Dancing With the Stars – Week 5!

It’s 80’s week on Dancing With the Stars!  It’s a night of pumped up hair and big glam!  The Bangles are performing music for the troupe. LOL at the three judges dancing the Egyptian at the end!  Tomorrow we’ll find out which somewhat talented star is eliminated over the likes of Chaz, Carson, and other not-so-talented stars!  Carson and Anna’s outfits sort of scare me thinking about their performance.  Ooooh look at Brooke Burke’s dress!  It’s more exciting than she’s been in 2 seasons! – VIDEO

It’s already the half way point in the competition!!!!  Whoah….

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy – Tango – Carrie Ann says she needs a breakthrough, and the tango could be it!  Maks and Hope are not working as one, but once they do, they’ll be incredible.  It’s tango to the Living on a Prayer!  In the  beginning Hope is letting Maks throw her around the ballroom.  She’s gaining much more control as the dance goes on, and her movements synchronize with Maks.  She’s got some wild legs flailing whenever she kicks though.  It frustrates me because Hope has so much potential, but there’s always something holding her back.  The attitude and acting were spot on, though!  Len said Hope was too “willowy” and he doesn’t know how Maks controlled her.  But he liked her aggression.  I should be a judge on this show, I’m good at calling what the judges call ;).  Bruno loved her strength, sexiness, and power.  Carrie Ann thinks Hope was strong but she attacked it so hard that her lines became awkward.  If she worked harder, she could top the leaderboard, says Carrie Ann.  See: above.  Carrie Ann – 8 Len – 8 Bruno – 8 – 24. 1-800-VOTE4-08.  Hope really wanted a 9!  – VIDEO

Next week is Broadway hits!  Tom says Maks looked like a Keebler elf in the 80’s!

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya – Jive – Bruno says Carons has great personality.  He has produced very memorable moments, but his technique has not been great.  Anna says without Carson, the show would be more boring.  Carson knows all the 80’s dance moves and style!  Carson says he can’t go home because he didn’t book a plane ticket!  Stacy Keibler danced probably the best jive ever on DWTS to this song back in Season (?)2!  Short shorts on Carson!  Len will bash him for being too feminine, but he’s there to support Anna.  Carson messed up turning Ann around him.  It was good, but not challenging at all.  Bruno said he squeezed so much wacky fun out of a jive, and it was “a crowning achievement in madness.”  Carrie Ann called it fun.  Richard Simmons was watching and envying Carson’s outfit!  She didn’t see much technique anywhere.  Bring Richard Simmons for next season’s DWTS.  Len said he’s been getting Len’s fan letters!  Len says that wasn’t good enough to bring him back next week.  Carrie Ann – 6 Len – 6 Bruno – 7 – 19. 1-800-VOTE4-.  Errrm….Carson’s bulge.  HAHAHA Carson says there won’t be a romantic connection between them obviously, but they share a love for shoes. – VIDEO

Nancy Grace and Tristan McManus – Rumba – Extra observation: J.R., yet again, isn’t performing early in the show.  Be fair, DWTS.  I’ll leave it at that.  LOL at Nancy shaking it and cheering in rehearsal!  Tristan thinks the biggest challenge is Nancy not listening.  Wow, Nancy!  She is very fluid and grooving ot the music.  I feel like this takes her back, and she can connect.  Her awkward flailing hand is sort of distracting, but she’s doing an awesome job with this!  She looks great and so youthful with her hair all curly!  So much flexibility, control, beauty….is this really Nancy!?  That was beautiful!  Carrie Ann thought she wanted to see real passion, but she can’t connect to Nancy.  She needs to connect all of her movements.  Len disagreed and thought that it was simple and effective.  There was ease and elegance to it.  Bruno is rambling about something I didn’t follow (not about the dance).  Bruno said she got it right, and it was one of her best performances.  I agree!  Carrie Ann – 7 Len – 7 Bruno – 8 – 22. It’s her highest scores.  She’s happy to get an 8!  Oh my goodness at the pictures of the judges! – VIDEO

The Bangles are back with “Manic Monday.”  How appropriate. – VIDEO

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff – Samba – Bruno says J.R. is good, but has to add extra to top the leaderboard again.  To get into the samba, J.R. went to listen to conga music.  J.R. on drums!  Lots of hip action.  Samba rolls look good!  Hard-hitting, synchronized, and independent away from Karina.  J.R.’s confidence is improving.  They completely lose sync when they go down the dance floor at the very end, though.  It was good.  Len didn’t think J.R. could pull it off, but he did a great job with it.  Bruno says he loves J.R.’s talent and charisma.  Carrie Ann wanted more of it because it was amazing! Judges’ Score: 28! Second 10’s of the seaosn.  Sorry I missed the scoring part! – VIDEO

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke – Rumba- I missed the intro to this dance, sorry!  Rob’s emotion and passion is all there.  His movements are also connected and fluid.  He does a nice job in this.  For the first time I had the smallest semblane of a connection with Rob.  Bruno liked Rob the Hearthrob.  He uses Cheryl as a partner instead of using her to hide.  A great performance.  Carrie Ann said at the beginning that she saw potential, and every week is slowly and slowly improving.  He was sturdy and in control of Cheryl.  Len said it’s hard because he must be masculine, and that’s just what he did.  He adds not to keep trying to do the splits!  Carrie Ann – 9(!) Len – 8 Bruno – 8 – 25.  Carrie Ann gave him a 9 because she’s attracted to him. – VIDEO

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer – Samba – Carrie Ann says when Chaz is on, he’s great.  But when he’s off, he’s terrible.  Chaz’s weakness is him being too shy, and not being comfortable with shaking.  Lacey brings in her father Buddy Schwimmer to bring out Chaz’s flash and flair.  She also wants Chaz to see big guys and still shake it.  Buddy says they have more to shake!  Chaz is very bouncy in his movements, which is better than him just walking, but not controlled enough.  Lacey dumbed up the choreography quite a bit.  There’s definitely a big change in Chaz’s confidence and his lack of robotic movements.  The crowd is obviously going crazy for him!  Carrie Ann said it was the most dancing he’s ever seen.  “Shake it don’t break it because it took your mama 9 months to make it” or something like that.  Len called it a gallon of effort.  Bruno called out Chaz for being underwhelming after J.R.  Not called for, Bruno!  Carrie Ann – 7 Len – 7 Bruno – 7 – 21. Chaz thinks his fans will carry him through again. 1-800-VOTE4-12. – VIDEO

David Arquette and Kym Johnson – Jive – Carrie Ann thinks once David finds the balance, and once he realizes that he’s sexy he will really be great.  David decided to go old-school for the 80’s.  David finds things starting to click finally.  David is afraid that Kym will lose him points for breaking hold!  Kym is seeing a brand new David.  fantastic, strong motion.  David needs to dance a little bit higher up as opposed to digging in more into the ground, but I see lots of improvement.  This is the control Carrie Ann was talkinga bout!  Len says you have to show up or shut up, and he SHOWED UP.  He called it fantastic!  Bruno loved how in charge David was.  Carrie Ann thinks his hold is improving, but he needs to work on musicality.  She’s saying the complete opposite of Len.  I’m leaning more towards Carrie Ann here, but I think David did a great job with it.  Carrie Ann thinks David could be a contender.  With Chynna and Kristin out, why not!?  Carrie Ann – 8 Len – 9 Bruno – 8 – 25. Woohoo for getting a 9! 1-800-VOTE4-06. – VIDEO

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough – Foxtrot – Ricki goes back to the days of Hairspray.  She just needs to have fun.  Very 80’s-retro.  Like Nancy, Ricki looks super youthful.  Her hold goes from pristine to lopsided, though.  She’s doing a nice job with incorporating the 80’s moves into a foxtrot.  Derek is really great at this stuff.  Will this be enough to top J.R. and Karina!?  Not exciting enough for a 10, but I think they’ll amass 8’s and 9’s.  Bruno says in her case the performance didn’t gel between the breaking hold and connection.  Carrie Ann agrees, but she loves how connected they are.  They could have just stayed in hold and performed a great performance, but they took a risk.  Len said nobody loves funk as much as he does (he calls himself a “funkateer”).  He didn’t appreciate the funk in a foxtrot.  He didn’t like how they didn’t touch and connect in the holds.  Like the other two, he called them out for being off-beat.  Standing O in the back.  They do their 80’s move!  Carrie Ann – 8 Len – 8 Bruno – 8 – 24. Low for them.  1-800-VOTE4-11.  Derek thinks the foxtrot and 80’s theme didn’t blend at all. – VIDEO


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  • callmecrazy

    Didn’t care for Hope and Maks’s tango…*yawn*! And once again overscored.

    LOL to the pics of them as kids.

  • Trina

    I see the overscoring is continuing. Please. That tango was boring.

    Aww I love Carson but that so wasn’t a jive. At least he’s entertaining.

    Um if I was dancing with Tristan I’d be finding passion! Rawr!

  • callmecrazy

    I love me some Carson….\o/!

    Nancy did well…been a fan of hers all along. Awe, she was emotional over the 8.


    The Bangles look and sound great.

  • ronaldmascot

    You do a great job of this every week= very detailed and you always get it up right away.

  • Trina

    Holy crap J.R! I’m kinda lightheaded after that! Those samba rolls were HOT.
    LOL Karina needs to take him to a latin club every week! That place greased those hips!

  • callmecrazy

    Dang I think I need a cig, and I don’t even smoke…..HOT HOT HOTTTTTTT!

    I don’t get the appeal of Rob. He is quite unappealing to me on many levels. What??? He didn’t mention he attended USC as he usually does? Carrie Ann sure wants to be a Kardashian.

    WHOA MY GAWD, Lacey’s dad sure can move…..*boogies*!

    Awe Chaz actually moved his hips in the right direction….kudos to him. But why must he climb on something and strike a winning pose, minus the boxing gloves…*slaps forehead*

    I must admit there is something about David that IS sexy but it’s like having relations with someone and then wondering after….OH GAWD I HOPE NO ONE FINDS OUT ABOUT THIS!

  • katielynne

    The judges are way overscoring Chaz – no way was that a 7!

  • Ratna12

    West Coaster here, what did JR and Karina get ?

    I just caught David just now online and I thought that he did really good.

  • callmecrazy

    J.R. received a total of 28….9 from both Carrie Ann and Len and a 10 from Bruno.

    That foxtrot was a mess and dang they ruined the Roger Rabbit…*boooooo*!

  • Trina

    Why did Ricki and Derek get the closing spot with that? Gimme a break. If anything Kym and David should have. They were awesome and did not deserve the same damn score as Rob!

  • Ratna12

    Carson’s outfit :) , but he got the lowest score ?
    I want Chaz to go and keep Carson. Carson is more fun to watch for me.

  • iluvai

    I really am enjoying a lot of these contestants. I didn’t think I would at the beginning of the season. Did anyone see the contestants on Dr.Phil today? They all came across as very likeable.

    The scoring is weird. The judges tend to up the scores of the lower performing couples and down the scores of the higher performing couples. It’s been like that for a while. Maybe they are trying to really let the public decide by evening out the scores. It can be maddening at times.

  • clearone

    JR is at the top of the leader board tonight and the rest are gravy. Carson needs to go. He doesn’t dance at all. At least Chaz has improved some and is trying. I don’t think Carson is even trying. He’s just going out there and being silly. I have to say the band SUCKED!!!!!! tonight. They ruined some of my favourite songs from the 80’s. Jon Bon Jovi and George Michael would be horrified to hear those versions of their songs. Blech!!!

    Can’t wait to see Kelly tomorrow night!

  • Lexus

    JR was FAB! He better win this thing. IMO he’s been very underscored and I don’t get why. He and Karina deserved 10s for their rumba a few weeks ago. It’s just wrong that they only received a 25/30. What’s going on?

    Ricki and Derek blew it tonight, but everyone’s entitled to an off night. They’ll bring it next week.

    Hope bores me to tears. She’s the most heavy footed, non-graceful dancer and yet she gets undeserving high scores. She just doesn’t have that pizzaz.

    Carson needs to stay on for the entertainment value alone.

    I agree – David A looked hot tonight and I’ve never, ever given him two thoughts before. There’s also something really vulnerable about him that makes him endearing.

  • cher

    I gave most of my votes to Carson, a couple to Nancy and to JR. Those are my three faves. I love Cheryl Burke, but not her partner. :( Gotta keep Carson and thwart Len!!! I look forward to Carson the most every week!
    eta Had 2 friends visiting and used their cellphones for Carson!! :)

  • callmecrazy

    Lawdy lawdy the band indeedy totally hoovered tonight. Especially the Lionel Ritchie song…’HELLO’….*cringing*. It was more like GOODBYE!

    I don’t think Hope will allow herself to be more feminine on the dancefloor and therefore often looks like Maks is dancing with a dude. Sorry Hope fans but she needs to go.

    My pick to go home tomorrow….ROB! Just cuz!

  • dishwalla

    I have lost interest in this season after the versatile Chynna Phillips was eliminated – and the robotic Chazz Bono limps on week after week.

    What next, Chazz Bono lingers on and JR Martinez gets a shock boot?

  • YeahRight

    I don’t get the appeal of Rob. He is quite unappealing to me on many levels. What??? He didn’t mention he attended USC as he usually does? Carrie Ann sure wants to be a Kardashian.

    They’re scared of his family for some reason. After the first week when he got low scores and his sisters complained all on twitter, they’ve been overscoring him ever since. They are afraid of his family like they have some kind of power.

    Ricki and Derek blew it tonight, but everyone’s entitled to an off night. They’ll bring it next week.

    They got screwed with their song. You can’t do a foxtrot to that. When I found out they were dancing to “Easy Lover”, I knew they weren’t going to get any high scores because there was no way a foxtrot could be done to that song. Derek knew it, too. He said it on the show. It was probably too late to ask for another song.

  • callmecrazy

    One of the things I just don’t get about Rob is his so called reasoning for being on the show. He has said himself that he is the least successful Kardashian and wanted to prove something by being on DWTS. Ok so in theory and I mean in total THEORY he does win…then what? He will still be the least successful Kardashian. Wait….what exactly are the Kardashian’s successful at? I mean other than polluting the tv airwaves.

  • iluvai

    Love Derek Hough and Rikki. There is a reason this guy and his partners have won. Still, I will be pleased if Chaz and Lacey win. Chaz has been really pushing himself. He’s so shy. Chaz is an inspiration.

  • Desdemona

    I don’t see Hope improving – she’s just not at all graceful and it always looks like she’s stomping instead of gliding. I hate that Chyna didn’t have the votes last week because she was one of the best.

    I enjoy Carson and David but now want J.R. to win it all; sorry Ricki, but I REALLY hope you’re the shock boot tomorrow.

  • iluvai

    Kardashians should go away. Poor Rob trying to live up to all of the hype.

  • iluvai

    Poor Hope. She is not graceful.

  • alterego7

    The best on DWTS usually does not win, so I think it will be Chazz who takes home the mirror trophy ball.

  • Lovesyesha

    Hate to break it to you guys, but Rob deserved his scores. I agree that he is not a celebrity, but he actually is a very good dancer, works hard, and his Rumba tonight was great. He is actually in my top 4. Top 3 is JR, Ricki, and David.

  • Trina

    Sometimes the best dancer has won (Apolo, Drew, Jennifer, Nicole, Kristi off the top of my head) but this is a weird year so far. But even when the best dancer didn’t win the winner had SOME skill. When it comes right down to the end I can’t see Chaz actually winning. Like Bristol who stayed over better people, I can see him going out around 3rd. IMO if anyone pulls out a shock win or just getting into the finals it will be Rob, not Chaz. I believe hes got a more rabid fanbase and is always one of the most talked about on Twitter and though he’s always overscored he’s actually improved a lot. To be honest as much as the Kardashians bug me, Cher really pissed me off last week when she tweeted saying something like “yay he’s safe, I may have to appear more often”. I was like oh STFU. You’re proud that he survived for all the wrong reasons?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    As much as Chaz seems like a nice guy and is gutsy for persisting through his injuries, he really has very little dancing ability and it would be wrong from a lot of POVs for him to stay over others who are more talented dancers. I think that being Cher’s kid has so much to do with Chaz’ success so far on the show that it would be a mistake to push this connection more than it’s already been pushed.

  • Allison

    Jr was by far the best, and Rob improved a lot. I like Carson so much but he really didn’t dance tonight.

  • justshootme

    I love this show, but I don’t take it seriously at all. Nice, stress free viewing! I gave half my votes to Carson, just cuz he cracks me up, and half my votes to Maks, who gets at least half my votes no matter what. Just cuz he’s Maks.

    I think JR will/should take it all, and I’m fine with that.

  • callmecrazy

    Cher’s tweet last week chapped my hyde, but then so does all Kardashian tweets too.

    I honestly don’t see Ricki winning this season. At this point I bet it will be a ‘shock’ win.

    I still wish they should have an All-star DWTS….BRING BACK GILLES!!!!

    Uhmm, did anyone else notice that Chaz danced with his zipper open the entire time? Not that I intentionally looked but it was just quite apparent.

  • katielynne

    I think it’s wrong for the judges to be nice and give Chaz better scores than he deserves.

  • Lulu2

    What a horrible theme; the producers are really scraping the bottom of the music barrel. The 80s has some good music, but for the most part there wasn’t any good music on this show. The only pro to sort-of get the 80‘s style was Lacey, and she fudged using late 70‘s style and disco in her moves. Carson would have done much better with Lacey (one of the best choreographers) rather than Anna, who historically isn’t a very good choreographer unless she’s got a fine partner. Heck, I could choreograph a better jive for Carson than the mess Anna put together. Derek was underscored, but then I’m not sure he got any 80s moves in that foxtrot. It looked like the non-foxtrot moves were sort of generic-modern. He would have done better to throw some references to breakdancing in there, or even hip hop. And Derek has always been amazing about creative choreography to weird themes. This time, he at least put some extra moves in there, unlike almost all the other pros, who didn’t even try to incorporate 80 moves and got the costuming wrong (though Kym got her hair right, at least). But JR was scored exactly right; that samba was pretty good. And maybe there was even a suggestion of disco in the hand movements at one point. But Lacey and Karina had an advantage, as the samba and 80s music (or, in these cases, disco) aren’t too hard a fit.