David Cook Takes Us On A Tour of Blue Springs! – VIDEO

OMG. TOO CUTE. David Cook takes us on a tour of his old hometown haunts in Blue Springs MO, for VEVO Area Codes,  including his high school, the supermarket where he worked as a teen, the field where he played baseball and his favorite record store and more.

Fav scenes: David in his high school musical (he gave up basketball to be a gleek!) and bagging groceries for surprised grocery store customers.

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mj santilli

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  • Buffynut

    This is going to be a cute series on Vevo! But why didn’t they show us David changing his shirt! :(

  • ituneit

    This must be that Vevo thing he was talking about. That’s nice going back and revisiting.

    Out of curiosity I just googled the town. Wow he is from a small town! It’s even a bit smaller than Kris Allen’s hometown. Are any Idol winners from big cities? He must have been the talk of Blue Springs when he was on Idol. I have never lived in a small town like that.

    @Buffynut is this a series?

  • Buffynut

    @Buffynut is this a series?

    Don’t know for sure, but the fact that they gave it a name, “Zip Codes” makes me think yes.
    As far as Idol winners from big towns, I would say that Jordin (Phoenix) and Taylor & Ruben (Birmingham) came from cities.

  • Incipit

    Wow he is from a small town!

    Blue Springs is a suburb, or a satellite city of Kansas City, Missouri,
    ituneit – which was also a little affected by David’s run on AI. *snerk* But I just discovered my fav Jazz musician since the 1980’s is also from Blue Springs – Pat Metheny.

    I tel, ya, there’s something in the water there. *wink*

    As a series, this is Too Damn Cute – and full of ‘Pinch Me’ moments.

    And I have video envy for that snippet from “Singing in the Rain”.

    That visit to the record store – (Yes Virginia, they do still exist) was cool – Holding a piece of music he learned to play guitar to produced in 1994, when David was 12 yrs old, and the same producer, Rob Cavallo, oversaw his RCA album in 2008? Spooky!

    I knew an injury caused David to move on from the baseball dreams – I didn’t know what it was specifically. Sounds painful. And yet, a different college, a different dream – and a truly different outcome.

    There are plenty of videos of the The Sandstone Red White and Boom concert in June of ’09 – it was an all day long music show that culminated in David’s set. With rain too. What I thought was a TDQ moment? He still had his entrance pass on a lanyard from years before – when he sat in the audience. There’s a picture.

    BTW, FLove the Demon Hunter shirt..I’ll bet Neal wants it.

  • unidentified

    Aw, that was fun. David looked so tiny standing on that big stage at the amphitheater.

  • Sydia

    This was great! Nice to see Cook all relaxed and enjoying a trip down memory lane. He looks great! Funny that I’ve always had a thing for baseball players…he sure looks great swingin that baseball bat!

  • Davidx2

    That really was too cutel! Wish that grocery baggers took my groceries right to my car…what a nice guy!

  • k4dc

    I was in Blue Springs two days before he shot this video. Ugh, my timing stinks! We were actually staying in Kansas City on vacation and my hubs decided to surprise me and go to Blue Springs for dinner. (We ate at the local Applebees, which had a nice display of David on their wall.) However, when I went downtown to find David’s mural, they had it covered up with a giant tarp! I was so bummed. Anyone know what that is about? I thought, after I found out that they were shooting this VEVO thing, that maybe they were just protecting it until David came, but they never showed the mural in the video. :(

  • Pam

    This video was beyond adorable! Love getting another detailed look at where Dave grew up and seeing some his old favorite haunts. Some of those t-shirts he held up made me giggle just a little. Heh

    Thanks mj!

  • Keel

    I recall when David agreed to do that Red White & Boom thing. It was a call-in radio interview IIRC and the DJs asked if he would headline, and he immediately said yes before even talking with his management. I remember him saying (as an aside) that his management was currently freaking out in the room because he had said yes. Heh. It was clear he wasn’t going to say no to THAT.

  • mermichelle

    That really was too cutel! Wish that grocery baggers took my groceries right to my car

    Our local grocery store does carry ours to our cars :-)
    It is very helpful. Too bad they can’t put them up when I get home!!! I hate that part…….

  • sunchick

    Dookie is one of the albums that featured prominently in the soundtrack of my youth. Trippy. Anyway, since Cookie looked damn fine in that shirt I got curious and googled Demon Hunter. Apparently they are a metal band with a hit song titled…wait for it…. Beheaded. And also very devoutly Christian. So, slightly disappointed to discover that it’s maybe not a shirt for hunting demons to the strains of metal music in the Dean Winchester sense, but whatever.

    Wish that grocery baggers took my groceries right to my car…

    Dude, you need to find yourself a Publix. They always offer to do that and its super handy. Some of the regular grocery baggers know my car by memory because I can never remember where I parked and they always have to help me find it, which is awesome. So far none of them were incognito musicians who happen to have taken up permanent residence in my iPod. Sads.

  • luci

    Anyone have an alternative link for those outside of the region?

  • Keel
  • Incipit

    And a Twit Vid link, –
    – For international fans of @thedavidcook who can’t see it.


  • nhd

    Anyone have an alternative link for those outside of the region?


  • dolpfin220

    Too cute. And too cool seeing the town from his perspective since I live here (there). Almost stopped in to that 7th Heaven just last week while waiting on my car a couple doors down and half the time he’s in town I seem to miss him at the pizza place by a matter of minutes or hours.

  • luci

    Thanks :-)

  • wellhesback

    Wonderful vid; wonderful thread; wonderful David Cook!!

  • thebluemartini

    aww, adorable!

  • fadetowhite

    Thanks for the link for international fans – now to watch…

  • Chicagolaw

    Just now seeing this—very cute!

  • BootStar

    David has a pretty sweet swing! If he ever gets tired of the music thing, I think he’d make an oustanding replacement for the MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger, who is kind of a douche.

  • rfb

    I grew up in Lee’s Summit (a suburb of KC also, like Blue Springs), and mural may be covered up right now since the midwest is having the worst heat wave ever. The heat is breaking records everywhere. Maybe 110 degrees today:(
    Love the video’s.

  • tinawina

    This was fun to watch.

  • Curlin

    Love this! Can’t wait to get some tour news hopefully soon!