Idol Headlines for 03/05/12 – The Evening Edition

Kris Allen will perform at Live in the Vineyard on April 13 in Napa, CA. You can only attend if you win tickets. Click for details.

Jack and White (That’s Brooke White and Jack Matragna) are recording a covers CD. One song from each decade beginning with the Sixties–“California Dreaming” by the Mamas and the Papas. (Via @JackandWhite)

Carrie Underwood is revealing her album cover and name a piece at a time. Check it out.

Ruben Studdard Is Back, Singing Joy And Heartache – Nearly 10 years ago Ruben Studdard won American Idol. Since then he has released gold and platinum albums, but he’s also had some personal ups and downs. Now he’s putting the finishing touches on a new album, Letters from Birmingham. Host Michel Martin talks with Studdard. – Listen at NPR

Kinnelon’s Elise Testone makes the top 13 cut on ‘American Idol’ – Elise Testone writes her own music, but when she sang an Adele song called “One and Only” last week on “American Idol,” her voice resonated with the judges and the voting public. “Come on and give me a chance/To prove I am the one who can walk that mile/Until the end starts,” she sang — drawing out the last word as if she was climbing a mountain with it, rising to the top at warp speed, her voice cracking but never failing. – Read more at

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Smash Star Katharine McPhee – Former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee has proven that she’s all woman in the new hit musical show, Smash, showing off a sizzling sexy side that most fans didn’t even know existed! In celebration of her ground-breaking new role, brings you seven things that you didn’t know about the talented 27-year-old singer. Read more at RadarOnline

‘American Idol’ Judges on Season 11: ‘Gloves Off, Get Ready’ (Video) – — Didi Benami caught up with judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler as well as host Ryan Seacrest at Idol’s first official coming out soiree — the Top 13 party following Thursday’s elimination show. “Tonight was really excruciating for them,” said Jackson of the season 11 semi-finalists. – See the video at The Hollywood Reporter

‘The Voice’ prepares to send singers into battle – On Monday, the second-season NBC competition enters its “battle rounds” phase (8 ET/PT), which pits singer against singer by way of duets. Over the next four weeks, half the singers from each of the four coaches’ 12-member teams will be eliminated, leaving 24 finalists to compete for viewer votes on the live shows that start April 2. “The battle rounds are great. That’s where the blind auditions have been put to bed as far as getting people’s attention purely on your voice, and then it’s a matter of bringing a little bit of stage presence,” coach Christina Aguilera says. “You see their competitive spirit come to bat.” – Read more at USA Today

George Takei: Clay Aiken is ‘catty’ on ‘Apprentice’ – Takei, 74, was the oldest competitor this season. He was project manager last night overseeing a task of designing a window at Lord & Taylor to showcase Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. His all-male team lost to the women’s team, and Takei took the fall. “President Truman said the buck stops here. I have to be the man occupying the desk where that buck stops,” he said this morning. Takei added that Clay Aiken, the youngest member of the team who described Takei as “slower” during the task, was “a little catty.” And Takei told Zap2it today that Aiken “is determined to win, and he will do it with little snide snipes.” – Read more at USAToday

‘Glee’ Stars ‘Touched’ By Pitt & Clooney’s Support Of ‘8’ – “I was so moved that they care enough about this issue,” Jane said of the Hollywood heavyweights who she read with on Saturday night. “I love that they took time out of their incredibly busy schedules to do this… to let the world know what went on in that courtroom. I was really touched and moved to see all these really big stars with fire power up there and advocating for our rights.” Jane’s “Glee” co-star Matthew Morrison echoed her thoughts, telling Access, “It was so nice and so warm and we were all here for the same reason, so I felt like we all got to come together as equals.”
Chris Colfer admitted to having a few jitters when it came to appearing on stage with Brad and George. – Read more at Access Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King’s ‘¡Q’Viva! The Chosen’ Is a Hit Across the Americas – LOS ANGELES – March 3, 2012 – As ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen debuts in English on the Fox network in North America for the first time this weekend, new figures reveal that over 30 million TV viewers are now watching the show across the Americas. ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen is made in three languages, it is shown in twenty one countries, and it has now become one of the biggest new international TV shows of 2012. Spanish-speaking fans were the first to fall in love with the show as ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen became #1 on #2 in its timeslot across all networks in Puerto Rico, Peru, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Brazil, while delivering audience share of 35% in Uruguay, 33% in Columbia and 22% in Ecuador. In Puerto Rico, ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen increased Saturday night viewership by a spectacular 60%, and in Uruguay by 50% when it opened last month, and additional solid debuts in Venezuela,Chile, Mexico, El Salvador and other countries have added further viewers in the last two weeks and it will continue to grow as other territories sign up to screen the show. – Read more at TVByTheNumbers

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  • Jordan Seltzer

     30 million may be watching Jennifer’s show across the Americas but in the United States only 2 million watched. So it failed in the only market that I assume is paying for it.

  • Anonymous

    carrie is absolutely gorgeous on the cover of blown away. that said, i prefer the more candid covers of some hearts and play on versus the more photoshootesque covers of carnival ride and blown away.  

  • it’s me

    Yay, Smash is on tonight!  I am very excited to see what Kat sings tonight!

  • Anonymous

    That’s really an odd looking photo of Kat McPhee, and I was wondering if she was still married and the article confirmed that she just celebrated her 4th wedding anniversary.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Ruben on securing an NPR interview.  NPR has really become a go-to resource for finding music, so many listen to it these days.  For someone who’s on an indie label like Ruben, this can be a strong boost.

  • Pam

    Here is Slezak’s latest installment of Idology.

  • Anonymous

    Jordin did a photoshoot for Reebok today.!/JordinSparks
    “Jordin Sparks Jordin Sparks ? @JordinSparks
    Such a great photoshoot today!! I cant tell you details now, but you’re gonna love it!
    6:18 PM – 5 Mar 12 via Twitter for iPhone”!/LivingJade


    I’ve been MIA! I’m back! At shoot with Jordan Sparks right now .. Doing the fitness element! @The_KT_Verve

    3:49 PM – 5 Mar 12
    via Twitter for iPhone”

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow your local airwaves will have “The Vision Of Love”!

  • Anonymous

    Kris just tweeted that his single is being sent to radio tomorrow :)

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, a small surprise from Kris ? I can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    Can it be the Mint video that Adam recorded?

  • Elizabeth Matthew

    While I can certainly understand why Chris Colfer was nervous while reading “8” he really held his own and gave one of the most powerful performances of the night. 

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking that it might be the single cover!

  • Anonymous

    4-5 million people watched Q’Viva in the US (Q’Viva airs on Fox and on Univision). That’s pretty good for a bilingual show! :)

  • TwigLA

    It could be The Mint video. But I’m more inclined to think that the  ‘small surprise’ is that you can win tickets to the Live in the Vineyard show.

    Yay for TVOL going for ads today!

  • Anonymous

    Regarding Idolatry, I know it’s probably sacrilegious to say this but am I the only one who finds Melinda Doolittle a little boring as an Idol commentator? I know she can be snarky sometimes, but somehow Idology has never reached the heights of Idolatry back when it was on EW. I miss the likes of Kristen Baldwin, Annie Barrett and Dawnie Walton as Slezak’s sidekicks.

    I know some people think they were too mean, but as long as you weren’t morbidly obsessed with any particular contestant, they were damned funny. And if a contestant was good enough, they could earn the EW staff’s respect. (I don’t hold a grudge against Kristen for mocking Kris Allen’s earnest guitar strumming at the start of season 8, saying he probably couldn’t even play it properly. She came around in the end.)

    The snippets from Downton Abbey are inspired, but it’s no longer laugh-out-loud funny. Just like the show itself, it seems that the media coverage has left its glory days behind.

  • HaleysShindig

    Haley Reinhart will be live this morning on WZPL 99.5 at 9:30 AM EST here: