Glee – Bad Reputation – Recap

Tonight Olivia Newton John joins forces with Sue Sylvester on Olivia’s hit “Physical”. Hee. Also Molly Shannon joins the cast as an alcoholic faculty member.

Get your Glee music from tonight HERE:

After the jump, the Total Eclipse of the Heart video

Video after the JUMP…

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  • terps

    Oh God, Ice Ice Baby lol

  • rayni

    Mr. Shue looks just like my 3rd husband. Ahem.

  • terps

    Their dancing has improved since episode 1

  • terps

    I think Jesse made the glist, and it will be the way to get him back in Vocal A

  • soccerboi

    Where did they all get those MC Hammer pants?

    Seriously though…Sue Sylvester for the new judge on American Idol!!!!!!

  • sunchick

    Okay, I can die happy now. First Young MC, now MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice on Glee. (Clearly someone behind the scenes shares my secret shameful love of cheesy old school hip hop.)

  • SpenserJ

    (Clearly someone behind the scenes shares my secret shameful love of cheesy old school hip hop.)

    My iPod shares your secret love :). As soon as I heard those Ice, Ice, Baby beats, I nearly squeeeed.

    Where did they all get those MC Hammer pants?

    In the back closet of a Goodwill that’s been holding them since 1992 perhaps?

  • rayni

    Ok, icky on the Lets Get Physical.

  • JJ123

    Finally an episode that had me cracking up! Loved it!

  • terps

    I knida feel bad for Rachel… just when u think she’s going to catch a break

  • Studio57

    sunchick- I am right there with you with YCTT and IIB. Two of my favorite guilty pleasures. If anyone has a WII you have to get Just Dance- the MCHammer song is the best song on the game to dance to :)

  • HappyDaisy

    Started watching Glee for the first time ever only three weeks ago. The entertainment value of Glee is 1,000 times better than Season 9 of Idol.

  • sbalk017

    That episode was awesome. A perfect mix of comedy, drama, and songs. The last six or seven minutes just killed me.

  • chicksineggz

    Finally an episode that I enjoy beginning to end! The music didn’t seem overly dramatic (except the last song.. didn’t like the singing during the ballet)

    Though I’m sad there was no Puck/Rachel duet.

  • jammasta

    That Ice Ice Baby rendition was kinda embarrassing. I dunno, maybe it was the bad taste in my mouth after AI, but it was just a’ight to me. Maybe it was just empty unlike last week.

    That U Can’t Touch This performance was almost as painful until the librarian praised it, then I started to LMAO.

    To be honest, I’m really missing last week’s episode, which was more fantastic so far.

    Shue’s interrogation scene made me laugh really hard! Especially Kurt, since I love Law & Order. LOL!

    Nothing like muscular men in tight spandex workout suits working out and pelvic thrusting to make me feel like a man. I need to work out a bit more often.

  • TankieGirlie

    I want to live at William McKinley High School, I want to have Glee’s babies, I want to be Sue’s neighbor….

    Sigh, I FLove this show

  • ghostwriter

    I used to write songs with the guy who wrote the music to Run Joey Run, lol. That soap opera song actually made it to number one. He was an old guy– 45 when i was 22. Now I’m older than he was.

  • BlankSlate

    Loved when Emma confronted Will “flirting” with the older woman in the cafeteria and the woman told Emma she was talking about the death of her husband!

    The Molly Shannon scenes were PRICELESS. When she told Sue she “smelled” something and it was the laughing stock, I roared.. Also telling Sue she was a loser and THAT barb coming from the Molly Shannon character.. hysterical!

  • BlankSlate

    I vaguely remember the Run, Joey, Run song although I WISH I could forget it. Oh is that song AWFUl. Who wrote that?

    Made up for it: Ice Ice Baby. Call him a one hit wonder but that song ripped through me from the moment I first heard it and you can’t help but want to get up and dance when it begins.

    Same for CAN’T TOUCH THIS although I was hoping Kurt was going to take the MC Hammer dance lead on this one.

  • Grammie Kari

    Started watching Glee for the first time ever only three weeks ago. The entertainment value of Glee is 1,000 times better than Season 9 of Idol.

    HappyDaisy, if you get the chance, rent the first 4 episodes (on a single disk) of Glee. It will make a few things more clear. It really is good.

    I wasn’t all that impressed with Molly Shannon, but I liked the dialogue. Seeing Olivia Newton-John was a bonus. It was a good show tonight but not as great as some have been.

    Idol was a definite disappointment.

  • St.Lucia

    Hee! What a funny episode! Vanilla Ice? MC Hammer? I was back in the 80s and I loved every second of it. Hate the song “Physical” but got a great laugh out of the video of Sue with Olivia Newton John.

    Not a BAD episode, but it felt a little rushed again. Here we are again with the moving along of the relationships at lightning speed…Jesse and Rachel are now broken up. Emma can’t look at Will the same way anymore. We are only in the fourth episode.

    What was the point of Molly Shannon? I thought she was funny, don’t get me wrong and her lines were hysterical and I love Molly Shannon but what was the point? It didn’t exactly move the story line much further she was just kinda there for teh sake of being there. I’m assuming she’s going to be in more than one episode? Anyone know?

    Still the best hour I spent in front of my TV in a while.

    And YAY to more Puck in this episode! :)

  • t2

    What is this AI you speak of? I remember a really good show long ago that use to have contestants competing in a singing competition…

    Glee on the other hand totally rocks. I really appreciate the Puck moments, but don’t you dare take away my Jesse St. James. He is just too yummalicious for me to give up and without question has the best voice of the group.

    Anyone else completely disturbed by Shue’s lack of sympathy for Rachel — who so desparately needs guidance.

  • adamlover

    love jesse st james..jonathan groff needs to stay!!! rachel, jesse, puck, and finn…love and adore them. it was just a great episode from start to finish.

  • KayGee

    I am a late Glee bloomer too, but I think I got the gist of it from where I started before the hiatus. I must say each week is getting better and better. I actually had some LOL moments this week.

    Sue and her sister are sooooooooo touching. I like that Sue too.

    I agree with whomever said that Jesse St. James has the best voice. I heard that instantly when he sang with the other fellows. I need for Puck to have more screen time – he is my idea of gorgeous. I can’t wait for the mohawk to come off next week. (Did you see those arms when he was lying on the bed during his part in Run Joey.)

  • mrgrk

    Sue Sylvester’s Auto-Tune in “Physical” just cracked me up. Fairly funny episode, but even in jest, most of those songs are just too painful to be entertaining. Still loving the Madonna episode the best.

  • tiger92

    Jonathan Groff is AMAZING! Go to youtube and look up the duets between Jonathan and Lea in Spring Awakening.

    The blonde cheerleader has the best one-liners!

  • JJ123

    I need for Puck to have more screen time – he is my idea of gorgeous. I can’t wait for the mohawk to come off next week. (Did you see those arms when he was lying on the bed during his part in Run Joey.)

    Totally agree!! Puck is so funny and beyond HOT and yeah I noticed the arms right away!! I like his scenes with Rachel, I don’t know if they have to be a couple but they work as friends by balancing each other out a bit. Plus he has an awesome voice….I like his way more than Finn’s

  • luvadamlambert

    I have to watch this on hulu…

  • Jayd

    I’m so looking forward to more Puck next week; it looks like he has a major story line. I, too, was disappointed that there wasn’t a Puck/Rachel duet, but it didn’t stop me from downloading “Run, Joey, Run” on iTunes, even if it is a cheesy song, he’s on there.

  • St.Lucia

    I think I finally figured out what is bugging me a little bit about these back 9 episodes. Don’t get me wrong, Glee is still the best thing on TV right now, but I just think they are starting to have so many story lines going right now that it’s getting to be one big pile of mush. They didn’t even MENTION the Kurt/Finn/Parents storyline this week, but yet the plot moves on.

    I think in Glee’s attempts to build up more individual character stories is getting caught up in a whirlwind, which is why it feels like to me we are moving at lightning speed through relationships between Rachel/Finn/Jesse/Puck, as well as Shue/Emma.

    I get that they have a strong awesome cast of characters and everyone has their favorites, but I don’t want things to get too messy either.

    I say all this and yet I’m still loving what I’m seeing. I just don’t think the episodes have been as GOOD as they have the potential to be.

  • canadiandcfan

    i’m sold on Glee, it is honestly the only TV highlight i have to look forward to in my week, with the exception of the hockey games… i liked this episode. I thought the writing was funnier than is has been in recent weeks (and much better than last weeks bawlfest) and was loving the cheese factor on the musical numbers. ans Brandon dancing in not one, but two numbers? LOVE this show