Glee Season 5 – Frenemies – Recap and Videos (UPDATED)


Glee returns to FOX tonight with the “Frenemies” episode, featuring guest star Adam Lambert. As Blaine advises his future husband, Kurt, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” In this episode, rivalries explode, pitting gleek against gleek.

I’ll be back with a recap later!  In the meantime, Discuss!

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Hey. Tonight’s Glee didn’t make me want to stab my eyeballs out!  I’d attribute that to the mostly  New York City storyline. When the action did move to Lima, it centered on characters I still care about–Artie, Tina and Blaine. There was blessed little newbie action this week. Just the way I like it!

It was a very dramatic episode, with old resentments between friends bubbling up to the surface. And also rivalry between new friends. There are 3 situations.  Only two of them get resolved. What also made “Frenemies” super awesome was the return of Adam Lambert as Elliott Gilbert.  He’s the closest thing to a real mensch Glee has ever had.  For all of his glittery fabulousness and confidence in his own shining star, there isn’t a mean bone in Elliott Gilbert’s body.  He could teach the gleeks a thing or two about karma.

The action begins at the Starlight diner. Santana has had it up to HERE with rude patrons mistaking her for an illegal alien. Rachel wonders why  she’s being particularly patient with a rude customer, and Santana replies, “I’m saving up for a noose to hang myself.”  She’s sick of being the “girl with the yeast infection.” (most of you remember Santana’s hilarious breakthrough moment as the queen of feminine hygiene!)

Rachel reveals that as the star of Funny Girl, she’s got a cover story lined up with New York Magazine. Santana coos and congratulates Rachel, but somehow it doesn’t feel sincere.  Hoping to nudge Santana out of her doldrums, Rachel offers her friend a spot as a background model, which also doesn’t feel quite as magnanimous as it sounds. Just how much IS Rachel enjoying lording it over her “friend”?

Cut to McKinley as Artie and Tina have lunch together in the auditorium. Apparently, this is a usual Tuesday thing (Although we’re ONLY hearing about this tradition now,  3 years in…). They both marvel at the way they’ve remained good friends, despite ups and downs that include Tina dumping Artie for Mike Chang when they were sophomores. Oops.  While Artie has been accepted to a cool film school in Brooklyn, Tina worries that she’s been waitlisted at Brown with only crappy Ohio state and a dumb veterinarian school to fall back on. Artie is sure that by next year she’ll be knitting scarves for those chilly New England winters. Tina is not soothed. As they only have a few Tuesdays at McKinley left, Artie suggests they make it about music that will cheer them up.  The two launch into a sugary sweet rendition of “Whenever I Call You Friend”  with the action moving into the choir room and New Directions eventually joining in.

Whenever I Call You Friend – Tina and Artie

It’s all sweetness and light until Becky bursts into the room.  “Close the door when you’re singing crap like that!” she demands.  Sue Sylvester wants to see Tina and Artie in her office, stat. It turns out the two friends have TIED for valedictorian.  “Unlike some members of the Glee club who come and go for months at a time, with no explanation,  you two losers are always in that choir room.’ Yes. We’ve noticed. “Even if for an entire week, the only thing you have to do is say something  inconsequential like “Kitty’s right!” or “Blaine, are you serious!”  Nice of the writers to point out their FAILURE to give Tina and Artie meaningful storylines over the years.

They both can’t be valedictorian (actually they could…but this is Glee) so Sue proposes a little friendly competition.  The two will have to deliver speeches to “a blue ribbon panel of idiots” of Sue’s choosing. There will be NO MUSICAL NUMBERS. If either of them breaks into song, she promises that every beverage they drink, until the end of time will have a “tiny bit of my pee in it.” Whoever wins the speech-off, will be valedictorian.

Cut back to New York City, and the New York magazine shoot. Rachel is dressed in her very best Barbra Streisand. Santana attempts to be as supportive as she can muster, even bursting into a performance of “Brave” with Rachel. Santana is off to the side watching, and as the dancers strike a pose, she suddenly emerges in a fabulous dress, finding herself front and center with Rachel. But as the number ends, we discover it was just a fantasy.  Rachel turns to Santana, still standing in the back, and asks her to get ready.

Brave – Rachel and Santana

Back at McKinley, Tina marches up to Artie in the hallway and hands him a prepared speech, which would have him announce his withdrawal as valedictorian. This is basically a repeat of the Rachel/Kurt standoff in season 3. Remember when Rachel insisted she needed to win class president to give her that extra edge? Tina  is convinced she won’t get off the Brown waitlist, unless she wins at SOMETHING. Artie reminds her that she won prom queen, but Tina heard that Ivy league schools look down on such triviality.

Tina begins to whine about how she spends her time making costumes and swaying in the background while everyone else gets what they want.  “It’s time you heard this,”  Artie fumes. “Everyone’s convinced that sometime between junior and senior year, an alien invaded your body and made you shallow and desperate!”  Yes. Tina became awful. Thank the writers! “Says the nerd who’s dating the Cheerio!” Tina shoots back. “SAYS THE HAG WHO VAPO-RAPED BLAINE!” Oh no Artie didn’t! HE DID.   Tina admits she had a crush on a guy who couldn’t love her back. But so does Artie. She accuses Kitty of not really loving him.  Yep. Things just got real. Real mean.  Tina suggests Artie can make his speech about how he made a last ditch effort to be popular by dating McKinley’s BIGGEST BITCH.   “Actually Tina,” says Artie, “YOU’RE McKinley’s biggest bitch. And I’m going to win this!” OH SNAP.

Cut to Kurt venting to his fiancé Blaine on the phone, about how Starchild (Adam Lambert) is attempting to take over HIS band, Pamela Lansbury.   It all started when Elliott scored an interview with the Village Voice, telling them how alive HIS band makes him feel. And he’s writing songs for the band. Kurt is sure Elliott is plotting a coup.  “I mean,” sniffs Kurt dramatically, “He’s a psychopath!”   Blaine’s advice? Don’t let on that he’s worried. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,”  advises Blaine, before chirping,  “I love you!”  as he hangs up the phone.  A bit of advice Blaine is destined to regret.

As Kurt pockets his phone, he reminds Rachel and Santana about band rehearsal later that day.  A preoccupied Rachel  announces that production is auditioning an understudy for her part. Something that will NOT BE NECESSARY as she plans to NEVER miss a rehearsal.  But really, it’s Rachel’s insecurity rearing its ugly head. “It’s really hard being a star,” she says, looking over the top of her big, pretentious sunglasses.  Santana just rolls her eyes and announces that if Berry isn’t rehearsing, neither is she.

Back at McKinley, Will announces that a decision needs to be made about the second Nationals solo. Of COURSE the first has already gone to Blaine, because he was voted the New Rachel eons ago. He smiles smugly in the knowledge that HE GETS EVERY DAMN THING. Tina immediately volunteers for the second solo, but Artie is all “oh no you’re not.” Will suggests a sing off, because that solves everything, you know. The two face off with “My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get It)” They circle and snarl as they sing, with the New Directions offering backrounds and a breakdown. The showdown comes to a climax when Tina pushes Artie and his chair tips over. As Sam picks him up, Tina stands horrified, as she realizes the feud has gone way too far.

“My Lovin (You’re Never Gonna Get it) – Tina and Artie

Back in New York City, it’s just Kurt and Adam having a little “boys night” without the girls. Kurt layers on a ridiculous amount of smarm as he kisses Elliott’s ass, claiming to want to “get to know my new friend” better.  Kurt, offering Elliott a cucumber sandwich, wants to break it down “Andy Cohen style.”

“You just may be the breakout star of Pamela Lansbury!” coos Kurt so insincerely, that Elliott just gives him a big ole side eye.  “Well, I am” Elliott shoots back, trolling. “Sorry?” says Kurt, stunned.  “C’mon now! Everyone is bringing something essential to the mix,” says Elliott, a little exasperated. “Right right…says Beyonce right before she left Destiny’s Child,” snarks Kurt under his breath. “She was better…” Kurt cuts him off. “You were saying…something?”

It turns out that Elliott’s first time on  stage was 5th grade when he played Schroeder in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.”   (A little factoid plucked straight out of Adam’s childhood. FYI).  Kurt, turning up the passive aggressive charm, wants to know all about Elliott’s “ruthless and ambitious journey” to becoming Starchild.  “Qualities that I admire of course!” Kurt adds, “And I wish I had myself.”  Elliott explains that he began music lessons as a young child and is now learning guitar.  Kurt gushes that he’s sooo talented, he could even be front man for Pamela Lansbury. “Do you want to?” he asks worriedly.

Elliott, who can barely keep his amusement under wraps, trolls Kurt a little more. “Yes” he says. But when Kurt’s face falls, he cuts him a break, offering  to help him learn guitar.

Cut to the Fanny understudy auditions, as a terribly off key singer warbles on stage.  Rachel insists that she does not get sick. Therefore, no need for an understudy.  Rupert reminds her that the Union REQUIRES an understudy, as does the producers and the insurance company.  As poor Rachel struggles to shake her insecurity, the next auditioner takes the stage. And much to her horror, it’s SANTANA who proceeds to KILL “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” To add insult to injury, this is Rachel’s signature song. Santana’s version is jazzier,  laid back with a hint of sexiness. Very different from Rachel’s but still REALLY GOOD. Rachel is horrified as Rupert goes absolutely crazy over Santana’s performance. When he learns that the two are school chums, he wants to know why  Rachel didn’t tell him about her. He also wants to know how “one high school produced both of you!”

Don’t Rain on My Parade – Santana

In the meantime, Elliott brings Kurt to a guitar shop to pick out an instrument. The manager eyes them suspiciously, instructing them NOT to “touch the axes” which totally confuses Kurt.  To change the guy’s mind, Elliott asks a dude toying with a guitar if he knows “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by the Darkness. As soon as he hits that first chord, Kurt and Elliott forget their differences to join forces in a campy, fun rendition of the song. Elliott kills the high notes as Kurt  works a stripper pole (which JUST HAPPENS to be in the middle of an edgy guitar shop) like a pro. It’s pure awesomeness, between these two charismatic stars.   There’s no denying Adam Lambert’s incredible vocal talent. But that Chris Colfer? He’s a little scene stealer, he is.  These two have major chemistry. MORE DUETS PLEASE. Needless to say, Mr. guitar shop dude lets them touch his axes. Heh.

“I Believe in a Thing Called Love” – Kurt and Starchild

Later, back at the loft, Rachel complains bitterly to Kurt about Santana stomping on her territory. Kurt reminds her that she does NOT own the song. But somehow, Rachel believes that when Babs is gone, it will be her responsibility to sing it. Kurt can barely deal with the crazy. “Do you know how insane you sound?”   When Santana arrives, Rachel demands to know why she auditioned without telling her.  Santana figured they could fight about it afterward, before Rachel had a chance to torpedo her.  Rachel tosses in the race card, comparing Santana playing Fanny Brice to her presiding over the Puerto Rican day parade.   Rachel claims her objection isn’t personal. Santana calls bullcrap accusing Rachel of continuing to nurse resentment over shit that went down in high school, and that Rachel loves having something over her. Every old wound is opened here.  Santana rubs it in Rachel’s face that she was able to be popular AND talented, and that Rachel just can’t stand it.   As things escalate, Kurt tries to defuse the situation, but to no avail. Rachel charges that Santana can’t handle the fact that her old rival has made it in the big city. Santana is just BEGGING to be her understudy, Rachel says.  Santana calls her bitter. “I was better than you then, and I’m better than you now.”  Then, she ups the ante, “You are short and you are awful, and that is never going to change.”

Rachel whips around. SLAP. Kurt gasps audibly. “I think you should move out,” Rachel says calmly. Santana’s phone rings, and it’s Rupert telling her that she’s got the part. “I’ll see you at rehearsals, Berry.”

Back at McKinley, Tina and Artie are ready for their valedictorian face off.  Sue, Will, Beiste and Figgins will decide the winner. But instead of competing against each other, both have decided to throw the race, sharing in hilariously over the top speeches about how the other changed their lives for the better.  As Figgins, Will and Beiste tear up as Sue fumes. “What a treacley stomach turning waste of time!”

Back in New York, at rehearsal, Rachel arrives to find Santana in her dressing room, touching up. Rachel orders her out. “You will never get this part!” she screams. Just as Rupert enters the room.  He is not delighted that his ladies are cat fighting. There’s a narrative out there. One that the New York press is dying to embrace. That of the two high school BFFs  discovering stardom together. They WILL get along. Joined at the hip. And will become twice as famous as a result. He orders Santana to work closely with Rachel to learn all of her parts.  “It’s all puppy dogs and rainbows from now until the show closes,” he adds. “Well,” says Santana, “At least we know who the rainbow is and who’s the dog.”

As the two sing “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, they follow orders, Santana warily taking Rachel’s lead as she mimics her performance.  They circle each other unhappily, suspiciously.

“Every Breath You Take” – Santana and Rachel

Back at the loft, Elliott and Kurt are bonding. Who knew Kurt had a T. Rex album in his vinyl collection? “Be still my glam heart!” cries Elliott when he discovers it.  He offers to help Kurt pick out perfect records to add to collection because “I’m magic like that.”  And Kurt is kind of magic at baking pre-packaged goods with extra glazing! It’s all very domestic.

Elliott confesses that he’s so glad he’s met Kurt, “You’re the first gay friend that I made in the city that’s not crazy, or just trying to hook up.”

But…Elliott admits that he knows why Kurt is spending so much time with him. “I’m not trying to take over the band!”  Busted.  Kurt apologizes, saying he was just trying to figure out what his deal was.  And here IS the deal. And what should be the takeaway from “Frenemies.”  “You guys are awesome,” insists Elliott, “You’re good people. You’re talented.  You know what? So am I.”  He continues, “Let’s not be these smiley frenemies who backstab each other.  Let’s go out and kick ass together!”

Kurt, finally assured that Elliott isn’t some backstabbing psychopath, wants to document the moment with a selfie.   And just as Kurt snaps the photo, Elliott plants a smooch on his cheek! “Awwww cute!”exclaims Kurt as Elliott giggles. Not so cute when your fiancé finds out, sweetheart!

Back at McKinley, Tina and Artie clasp hands in Sue’s office as they wait to find out who won the speech off.  “Congratulations morons,” announces Sue, “You split the vote. It’s a tie.”  And for some reason, Sue has no recourse but to make them co-salutatorian and to elevate the student that ranked #3 to valedictorian.

And of course OF COURSE that student is Blaine Anderson. WHO DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING UP FREAKING FIFTH AVENUE.  “WHAT” shrieks Tina, pretty much in unison with the rest of us.  Blaine falls all over himself apologizing. “This sounds like a humble brag, but honestly, I feel like sometimes things just get handed to me!”  Perfect meta, as Blaine speaks for Glee fans. Everywhere. “REALLY?” asks Artie. REALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US ANSWERS BACK.  “I never noticed that.” HA HA HA HA.

Just as Blaine explains how he doesn’t understand why Mr. Shue hands him all the solos, Becky comes out of nowhere, “Hey gay Blaine, when did you break up with pancake face?”

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call my FIANCE pancake face and we’re not broken up…”

“Yeah, you are!” says Becky as she reveals THE selfie.”  Oops. “Don’t worry,” Blaine says nervously. “Kurt and Elliott are just friends.”

“JUST FRIENDS MY ASS,” snarks Becky. “Speaking of ass. Pancake face is getting some. OH SNAP.” Oh dear.

Back in the choir room, we learn that Tina and Artie have “demurred” from having solos at Nationals. It’s their last competition at McKinley and they won’t get solos? That kind of sucks.  Blaine, who already has a solo, announces that he plans on turning his valedictory speech into a song. And that should go well with Sue. I hope he likes pee in his drinks.  And, since he knew Artie and Tina both wanted to be valedictorians, he asks them to make it a trio. Tina and Artie get solos after all! And what’s more, Blaine suggests sending a rehearsal video to the artsy farts at Brown.  Oh Blainy!

Back at the loft, things are still super tense, as Rachel and Santana battle it out over exactly WHO should move out of the loft. Kurt refuses to choose sides, which ticks off Rachel.  Kurt, who has learned so much from Elliott about keeping a generous spirit, is disappointed that Rachel can’t find the love, in her heart, to wish Santana well.  Rachel accuses Kurt of being naive. She’s convinced Santana is after her part.  “Look at that!” says Santana, “Pasty gay siding with me!”  Kurt just wants to order a pizza, sit down and talk it out.  Not Rachel. She decides to leave, “You and I have just been pretending to be friends, ever since we did that stupid number in the choir room after graduation. ” Rachel piles on, “You and I have never been friends. Never have and never will.”  Kurt is devastated.

“I am going to be a star on Broadway, and I’m not going to let one moment of this amazing life altering experience be ruined by two friends who aren’t even my friends.”

And you’re still grieving Finn. And so is Santana. And Kurt too.  Can’t you guys just see that and hug it out? Nope.

The episode ends with Blaine, Artie and Tina singing “Breakaway” in the auditorium as a montage of Rachel packing up to leave the loft plays. She hugs Kurt. But when she faces Santana, she rips up the photo she kept in her locker at McKinley. Best friends. Not forever.

Breakaway – Tina, Artie and Blaine

Photo Gallery:

Next Week’s Promo – Trio Episode 10

So it looks like Rachel shows up at Elliott’s door after she moves out of the loft!

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  • weareallinnocent


  • HermeticallySealed

    I like Naya’s voice so much more than Lea’s.

  • HermeticallySealed

    So much meta. LoL

  • mel432

    Acting seems to come naturally to Adam, and the camera loves him.

  • YankeeFan08

    He’s a natural in front of the camera. He should have been on Glee a long time ago. He fits in so well. The duet with Chris was so much fun! Love their chemistry! Now looking forward to next week’s episode.

  • mel432

    What an incredible performance. The song is so much better when you can see them perform it (Adam and Chris, that is).

  • HermeticallySealed

    This self-centeredness born of insecurity is one of the things I always hated about Rachel.

  • milwlovesadam

    Best moment: The promo for next week when Rachel shows up at Elliot’s apartment.

    ** Head exploding with plot possibilities ***

  • Bentley1530

    One of the tightest episodes of Glee in a long time. Enjoyed the staging of most of the numbers except for the choir room sing off, somebody on the writing staff hates Tina.

  • Axxxel

    ok … ok… so it was a peck after all LOL…

  • Axxxel

    Why do I have the feeling that it was supposed to be Rachel showing up at Dani’s house ?

  • Axxxel

    she is an only child… I am not saying that all only children are like that but there may be more tendency to be self centered because they don’t have to share the parent’s attention with their siblings.

  • HermeticallySealed

    I think they all do. LoL She hasn’t had a good treatment on the show in the last few seasons.

  • Axxxel

    Looking forward to the Rachel – Starchild duet !!! Two theater geeks !! let’s bring it on, the over the topness !!

  • Axxxel

    Yeah Tina and Quinn… but I liked it when Tina embodied the straight girl’s crush on the gay guy. despite her vapo-rub on Blaine’s chest while he was sleeping…

  • Axxxel

    In the past, Adam was not a really good actor or he would not be an understudy for such a long time…and never got the main role in a musical…. you can see from the comparison between 4 Fiyero’s of the same scene of the musical Wicked on youtube. However I have to admit that he has stepped it up and a TV-comedy is maybe another beast than a musical drama … However most of all… the camera does love him…

  • Axxxel

    Ryan Murphy really loves Lea… It was Lea’s dream to sing and work together with Adam Lambert (see interview she did with the late Cory Monteith in 2009)

  • lovetheusa1776
  • milwlovesadam

    OMG. How does his voice just continue to send me …??? That ending is a rock purr. Unreal.

  • Corrine43180

    Why would you think that?

  • Corrine43180

    Just because someone is an understudy doesn’t mean they weren’t a good actor. He wasn’t an understudy on The 10 Commandments. I’ve seen the Wicked video and thought he did great. Different strokes I guess.

  • mel432

    Adam sounds really amazing without instruments, and the harmony is perfect. He has one of the best ad libs (of which HCJ would poo poo because he likes simple, unadorned singing).

  • H.A.

    Best line of the night.

    “Just friends my ass! And speaking of ass, Pancake Face is getting some. Oh snap!” ~Becky

    Tonight was a good episode. Love the scenes with Rachel and Santana. BTW Santana is HOT. That girl got some legs on her. I love the NYC storyline. The show should be all about Rachel, Santana and Chris.

  • Dianne

    He tended to overact, IMHO, and not just on stage but sometimes in his music videos as well. The Glee role, however, has shown that Adam does have skills and has learned to channel them in a more believable way. So yay for that. Hopefully TPTB are taking notice!

  • Dianne

    Plus she is Daddy’s little princess to not just one, but two dads!

  • Jae

    There were actually scenes that made me laugh. Like when Blaine became Valadictorian . So many awesome references to the show making fun of itself. I really enjoyed it. And I liked most of the vocals from the show. Nice episode.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Saw those understudy guys – don’t know about the acting – none of them struck me as Brando – but he was sure the cutest.

  • Q3

    The built Elliott’s apartment ages ago. I think the scene was planned for quite some time.

  • Q3

    Some of the overacting in the music videos was intentional — certainly on TFM, FYE, IIHY, NCOE it was intended to be “theatrical” and fantastic. They only Adam music video that might come close to being realistic was WWFM — and that was pretty melodramatic.

    Regarding his stage acting — his Wicked performance is excellent and appropriate for the part and theater performance.

  • Q3

    I thought it was a really fun episode and loved Santana’s performance and the Elliott-Kurt duet. I am particularly impressed by the Glee acapellas version of IBIATCL

  • jeffreyd95821

    GLEE! is finally back! It seems like it was last year when Kurt was making out with stripper Santa, sending the tumblr teens in a tizzy.

    Rachel & Santana: Bitchy Santana is at least funny. Bitchy Rachel is just unpleasant. Everything was fine until Santana auditioned and she turned. I expected Santana would be the one to move out. Surprised Rachel did it instead. Poor Kurt caught in the middle. And the director wants the ladies to play nice in front of the media. Good luck with that.

    Artie & Tina: Tina will never live down that vapo-rape of Blaine. Surprised they played nice during their speeches. But M.J. called it. They lost to Blaine. Who pointed out how he always seems to win at everything. And Becky? His name is Porcelain, not Pancake-Face.

    Kurt & Elliott: They never said Elliott was gay until tonight. Blaine looked a little surprised at the picture but not too concerned. Blaine hasn’t met Elliott yet. Was supposed to in Puppet Master but got in trouble with Sue. Somebody give Kurt a stripper pole in the loft. Kurt upside-down on a stripper pole is quite entertaining.

    A good return for GLEE! But after a good one, the next episode is sometimes a letdown. Just get to Nationals and graduation already.

  • seashellz51

    What a fun episode! Really enjoyed it. Santana’s audition was so good. Loved Elliott and Kurt’s IBIATCL! And it seems as if much of Elliott’s storyline fits with Adam’s life including both being in “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown.” Can’t wait for next week!

  • RustySax

    “Hey, Mr Arnstine, here I am. . a. .amm. . .a..ammmmm!” (1:48 > 2:01)

    “Naya can wail,” as fellow musicians would say. LOVE IT!


  • Nadine_Bitch

    Adam is just so natural at this. I loved his duet with Chris. And Elliot as character is just so likable. Loved how he’s so comfortable with his own skin and without any insecurities in his bone. That is just totally Adam.

    And would Adam be on the next epi?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I have to admit that I only watched the musical numbers with Naya and Adam. lol They were great! For me, the duet between Chris and Adam was a highlight of having watched Glee (or at least their musical numbers) for years. Adam was amazing, but Chris sure held his own. These two are just marvelous together, both vocally and their chemistry. Again, I was impressed by Adam’s acting – he’s a natural.

    “Look at that!” says Santana, “Pasty gay siding with me!”

    lol I love the Santana character! Her rendition of DROMP was wonderful – very different from the Rachel’s (which was closer to Streisand’s).

  • Not fit to print

    Agree wholeheartedly. From comments he has made, Adam definitely sees the show as an opportunity to develop his craft. GLEE is improving his skills; teaching him to adjust to the camera among other things. He is doing a good job and you can see the improvement when you check-out his music videos.

  • Allison

    The first totally entertaining episode of Glee in a long time.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Yeah, and even though the HS plot was nonsense, there was enough self mocking to make it not too cringe worthy. Hopefully, as the stories become more focused on the NY crew, the quality stays more consistent.

  • Axxxel

    Hi dear, long time no see…Starchild will sing a duet with Rachel… *swoon*

  • Axxxel

    also @ Q3:I am a girl and if I am in a band and I have some friendshiptrouble, i would go to a girl first to vent my heart… In case of Rachel, if Dani was still there , I think she could have gone to Dani, to vent her heart, and Dani would be the one caught between Santana and Rachel, and not Kurt… After that, Rachel could still end up in Starchild’s appartment.

    Then again, I am not sure that the Glee bosses really know how girls think and act LOL…

  • Miz

    Naya was amazing!

  • newinNM

    IMO, there are show that are meant to be great, and there are shows that are meant to be just simple entertainment. This falls on the entertaining side, don’t think about it to hard, just enjoy and I really enjoyed this. I like the New York story line more than the Ohio one, so since the show is moving to New York next season, I think I’ll watch. Adam (IMHO) did a great job, even if he is playing himself, it takes skill to deliver scripted lines even as yourself, have you ever tried? I love the interaction between Kurt and Elliot, looking forward to more next week.

  • newinNM

    Did they say Elliott is gay? I thought he only said something about having gay friends. I could just be reading my own hopes into it, that 1. Adam would get to play a straight character and 2. That they would show a male gay/straight friendship.

  • Axxxel

    Glee already has a gay/straight bromance (Blaine/Sam) but I would really like Kurt to experience some bromance.. His best friends in the past were all girls…
    ETA: still hoping that Elliot is straight and has a make out session with Rachel… sigh…

  • Axxxel

    Am a big fan of the song “My lovin'” and Kevin (Artie) and Jenna (Tina) sound so great on this version !!

  • newinNM

    I was actually thinking about coming back to edit my post, yes, Glee is know for gay/straight friendships. And yes, a little Rachel/Elliot romance would be fun.

  • Axxxel

    I was so mesmerized with Adam’s and Chris’ performance that I only saw the product placement after I saw the video for the 3rd time !

  • newinNM

    LOL Product placement? Guess I’m gonna have to go watch again. Tough job but someone’s gotta do it! ;)

  • Axxxel

    or at least the name in big letters of some japanese brand for calculators and watches..

  • Axxxel

    As a Glambert and a Kurtsie , my life is now complete with that wonderful duet of my 2 most favorite American artists !

  • Axxxel

    Finally I noticed in the video Adam’s bachup dancer from glamnation and WAF tour, Terrence Spencer if I am not mistaken…
    ETA: at 2:02 minutes dressed i black

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Hey, babe, missed you. :)

    Adam & Rachel will have a duet next week?!
    That would be a blast for sure!

  • Nadine_Bitch

    I think he said to Kurt that he was the first gay friend that he met who is not crazy or just trying to HOOK UP. I’m pretty sure that it implies that Elliot is gay.


    Eeee! Adam is so cute in his scenes. He seems totally comfortable acting. Also I think Chris is probably easy to work with. The duet was terrific but my favorite Glee Adam song is still MTN. I still enjoy watching that performance. So happy for this exposure.

  • Pretty Horsey

    I really enjoyed this episode. Lea and Naya have great on screen chemistry and play off each other really well weather it’s being friendly or bitchy.

    MJ I may be wrong but I thought Kurt was just imagining Elliot replying to him and not Elliot trolling him.

  • HKfan

    Yes thats what I understood…Kurt is hearing different to what Elliott is actually saying….thats why the sound is slightly different..

  • Sharon S.

    If Dani were just another band member, maybe I’d agree, But I wouldn’t want to show up at the home of my friend’s romantic partner, regardless of gender, in order to bitch about said friend. I think I’d go in search of a more potentially sympathetic, and certainly less biased, ear.

  • Gunny

    What frustrates me is that Kurt can be paranoid about Elliot but gets angry with Rachel about her concern that Santana will try to interfere with Fannie GIrl. Double standard and we’ve seen this before. Girls bad, boys good. Although I’m accustomed to Glee’s wandering away from reality, but I thought this show was a slap to Broadway. Santana becomes an understudy without a read and a classic song to a dance beat? Plus, a good Broadway show is not going to lower itself with two girls from Ohio PR gag – that shows the director does not have much confidence in the show. But, this is Glee and this Santana/Rachel thing won’t last for long although I hope it does. It’s time for Rachel to breakaway from Ohio and I hope she does. That is real life after high school, you move on.

    I disagree with the author who suggests that Kurt and Santana’s grief over Finn is the same as Rachels. I saw this Kurt and Santana thing coming with the Quarterback. Why would he give that jacket to Santana and not Rachel?

  • Gunny

    and Santana and Kurt are not? She is confident and needs to be, it’s a tough business.

  • Gunny

    I hope this develops more. They make sense as good friends – amazingly talented and struggling to fit in and do your best without people calling you a diva. I honestly hope the band breaks up (Demi will be gone anyway) and Elliot and Rachel play in some upscale clubs. Kurt, Blaine, Artie, Santana and Sam could form another band.

  • Gunny

    They are all male writers and they really like it when girls can’t get along.

  • Gunny

    She wouldn’t do that but I have a sense that Santana and Dani will break up and part of the reason will be the Rachel thing. I thought what Santana did was awful and selfish. I really like Naya, but not the character.

  • Gunny

    Because Blaine got all the attention and songs. Jenna was really underutilized for her talent level.

  • Gunny

    ME TOO. I would love this and still by honoring the fact that Elliot is gay – no cross-overs. Maybe a Jonathon Groff/Lea Michele type friendship.

  • Gunny

    I’m happy that Rachel moved out and finds a new beginning with other people. Too much negative history with Kurt and Santana. She’ll stay friends with Kurt, but I would rather she find other friends.

  • Gunny

    He’s gay, I can’t remember the reference, but I was curious from the beginning if they would have Adam be gay or straight.

  • Gunny

    and other musicians would say that not all songs need to be sexy and a dance remix at triple the speed. But then I’m a theater geek and get angry everytime they made fun of it, but this was the biggest insult. I think by the end of the week, the original version will hold up in the downloads contest.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “MJ I may be wrong but I thought Kurt was just imagining Elliot replying to him and not Elliot trolling him.”

    That’s what I thought too.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe you are referring to Santana (or was it Rachel ?) at Starchild’s audition when she said to Kurt that he was afraid that Starchild would steal the lavender spotlight from him.

  • Axxxel

    yeah a girl’s mud-bath-battle without the mud and the bath and the bikinis…

  • RustySax

    Gunny – I totally understand what you’re saying, and where you’re coming from, being a theater geek (pit musician) myself. What I was commenting on was Naya’s playing with the melody during the segue between “here I am” and “I’ll march my band out” as opposed to the normal sustaining of “am” during this transition into the final chorus. It was different, and it caught my attention. . . caught it enough that I thought “Whoa, that’s cool!” Not necessarily better or worse, just different. I, too, prefer the traditional Barbra version, but, like most musicians, every now and then it’s fun to play around and ad lib, just to see who’s paying attention!

    And speaking of different, check out Lillas White’s interpretation of DROMP: