’m happy that Adam fans are so excited.  This album looks like it could possibly be iconic for him.  He’s worked so hard and is so incredibly talented.  Superstar material that one!

    I know that next week is Kris’s album release and I would really like to stay away from numbers if possible.  Obviously the comparisons will probably be ugly for Kris and it would be nice if I could read the headlines thread without being subjected to this.  As they say “Ignorance is bliss”. :)

  • Roger Kramjet

    If there was a numbers thread I would have posted it there. I am sure that Kris will sell well too. They are very different artists and I certainly HOPE and believe that Adam fans will not draw comparisons. Others might but I HOPE Adam fans do not.

  • Anonymous

    “although I cannot figure out exactly what it is about Kris that makes
    him so charming (it could be that he has really great hair)”

    He does, doesn’t he? Although I don’t think that’s  what makes him so charming; he’s just so unassuming – and being a suh’thun gentleman, it seems to come naturally. At any rate, Kris is a very talented and handsome guy, and I’m anxious to get his album next week!

  • julia

    If there was a numbers thread I would have posted it there

    Why is there no numbers thread?  Don’t we usually get one every day or am I just thinking that because there is usually one there when i look?

  • Guest

     The headlines thread is usually the first one I read because I like to read about a variety of ‘celebrities’ and what they’re doing, but usually just skip over the stuff that doesn’t interest me. (sometimes there’s a lot to skip over! LOL)