Carrie Underwood Honored At CMT Artists Of The Year, Performs “Two Black Cadillacs” (VIDEO)

CMT aired its 2012 Artists Of The Year show last night, a non-competitive celebration of the year’s biggest country acts. Carrie was honored for the 2nd time by the show (this is its 3rd year), and performed “Two Black Cadillacs” at the show. Check out video, which features the likes of her husband Mike Fisher and fellow country star Miranda Lambert singing along and the night’s only post-performance standing ovation from the mostly industry crowd:

The full CMT Artists Of The Year show was hosted by Hayden Panettiere and Rascal Flatts and also featured performances by Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Kacey Musgraves with Eli Young Band, Luke Bryan with Ryan Tedder, and Jason Aldean. The full Carrie segment includes a nice introduction by Hunter Hayes, a cute presentation by Mike Fisher, and great compliments from the night’s fellow honorees, a nice segment of the show for every honoree. Check out the full episode here (Carrie’s part starts around the 36 minute mark).

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  • Jason Scott

    It’s actually the 3rd year for the awards show ;)

  • Kariann Hart

    What a nice tribute for Carrie!  Now, here’s a young lady that’s a cinch to get into the Country Music Hall of Fame!  American Idol has produced some great talent for the public to enjoy.

  • Amir Hazwan ?

    ah shucks. Can’t view the video in my country. Wish there’s a youtube version..

  • windmills

    Yeah, I’d fixed that but my connection is wonky and didn’t register the edit. Now it’s not letting me recrop the thumbnail. *sigh* Thanks though.

    Anyway, great performance of 2BC, much closer to the energy she creates at her concerts. I still wish Carrie would perform in boots or more comfortable shoes though because her performances when she can move freely are on another level.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I notice that Taylor Swift is kind of noticeable by her absence on this show. Is she pretty much being regarded as a pop artist now?

  • Jason Scott

    I think it’s slowly becoming that, tbh, given the fact that her album ‘Red’ is so far away from anything Country. I’m sure @mjsbigblog-7486cef2522ee03547cfb970a404a874:disqus can shed more light on that.

  • Anny_nanny

    Why? Why she does not have the tag of the AI? It is not visible in the subject. Already at that time find these topics by accident! Carrie is great, but I want to see all news. (((

    The video I also do not show, but I reading text. I am glad for Carrie. )))

  • Keyera Mullins

    Carrie Underwood’s performance was outstanding! Standing O for her. 

  • windmills

    fuzzywuzzy: I notice that Taylor Swift is kind of noticeable by her absence on this
    show. Is she pretty much being regarded as a pop artist now? 

    I think Taylor’s been seen as a pop singer for a while now but obviously a lot more so these days. I know Miranda Lambert was referring to Taylor as a pop singer who was bringing more viewers to country long before her latest album came out. Dwight Yoakam has also referred to her as pop but says her music sometimes has country touchstones. I think Taylor’s seen as a pop singer who’s welcome at country family gatherings if she’s interested in attending. Not that she’s tight with any country people anymore, but they’re not going to tell her she can’t join then.

    If Taylor had wanted to participate in this event, I don’t think there’s any doubt they would’ve made room for her. But, she was too busy doing photo ops to promote her “relationship” with 1D’s Harry Styles. What’s changed with her current album is she seems more interested in becoming the biggest pop star in the world and she doesn’t seem as interested in participating in country events. I’m sure she’ll still show up for the major country awards shows and maybe CMA Fest though.

    Anny_nanny, I didn’t realize the AI tag was useful to anybody but, I added it here for you if it’ll help :)

  • Anny_nanny

    AI tag is useful when you go in search of certain links – as I specifically for AI, and all that was connected with him. I don’t see too much and do not spend time on the search of the topics on the Voice or the XF – I don’t read the whole blog, for me it is difficult.
    Thank you!


    This song is like something Reba would of done at her peak. Like fancy and the night the lights went out in geogia. Could totally hear Reba in this song.This is probably my fav Carrie song yet.

  • arkboy

    Windmills, I have always thought that the proclamation that Taylor Swift brought more fans to Country Music was flat out false. Taylor Swift has Taylor Swift fans & they don’t give a rip about Country music or anyone in the genre. If, Taylor was so prominent in Country Music, then why did her friend Kelli Pickler not sell a gazillion albums while touting with Taylor? Sorry, Taylor & her fans are all about Taylor & the sooner she leaves the Country stage the better I’ll like it.