Glee – “Rumours” – Song Previews!

Listen to songs from the all-Fleetwood Mac Glee episode, “Rumours” set to air next week. Kristin Chenoweth will be returning as the boozy but talented April Rhodes, plus, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) resurrects the school paper and begins to print blind items about the Glee club kids.

LISTEN after the jump.

Audio after the JUMP…

Don’t Stop – New Directions

Dreams – Kristin Chenoweth and Matt Morrison

Go Your Own Way – Lea Michele

I Don’t Want to Know – Cory Monteith & Dianna Agron

Never Going Back Again – Kevin McHale

Naya Rivera – “Songbird”

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  • t2

    No Kurt singing, so that’s good. After last week and the song that went on forever, I can use a break from the over dramatic.

    Santana sounds incredible.

    Unfortunately, I guess Quinn and Finn are still together — yuk.

    But Sue’s back, so it’s all good.

    p.s. anyone else secretly hoping that Emma overcomes her OCD with Will’s help and then decides to go back to John Stamos?

  • Banished

    I didn’t miss Sue at all this past week. She’s become an evil spoof of her own character. Kurt’s solo was the best of the night for me. Go figure. To each their own!!

  • canadiandcfan

    Kevin and Naya singing.. hoooray! they sound fantastic :) I’m looking forward to this episode, great song choices.
    I think theyre going to rock Don’t stop. Only one I’m not feeling is Go your own way…. i cant get Carrie and Cook’s duet out of my head. probably the only cover i’ll be able to enjoy.

    Still… looking forward to this episode!

  • bentley1530

    I am not inspired by these songs except for “Songbird” so I hope the storyline is good.

  • Chicagolaw

    Love Never Going Back Again. Lindsey has to be about the most underrated guitarist ever.

  • jlscott13

    p.s. anyone else secretly hoping that Emma overcomes her OCD with Will’s help and then decides to go back to John Stamos?

    I agree. Will seemed soo….idk this week. He was pushing her too hard I think. Someone with OCD needs help, not badgering like he did to her imo

  • jolie_05

    I’m loving that Santana gets her own song! She sounds amazing. She’s becoming one of my favorite characters on the show.

  • jinxx315

    I love Glee, but hearing these songs makes me just yearn for the originals lol. Songbird especially. Christine McVie just owns that song, so it’s hard for me to hear someone else sing it. Dreams is just horrible…and I may be the one of the few that doesn’t really care for Chenoweth. Thanks for posting these so we could listen to them!

  • TwigLA

    I am really liking Kevin and Naya’s songs. I’d buy both of them. I’ve not bought ANY Glee songs to date.

    t2, I like your scenario for Emma.

  • CarieB

    Here’s a video of Rachel singing “Go your own way”. Quinn looks totally pissed. (I hope it’s ok to bring this over here?)