Glee Season 4 – “Thanksgiving” – Recap, Photos, Videos (UPDATED)


Tonight, the Glee graduates return to Lima to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well, most of them do. Kurt and Rachel, after a disastrous reunion with their exes at the “Grease” performance, decide to have a Kiki in New York City with Sarah Jessica Parker instead! Also, it’s the big SECTIONALS competition! New Directions face off against the Warblers.

Look for: The graduates to sing a mash up of “Homeward Bound” and Phillip Phillips’ “Home”!

I’ll be back with a longer recap later.

After a couple of really great Glee episodes, I’m not going to lie. “Thanksgiving” fell flat. First of all, watching Kurt and Rachel stroll around New York City before throwing a major “kiki” in their apartment for Thanksgiving, once again, had me wishing “Glee” was all NYC all the time. I had some REAL problems with the Lima side of the equation this week. For instance—the Sectionals competition takes place ON Thanksgiving? Really? Can you say contrived plot device? I give the writers points for trying to explain it away (high schools have foot ball games on Thanksgiving!) but I’m still not buying it. And the bulimia plotline? Oy. More on that later.

First, a plot rundown.

The episode opens with the graduates—Mercedes, Finn, Puck, Quinn, Mike and Santana having an emotional reunion in the auditorium. I wasn’t sure about the “Homeward Bound/Home” mashup when I first heard the audio, but it worked beautifully in this scene, like a sweet prayer as the long lost friends reunited. A fab opening!

Homeward Bound/Home

But then we see Marly in voice over. She continues to struggle with bulimia, Unfortunately, Glee doesn’t have a great track record when they take on big “issues.” The writers tend to preach, or glib right through complicated situations.  I’m not buying Marly suddenly becoming anorexic due to the manipulations of one, obviously crazy person (Kitty).

At a Breadstix graduates reunion dinner we learn: Rachel and Quinn text each other all the time. Kurt and Blaine? Not so much. Finn seems perfectly fine post-Rachel break up. And Quinn is soaring at Yale. She’s working hard to keep straight As and has been tapped for membership in a super-snooty all female sorority.  Former members include–Hilary Clinton and Jennifer Beals!  But in the meantime, Finn has a favor to ask. He’d like the graduates to each mentor a New Directions newbie

Back in the choir room, Finn introduces his old pals to New Directions as “glee club royalty!” Here’s how the pairings go down.  Puck is paired with little bro, Jake. Santana is teamed up with Marly, Mike and Ryder are matched up, and Mercedes gets to mentor her friend, Unique.

Kitty immediately begins kissing Quinn’s ass, while wise Santana gives her the side eye.  It’s awesome to have Naya Rivera back as Santana. She is still my favorite girl. I’m praying that she eventually ditches cheerleading school to join Kurt and Rachel in NYC.  Anyway, when Finn announces that the group will perform “Gangnam Style” at Nationals, Santana unleashes a torrent of snark.  “You’re still an idiot! Nobody in this room can tackle a dance number except for Brit. And that includes your little hand jive which looked more like a hand j…” Ha! Mercifully, she’s interrupted by Joe, who pleads, “Is there any way Mr. Schue can come back?”

In order to beat the Warblers, Finn explains, the group needs an ambitious number with a strong dance element. He is SURE the group can pull the song off.   Ryder worries that his mentor, Mike, who is “volunteered” by Finn to help teach the steps–will think he’s a dolt. So, here is where things get complicated. Jake grabs Ryder out in the hall to confess that he and Marly went out on a date.  When Ryder realizes that Jake truly cares for Marly, he accepts the situation, but then jokingly (but not really) asks Jacob not to “snake” the dance lead from him. “You don’t get to have everything at this school.”

Whoops. The boys will be vying for the lead in an upcoming dance off. Jake, who studies dance, is really the guy for the job.  But, not wanting to jeopardize his new friendship with Ryder, he decides to hide his light under a bushel.

Cut to New York! Rachel and Kurt are walking down the street arm in arm. Rachel didn’t get cast in the “Glass Menagerie”, but she survived the audition!   Kurt put in his application to Nyada. But on stationary, so it would stand out. Doesn’t flaunting his internship telegraph to the school that Kurt may not be 100 percent committed to theater?

The pair discusses their decision to stay in New York City, and Rachel seems way more committed to the idea than Kurt does. Why do I get the feeling Rachel may have twisted Kurts’s arm a bit? “You are the only significant other I need in my life,” cries Rachel.  The two are on the verge of becoming the best versions of themselves, she insists. They don’t’ need heartbreakers like Finn, Brody and Blaine in their lives. Yeah right!

Back in Lima, Mike and Puck lead the boys’ dance off. Jake biffs the routine on purpose, while Ryder  busts a few of his endzone moves,  and is chosen as lead.

Meanwhile, Santana, Quinn and Brittany entertain the girls with tales of how they ruled the school as the “unholy trinity”.   In order to show the newbies how to move in synchronicity and impress the judges at the same time, with their feminine wiles, the trio sing “Come See About Me. The performance is  fun and reminiscent of the girls New Directions “Say a Little Prayer” audition way back when.  I guess Santana and Brittany are OK post break up? They behave as if they are still the best of friends.  Meanwhile, Santana notices that Marly doesn’t look so good.

Come See About Me

Out in the hall, Kitty goes to work on Quinn, revealing a “What Would Quinn Fabray do?” poster in her locker before feeling her a  lie about how Jake is pressuring Marly to have sex with him. Quinn figures “like baby daddy like little brother” and assumes the gossip is true.

Meanwhile, Marly expresses concern that Jake botched his opportunity to take the dance lead. In return, her new boyfriend promises to help Ryder with his moves to ensure their chances at sectionals aren’t jeopardized.

Back in NYC, Rachel confronts Brody, who is subbing for Cassandra in dance class. Rachel is pissed that he slept with teacher. Brody points out that Rachel ran back to her boyfriend, leaving him free to do whatever with whomever.  As Ryder twirls Rachel around the room in a foxtrot, he reminds her that they aren’t in high school anymore. They are adults making adult decisions. But…Rachel HATES CASSIE.  “We’re friends, and I don’t want to hurt you,” says Brody, finally. He agrees not to sleep with Rachel’s arch enemy again.

When Rachel learns that Brody has no Thanksgiving plans, she invites him to her and Kurt’s “orphan Thanksgiving” in Bushwick. Brody, once a victim of Rachel’s terrible cooking, volunteers to make dinner.

Puck learns that Jake threw the dance off for Ryder’s sake (bros before hos! says an impressed Puck) just as they run into Quinn in the hall. She reads Jake the riot act for taking advantage of Marly.  Puck, noting that his ex and baby mama is wearing her “loopy” girl look, tells her that she’s out of line.  Quinn warns them that if Marly is distracted, the club won’t win sectionals.

Cut to Kurt shutting off the lights at before he leaves for the night. Oops, he shuts the lights off on Isabelle, who is still working away in her office.  Embarrassed, Kurt sits down to chat.  Sadly for the past 5 years, Isabelle had spent Thanksgiving with Gore Vidal. But now that he’s passed away, she plans to eat turkey pizza at home.  But when Kurt invites her out to Bushwick for dinner, she finds the invite quaint and accepts for herself and a few of her friends.

Isabelle is happy to see Kurt in a better mood. Has he made amends with Blaine? Kurt explains that he’s closing the book on that chapter in his life. Kurt sent Blaine a text, asking him to please quit calling him to say he’s sorry.  Isabelle gently suggests that in order to move on, Kurt may need to accept Blaine’s apology. “Sometimes it’s the not forgiving that holds us back,” says a wise Isabelle. And I TOTALLY HAVE A NEW SHIP. Kurt has a true mentor who really gets him. And Kurt’s energy and enthusiasm motivates Isabelle to keep striving.  Kisabelle?  I like it.

Back in Ohio, Quinn gives Kitty some tips on how to flirt with the judges.  It’s disappointing to see the return of crazy, self absorbed Quinn, who totally buys into Kitty’s suck up act.  If Quinn were allowed some real character growth, she’d be written as older, wiser, and able to help Kitty mend her evil ways. But I guess that wouldn’t serve the plot.

Instead, Santana who sees right through Kitty, and is pissed that the psycho cheerleader is giving her girl Marly laxatives (yeah, that’s happening), gets into a verbal sparring match with Quinn.  The argument turns into a slapping match when Santana reminds her friend that she barely visits her kid. Burn. We also learn that Quinn is partying with celebrities and having an affair with a married professor.  Nice.  “Quinn was always a genius slapper,” says Santana, when Brittany enters the room to break things up.

Meanwhile, poor Ryder can’t sing Korean and dance at the same time. Jake drops in to give him a few pointers. When Ryder confesses that he practices things over and over again until he gets it, Jake asks him if he did an apple pie 500 times before he had sex. Ryder laughs, “That’s exactly what I did, but I wore condoms, so I didn’t make any apple fritters.”  Did we just learn that Ryder isn’t a virgin? And that convo + the earlier hand job joke?  Never would have happened at 8 pm.

After Jake shows him a few moves, it’s clear to Ryder who should have the lead. But Jake insists on keeping his promise not to step on his new friend’s toes.  Plus, he’s kind of embarrassed that he’s trained in ballet. They watch the “Gangam Style” video on the laptop Blaine and Sam nicked from Dalton during last week’s Nationals trophy bust-out. Ha.

Back in New York, the gang prepares for dinner.  A turkey war threatens to break out between Kurt and Brody when the latter insists on cooking the bird in a bag.  And then Kurt is all “ew ew ew” as Brody and Rachel nearly turn buttering the bird with their bare into a makeout session. Rachel seems to be over that Cassie thing.  It’s just like “The Big Chill”, says Kurt. Ha. As Rachel remembers her first sectionals, the action cuts to Lima where Marly, still a mess, gives herself a Rachel-like pep talk in the mirror.

It’s getting close to showtime, and Marly is dizzy, hungry and tired from starving herself all week.  She accidentally leaves a pill on the sink in the girls’ room. We know THAT’S going to come back to haunt her. And look at Unique! She’s back in a dress–but against her parents’ wishes.  “If I’m not true to myself while performing,” Unique confesses to Marly, “There won’t be anything inside myself to protect.”

It’s show circle time. Joe leads the gang in prayer–Old Testament, to be inclusive and all. “So do not fear because I am with you. Do not be dismayed, I will strengthen you. I will uphold you with my righteous hand…”  Then Artie chimes in, “And our righteous dance moves, AMEN!”

After the introduction of the sectionals judges, which includes the town paper’s obituary editor, chief historian of the Lima locomotive museum (wearing a conductor’s hat) and Defiance County’s catfish queen (sash and all), the Warblers take the stage.  Creepy Warbler captain, Hunter Clarington, introduces the boys. He sings lead on Flo-Rida’s “Whistle”, and like last week’s “Stronger” I’m annoyed by the whistling.  Hunter isn’t a very charismatic lead singer. No wonder they wanted Blaine back so much. Hunter does a mean back flip. I’ll give him that.

Next, Sebastian takes the lead on “Live While We’re Young.”   That bad boy has some charm!  And the production features some cool dance tricks—kicks and flips! But god, I hate the percussion on this song. Bring back the Tufts Beelzebubs!

Warblers – Whistle – Sectionals

Warblers – Live While We’re Young – Sectionals

Back in New York, Rachel is missing holiday sing alongs with her dads.  Kurt assures her that as long as they are in each other’s lives, holiday medleys will never be over!  As Brody takes the turkey out of the oven (Kurt’s skipping the bird, after the two manhandled it) the guests arrive.

Oh my. Isabelle invited ALL of her downtown friends!  A gaggle of fashionistas, drag queens and glamour pusses enter the apartment, and the fun begins!  Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker ) begins the opening monologue from the Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s Have  a Kiki” as she climbs the subway stairs and enters the loft with dessert.   Isabelle, Kurt and Rachel trade off lines, and the performance is pure awesome camp.  Rachel can’t help but turn the number into a Broadway “Turkey Lurkey” from  Promises Promises. Can we keep Glee in NYC and never ever leave?

Let’s Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey

But alas, we are back in Ohio. Will makes it back from DC just in time to reunite with Emma for the New Direction’s performance. Sue is there too, with her baby in her arms. Mama Rose is in the house as well. But first up is the Rosedale Mennonites. Dressed OLD SCHOOL, they sing “Over the River and Through the Woods” mashed up with “Comin Round the Mountain”.  It’s the Osmonds dressed as Prairie folk. Santana is all WTF. That shit needs to be GIFed.

The Rosedale Mennonites – Sectionals

Backstage, New Directions get ready to hit the stage. The kids get excited when Sam spots Will out in the audience. Then…Blaine’s phone buzzes.  It’s Kurt.


Before Blaine can say a word, Kurt pours his heart out.  He believes that Blaine is truly sorry for cheating on him, but he’s just not ready to forgive…yet.  Nevertheless, it’s Thanksgiving, and it’s sectionals. “I miss you like crazy,” Kurt says, his voice cracking.  “I can’t stand not talking to you, even though I’m still mad at you,” says Kurt. “’Cause you’re still my best friend.”   Blaine tears up on the other end of the phone line. These two are breaking my heart.  “You’re mine too,” Blaine chokes out.  Kurt suggests a mature heart to heat at Christmas time. Maybe the two can go ice skating on the river.  And get hot chocolate. But NOT at the Lima Bean. Kurt saw a mouse when he was working there.  Blaine squeaks out a laugh. He can’t believe he’ll be seeing Kurt in a few short weeks.  Kurt wishes Blaine good luck (Don’t let any of those hideous Warblers win) and a Happy Thanksgiving. “Kurt, I love you so much,” whispers Blaine into the phone, before they hang up. “I love you too,” says Kurt. AND Klaine continues to be the most believable and grown up couple on Glee. The end.

When Kurt leaves the fire escape, one look at his face and Isabelle knows what happened. She wraps Kurt up in a big emotional hug as tears slide down his face. KISABELLE. YES.

Back in Ohio (BOO), Marly sits at a dressing table. Her hands are shaking. I think we know where this is going.   Jake knows there is something wrong. Marly confesses that she hasn’t slept in days and is sweating when it’s not even hot.  She feels like if New Directions loses, it will be all her fault. We’re a little self-absorbed here, now aren’t we? Ryder is behind a curtain listening in, before he interrupts to ask Jake to take his spot as lead dancer. First, he fakes (badly) a sprained ankle, then admits that he’s willing to give up his lead role to allow the BEST DANCER to take center stage.  So Jake gets the lead AND the girl.  Ryder is disappointed, but he wants New Directions to win more than anything.

Does anyone else find it ironic that when Tina finally gets a competition solo she’s singing a joke Asian song in Korean? It’s not just me, right?  It’s a big, fun number. But, better than the Warblers? I’m not so sure.

But we don’t learn who wins the competition, because as many of you probably saw coming, just as the number finishes. Marly faints.


Gangnam Style

Next week’s promo for “Swan Song” hints that New Directions may be disqualified from the competition.  And New Directions may be over, if Sue has her way. Wait…this is Season 4, right?

I hope this bulimia storyline winds down soon, because I am not digging it. It didn’t start out on a believable foot.  Marly thinks she’s gaining weight because her “Grease” clothes are tight? What about the rest of her wardrobe? And doesn’t she have a scale at home? Or how about consulting a doctor? Does a psychological issue like bulimia just appear out of nowhere because one obviously psycho bitch suggests it? Is it a good idea to teach kids how to be bulimic through the magic of TV? So many questions, so few answers.   Glee as a night time version of an after school special is my least favorite thing, ever.

Next Week – Swan Song

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  • HermeticallySealed

    Loving this Kiki/Turkey Lurkey mashup. 

  • jlscott13

    Ahhhhh. Tonight was really good. It definitely made me realize (once again) how terrific the original cast is together. They just had that chemistry that made the show so great, even if the storyline sucked.

    I do like the new characters…but they don’t have the same charm as the original cast. Sigh.

  • starfishy2000

    OMG that phone call reduced me to all the klaine tears! How I love those boys and how they can’t deny their love for each other! And just in time for Kurt’s audition for Nyada! 

    And my theory on the sectionals outcome. New Directions will not be able to finish because of Marley. Everyone will think they are disqualified and the Warblers will go to Regionals. But then we find out a rule that the reigning National Champions are automatically advanced (just like in Bring It On). 

  • BigNLiddle

    Um, weird episodes. And I’m kind of hating how they’re doing this whole eating disorder story line.

  • Pretty Horsey

    I’ve missed the old cast being together.

    I hope the Mennonites win. I enjoyed them more than The Warblers and Gangnam style.

    Let’s have a Kiki was fun.

  • jeffreyd95821

    It’s on here in an hour and 15 minutes. You mean they don’t tell what happens at sectionals? It’s a cliffhanger until next week? Curse you Ryan Murphy! 

  • BrettBrett

    *sigh* this week makes me miss the original cast. I haven’t wanted to download any of the new cast songs…. And I would buy EVERY song in the past. I miss Rachel’s voice. I really miss Santana. I want them more than every now an then. :-/

  • Kariann Hart

    I also miss the original cast, but it seems Finn is the only graduate connecting the past to the present.  I am uncomfortable with the main story line, but eating disorders are a part of many teen lives.  I just hope this has a happy ending.

  • AngelaSL813

    Am I the only one that thinks Quinn was lying about being invited to a secret society b/c the whole point of one is that it’s secret?

  • James M.

    “It’s gibberish, who cares?”

    Try Korean, pyongshin.

  • Xentusk

    No one else is thinking this whole ‘binging’ thing with Marley is stupid because wouldn’t she notice all her other clothes fit her, just not her show dress?
    I know it’s just a show and some ‘belief suspension’ is required , but some continuity and “grounding in reality”, would be nice ……

    That BIG hole in her storyline is too stupid to overlook…. :P

  • Pretty Horsey

    I thought this during Grease. It’s also stupid her mother is encouraging her to diet. The only diet she needs is to gain weight not lose it.

  • jeffreyd95821

    Jake Shears from Scissors Sisters is tweeting Chris and is very pleased with the Kiki performance. Isabelle gave Kurt better advice about Blaine than anybody else has. That phone call should have come with a warning to have tissues ready. I was hoping Sebastian would approach Blaine backstage and say thank you for letting him borrow his hair gel. The Warblers deserve to win. Tina finally gets to sing lead and she sounded like a cartoon. White Chocolate Sam is still the funniest. The bulimia storyline has become increasingly uncomfortable to watch, and wasn’t it obvious something bad would finally happen. And I agree with starfishy. New Directions cannot be eliminated less than halfway through the season. Warblers are filming episode 11 right now, so they are still around. Sadie Hawkins Dance, right after the Christmas episode. Some character named Paul is introduced. Look at tumblr and they all think he’s a love interest for either Kurt or Blaine. I bet he has nothing to do with either of them. 

  • idolgleek92

    Marley wears loose-fitting clothes normally. And she’s poor, she’s not wearing tight designer clothes. Also, your everyday clothes start to fit to you after a while. You can gain a few pounds and it doesn’t mean your clothes suddenly won’t fit anymore. I gained 10 and my jeans continued to fit just fine.

  • WestiesRule

    She is at Yale, correct? They have them there but as a native New Havener (if that is even a word), non Yale alum, I am aware of these 3:Scroll and Key, Wolf’s Head, and Skull and Bones. I’m sure you can google them and find out all about their suspected doings and Skull and Bones famous legacies.

  • Axxxel

    lots of people complaining about the way how bulemia is handled… Glee is a camp show…. nothing really is that consistent. but isn’t interesting to see how the frenemies have the same problem (bulemia) and Marley is more than willing to drag herself into trouble with the help of Kitty ?

    No matter how bad Glee handles it, at least people are talking about it.

  • Axxxel

    Glee promo featuring:”don’t dream it’s over”… my favorite song…hope it does not mean bad news for the New Directions.

    Britney and Sam ? Oh no…….. hope it will end soon ( btw I am not a Britanna fan).

  • jennyl2

    A fantastic episode! It’s so good to see the old cast back together. I missed all of them so much. So happy to see Quinn back and she is still that crazy bad ass girl. Love the bitchy scene with Santana. Loved all the performances in this episode. The Kiki song is way out. So so so glad Kurt and NY is back. When Blaine cried, I felt like bawling too.

  • Veronica Rainone

    i totally knew that was going to happen to Marley when they mentioned a duet between her and Blaine, because the song wasnt up to listen to, and their were no pictures of them singing

  • smn73

    The answer is YES…a young, insecure teen girl can develop an eating disorder over one or two comments made by one snarky girl.  My 17 year old daughter’s friend spent months in a camp after it happened to her.  Remember, Marley has incredible self esteem issues…poor, kids teasing her mother.  Very easy pickings for a bully.  I sort of agree with the “regular clothes” issues, but remember, peopel who suffer from eating disorders don’t live in reality.  It doesn’t make sense to us because we think rationally. When you weigh 85 pounds and see fat in the mirror, you aren’t living your life in reality are you???

    I felt for Ryder this episode.  He cares for Marley and I got the feeling he gave up his dance solo so that she wouldn’t have the pressure of winning on her shoulders.  I am starting to like his character and I hope they do more with him.

  • Axxxel

    I feel for your daughter. Words hurt more than swords.
    Still remember when the schooldocter called me a “chubby teenager” at the age of 18 , I was a bit annoyed but my self esteem was already strong enough to deal with it.

    Maybe I am not used to a “weaker” female lead… compared to brash, ambitious and annoying Rachel (love her though)…

    As for Ryder… well, he is my favorite of the new bunch. Sorry Jake.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe Blaine will still sing a duet next week….with ….. please please let it be Tina….

  • Axxxel

    yeah, that is why I don’t mind this eating disorder story…. the Glee clubbers were supposed to be losers who are able to surpass their problems through song and dance (joking), I mean surpass their problems alone or together with the help of adults and/or friends…

    When will we see those hilarious pamphlets again from Ms Pillsbury

  • Axxxel

    @MJ , thank you very much for your detailed recap plus comments…. so much fun to read it… Maybe the eating disorder thing is not handled well in Glee but at least it makes the people talk about it…

  • milwlovesadam

    I’m thinking an old episode of MASH where BJ as a practical joke shrinks and then lets out a pair of Winchester’s fatigues causes him to diet and then gain weight, has soaked into the writer’s brains.

     I also totally believe that one or two snide mean remarks of a truly bitchy girl can cause a vulnerable teen to become anorexic or bulemic, or both.

    I  look at Marley’s character as very vulnerable and impressionable. Having her morbidly obese mother and seeing the reactions every day of her life to that,  adds to her character’s vulnerability and emotional sensitivity. I just hope the writer’s manage this one well. There are so many teens who watch Glee. A glib “solution” to this very real problem would not be a good thing.

    My college roommate was anorexic and bulimic, it took her many years to recover.

    And, the most non-believable element of this episode is that college kids would set foot in their old high school. Honestly, really? No matter how much they loved their school, IMHO, most kids don’t ever go back to school when home on break. For any reason.

    Oh, and scheduling an important event like sectionals during Thanksgiving break? Really? I don’t think so.

    ETA: Looooved Kiki!!

  • jennyl2

    I kinda liked that Glee kept Quinn crazy and self-absorb coz that is consistently who she is. But in the end, she’s got heart so I’m sure Glee will write that somewhere as a closure.

  • Landon Cox

    The main drag queen in the indigo dress is Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race Seasons 2 and 3

  • rebecca rutta

    can we dump all the newbies except for ryder please? hes the only one i care about 

  • mjsbigblog

    I take your point, but Glee tends to drop issues into plot lines out of nowhere. If a couple of snarky remarks would cause a girl to become bulimic, I would think there would be some other underlying issues–like depression–there to trigger it, Although Marly’s mother’s obesity could be a factor as well.

  • Axxxel

    and let Ryder only interact with Artie, Tina, Sam, Joe, Sugar, Brittany…hhhmm.  Maybe we can have a Sam-Brittany-Ryder triangle… Ryder is also my favorite of the newbies. I feel for Marley…. being poor, totally messed up with her body image..

    Sometimes it takes time to get interested in characters… Sometimes it just take a moment , like Ryder (in my case hehehe)…

  • HermeticallySealed

     I don’t know about that.  Now, those who weren’t members of tight nit organizations I could see leaving and never looking back. However, those of us who did have strong connections with those remaining often made attempts to go back to visit, attending concerts and competitions.

  • Axxxel

    My late mother was obese and as a teen I often wondered whether I would be like her in the future…but never thought of dieting because…. 
     My self esteem is ok…(because I soon realized that life is not a popularity contest and we cannot please everybody)  and my mother gave me the impression that “curves are beautiful” and that I look great for a teenager and that everybody is jealous of me because I was still fresh and young and have my whole life in front of me… Ok that sounds exaggerated but I bought it as a teen… So thanks Mother for those encouraging words and also for the fact that she never asked me to diet… but only eat cake/pastry once a week to reduce sugar intake heheheh

  • James M.

    “The writers tend to preach, or glib right through complicated situations.”

    This is part of why I stopped watching Glee.

    “obviously crazy person (Kitty).”

    This is another reason, too. I feel like it’s not healthy to laugh at the idea of a horrible beyotch being hit by a bus. Either redeem her character or kill her off (and this isn’t an appropriate show for the latter option).

    Although I haven’t completely lost interest.

    But I hate bitchy characters so I hated Quinn in this episode.

  • Kariann Hart

    Axxxel, thank you for sharing.

    Every time I see a girl dealing with an eating disprder, I think about Karen Carpenter and her angelic voice.

  • starfishy2000

    Yes, members of groups like drama, choir and band tend to still have tight connections to high school even after graduating. It’s almost a protective feeling over the kids left behind. I mean, those 6 members were there for 3 years. They were tight with the ones that were younger, and want to help the newbies!

  • Axxxel

    Oh dear…. so the early death of the singer Karen Carpenter brought eating disorders for the first time in the public eye … (just checked on wiki)….
    Now I will listen to the songs “Close to me” and “Top of the world” with a different ear… Poor Karen..dying young of heartfailure related to anorexia nervosa.

    Thank you for the enlightment Ms Kariann ! 

  • Axxxel

    but if there is  no B*tch/Bad guy, there is no hero… but I do agree that Kitty is a bit too much….