American Idol 12 Spoilers – Las Vegas Week!

A little American Idol 12 spoiler for you…

The Top 4o leave on February 3 to go to Los Angeles. No word on when they actually head to Las Vegas.

According to FOX the Las Vegas episodes air:

Wednesday, Feb. 20

AMERICAN IDOL (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) – “Semifinalist Round, Part 1”

In a new twist, the competition moves to Las Vegas, where the Top 40 semifinalists will be split into guys and girls. Each night, 10 of the 40 semifinalists will perform and the judges will be faced with the tough decision of choosing which five will stay and which five will be sent home.

Wednesday, Feb. 20                         First Group of 10 Male Singers Perform
Thursday, Feb. 21                              First Group of 10 Female Singers Perform
Wednesday, Feb. 27                          Second Group of 10 Male Singers Perform
Thursday, Feb. 28                              Second Group of 10 Female Singers Perform

*Each episode is 2 hours long.

ETA: Live shows begin on March 5 when the Top 20 perform for your votes.

Tuesday, March 5 Top 10 Male Semifinalists Perform LIVE
Wednesday, March 6 Top 10 Female Semifinalists Perform LIVE
Thursday, March 7 LIVE Results Show; Top 10 Finalists Revealed

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  • tomr

    Really unfair if more than 5 of the best are on the same night.  The top 10 should go on regardless.  This seems to reek of manipulation where it has been predetermined which 5 from each group will go on.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Only 10 performances/show and each show is 2 hours? Tons of filler and commercials. lol

  • Larc

    That tight schedule isn’t going to leave much time for spoilers to leak.  It could be we won’t know who all the Top 20 are until they are announced.  Takes a little of the fun out of it somehow.

  • No Thanks

    I’m sure they’ll be strategically grouped.  And I’m sure, right now they’re talking the pulse of the audience and seeing who they’re liking during the audition rounds.

  • girlygirltoo

    So it will be March until there are any live shows? Or are these Vegas shows live (just don’t have public voting)

  • julesb2183

    Las Vegas will be taped.

  • ptebwwong

    Obviously, the producers can manipulate the groups so the best contestants are on one night. However, in Idol history some of the best groups had many strong contestants & eventually went on to be strong contenders (Ex. S2: Ruben, Clay, & Kim Locke were all in the same group & the top 3 of the season, S8: Kris, Adam, Allison, Matt G. were in the same group & 4 of the top 5 that season).

    Also, it’s possible the producers put all the country/R&B guys/girls on one night. This could potentially lessen the number of country & R&B contestants in the top 10. It also could help viewers figure out who are stronger contestants by comparing other contestants in the same genre. 

  • ptebwwong

    Yes, there will be a lot of filler & commercials. I would hope that the producers do longer segments so the viewers can get to know all of the contestants since they have time. But it probably won’t happen. LOL.

  • ptebwwong

    That means the judges will be choosing the top 20. But the viewers will still vote for the finalists (top 10/12/13) right?

  • Brian

    I really wish they used the fan votes for these.  Or at least for a portion of them.  But I guess the positive is that we will see performances that we typically don’t see in their entirety…typically we don’t see full performances until it is down to 24 (or less), unless you go back to season 2 or so.

  • Brian

    After this, though, I guess we STILL get a top 20, so I wonder how that will work?  I thought I had read somewhere else (maybe in top 40 spoiler article) that the judges will choose top 10 with maybe some wildcards.  Odd that they have the top 40 cut down to 20 with live shows and STILL have judges cut the 20 to 10 after that.

  • Incipit

    So it will be March until there are any live shows?

    IDK, this year sounds like a right mess…and it has nothing to do with me until the shows are live and the audience has the option to vote. I don’t pay any attention to the rest of it, since it’s all about the fancy edits and the judges’ face time and the producers choices. IMO.

    If the audience has nothing to say until March, then I don’t watch until March. Heh. At least it will be a very short season this year. March, April, May, and we’re done.

  • Anny_nanny

    Last season we had voting from 02/28-29, if producers give us Top-12, not Top-13, schedule will not differ from the previous year. I’m OK with this schedule, I will watch YouTube until March.

  • LeahKittyS

    From what I know, yes, we vote on who makes the Top 10 (I assume wildcards will be added into the mix).

  • blackberryharvest

    I think they will choose who makes it the same night. So that will make it better.

  • Eilonwy

    Okay, so the singers get an additional performance round to build their fan bases before the first voting round…

    That’s more fair than making them reliant on providing drama for the camera in Hollywood, and it puts more emphasis on them as singers. And they sure do have time in the schedule for some background info on the singers.

    I dunno that I’d personally pay much attention to these episodes because I always skip everything before the voting rounds, but maybe the first night will be so amazing that I’ll change my mind. This could be done interestingly and well. *crosses fingers*

  • Kariann Hart

    Sometimes I wonder if the producers know what they’re doing.  I also wonder how many times they revise their plans.  I remember Nigel saying the judges will choose the TOP 10, and the viewers choose their position in the line up.  Curious as how this will work.

  • Leandro

    Maybe they will perform an actual full song that has 3 or 5 minutes…no, it’s not gonna happen. That would be too good to be true. lol

  • Larc

    Idol doesn’t want to turn control over to voters sooner than they either have to or everything will look too rigged.  But they will get rid of any they don’t want to cast in the finals before public voting starts, except for maybe some fodder they know not many will vote for.

  • inmyslumber

    There’s also the judges’ deliberations.

  • Robert

    Personally I don’t think that getting 4 less people to choose from is that big of a deal.

  • CherryPalmer

    I hope past idol contestants will get to help out the kids with their song arrangements depending on the theme each week. I think this will help everyone: the contestants coz they’ll have someone guiding them who can actually relate with them, the show coz it’ll bring back fans and viewers, and of course the past contestants coz everybody would appreciate added exposure no matter how big or small their careers may be.

    Gender bender week where they can only sing songs by artists opposite their sex. They can ask past contestants who were known for it in the show to help the kids: David Cook with always be my baby, Kris Allen with she works hard for the money, etc.

    On rock week they can have Daughtry, Adam Lambert, etc

    Country week with Carrie, Scotty, Kellie Pickler, etc

    Soul week for Elliot Yamin, Melinda Doolitle, Joshua Ledet, Taylor Hicks, etc.

    RnB week for Jordin sparks, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson

    Really, they have plenty of idols for every possible theme and they should utilize it! :)

  • CherryPalmer

    Oops double posted. Sorry mj, :)

  • teekee

    For me, the judges choosing the top 10 is only okay if there isn’t going to be a tour. Since the public is who attends the tour, they should have some voice in who they choose to spend their money to see. Too much power for the judges. 

  • Mateja Praznik

    This transition from semifinals to finals is one of the weak points of the format.

    Cutting 24/20 contestants down to 10-13 in just one week based on one performance and letting  the public vote just doesn’t seem a good idea. At the same time three-week semifinals in the past dragged on forever.

    Maybe it would be better if they made this stage a bit different. Give a larger group of semifinalists (up to 36) a few tasks. Up to three performances. Maybe one just for the judges (like Vegas week) and one or two for the public to vote. Then maybe some other tasks: music video shoot, photo shoot, etc. Let the judges and guest judges score their work. This way, the public would have some say who advances, but at the same time TPTB would still have things under control. Yep, this would mean more work with the semifinals stage, but it would shake up the stale format in a way.

    And having only 10 finalists actually doesn’t seem like a bad idea, considering the finals also drag on forever. With 13 or 12 finalists I always feel bad for 3 or 2 that miss out on the tour. And it’s usually the girls that get kicked off the show in those rounds. So why not just get down to 10 immediately?

  • supersonic

    I guess I really won’t start watching this show until March because I don’t have the patience for all of this other stuff.  Them dragging all of this out is tedious.

  • Karen C

    THe good part is that we will see performances from the whole top 40, though they will be selected by the judges. I hope they don’t have a theme for this round.   I would rather see one or two more two more voting rounds to get from 20 to 10, this allows contestants to develop more fully, and so they have to  have more than one song before they get into the top 10. I think this makes a stronger top 10.

  • geekygirl

    This bothers me that they always try to balance the boy/girl thing.  It ends up sacrificing a deserving male/female for a borderline male/female to keep the numbers even.  Let the Top 20 BE the TOP 20!

  • maymirabella

    I so agree with you. That is how we always end up with WGWG in the top 10  after one performance.  I preferred the old format of having the top 24 perform , then 2 guys and 2 girls are cut after America’s vote..then the top 20 perform and then down to 16 and so on. That gives America a chance to hear most of the semifinalists and those who get into the finals several times.

  • maymirabella

    Yes I never got the point of the top 12 or 13 as then 2 or 3 make final group but miss tour and that always seems pointless.  They just get to perform one number on the finale and that is it.  I would rather see just top 10 and they all go on tour…seems more fair and makes more sense.

  • maymirabella

    I was actually looking forward to some bigger changes, just to switch it up after 11 seasons ,..trying more new things. I so do not want another WGWG winner..I know I kinda am saying that too much here and I apologize for repetitiveness…but I think judges picking top 10 might have solved that but then again..maybe not. And then public also gets no say in who they see on tour…but I just want some changes ..somehow, some way to have  a girl winner or someone other than WGWG. But even if we get the 6th in a row WGWG , at least make the season, the show more interesting.

  • Incipit

    I hope past idol contestants will get to help out the kids with their song arrangements depending on the theme each week. I think this will help everyone: the contestants coz they’ll have someone guiding them who can actually relate with them,

    CherryPalmer, is this a tacit agreement that the recent casts selected by TPTB are not capable of doing what the alumni before them did, and need special help??  And that maybe Iovine isn’t making the best, or most interesting song choices for them?

    Putting aside the schedules of the people you mention, and how many would be available to travel to LA, or even want to provide this special treatment – I wonder what they would think that this ‘guidance’ is even needed.

    Who were the special mentors who helped the past Idols out with ‘their’ song arrangements, and guided them every week…back when the contestants were much more able to make their own decisions, and actually did? The show employed people to do arrangements for those who couldn’t do it themselves, and vocal coaches to assist in choosing what and how to sing the songs, if people needed that –  but they couldn’t do it all for them –  contestants had to take the responsibility for their choices.

    Don’t they still provide arrangements? The difference is – IDK how voluntary their use is…and they still have vocal coaches….the difference is – someone else can be choosing the song and how to sing it, we don’t often know for sure. 

     But people seem to be cool with that nowadays, ‘as if’ the youngsters TPTB are choosing to cast need all the help they can get? All the interference help that previous seasons didn’t have, or probably even want?

    If that is progression, it just seems bass ackwards to me. JMO. Of Course.

  • blackberryharvest

    The Las Vegas round will basically be the semi finals.

  • b_james

    Ugh, i hate the “5 must stay, 5 must go” rule.  This has manipulation written all over it.

  • b_james

    Ugh, i hate the “5 must stay, 5 must go” rule.  This has manipulation written all over it.