Carrie Underwood 'Soul Surfer' Trailer

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Check out a trailer for Carrie Underwood’s movie debut, Soul Surfer, a true story about surfer,  Bethany Hamilton, who prevailed despite losing an arm in a shark attack. Carrie plays Bethany’s counselor.

The release date of the film has been pushed up a week to April 8, according to the film’s official website.

Video: YouthLeadersOnly

Video after the JUMP…

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  • windmills

    Hopefully this will be a family friendly movie that’s well done enough that critics don’t trash it. I don’t have high expectations but Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt are good actors which gives me hope for the script and I hope Carrie does her part well too. I hope we get a new Carrie song out of this too although I wouldn’t be surprised if they just used Play On (assuming she’s part of the soundtrack which I hope she will be).

  • Joyed

    I hope we get a new Carrie song out of this too

    That would be awesome! I’m sure Carrie will do well in this role – she seems like she would be a natural at projecting caring concern.

    My verdict from the trailer teaser: Well it looks beautifully shot, so that is always a good sign when a film invests in its look.

    Interesting that they really didn’t show the missing arm – I wonder if they think it is too disturbing? Or does most of the movie take place before the incident? So many questions…:)

  • LoveDaRocker

    Bethany Hamilton.

  • LoveDaRocker

    Interesting that they really didn’t show the missing arm.

    Well, its missing.
    Seriously though, look closely and many of the shots in the trailer are probably during a without-the-arm period, like when she touches the surfboard in her room. Either they don’t want to make it obvious in the trailer, or decided not to spend in Forest Gump-like special effects (Gary Sinise legs).

  • stwbcross

    The arm is clearly missing in the surfing scenes at 1:07 and 1:20 of the video but it’s true, it flashes by so quickly that it’s almost like they’re trying to hide the fact that she lost it. I wonder if they feel like it will scare away viewers. Instead of making it look like an inspirational film it looks like one of those standard surfer films.

    I’m still looking forward to seeing Carrie in her film debut. It’s bonus if the movie turns out to be a good one.

    Btw, MJ, Bethany’s last name is Hamilton not Frankel. Unless of course, she’s married now.

    Another btw, Carrie looks beautiful in that picture.

  • luvadamlambert

    i love soul surfer

  • Suzanne

    Too bad the trailer was taken down.