Behind the Scenes Interviews from the American Idol Photo Shoot

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Check out some brand new interviews taken behind the scenes of a recent Idol photo shoot with Jimmy Iovine, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

Plus, check out a clip taken at the photoshoot

Video after the JUMP…

Idol Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes with Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Ryan Seacrest

Interview with Jimmy Iovine

Interview with Steven Tyler

Interview with Ryan Seacrest

Interview with Randy Jackson

Interview with Jennifer Lopez

  • blmetsfan

    I think the record company will definitely benefit from the albums coming out right after Idol, but any artist involvement in their first record is pretty much gone.

  • Valentin432

    I hope Iovine isn’t telling BS, Steven is going to be fun, Jlo is beautifull and Randy is… well he praised Kelly in his interview so I can’t say something bad about him.

  • emmuzka

    Randy sounds almost eloquent! The one thing that I didn’t like was him saying things like “If you got it you got it” and “You must be born with it”. What, like it was all about talent and charisma, and to hell with hard working! Don’t bother to work, if you got it, just waltz in!

    It should be more like “if you don’t have it, don’t come here because working hard can make you good but we are searching the best.”