Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley to Host CMA Awards, CMA Music Festival Performances (VIDEO)

Watch Carrie Underwood cover Guns N’ Roses’ “Paradise City” from tonight’s ABC special, CMA Music Festival:Country’s Night to Rock.

Also, it was announced that Carrie and Brad Paisley would once again co-host the CMA Music Awards, set to air on ABC on November 6. Check out the adorable announcement. Brad and Carrie exhibit that genuine chemistry that makes their hosting such a hit.

And, here’s Carrie singing her country hit “See You Again”.

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  • yaddabing

    Damn, she’s going to be busy this fall. Two big live events.

  • babylockthemdoors

    Yay for Carrie! I have grown tired of the constant snubs by the CMA voters and the only reasons I care about the awards show are Carrie and Brad’s opening skit, and Carrie’s performance, which always is a showstopper. Anyway, Carrie was great in the CMA Music Festival telecast, no surprise. :)

  • Henrique Mendes

    I have loved carrie for a long time‚ have and love all her albums‚ but i don’t enjoy her live singing so much anymore. Over the years she developed this over-enunciation which drives me nuts

  • merkureye

    Carrie is a unique talent with an unbelievable vocal quality. For someone of Carrie’s ability to have been “discovered” on a show like American Idol really is a fairy tale. AI was very lucky. Carrie would most likely have made it in the music industry anyway but it would have been much much harder. She really is a superstar and a sweetheart to boot.

    Paradise city was awesome. She has always sang this song well but I like the “wailing” she is putting into it now a la Axl Rose (in his heyday, not the burn-out).

  • WestiesRule

    AI has launched some great talent with different level of success. Love her voice but not a fan of the type of country she usually preforms. I really like See You Again (for a change).

  • Joob

    Would you rather her mumble her singing where you can’t understand her? -__-

  • Ponkiiee

    Carrie’s season was the first season of Idol I have ever watched. Love her to death and have always supported her all the way!!! I have all of her albums!! Idol was really lucky to have discovered Carrie!!

    I have been a fan of Kelly Clarkson first but I discovered her because of the success of her Break Away album. when I heard she rose to prominence on a show called American Idol, i started to watch it.. and coincidentally, it was Carrie’s season that time <3 <3 .. I have only been a fan of both girls and never obsessed with anyone else…. until Angie Miller came along .. now I have 3 Idol favorites. I hope Angie will succeed in her career as well.

  • voco_qara

    I liked See You again but not a fan of the guns n roses cover. It didn’t really suit her.

  • justmefornow

    I had to check out the GNR cover A countrified Paradise City?! Just no. Hell no. I’ll give her credit, she tried really hard, actually looks like she was trying too hard, but she couldn’t pull that off, she’s just too sweet and goody goody for it.

    Loved the tail, though, lol.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “See You Again” is my favorite Carrie song. Nice!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that Idol was very lucky to have “discovered” Carrie.

  • Nostradamos

    Watching this show, I had a few thoughts….

    Why is it that Country thinks it needs to “rock” to be some twisted form of “cool”? Why not just play Country music?

    Why aren’t artists that DO play country music included anymore? I.e. Dwight Yokum, etc…. I’m sick and tired of pop/rock artists sucking up time on a country stage when there’s 1,000 more deserving artists who don’t get the time of day.

    Who the hell “styles” the ladies these days…horrible fashion choices…speaking of which, the guys look like they just got out of bed…sloppy….real ‘rockers” i guess don’t know how to dress the occasion.

    This show should tell the people that question if artists like Cassadee Pope are “country enough”…it’s obvious that Country does.not.give.a.fuck.

  • Ponkiiee

    just like every other genre, country music is slowly evolving, i guess… jmo though..

  • justmefornow

    I think the country/rock hybrid going is annoying to both true rock fans and true county fans. It’s neither one, and falls short on both.

    I’m not a country fan, so I won’t speak for them, but leave the rockin’ to the real rockers who really know how to rock. Thanks.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Eh, the country/rock hybrid has succeeded nicely at attracting youngish female listeners to country, as said listeners got frustrated and alienated by the era of “furious young men” that were dominating rock radio a few years back. It’s helped make country radio the fastest-growing radio format.

    Country has a long history of incorporating influences from other genres — there was major rock overlap in the long-ago Bakersfield Sound, and before that, “traditional” country had overlap with swing, which was a jazz sound.

    Country also has a history of “neo-traditional” movements, like the 1990s backlash against “too much pop” that gave us George Strait. Some Shania Twain of that era sounds like straight-up pop with maybe a random banjo or steel guitar, and even the neo-traditional country has a pop-influenced production that sounds bizarrely slick compared to “traditional country” artists of the 1950s.

    This, too, shall amble on through, and there’ll be a push back the other way eventually. (Meanwhile, Spotify has a series of “traditional country” compilation albums that are fascinating in their swing influences and sparse production. People who preferred the folk-rooted country of the 1920s probably saw the swing influence as heresy.)

  • justmefornow

    It can’t swing the other way fast enough.

  • escape

    Carrie Underwood came on the scene at the right time. I think it would be much tougher today with the barrage TV singing shows competing for audience, airplay. When she was on Idol, she was most criticized for lacking personality. She has a very good voice, but it’s also been about her looks.

  • windmills

    I agree that true hybrids have been a part of country music history for decades. The important thing there is maintaining elements true to country and whatever other genre you’re bringing into your songs and performance. The other important balancing aspect is to maintain enough of a traditional country under the broadening umbrella to keep the genre anchored.

    That’s what’s really lacking now: it seems like network TV and country radio say they’re all about the big tent but it’s a false marketing to cover the fact that they’re actively chasing pop and rock fans and pushing out traditional country that those fans may not be interested in. I’ve been gathering some data to back this up but IMO there’s an active choice being made to ignore the numbers traditional country acts/fans bring, and that’s grounds for legit concern. A big part of the reason I’m so against baldly pop/rock acts in the format as opposed to legit crossover is because the more straight up pop/rock there is on the format, the more it’s a sign of the genre’s core being pushed out.

    As far as the orientation of the CMA Fest show, it was a network show and there was a definite effort to promote crossover songs/acts/performances. That’s why Kelly got a singing spot while Kellie got an appearance.

    Carrie’s Paradise City performance was something the producers wanted and requested – they pretaped the intro for that 3 days before the performance took place. They’ve been wanting to air Carrie playing PC because of the whole juxtaposition: sweet wholesome Jesus Take The Wheel girl rocks out on a GNR cover. They’ve actually wanted to air Carrie singing the song since 2010 when Carrie played it with Jason Aldean (vid: Side note: that video is hilarious because Jason doesn’t seem to know what to do. They couldn’t get clearance on the performance that year, but they obviously pre-cleared the song this year because they wanted to kick the show off with it.

  • justmefornow

    …And just to show it’s not a male/female thing, it’s a rock/country thing, here’s a female who can actually pull off a GNR cover convincingly….

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    they’re actively chasing pop and rock fans and pushing out traditional country that those fans may not be interested in. I’ve been gathering some data to back this up

    Data! DATA! This will be exciting when you’re ready to share it.

    I’m not promising ever to agree on an ideological level, but I flove facts about “how this works,” and your analysis is consistently careful and thought-provoking.

  • Happyhexer

    It’s sad, Windmills. And I say that as someone who thought she couldn’t stand country. But Danny Gokey got me to start listening to country. (Say what you will about Danny, he did bring some fans into the country fold.) I started listening to more accessible artists first, like David Nail and Jake Owen. At the time, I thought Chris Young was “too twangy.” But the more I listened, the more accustomed I got to the more traditional country sound. And I came to like and appreciate it. (For some of us, traditional country is an acquired taste.) I want to hear country Kellie (not the stuff she started out with) and Jamey Johnson on my country radio station. Play the other stuff, by all means, but have a better balance, because

    “The other important balancing aspect is to maintain enough of a traditional country under the broadening umbrella to keep the genre

    is so true!

  • Happyhexer

    To me, the main justification for including SOME pop/rock sounds within country is to make the genre more accessible to non-country listeners and INTRODUCE them to “real” country. That can only happen when there is the right balance between more modern country/pop & country/rock, and more traditional country. As Windmills said, you need enough traditional sounds to keep the genre anchored. Or what’s the point? You get soulless country that has lost its identity.

  • Incipit

    “A big part of the reason I’m so against baldly pop/rock acts in the format as opposed to legit crossover is that the more straight up pop/rock there is on the format, the more it’s a sign of the genre’s core being pushed out.”

    Interesting and food for thought, as always, windmills. I’m coming at it from the opposite side – the more straight up pop/rock theme there is on the Country format, the more it’s a sign of the rock genre disappearing from the mainstream – and if rock isn’t eating its own, they are coming damn close…and shutting out pop/rock in the process. It’s annoying and frustrating to often find one of my favorite genres of music right in the middle of one of my least favorite genres when I go looking for it.

    Same church, different pew? *wink*

  • gem2477

    Great show last night. I loved the announcement. Brad is so hilarious :)

  • thomas

    Every female on American Idol that were the front runners got criticized, but the difference is Carrie came out the winner and showed just what she was made of… I dont care how much personality she lacked, whatever, she still remained an awesome vocalist… I dont care what anyone says, Simon nailed it, on what he said about her. And his predicition came absolutely true…. Her voice is a god given talent, and her looks were just another feather in her cap… People can say what they want, she is truly a class act performer, regardless of what genre…..

  • FinalFantasy13

    I thought carries performance of GUns and Roses was awesome.. SHe hasn’t shown that amount of stage presence in well ever, and I thought she sounded great..

    IF kree would of done something like that on idol last season she probably would of won, but sadly she never did.

  • Henrique Mendes

    lol no thats’ why I wrote OVER-enunciation!

    When she started her career and on her current studio albums her enunciation is just great and her voice is just divine.

    Saying that i don’t like her over-enunciation =/= mumble her singing where you can’t understand her

  • MissMyEm

    No words.

  • cerise

    It’s also important to note that the whole barrage of TV singing shows trying to find the next country star started because of Carrie’s win and fairytale story. The barrage of TV singing shows desperately wanting to have a piece of Idol success stories also started because of Kelly and Carrie appearing on early seasons of Idol. If Kelly and Carrie didn’t step onto Idol stage and became superstars, the other singing shows might not even have started or became popular. Especially The Voice.

  • windmills

    Ha! I see what you mean though. It sounds like we’d both be happy to see pop/rock supported by HAC, the Rock formats, and even CHR occasionally. People always say this stuff is cyclical, so it’s going to be interesting to see just who or what it is that jumpstarts the pop and rock formats’ interest in reclaiming pop/rock for themselves.

  • Nostradamos
  • windmills

    Yeah, I already posted about that and ensuing competing editorials yesterday: link

  • Happyhexer

    I haven’t noticed any over-enunciation by Carrie, although I did notice with Angie. But I’ll take over-enunciation any day over Allison Iraheta’s mumbling.