Idol Headlines for 03/27/12

Haley Reinhart is set to appear on tonight’s 90210 airing on the CW at 8/7c.

Erika Van Pelt is set for The Today Show and Anderson Cooper.

Best Ink Premiere – Tonight, ten tattoo artists compete for $100K and a cover and feature spread in Tattoo magazine. American Idol Season 2 finalist Kimberly Caldwell hosts. Oxygen (TV Line)

Haley Reinhart talks ‘90210,’ ‘Listen Up!’ – For Haley Reinhart, singing new material on American Idol last week felt like coming full circle. “I loved being able to walk in the doors and see smiling, familiar faces,” says the singer, who finished third on Idol’s 2011 season. “They had a lot of really nice words, and they were really excited.” Haley also got to hand advance copies of her Listen Up! album to some of the folks she worked with last season. “They had heard there was a lot of exciting stuff going on, so they were proud of me and happy to have me back.” Read more at USA Today

American Idol’s Erika Van Pelt On “The Tom Sullivan Show”

Haley Reinhart wants you to ‘Listen Up': Details on the ‘American Idol’ vet’s new album – “It’s pretty much dunzo,” Reinhart says of the new album. “I co-wrote everything other than the single ‘Free,’ actually. That was the first tune that I heard while I was touring and I thought it was amazing and wanted to record it. We kept the recording we did while on tour.” Reinhart tells Zap2it that she’s had a crazy year trying to put together the album. “I have had an amazing time and the process of working with producers and co-writers it was all very fast. It was like speed dating, but we got it done. It was an exhausting process, but then again, what isn’t? The past two years… But it’s been well worth every single blood sweat and tear because I am proud and it is something that defines me.” – Read more at Zap2it

Carrie Underwood Interview: ‘Blown Away’ Singer Talks Life In and Out of the ‘Celebrity Bubble’ – The Boot joined a group of Nashville journalists in a chat with Carrie about her new music and its country-rockin’ first single, ‘Good Girl.’ We also took turns asking the singer-songwriter about everything from her pets to perfume, and what prompted her to finally join Twitter. She talks married life and her new life as a vegan, along with plans for a fall tour that she promises to be bigger and better than her last. And we all found during our candid chat that what actually is “normal” about this multi-platinum-selling superstar is the way she carries herself like the ‘Good Girl’ next door. Here are some highlights from Carrie’s conversations with our round-table. – Read more at The Boot

3D American Idol Recap – The Top 10 sing BILLY JOEL Songs Plus Makeovers! Sort of!

Jim Cantiello’s Idol recap

Dancing With the Stars Behind the Scenes: Who’s “in Love” With Their Partner?! – I’m kind of in love with Chelsie right now,” Roshon tells us when we ask if he’s currently dating anyone. “Honestly, I’m just working hard. I’m staying focused. My main goal right now is to get everything out of my heart to my fans because they’re my babies at this point. I got to give everything out to find out how much love I want to receive. Let me get it out of me first, then we can figure out whoever the girl is, if it’s Chelsie or not.” – Read more at EOnline

‘Dancing With the Stars': Melissa Gilbert fights with Maks, but not in public – “We are outspoken with one another privately,” she said. “We don’t share that with the public. That’s the difference. He can say anything he wants to me when the microphones are off. And so can I. But as soon as they’re on, we act like professionals.” Wow, that’s rather different from former partners of his. Gilbert says that Maks can’t be a diva with her. “We do butt heads, but that ends in us agreeing to disagree and moving on, or not. And I’ll tell you, his professionalism and his need for perfection pushes me in a way I never thought I’d be pushed. – Read more at Zap2it

Katherine Jenkins Reveals ‘Dancing’ Alter Ego – “‘Katherine’ [is] the classical singer and ‘Kathraun’ [is] the ‘Welch Wiggler,'” Ballas said of his dancing partner after they danced the jive, for which they received an episode-high 26 points. “I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience,” Jenkins said of the highly scored dance. “My body was giving it. I have no idea what it looked like or how I did.” While Jenkins was able to wow the judges, Gladys Knight didn’t have quite the success with the judges on Monday night and tallied the second lowest scored with 19 points. – Read more at ETOnline

‘Dancing With the Stars': Tristan MacManus blogs week 2, explains why he sticks out his tongue – Ballroom dancing pro and amateur leprechaun Tristan MacManus will be checking in with each week as he and partner Gladys Knight go for the coveted mirrorball trophy. I’m Tristan MacManus — I’m “the hot one on Dancing With the Stars.” (That was just a bit of fun.) – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

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  • Mateja Praznik

    Olly Murs is opening for 1D on their US tour, looks like Columbia signed him to US record deal. Olly is on his own UK tour right now, he recently said he plans to start working on album #3 in April.

    Olly Murs
    ?@ollyofficial:disqus  I can confirm I am joining
    @onedirection on their US tour from 29th May as special guest!! Columbia
    US releasing HSAB in the summer!! #pucka

  • windmills

    That Carrie interview with The Boot is great. Finally some more stuff about the album.

    On how ‘Blown Away’ is a stretch from her previous music: “The rest of the album is more growing and different influences but in different directions … I love singing different kinds of things, which is why I can do the Steven Tyler thing (‘Crossroads’) and the next week turn around and sing on the Grammys with Tony Bennett. Those are polar opposites, but I feel comfortable in both places. My album is a lot like that. It’s a big old puzzle and everything has its own place. There’s ‘Good Girl’ and there’s some more traditional stuff than I’ve ever done before.” 

    I’m glad there’ll be more traditional country on the album.

    Carrie all but confirms that the title track is the demo she heard that gave her chills & goosebumps. And, I thought her comments on the album cover were pretty funny:

    On the ‘Blown Away’ album cover: “I felt like ‘Good Girl’ and several of the other songs on the album, as well as the title ‘Blown Away,’ allowed me to be more fierce for this one … step things up a little more, fashion-wise. Every girl loves a good wind machine. [laughs] Actually, it was cold in there that day and I did not love the wind machine! There was a backdrop and they brought chunks of grass in, and I was standing on bricks in seven inch heels trying to balance on these bricks. It was actually quite treacherous!”

    Her comments on Mike & their dogs are pretty cute too.

  • Sassycatz

    Olly Murs is opening for 1D on their US tour,

    Uh … thanks?

  • kesia monteith

    Was Erika on Live! with Kelly yesterday?

  • Anonymous

    All part of Simon Cowell’s master plan for music domination in the US.

  • Sassycatz

    All part of Simon Cowell’s master plan for music domination in the US.

    Well, it’s not like we’re unfamiliar with mediocrity over here!

  • larc

    Well, it’s not like we’re unfamiliar with mediocrity over here!

    LOL!  It’s even the rule rather than the exception in some cases.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Rats!  I missed Erika on the Today show.  I hope that there will be video up later.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    MJ: Do you know if Kelly taped a performance for Idol last week?

  • Anonymous

    Is Olly Murs the one who switched from pop music to light opera?

  • Anonymous

    Yay! :)


    #Oh and for you @KrisAllen fans, ‘The Vision of Love’ is now playing on New Pop First:

  • windmills

    fuzzywuzzy: MJ: Do you know if Kelly taped a performance for Idol last week?

    I believe the ticket spoiler is Kelly’s to tape a performance for Idol this week. She’s got a concert in Bakersfield Thursday. I’m thinking she may pretape on Wednesday which is a performance night. But, there’s no other confirmation.

  • randi

    loved the interview with Carrie.  She’s such a sweetie and I love that video for Good Girl.  Can’t wait for her album on May 1st

  • Pam

    Here are last night’s ratings from tvbythenumbers.

    NBC again topped Monday’s adults 18-49 ratings, but The Voice fell to a season low 4.4 adults 18-49, down 4% vs. a 4.6 rating last week. Smash held at a season low matching 2.2 adults 18-49 rating, the same as last week.

    It its second episode, Dancing with the Stars fell 11% to a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 3.5 rating in its season premiere last week.

    18-49 Rating
    18-49 Share
    Viewers Live+SD (million)

    The Voice (8-10p)

    Dancing with the Stars (8-10p)

    How I Met Your Mother -R


    Confessions of a Shopaholic (movie, 8-10p)

    2 Broke Girls -R

    Two and a Half Men -R


    Mike & Molly -R



    Hawaii Five-0 -R

  • Mateja Praznik

     No, that was Joe McElderry. Olly is doing reggae pop.

  • Anonymous

    It is nice to see the good folks in Louisiana taking care of Josh.

  • Ringo

    Jim Cantiello is a hoot.  I love “Dave Matthews Dave Matthews” and the JoAnne Worley rips.  But lose the 3D, guy.

    And as much as I like Haley’s singing, her interviews are painful.  She seems to only speak in cliches.  “But it’s been well worth every single blood sweat and tear”?!?  Really?? She sounds like an addled rookie baseball pitcher being interviewed forthe first time. Somewhere there is a Haley IPhone app that does that for you.  Girl, you need to relax and answer simply and directly.

  • swansteel

    It made my heart race as I read the Haley Reinhart interviews.  Things are really starting to pick up steam and move forward.  I am so stoked for Listen Up!, I just can’t tell ya.  And, boy, does that deluxe CD (which I did order) sound exciting, what with the extra tracks and all.  Yippee! 

  • Lexie

    Finishing 3rd does have some advantages, it seems…I want extra tracks on my fave’s album.:)

  • Itsonlyidol

    Ahhhhh!  I wondered what happened to Jim Cantiello!  I so miss his AI recaps. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty cool to have Bruno’s support!

    Bruno Mars ? @BrunoMars
    @adamlambert Singing Never Close Our Eyes

    Wonder if NCOE is the next single?

    RCA Records Promo ? @RCAPromo
    @AdamLambert premiered an acoustic version of his brand new song “Never Close
    Our Eyes” this Sunday. Check it out!

  • Anonymous

    We think David A. leaves tomorrow for his mission, but today he is in the studio with an orchestra.  He has his new short haircut, and has had his send off from church.  Happy for him, but sad for his fans who will greatly miss him.

  • Anonymous

    Lol we finally see Haley hula hooping!

  • Anonymous

    Yay Kris ! And that reminds me to watch the first video of IDOL_insider.
    I need to go to a real computer though to see it.

  • Anonymous

    The more I hear Chris Rene talk about his album, the more I get excited!

  • Whiskey

    Adam video from radio talk show The Bob Rivers Show. Adam did a radio interview that day in the building and they saw Adam and asked to interview him.

    Adam Lambert is one of the most famous ‘losers’ from ‘American Idol’ on FOX.
    his season ran, Adam has been in high demand – touring the world,
    making and putting out hits, and even planning to do two shows with Queen, one in Russia and one in England.

    Adam was at Z100 Portland? and was asked about touring.

    Michelle @Dragonfly194
    One question at z100 today – Adams answer – more single releases & lots of promo & vids BEFORE any tour

    ??? Looks like some political magazine that wants to interview Adam.

    Moot Magazine @mootmagazine
    @adamlambert We tried contacting your listed publicist 19 Entertainment without success. We want to interview you for our magazine. Contact!

    Moot Magazine
    celebrating the iconoclasts of our day. from celebrities to everyday people + everything in between. it’s political and irreverent with liberal minded views.
    USA ·

  • Anonymous
  • Mateja Praznik
  • koshka

    Moot Magazine would be better off hitting up Adam’s brother.. LOL Now that would make for a much more interesting article. 

  • mmb

    That New Yorker article is really interesting…

  • Anonymous

    Nah – rather a humorous guy who knows what he doesn’t know rather than someone who thinks he knows everything. 

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Jim C’s recaps.

  • Anonymous

    Erika is so gorgeous.  I love her looks.  I love her voice too.  :)