Carrie Underwood – ‘Blown Away’ Tracklisting & Songwriting Credits!

1 “Good Girl” 3:24 (Carrie/Chris DeStefano/Ashley Gorley)
2 “Blown Away” 4:00 (Josh Kear/Chris Tompkins)
3 “Two Black Cadillacs” 4:58 (Carrie/Josh Kear/Hillary Lindsey)
4 “See You Again” 4:06 (Carrie/David Hodges/Hillary Lindsey)
5 “Do You Think About Me” 3:37 (Cary Barlowe/Hillary Lindsey/Shane Stevens)
6 “Forever Changed” 4:02 (Tom Douglas/James Slater/Hillary Lindsey)
7 “Nobody Ever Told You” 4:10 (Carrie/Luke Laird/Hillary Lindsey)
8 “One Way Ticket” 3:56 (Carrie/Josh Kear/Luke Laird)
9 “Thank God for Hometowns” 4:01 (Luke Laird/Ashley Gorley/Hillary Lindsey) (UPDATE: Listen to 20 second clip from Hillary Lindsey’s demo HERE)
10 “Good in Goodbye” 4:17 (Carrie/Hillary Lindsey/Ryan Tedder)
11 “Leave Love Alone” 3:19 (Hillary Lindsey/Gordie Sampson/Troy Verges)
12 “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” 3:43 (Carrie/Josh Kear/Chris Tompkins)
13 “Wine After Whiskey” 3:51 (Carrie/Dave Berg/Tom Shapiro)
14 “Who Are You” 3:55 (Mutt Lange)

Tracklisting via Barnes & Noble

Fun facts: “See You Again” is a song Carrie, David Hodges and Hillary Lindsey wrote as part of their sessions for The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. “Wine After Whiskey” is a song Carrie cowrote for Play On. The writers of “Do You Think About Me” also cowrote Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey”. The writers of the album’s title track “Blown Away” (and Carrie’s cowriters on “Cupid’s Got A Shotgun”) cowrote Carrie’s “Before He Cheats”. Hillary Lindsey has cowritten many Carrie singles including “Jesus Take The Wheel”, “Wasted”, “So Small”, “Last Name”, and “Just A Dream”, and album tracks like “Someday When I Stop Loving You”.

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  • MalwareDie

    Any takers on whether the Ryan Tedder cowrite will be the worst song on the album?

  • Anonymous

    should be intersting I hope she has some good ballads on this album I love her ballads..

  • Shawn Jennings

    THIS WILL BE AMAZING!!!!! as always Carrie Underood = Gods Favorite Angel

  • leilamaurizia

    8 Hillary Lindsey tracks… YES!! I love Hillary.  I actually wouldn’t mind an all- Hillary-Lindsey Carrie album with lead single “The Clown.”  That’s an amazing song I’ve always wished Hillary would allow Carrie to record and Carrie would want to record.

    “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun”– YES!  That’s the title that immediately stood out when the co-writes were coming out.  Glad to see it made the album.

  • CarrieRocks

    This is going to be great!

    MJ– I think the last song is by Claude Kelly, Wendel Mobley, and a writer named Neil Thrasher.

    Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher, and Claude Kelly co-write– Who Are You

    Wendell Mobley wrote Carrie’s “I Know You Won’t” from Carnival Ride, that Kelly Clarkson sings now on tour.  Trasher wrote a ton of big country hits, including 2 Jason Aldean songs (Fly Over States) and Rascal Flatts’ Fast Cars & Freedom.


  • CarrieRocks

    I am so stoked that Wine After Whiskey & Cupid’s Gotta Shotgun made the album as I loved those titles from day 1!  ha ha

    We heard the demo for Wine After Whiskey and it is one of the best songs that Carrie has written, to date. Beautiful lyrics.

  • CarrieRocks

    The writers of Before He Cheats have 2 cuts on this album– so that is a good omen for Carrie. :)

  • windmills

    CarrieRocks: MJ– I think the last song is by Claude Kelly, Wendel Mobley, and a writer named Neil Thrasher.

    It’s not confirmed and there are actually other possibilities by country writers (and even a possibility cowritten by Kara – yuck – with David Hodges and Mitch Allan), which is why it’s not in the post. I’m not that crazy about Claude Kelly as a writer in country based on his cut on Martina’s album and also his work with David Cook and Adam Lambert on the CHR/HAC side. He did well with Fantasia though. Wendell Mobley and Neil Thrasher cowrote I Know You Won’t and also The Night Before Life Goes On which are 2 of my favorite Carrie album cuts.

    The other ones are confirmed: for instance I’ve known Shane Stevens had a song on the album for a while but didn’t know which one until now.

    There’s only so much you can tell from writers because even great writers have their duds. And, titles don’t necessarily tell you much either. But, Two Black Cadillacs and Cupid’s Got A Shotgun are 2 titles that always stood out to me so I’m really excited to hear them. I’m also excited to hear Blown Away based on what we’ve heard about it. And, IA with leilamaurizia about Hillary Lindsey and Carrie, they’ve made a really strong combo over the years so I’m excited to see Hillary’s name all over this album.

    One thing I’m noticing is there’s 3 confirmed songs with a max of 4 out of 14 on Blown Away that have 1 cowriter out of 3 who’s primarily outside the country genre. Play On had 7 out of 13 songs with at least 1 cowriter who’s primarily outside the country genre. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything with the way country writers are writing out of genre these days but it’s something I noticed.

  • Tess

    Shallow time….I just can’t get over the album cover, and not because it intrigues me in a good way but because it always triggers a negative feeling…like those cheesy covers of a romantic novel: “who is this mystery woman, what memories haunt her, what does she see lurking in the shadows, can any man control her” and the list is endless.  Oh well, once we left vinyl behind album covers have lost their ability to sell a record…but I sure miss them.

  • Anonymous

    awesome! can’t wait till May 1!

  • CarrieRocks

     Good point. There are definitely more “country” writers on the album this time and no Kara songs, so that can only lead to good things. lol
    I personally think Claude Kelly is a good writer but you are right that everyone has some duds, even the best.
    I am happy a Ryan Tedder track made the album as I really want to see what he can do with Carrie on a song. Plus, since Hilary Lindsey cowrote it with Carrie and Tedder, she will reign him in a bit and make sure it is still country sounding, IMO.  Unlike many people who seem to trash Ryan Tedder all the time for some reason, I really think he is very talented and I am thrilled he has a cut on the album.

    I really hope the Wendell Mobley song made it as he is soooo good…:)

  • torin

    Can’t wait till May 1st to get totally Blown Away. From the track listings it appears to be another great CD from her…. Awesome….

  • Anonymous

    I’m so excited to hear Cupid’s Got A Shotgun and Two Black Cadillacs. I’ve been intrigued by those titles ever since. And, am I so relieved that no Kara DioGuardi song made the final cut. Whew! lol

  • windmills

    We’re not safe from Kara yet. There’s a Who Are You cowritten by Kara, Mitch Allan, and David Hodges. It’s several years old though. Other possibilities include a Who Are You (Not To) cowritten by the Jane Dear Girls, Peter Amoto, and Robbie Mevell which is fairly new and a Who Are You cowritten by Liz Hengbers and Daryl Burgess. The Claude Kelly/Wendell Mobley/Neil Thrasher one was registered a couple years ago. 

    Edit: There’s also a Marv Green and Aimee Mayo song with that title but it’s many years old.

    Or, it could be something that isn’t even registered. 

    But, it does seem like they’ve cut out a lot of the mediocre pop writers which I see as a step in the right direction. I don’t really like Ryan Tedder after the Kelly situation but he’s more capable of coming up with something good than Kara/Marti.

  • Keyera Mullins

    I am so freaking EXCITED for her new Album!!! Carrie Underwood takeover 2012!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh God, so we’re not yet completely safe then. Ugh. Kara, stay as far away as possible from this album! Also, I don’t think I’d want that song with the Jane Dear Girls as the writers.