Carrie Underwood BBC Breakfast – Blown Away – VIDEO

Carrie Underwood is in London ahead of her Royal Albert Hall performance on June 21 and she stopped by BBC breakfast to perform “Blown Away” and chat with the hosts.

Near the end of the interview, in which she spoke about her successful career as a country singer and her latest album, Blown Away, she addressed her recent support of gay marriage and the resulting backlash.

“I’m pro non-judgement,” she says, “I’m pro loving people. That’s kind of what I’m all about.”

She remarked on how she generally stays as far away from politics as possible. “I just want to sing,” she adds, “It’s scary to have a platform and have people listening to you,” she laughed, “because at some point, you are going to say something that some people consider to be not so right.”

Watch the interview below

Plus, Carrie performs an acoustic version of her single, “Blown Away.”

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  • windmills

    I also liked how Carrie said (about not reading the backlash type comments) that she learned a long time ago that you can’t live your life for other people and therefore not to pay too much attention to the negative stuff. I don’t think she’s going to suddenly become an active advocate for marriage equality (not her style on any issue other than spaying/neutering pets) but she’s also not going to backtrack on her comments (not that I thought she would). I thought she handled the questions well this morning while standing her ground.

    There is a part of me that would like it if Carrie were more active in representing a more open Christian view on this and other issues because I feel she could be an important voice in that regard but I also understand why she may not want to take that on. I’m more interested in her singing anyway.

    I really like Blown Away acoustic! The rest of Carrie’s band is apparently on its way to London today for the RAH show. She taped an interview for Bob Harris’s Country show on BBC Radio 2 that’ll air on 6/28, and she did a cute interview with Steve Wright on the afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 just now. They apparently quite like Two Black Cadillacs and Cupid’s Got A Shotgun on that show. Carrie’ll be on “Loose Women” on Sky TV tomorrow – apparently their version of The View. That could be…..weird. She’s also doing a signing at HMV in London tomorrow as well as a bunch more interviews today. Oh, and she’s playing an industry showcase at the Dover Street Arts Club tonight.

    And, headlining Royal Albert Hall Thursday! There’s no support act, confirmed this morning.

    EDIT: Cap of Carrie’s interview today with BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright courtesy Carrie_UK:

  • Anonymous

    I really give her credit.  Carrie’s got a lot more strength of character than I thought possible. 

    Kudos, Carrie.  

  • David

    Well, she could’ve affirmed what she said last time and
    plainly come out say: “Yes, I am for gay marriage.”

    Instead she dodges the question and says “I am pro loving
    people and pro non judgment”, which mostly anyone could say without referring to
    gay marriage.  You don’t need to be a campaigner
    for something when declaring where you stand.

  • Ali Goria

    I actually think it was a smart choice of words (I didn’t watch the video though). “Gay Marriage” is a political sterile adversarial term. Making it meaningful through familiar feelings, logic and saying something that nobody can dispute might reach in the hearts of some people better. I think her original statement that cause the controversy was similar from what I remember. 

    NOW, if the interviewer did a follow up question (and it’s odd if they aren’t and suggests it’s pre arranged to tread lightly with her) and she defects to civil unions or something THAT would be controversial. And a back pedal. But since she originally spoke out on Marriage Equality then I think she means it. 

  • Jack Olexovitch

    Who cares what she comes out and says about HER own personal views? As she said, they are HER views. She’s not pushing them on anyone. She is here to sing. And if more people in the world adopted the attitude of “pro-loving people” “and pro-non judgement,” we could be stuck with less ignorant and obnoxious people in the world.

  • windmills

    The TV interviewer didn’t even ask Carrie if she was pro gay marriage. He stated that she’s pro gay marriage and that it’s been a controversial stance. Carrie agreed and stated she’s pro non judgment and pro loving people. She was going to expand on that but unfortunately the interviewer talked over her. 

    I’ve said this ever since reading Carrie’s original comments to the UK Independent: IMO Carrie was coming from a place where as a devout Christian herself, she has a big problem with people who use so-called Christian/Biblical mores as a justification for hate/discrimination. It just so happened that marriage equality was the issue through which she expressed that criticism of fundie Christian rightists, because she was asked about it. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that she went back to that message of non judgment and love when the topic of gay marriage came up again. That was the central part of her message in the first place.

    EDIT: I also highly doubt there was much pre arranged here. The interviewers were more interested in ways Carrie doesn’t fit country stereotypes than anything else so that was the angle for their questions about her veganism and marriage equality stance.

  • Anonymous

    I loved her choice of words. After 7 years of being in the limelight, she knows how to say things just right. Good for her.

  • Niall

    She didn’t backtrack, she simply used more relatable words about love and non-judgement vs political terms. I think only the hardest hardcore bigot can object to those terms. The marriage equality war will be won based on our common ground as humans. People like Jay-Z and Carrie will do just as much for equality support among straights as people like Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen have done putting a relatable, likable face to homosexuality.

  • David

    She shouldn’t have said anything about her views the first time then, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    Love her 

  • David

    I see what you mean, about saying something that might reach in the hearts of people better. But in this particular case, I believe a more precise answer was needed.

  • too-cool-for-school

    We know where she stands and of course people will be reactionary about it, but when backlash is continually addressed, I feel like it kind of gives those people what they want. She probably wants to move on and focus on promoting her album.

    She made her statement, now like she says, she just wants to sing. Sounds fair to me.

  • Ali Goria

    I seem to remember she was specifically asked the question.

  • Amir Hazwan Abdul Rahim

    I thought she was asked about her opinion in the first place?

  • No Thanks

    Adam and Carrie should hang out since they’re both in London

  • No Thanks

    This interview pretty much summed up what I thought of her original statement.  It’s what she personally feels but doesn’t want to push her views on anyone else and sure as hell doesn’t want to get dragged into other people’s politics.

  • Anonymous

    Love her. She seems so sweet and normal, yet at the same time, she really does always seem to say the exact right thing and stay out of the fray. It’s strange too cause when I saw the Oprah special on her and Mike, I was struck by how down to earth and humble they both were (not that I expected any different) and yet how perfect her life is. She seems to have just sailed through without a care in the world with the perfect career, perfect family, perfect marriage, perfect looks, and never says the wrong thing. It’s kinda spooky. 

  • Keyera Mullins

    who are we to judge her on her opinions. She can have a personal opinion whether people think its right or wrong or what it says in the bible we are entitled to our own opinions and i’m glad she states hers as we are allowed!

  • Anonymous

    She’s just lovely! She’s the same person she was when she won. :D

  • Anonymous

    The original statement was pretty clear to me, IMO no need for affirmation.

  • leilamaurizia

    Carrie was interviewed on Loose Women and did a different acoustic performance of “Blown Away.”  It was fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been AWOL and missed all of the “controversy” about Carrie so had to catch up. Wow. You know, I’m not surprised at her stance and am really glad she spoke about it. Good for you, Carrie.

    windmills: The TV interviewer didn’t even ask Carrie if she was pro gay marriage.
    He stated that she’s pro gay marriage and that it’s been a controversial
    stance. Carrie agreed and stated she’s pro non judgment and pro loving
    She was going to expand on that but unfortunately the
    interviewer talked over her.

    That’s exactly how I saw it, particularly the bolded part.

    Carrie’s never been one to bang the pulpit, so to speak, and insist everyone listen to her and support her views. IMO she’s much more about living her own life with the most integrity she can, and if people see that as an example then that’s fine. Personally I think the way she conducts herself and how she is as a person speaks volumes more about her character than any amount of finger-wagging or pulpit banging ever could. She’s stated her views and hopefully that will open some eyes, and hearts.

    Thanks for posting all the interviews and performances. I hope she does well in the UK!