Charlotte, NC AI Live! Show – Ginger’s Recap

Tonight, I went to the concert in Charlotte, NC. Our seats were at a side angle but I went down to the side runway many times to take pictures and try to shake hands with the Idols. It was overall an entertaining concert. I was disappointed that I didn’t go earlier to greet the Idols but the concert was just as fun. I thought that first half was a bit boring but I knew it was building up to an even better second half!

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Chikezie was a very good opening act for the show. He has a great voice in person and he was very comfortable on stage. I am not a big Chikezie fan so I wasn’t on my feet the whole time but he has a great voice and was overall, entertaining.

Ramiele. She just didn’t have it. Her voice sounded okay and her dancing was on point but you could hear a pin drop in that stadium. Her banter with the crowd was pretty forced and short. She was lost in the music and I couldn’t wait for Michael to come on next. Also, what was with her circus outfit?

Michael’s opening number was a crowd pleaser! I am a huge fan and I enjoyed running down to the runway and taking some good close up shots. He is very good looking in person. He had three great songs that I think he chose very wisely. The crowd was on their feet the entire time. I hope he does well with his album. I will definitely buy it!

Kristy Lee Cook wasn’t one of my favorites. Two out of her three songs I didn’t recognize. They were bland, ordinary country songs. She is very beautiful in person though. I did feel like there was a lot of unnecessary movement with her butt. At one point, I could almost see it when she was kneeling down on the floor! I think she got the least applause. But her voice sounded great. She has a perfect country voice. Her dancing wasn’t the best.

Carly Smithson really deserved to go farther. Even though at some parts, she sounded shrieky and shrill, her voice is one of the best in the bunch. I thought she chose her songs wisely, like Michael did. I loved the first song she did. But I wished there was a little more movement. She was a great performer on the other songs though. Since our seat were to such a side angle, I saw her below the stage watching Syesha perform later and she was very polite and waved to me. She seems very nice and her banter with the crowd was very natural.

Brooke White didn’t live up to my expectations. Her voice didn’t sound so great and she just hid behind her guitar the entire time. Her piano playing was awesome though. I liked “Let it Be” alright but the others were forgettable disasters. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying.

The group number was cute. I wished they had more duets and group numbers this year like they’ve had in previous Idol concerts but this was okay. I can’t remember much about this song.

During intermission, I was overall pleased with the concert so far. But I knew the best was yet to come.

Jason Castro’s voice was much better in person. I loved “Somewhere over the Rainbow”! He and Brooke both hid behind their instruments though. I would have liked if he had moved around a little more. I wasn’t crazy about “Crazy”. I didn’t like the version he did very much. Jason really needs to work on his banter in between songs. I couldn’t understand a word he said. It was all mumbled. He was overall pretty good though. I wasn’t disappointed.

I am not a Syesha fan. I have always thought she was full of herself. I couldn’t get over her revealing dress. I thought it was a little much for this concert. Her last song, “Listen” was a great vocal but I am not a fan of rhythm and blues music so I preferred Carly’s songs to Syesha’s. I was waiting for David A and wanted this set to be over already.

Finally, David A appeared. He has a great voice and a lot of stage presence but I wish he had some more exciting songs to sing. “Angels” seemed to go on forever. I loved how he added the Sean Kingston song back into “Stand by Me”. At one point, I saw his Dad (or at least I think I did) under the stage area with his signature busboy cap on. David got a lot of applause and I think he did very well tonight. But, I am not a huge fan of slow songs and I wanted to rock with David C.

David C stole the show. He doesn’t have an outstanding voice like David A or Carly but his stage presence is beyond all of them. I was extremely glad when he made his way to my section and he squeezed my hand. His songs were great and his voice didn’t seem tired. He went for all of the high notes and hit all of them. I think he will have a great career in rock and I will be the first one to buy his album. My favorite was probably “Hello” because I love the song.

The last group number was very nice. It was a great way to end the show, which I loved. Unfortunately, I was unable to see the signature “Mavid” dance at the end since I was on the other side of the stadium. Very cute idea though.

I prefer the set up of this concert compared to the set up last year. Last year, it was all scrambled up and I didn’t really like any of the contestants. This year, it showcased every one of them in an orderly manner. And, they had a great group of people. Except for maybe Ramiele who didn’t seem to belong on the same stage as the Davids. :) thanks for your time!!!!
I give the concert an A definitely!

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  • Sarah

    Thanks, Ginger! Nice to hear about the Charlotte show, as I have family there and have spent many a summer and Christmas visit there. It’s interesting to read everyone’s recaps on the shows they attend, and to see how some Idols seem to perceived very similarly from show to show, while others evoke very strong feelings in one direction or the other.

  • ealbino

    Thanks for the recap! I enjoyed reading it. :smile2_tb:

  • amy123

    I attended last night’s show too and I had a blast !!! My favorite performances of the night were Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and David Cook. I appreciate Ginger’s comments about Carly’s voice being one of the best, but I didn’t think she sounded shrieky-she just belts it out with everything she has. I love her voice and agree that she should have gone much farther on the show. I got to meet her and Michael after the show and had a five minute conversation with her too. She was very sweet and I got a picture of myself with both of them. That really made my year !!!

  • waffle

    Recaps are always exciting for me, as you get to visualize each person’s take on the show and the performers. This was no exception! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience, Ginger! It’s interesting to note your comment that DC hit all the high notes of his songs and had the best stage presence among all the Idols, since he was supposedly sick that night.

  • fedex pope

    Hope you can post that pic, Amy. Wasn’t a big Carly fan on the show but I enjoy her duets with MJ. Good to hear MJ is just as great or even better live. I’m lined up for that CD too, labels be damned.

    Kudos to the comprehensive recap, Ginger. Though I think Brooke needs to improve as much on her piano-playing as her vocals. She was a breath of fresh air for me from the usual belters on AI (at least until she couldn’t shut up or stop crying). But there are a lot of edgier, more adventurous talents in her genre/niche (where it’s an asset) so I’d like to see her step up in those areas to compete against other singer-songwriters. She needs to prove herself as a better musician, if not a gifted songwriter. (Castro as well, IMO.) But both have that rabid AI fanbase going that’s sure to give them a good career boost.

  • noctem seizure

    Thanks for the recap. I don’t agree that Cook “doesn’t have an outstanding voice like David A. or Carly”, but that is– as they say at a place where I dwelt not long ago– “mileage”. Glad you had fun.

  • IGetCranked

    Thanks for the recap!

  • skylight1219

    I think this is the first recap from someone who didn’t really like Jason’s version of “Crazy.” Everyone else loves it. I guess I don’t understand how Carly be shrieky and shrill, and, still have one of the best voices? Color me – huh?

  • Jolene

    but that isà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’ as they say at a place where I dwelt not long agoà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’ à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“mileageà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ .

    Seeing that past tense made me so incredibly sad. :-(

  • frogcooke
  • Sarah

    Wow, those are some fantastic photos from the Observer! Thank you, frogcooke!

  • BootStar

    Great recap, thanks! I have to agree with noctern, though, that I think Cook’s voice is every bit as “outstanding” as Carly’s and Archie’s. They all have great voices and excellent ranges; I think individual preferences account for who is judged “best” at any given time.

  • reinharv

    Great recap. I went to the Washington, DC show and David Cook stole that show too. D.C. was David Cook territory and from looking at the videos on YouTube–it looked like Charlotte loved Mr. Cook and he looked so happy.

    At D.C., people were polite and cheered but it was obvious who they cheered the most for and who they were waiting for all night long. My favorites that night were Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, and David Cook too with David Cook being the best. He sure knows how to “perform” and has great stage presence and that’s a big plus. You just wake up when he shows up on stage. “It’s rock time…get it on!” I also think that Cook’s voice is fantastic and he was singing “rock” type songs and we sure know he can do anything in a different genre and then you can really see how he hits those high notes and then even goes higher, transitions down and doesn’t even look winded or has to take a breath between notes at all. I’ll never forget Music of the Night and I doubt any of the other contestants could have pulled that off and that glory note in Billie Jean.

    I thought that overall they are much better as a group than previous years and I applauded for all of them. They deserved it. :clap_tb:

  • fedex pope

    Jasonà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s version of à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Crazy.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  Everyone else loves it.

    Well, clearly not everyone. :wink_wp: LaMontagne’s arrangement is really cool but Castro just doesn’t match the range, texture and gut emotion it demands. His is ok for me but hardly special. ‘Daydream’ is perfect for Castro though. That light, laidback Jack Johnson fare suits him more and will sell for sure.