American Idol Season 12- Contestant Preview #3- Kree Harrison

Kree Harrison is part of this years “country wave”, along with the already previewed Jimmy Smith and some others you’ll see in future previews. She’s not quite the Carrie Underwood of the group, she’s more like a Sara Evans/Michelle Branch hybrid, which could be cool. She plays guitar.

She has previously appeared on the Rosie O’Donnell show when she was 8 years old. She was briefly signed by Lyric Street Records when she was 12.

Lauren Alaina did really well her season. Country girls can do just as well as the boys can sometimes. If she makes the top 10, I expect big things from Kree. Like Jimmy, they both have the pipes to back up their vocal runs. I expect a decent portion of the top 10 to be country, thanks to the infusion of Keith Urban into the judging panel.

Examiner article on Kree:

ReverbNation Profile:
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She appears on BMI’s roster:


9 To 5 (her version of Dolly Parton’s song… it’s a bit different)


Tennessee Waltz-


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  • Adam Alamillo

    I’m digging her voice, especially on Valerie. She’s got a nice tone.

  • Axxxel

    Tennesee Waltz… wow, so 1950s  !! But she sang it well…

  • Loretta

    Ugh come on MJ give me something other than Country!!

    Do not like.


  • suenigma

    I love this girl already! And give here a chance Loretta, she is not the downhome, bighaired, twangy version of country you might be afraid of, she is more of the singer-songwriter, indie type.

  • suenigma

    Has anyone ever covered a Linda Rondstadt song on American Idol? Because this girl most definitely should. I’m looking at these videos on my wee IPhone. Is she pretty?

  • Tammy Luebrecht

    She is gorgeous and she has a beautiful voice. I love this girl. I’m looking forward to seeing how she does.

  • merkureye

    What a coincidence.  Elise Testone (AI S11) tweeted a couple of days ago that she is booked to perform at 3rd and Lindsley’s in Nashville on January 2nd.  Who do you think is booked to perform the next day on January 3rd?  You guessed it. . . Kree Harrison.  Good luck to both ladies.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Ooooooh intrigued! Hoping we get to see more of her on the show. Digging her voice and vibe.

  • LA944

    Very nice voice. I wouldn’t say it was a really distinctive sound. I have heard other country singers sound similar–but a very good vocalist. I could listen to her and be very happy about it

  • Jake Williams

    I’m SICK of country. Go away!

  • Jake Williams

    I’m SICK of country. Go away!

  • girlygirltoo

    Very nice voice.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Nice voice – moves well – like her.

  • durbesque

    Big improvement over Skylar….in all departments.

  • Jason Scott

    Good luck. Considering that the genre sees so much success for the show’s alums, I doubt it’ll ever go away. And I’m glad. :)

  • quickjessie

    This gal I really like.  I could get behind this one.  

  • Miz

    3rd and Lindsey is a really nice venue. Kris Allen played there recently and a radio station live streamed it. The acoustics are perfect.

  • chessguy99

    Kree has a bit of a backstory, losing her father in airplane crash when she was 12, and her mother in a car crash in her late teens. It isn’t clear, but her mother’s death may have forced her to put her music career on hold until  she was old enough to enter into contracts on her own. Once she became of age she was back in Nashville, trying to pick up where she left off. She has been part of a couple BMI showcases and songwriter events.

    I see the potential of Kree being another Elise; somebody who has sunstancial 

  • Kesia Monteith

    I like Kree. I’m willing to give country a chance if we have more voices like hers. But boy, based on these spoilers, Keith LOVES his country darlings, and the lady judges ADORE them soulful boys. Hard time spotting a guy NOT R&B, and a girl who is anything BUT country.

  • durbesque

    That’s one of the best (worst) backstories I’ve ever heard.  Could WGWG be expanded to mean guy/gal with guitar?  I don’t see why not.  Mustn’t be sexist now.   

  • tucker davis

    I like! Sounds like her voice could easily slide onto other genres.

  • Karen C

    I think she could do well, she has a good voice and has some originality, and sounds like she has a lot of experience.

  • DB987

    Nashville is littered with female country voices better then this that cant get a foothold in the industry.  She better have some super appeal going for her that allows her to catch on.

  • Sept Nguyen

    She’s the one to watch. She’s quite gorgeous and her vocal is beautiful, her tone is good too, not too annoying like Skylar and not too generic like Lauren 

  • durbesque

    Lauren is doing alright, but remains in Scotty’s shadow.  Kree is a lot more ready than Lauren and a much different type.  Also, she has to win! 

  • Anny_nanny

    I’m afraid DB987 rights. In the last season how much discussed it, Skailer not received a record despite all the compliments from the country. This girl is already known in Nashville, but could not break through yourself, where is the chance that the AI can help her?
    I love her voice and she has a history, but the same thing happened with Crystal and who of us can say that she has been a huge success?

  • Jake Williams

    and she better dye her hair blonde :P

  • irockhard

    Plant alert!

    Well at least she’s not a blonde.

    So country/rock, Skylar 2.0 or Cassadee Pope 2.0?

    Not wowed but finally someone I’m willing to at least check out.

  • quickjessie

     Plant?  Why, because she’s had so many hit records? 

    Geez, this just annoys me.  Please point out the first/only contestant on any of these shows that started singing the day of their audition. 

    All of these people have singing experience.  The better ones might have picked up some paying gigs but they can hardly be called “plants”. 

  • Reflects On Life

    Like her rendition of “Stronger” – transcends the bar-band sound.
    The rest of these performances do not.  That’s the problem for me with the bar/lounge scene – the songs & sounds all get genericized, especially for female voices.  She’ll probably sound better on the idol stage than she sounds here.

    This slower acoustic probably shows off her vocal tones best…

  • fantoo1

    You seem bitter for some reason ;)

  • DB987

    Lauren is doing good I try not to compare her to Scotty’s success she is on her own track not really in his shadow except on blogs like this. Kree is older has more experiience then Lauren did when she was on the show to this I would agree.  They have different styles/sound ,better or worse will always be a matter of opinion.  For many reasons Lauren had a big appeal and the novelty of the country kids helped her a lot.   For a women to do well in the country music sence from one of these shows she, I agree, needs to win and/or come off with a good sized fanbase then work her butt off and maybe get a likey break of a hit.  Kree has a pleasant voice but nothing spectacular to my ears therefore she needs some major appeal to carry her for the win and a chance at a career.
    So I think we agree.  I wish her luck and am interested in listening to her.

  • artemis112

    I like what I’m hearing from these videos-both her tone and the emotion she puts into her singing. She’s one I’d like to hear more from.

  • kansasfemale

    raw potential – I’ll be watching this one

  • wutwut

    Interested to see her. Kacey Musgraves [another country up-and-comer] just tweeted about her