Glee Season 3 Spoilers – “Big Brother” – Episode 15

Matt Bomer and Darren Criss!


New Best Friends…

“Big Brother” will air after the winter hiatus on April 10th.

Written by: Michael Hitchcock
Directed by: Eric Stoltz

BLAINE’S BIG BROTHER PAYS A VISIT TO LIMA –  Matt Bomer (“White Collar”) Guest-Stars –  Much to Blaine’s chagrin, his big-shot Hollywood actor brother, Cooper (Guest Star Bomer), comes to visit in the all-new Spring Premiere “Big Brother” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, April 10 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-315) (TV-14 L)

When Blaine’s narcissistic older brother (and television commercial star) Cooper returns to Lima from Hollywood, Sue and Will enlist the local celebrity’s help in improving New Directions’ acting technique. While Cooper’s presence is welcomed by some, it forces Blaine to address the brothers’ ongoing sibling rivalry. As Quinn tries to be optimistic in the wake of her accident, Artie offers support tempered with a much-needed (albeit unwanted) dose of reality. Meanwhile, Sue gets medical news that forces a change in her behavior, and Puck makes Finn a business proposal that could derail his future plans with Rachel. (Gleezone)

NEWConfirmed Song Spoilers (In Order):

  • I’m Still Standing by Elton John – Artie and Quinn
  • Duran Duran mashup – Rio/Hungry Like Wolf –  Sung by Blaine/Cooper
  • Fighter by Christina Aguilera – Sung by Blaine
  • Up,Up,Up by Givers – Artie and Quinn (A montage of everyone at the park, but especially Quinn/Artie at the special disabled skate park)
  • Somebody That I Used To Know by Goyte feat. Kimbra. –

Listen to Full Streams of All 5 Songs

New: Very ghetto promo airing in the UK, feat. Puck, Sue and  Finchel arguing Via Tumblr

NEW: Gleezone spoilers via Alyssa

  • Songs in order: I’m Still Standing, Rio, Fighter, Up, Somebody That I Used to Know.
  • Finn and Rachel are still angsty by the end of the episode.
  • Quinn/Rachel interaction about the accident.
  • Good Klaine scenes.
  • Montage of them at the park, only scene is with Quinn/Artie.
  • Blaine interacts a lot with his brother, second is with Kurt.
  • There are little!Cooper and Blaine scenes other than the tiny snippet in STIUTK.
  • Kurt/Blaine have a 1 on 1 conversation about Cooper.
  • Both a Blaine-centric and Quinn-centric episode.
  • Rachel is really worried and feels guilty about what happened with Quinn and does some crying.
  • One Klaine scene in the episode, but they interact a lot in other scenes.
  • Finn accuses Rachel of something that makes you wonder “if that’s how he thinks Rachel sees him, then why did he propose to her?”
  • Rachel is confused by Finn’s accusation (which ISN’T of Quinn’s car crash).
  • There is also happy Finchel.
  • Many Quartie scenes.
  • Joe (Sam Larson) is in the episode.
  • There are Puck scenes.
  • Faberry hug.
  • Sam and Mercedes scene from promo not in episode. (shot of them kissing)
  • Yes, Brittany speaks in this episode.
  • You find out more about Blaine’s past.
  • Blaine and Cooper have a good talk.
  • Blaine quote: “that’s why I never really talk about my brother”.

NEW: 2 NEW PROMO (See #4 & #5 at the bottom of the page)

  • The scenes are from both “Big Brother” and “Saturday Night Glee-ver”
  • Blaine sings “Fighter” in the background (3×15)
  • Mercedes and Sam kiss
  • Mercedes expresses doubt about her future
  • Will advises the Glee kids
  • Finchel embrace “If I’m going to be your husband,” says Finn
  • Sue advises Santana and Brittany (suggests Santana get a degree and open a taco truck)

NEW: According to EOnline, “Somebody That I Used To Know”  happens at the end of the episode, at which point emotions are at “an all time high.”  That’s Kurt at the beginning of the video, urging Blaine to make amends with his brother and Blaine does it the only way he knows how–through song.

Click to watch the FULL Performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know.

New:   Blaine is “fantastically wet and shirtless in this episode, FYI. There is a boxing-shower montage you Darren Criss fans won’t be mad at! Get those freeze-frame fingers ready.” (EOnline)

NEW: 20 second promo confirms that Finn and Rachel did not get married. (Watch at the bottom of the page:

New Klaine spoiler. AWWWW. Sniff. “Not much to say about Klaine in “Big Brother,” because Kurt is too busy fawning over Cooper (Bomer) to really pay attention to his boyfriend’s pain. Who can blame him? Until the end of the episode, that is. Kurt very sweetly pushes his love to make amends with his bro, reminding us Glee fans why Klaine are in it for the long haul. Love those two. (EOnline)

Is there any Puck in this episode? Yes. A lot, actually. And it’s not just for kicks. Puck has a big role in helping Finn figure out his future.

NEW: Behind the Scenes video at the bottom of the page.  Blaine’s brother Cooper is the star of  the “Free Credit Rating” commercials. Everyone from Kurt to Sue Sylvester is smitten with him.  He teaches an “acting master class” to New Directions.

NEW: More Matt Bomer interviews at The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, and TVGuide

  • “Like any relationship with brothers, it’s complicated and complex. It’s a competitive relationship, a loving relationship. He feels a sense of responsibility as an older brother to look out for his younger brother. He also knows that his brother is incredibly talented, maybe more so than he is and he wants to make sure that that talent gets seen in more than just a free credit rating commercial, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he wants more for his brother and he knows he’s going to have a lot of success. He wants to help usher him in to that success in the best way he knows how.” (THR)
  • Cooper’s first “song” is actually a commercial that he does for Bomer: It was the first thing we shot, so within the first five minutes of my arrival on set, they had me dancing around, being as cheesy as possible. McKinley’s obsessed with the commercial, but I wanted it to have a twinge of extreme desperation underneath. Oh, and if you look closely, watch for this dancing cop in the background. He does these spins and ends with his leg out and gun pointed in the air. [Choreographer] Zach Woodlee did such a good job with the extras and the dancing in it! It’s a rare treat to be this silly.

Matt Bomer on playing Blaine’s big brother –  Cooper is a Douche Bag and a terrible acting teacher. (Via TVLine)

  • Someone That I Used to Know” is a Blaine/Cooper duet!
  • Kurt describes Cooper as “the most good-looking guy in all of North America.”  Oh noes. Jealousy!  No wonder Blaine looks so unhappy in the new promo! Besides the fact the big brother is a D-Bag.
  • “At the end of the day, Cooper is just desperate for validation… I think he comes back to town under the ruse that he’s doing all of this gritty work for the next commercial campaign. But I think he also needs to get back in touch with his roots and reality because he’s having a tough go of it. But then once he realizes that he’s kind of a hometown hero, the hubris kicks in and his ego expands exponentially.”
  • “At the heart of it, he really does want to help his brother avoid the slings and arrows of being a young artist. He clearly hasn’t had an easy road of it as an actor. And over the course of that path, he sort of developed his own short cuts and tricks of the trade, which are all horribly misleading and misguided.”
  • Cooper kisses Sue.  I think Jane sussed out right away that my character was just all over the map, just a complete hot mess. And so she knew that whatever greeting they had together would be completely inappropriate. So she said, “Matt, on this take, just kiss me on the lips.”

Tell me now! I need to know if Rachel and Finn actually tied the knot on Glee!: You won’t need much more patience, grasshopper! That question will be answered in the first 60 seconds of Tuesday’s spring premiere. But whether or not you can call Rachel Mrs. Hudson from now on is kind of beside the point because the young couple might be breaking up! (Breathe!) Why? Because Finn is about to receive an interesting business proposition that would take him about 3,000 miles away from Broadway. (TVGuide) (Finn asks Rachel in the new promo if she would consider moving to California)

Bits I could glean from the promo: Sue hints that the father of her baby is a celebrity.  She also appears to be coaching the “sloppy babies” (New Directions!) in some moves for Nationals (you’ll remember she offered her services to Will at the end of the last episode).

There are roller coasters, Kurt looking real surprised (but happy to see big brother!) and Blaine singing “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Goyte

There are also photos of the Glee kids at the amusement park celebrating senior skip day. Rachel and Finn (Cory Monteith) looking super-pensive as Artie (Kevin McHale) performs.

Episode 14 left us with a huge cliffhanger. Did Quinn survive being broadsided by a huge truck? The answer is yes, but with a caveat.  The photo was taken on February 21 at an outdoor skate park where Glee was filming scenes.  The scene is part of “Senior skip day”  Photos HERE.

Senior Skip Day – That was yesterday (Feb 21)  at Santa Clarita Skate Park, where Kevin takes Dianna to see a bunch of kids from a program called Life Rolls On dropping in to pools in wheelchairs. And not the full-of-water kind. They were pretty amazing. The second half of the day we shot the rest of the kids riding roller coasters at Six Flags.  True story: shooting on roller coasters is incredibly tedious and not at all as fun and exciting as it might sound, especially when you’re chasing daylight.

EOnline posted this. “We’ve been given clearance to tell you that Dianna Agron will return to the Glee set in some capacity, whether it is a dream sequence, a reduced role, a flashback or a flashforward, etc. We have it on good authority that nothing has been set in stone yet as far as the fourth season of Glee —including whether Dianna will be a series regular.

“…for now, Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Artie (Kevin McHale) will only find a friendship with each other. But it’ll be a special one.” (EOnline)

In the meantime–Quinn looks to be paralyzed. Her dancing and cheeleading days over, at least for the time being.

On February 21, the Glee kids had a location shoot at Magic Mountain for a Senior Skip Day scene.   Here’s a photo of the crew getting ready.  Plus, here are casting calls for cast doubles.  The handicapped skate park scenes with Artie and Quinn were also shot on the 21st.

Photo of Matt Bomer on set with with Darren Criss  (the guy in the middle in on the vocal team…he’s not a actor).  Matt and Darren are set to perform a Duran Duran mashup. (TV Line)

The production was looking looking to cast a  12-16 year old Cooper and a 4-7 Year  old Blaine. So it looks like we’ll be getting some flashbacks.

Glee filmed a scene at this house.   (The Hummel-Hudson house is right next door!).  A tricycle and some other kids toys were used as props.

Here’s a tumblr photo set of an upcoming number shot on February 10. (fyeahglee)

Glee Promo #5

Glee Promo #4

Glee Promo #3

Rachel and Finn did not get married.

Big Brother Behind The Scenes

Glee 30s Promo #2

Glee 20s Promo #1

I can’t stop thinking about Quinn…


  • Lea Michele tweets, “Yesterday was a very important day on set… :) Regionals is official over! On to the next episode!” (2/10)
  • Damian McGinty tweets, “These shorts im wearing on set today are really short. You can see what I ate for breakfast.” (2/15)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “Recorded a super fun song with @DiannaAgron this morning. Mr. Bomer is up next” (2/15)
  • Samuel Larsen tweets, “Eric Stoltz is just, inspiring…. Can’t think of a more appropriate word.”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Back at work starting another new episode… Only have 7 more episodes to shoot for season 3!”  (2/16)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Hallway scene with @CoryMonteith @Mark_Salling and @chriscolfer” (2/16)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Look at these handsome men…” (2/17)
  • Kevin McHale tweets, “Early day in Lima!! Super excited about today!”
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “Just woke up and I’ve never been more excited to get to work. This will go down as THE most fun day of work ever!!! (2/21)
  • Damian McGinty tweets, “I already have butterflies thinking about today. It’s gonna be hilarious, but I’m very scared.” (2/21)
  • Harry Shum Jr tweets, “t’s going to be a fun day today! Charlie blinks so too…” (2/21)
  • Kevin McHale tweets, “Risking my life for @ericstoltz in this shot. You’re welcome. Woooohoooo!” (2/21)
  • Chord Overstreet tweets, “Just finished a fun day at work. Now time for a long nap” (2/21)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Had the best day at work today though.. Will get up and go to an amusement park and ride rides for work any day!!” (2/21)
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  • Anonymous

    I’m relieved to see the photo of Quinn in the wheelchair-I was so afraid they were going to kill her off. She’s one of my favorites on the show.
    Last night was a great episode, full of important lessons about teen suicide, the effects of bullying, and the dangers of texting while driving, but I hate cliffhangers. Happy to see the spoilers!

  • Miz

    The accident scene with Quinn bothered me. Did she run a stop sign or red light to get hit straight on from the side? We went from seeing her driving slow behind a flatbed or some similar type vehicle on a country road to that. It didn’t seem congruous to me.

    I expected her face to be major messed up, but it doesn’t look like she had a scratch on her and no scarring. I’ll be interested to see how she gets out of the hospital so quickly and able to maneuver a wheelchair.

  • Axxxel

    Good to see that Quinn is still in the TV land of the living.. even if she might be  only temporary confined to a wheelchair and will eventually graduate without any scratch… It will be a whole struggle for her, physically and mentally (poor Quinn)… Lots of things that used to be so easy, become so difficult. e.g. taking a bath…A way to appreciate the simple things of life.

    The funny part in Quinn’s solo, ” Never can say goodbye”: the picture of Artie was prominently present in her locker. Even though she never really interacted with him. Maybe she was inspired by him. I thought it was a foreshadowing towards a possible mentor-pupil relationship between Artie and Quinn.

    I noticed that in Glee, friendship is mostly about mentor-pupil relationship like Blaine-Kurt in the beginning, Kurt – Karofsky, Sam- Rory, Artie- Puck in both ways… also about ambition like Kurt-Rachel…, voice of reason/competition  like Rachel-Quinn. I personally I like the Mike- Artie friendship and the God Squad and would love to see more friendship than pure love triangles.

     e.g. “just having fun together friendship” ? Like (on-line) shopping together, watching a movie or DVD or  pop concert or sport game, doing  sport together, rehearsing together… I liked the Kurt-Mercedes-Rachel sleepover….Kurtcedes anyone ? Sam/ Puck ?  Rory with ? Who is Tina’s female fun friend ?…So those fluffy friendships that are not too heavy and only exists during the good times. I liked it when e.g. Santana was sitting together with the other Glee kids in the cafe Lima Bean, even though she still lashed out at Rachel … I think it was in the Michael Jackson period.  

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, finally some material for Blaine again that is NOT Kurt related.

  • Kariann Hart

    I had a similar post but mentioned the problems with teen marriage.  Rachel and Finn are so cute together but have virtually no idea how hard it is to have a successful marriage.  Yes, there were several life lessons taught in this Glee episode. 

  • Axxxel

    Really would like Glee to show how Blaine reacts when he finds out that Kurt visited Karofsky in hospital. Hope that he will tell Kurt that Karofsky’s healing will take a long while and that he should not rely entirely on Kurt

  • The Glee Fanatic

    Wow they are doing a lot of indie/alternative bands… I mean after We Are Young (fun.), Cough Syrup (Young the Giant) and Here’s to Us (Halestorm), we have Alkaline Trio and The Givers… I’m happy Glee is introducing us to unknown artist with good music…

  • Axxxel

    Glee is a nice mix… I guess people must have been complaining because it was so “Broadway” in the beginning of Season 3… I think  people will be complaining soon that it is so 1980s… *humming I am still standing, Rio/hungry like a wolf and all saturday night fever songs…* ….

  • Axxxel

    Honestly speaking… is someone says “Big Brother” , it makes me think of the statement :” Big brother is watching you” from the  book 1984 (written by George Orwell), in which government or so is peeking into people’s private lives.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to seeing more of Blaine’s story. I just wish they will give Kurt a solo again. 

  • Axxxel

    I wonder what kind of big brother Mr Cooper Anderson is… Is he the overachiever , Kurt-style without being gay and therefore put a damper on Blaine’s self esteem ? Maybe he is the type who does not think much of his little brother…and pushed him around… Looks like a big age difference. Or the one who does nothing with his life/or is absent from family life due to circumstances and therefore Blaine’s father has set all his hope on Blaine… which put Blaine under pressure and becomes mentally the “big brother” /mentor instead ?

    Must be funny if Kurt and Rachel have a crush on the “big brother”…

    Gloria Estefan ? soo much 1980s goodness… *dream*…

  • tonya

    this episode is going to be great with blaine bringing in a big brother and childhood memories . and alot of great song choices

  • Anonymous

    OMG They’re singing Faith?! That’s one of my top ten favorite songs everrrr. :D

  • Anonymous

    See thats the stuff Glee doesnt do. They just leave story lines or ignore the predicabilaties. But we ignore that cuz its glee. Quinn will just wheel in in a wheelchair (which i think is rediculous) and leave it at that with no explanation to it.

  • Axxxel

    Yeah, such a big cast and so little time… so many shortcuts are made in storylines and the writers hope that viewers come up with their own speculations and imagination to fill in the blanks… 

    Someone complained that Santana’s coming out is highjacked by clueless reluctant straight Finn… but for me as a straight person, I thought is was good  for me to see it from his point of view… I have the feeling that maybe in this episode Quinn’s wheelchair experience might be a bit highjacked by Artie… but I don’t mind… Maybe Artie becomes a bit like her “big brother” as well…

    And maybe, just maybe there will be another Finn-Kurt moment… Finn is the “physically big “brother of  Kurt… Maybe Kurt gets a bit jealous of the nice connection between Blaine and his big brother…

  • Anonymous

    Wait.. Who is Sean thats mentioned by Finn?

  • Anonymous

    Somebody That I Used To Know should be good, well-suited to those two voices I think. Looking forward to the Duran Duran mix too. 

  • Axxxel

    Just saw a spoiler on internet on songs for the Saturday Night Fever Glee episode… I hope they are correct…
    So great to read that Kurt will sing again, even though not alone.. and handsome Sam singing “Nightfever”…too much to bear for my woman’s heart… *faints* hehehe. Oh wait, before I faint, let me fantasize about the Anderson brothers singing a Duran Duran mash up…

  • Axxxel

    Saw bits and pieces of the Prop 8 Play on 3rd March (with George Clooney etc)…

    As a Gleek it felt a bit weird to see Matt Morrison and Matt Bomer playing a gay couple… Mr Shue and big brother a couple ?

    Also to hear out of the mouth of Chris Colfer’s gay teen character that he had thought of committing suicide… Of course I thought of Karofsky suicide attempt and how it was not clear in Glee whether Kurt ever had suicidal thoughts.

    Maybe I should just set my Glee thoughts aside and re-watch this Prop 8 play with a more open mind.

  • Bella

    I think that this is seven weeks later, so probably any bruises or scratches etc. healed.  I think that it was a merge thing when there was the crash, but even that would seem weird.

  • Bella

    This is obvious what the writers were thinking:
    “Hey, Quinn’s life is actually okay right now.””Yeah, she’s getting thing’s worked out.””We can’t let that happen, what should we do?””Let’s have her get in a car crash and be in a wheel chair like Artie!””Yes!  We have to make sure Quinn is never happy!”

  • Bella

    Me too, I just hope they don’t use it as an excuse to get them together as a couple.

  • Axxxel

    I think it will be more a mentor-mentee relationship with Artie and Quinn will eventually fall in love with Joe because he is compassionate (wishful thinking :-)  )

  •á/100001613040487 Terka Lazarová

    wait ..who is Joe ? 

  • Axxxel

    Joe = The character played by the winner of the Glee Project,the one with the dreads,  Samuel Larsen. He is part of the God Squad… who also has members like Mercedes, Sam Evans and Quinn.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe there will be bad chemistry between Blaine’s brother and Kurt…and Big brother will say to Blaine.. you can do so much better…


    Matt Bomer is so genuine and sweet. I am sorry he is saddled with playing opposite of Darren Chris. I know he has been in LA for awhile so he has become acustom to fake plastic people but I would hope for somebody more genuine and talented to act and sing with. With Matt on the show there is no reason to put Darren in a pair of tight jeans and have him shake around the screen like anybody thinks he is actually sexy. Give those jeans to Bomer… somebody people actually want to see dancing dirty!

  • Axxxel

    Beauty and sexy is in the eye of the beholder… In my personal opinion, from the gay guys…Matt Bomer and Jonathan Groff are attractive, but Cheyenne Jackson not really…

    Maybe we can see a different side from Darren Criss when he plays opposite an older male character. Not just as a gooey eyed charmer or an internalized angry guy.

  • Axxxel

    I wonder what dark past Blaine is hiding… He seems to internalize a lot of frustration and anger… He almost cried when Kurt said that he was proud of Blaine/or to be with Blaine ? !! (on the stage after the West Side Story performance)…

  • Anonymous

    Yay! So happy that Somebody That I Used to Know is sung by Darren! His voice is perfect for this song.  

  • Rachel Blackett

     The accident confused me to!!  She looked like she was on a long straight road when she looked up, and to me it looked like the truck came out of a driveway/side road so it shouldn’t of been her fault!  so so confused right now!

  • Axxxel

    True true… but maybe the truckdriver was texting as well…or something went wrong with his brakes, or he was daydreaming about his own upcoming wedding..

  • Anonymous

    I’m not able to read Blaine’s expression! He doesn’t really look angered to see his brother, but he’s not extactic either. I think they’re just sorta talking. Wait, why would he come to the school?

  • Anonymous

    I know! They’ve already broken up about 4 times, they haven’t lived together and haven’t even been together for a full year. Sure they are perfect for each other, but they’re not sensible enough yet. 

  • Anonymous

    HA! That would be hilarious! Weird… but hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Wait I have a suggestion what happens in the pic! I’ll probably be wrong, but it’s a guess.

    Cooper’s looking around the school, because he heard Blaine moved from Dalton. He’s protective over his brother, especially since Blaine got bullied so bad in his last school.
    Blaine sees him, and asks him what is he doing, suprised to see his brother. Cooper asks why Blaine moved from Dalton the all boys no bullying school to McKinley.
     Blaine explains how he moved because he has a boyfriend who he loves, and wanted to be with him every day. Cooper is like, “really Blaine you’re already hooked?” (explaining expression on face) and Blaines like, “yeah I love Kurt.”


    Cooper was never really there for his brother, maybe he moved to New York or something. Especially since Blaine had to put up with his unaccepiting father and whatever his mothers like (we dont know). Cooper comes back to see his brother, and Blaine’s mad becuase they bearly stayed in touch. Which is why they have flash backs of when they were kids and really close!

  • Axxxel

    I would go for option 2… Unaccepting father, neutral mother because she does not want to rock the boat by supporting Blaine. Blaine feeling all alone and resentful towards his distant brother who is busy with his own life. That is why Blaine does not feel that anyone is proud of him and he was in tears when Kurt said that he was proud of Blaine.

  • Axxxel

    Hehe… you are talking about my comments on the Mr Shue/Big brother couple on the prop 8 play right ? hehehe…

    Btw, besides Rachel and Sue Sylvester… no one else had an unrequited crush on Mr Schue…

  • Axxxel

    I don’t quite understand all the crushes for Blaine, but if it ressembles the crush I have right now on “his big brother”… ok, I start to understand… 

  • Anonymous

    Hey if Sue’s baby father is a celebrity, maybe it’s Cooper’s. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m extra excited after seeing this! It’s hilarious at the end bit, when everyone smiling and taking notes eager to learn. Rachel is about to ask an annoying question, while Blaine’s sitting there glarinig at him. Though i don’t understand why he goes to hug him before that. 

  • Axxxel

    Maybe Blaine loves and adores his brother but he does not like what his brother is saying or doing to the class…

  • Axxxel

    I can totally see Kevin Mc Hale sing “Faith”

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the spoilers MJ. I love love love this show. Its so unpredictable. I can’t wait to find out what happened. lol!

  • Axxxel

    Yeah finally Quinn and Puck getting some serious, non romantic storylines… Hope this will make me forget the Shelby-Quinn-Puck debacle… Looking forward to some new (or renewed) friendships… but at what cost ?

    I just hope that the Blaine-Cooper story ends in a cliffhanger… Matt Bomer has to come back to Glee. 

  • starfishy2000

    All I know is that in a 5-song episode, Darren/Blaine sings lead on 3 of them. AND Blaine gets some backstory. AND it looks like Blaine and Kurt will have a REAL conversation. This may all put me in overload! :-)

  • Axxxel

    Yeah a real conversation that is not about romance or (homo)sexuality or bullying. Even though I have to admit as a non-Klaine fan that my favorite Klaine scene is the one in Blaine’s bedroom… where Kurt was on Blaine’s bed, wondering whether he was boring while Blaine was dancing to Roxy Music…(Season 3 episode The First Time).