Brooke White Clears the Air: Album “High Hopes and Heart Break” To Be Released June 2

OK, so it turns out Brooke White did NOT sign with Sanctuary Records.   She’s signed with Sanctuary Artists group, and is in the midst of signing a record deal, futher details to be disclosed.

She’s also revealed the name of her album,   High Hopes and Heart Break and is shooting for a June 2 release date–Brooke’s birthday!

She explains it all in her latest blog:

So first things first, As I mentioned earlier, this morning when I went to check on my myspace, I noticed that I had received several comments in regards to me signing a record deal with Sanctuary Records. I have now come to realize this is because of the Entertainment Weekly article that just came out recently. So during my phone interview with EW (which was a fun and candid interview), we were chatting about everything, from how I became connected to “Sanctuary” through Randy Jackson (so super cool btw),   as well as how we were making the record… I guess there was a little mix up, because I actually signed to SANCTUARY ARTIST GROUP… NOT Sanctuary Records. No biggie… just a   lil’ miscommunication.

I was hoping to make one big announcement with the details about both management and the record deal… but the deal is taking a little longer than planned (of course, doesn’t it all?!), as I have carefully been weighing out my options. Good news is… I am in the middle of working out all of the fine yet important details of the “dealio” as we speak, especially since I am opting for a more creative and individualized blueprint to make this record… (More to Come when things are finalized). There have been lots and lots of things happening, and I have been dying to give you all something, however I am very careful to not “talk” about anything until all pieces are place and really moving forward… just a little lesson I’ve learned along the way in this fickle business. However recently, when I got the call from these press peeps that I have gratefully come to know through out my American Idol experience, I was asked some of the obvious questions

Read the rest of her entry HERE.

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  • Jolene

    It’s nice to have a time frame, but if the record deal isn’t yet signed, wouldn’t the label have some say in the release date? I’m just wondering how final it could be at this point.

    I’m excited to hear what Brooke comes up with, can’t wait!

  • hardkandy

    Whatever this album is called and whenever it’s released… it couldn’t come sooner. I cannot wait for her new stuff. I’ve worn out all my Brooke mp3’s. I’ve listened to every single one more than what is healthy! LOL. I need new Brooke music right now. Ngayon na!

  • bean99

    I didn’t think Brooke was the best person to be in an idol contest with her emotions and all but she does have a very nice voice so hope she does well. I love her duet with Michael Johns and think it would be a good single.

  • Ladybug

    Bring it on, Brooke!

  • Fender

    Yay! I love Brooke and I’m so glad that the show has opened these doors for her (which will provide new Brooke tunes for me :clap_tb:)

  • tinawina

    This is great news. It totally made up for having to spend all day at Chuck E Cheese. Damn kids with their friends and birthday parties. LOL. But yay… NEW BROOKIE SONGS!!!! I am thrilled. :clap_tb:

  • NYCSlain

    Can’t wait for her new album! She was such a breath of fresh air on the show -it’s too bad her nerves got the best of her.