American Idol 12 – Johnny Keyser Audition – VIDEO

Here’s Johnny Keyser! Auditioning for American Idol 12 in Chicago, back after being eliminated from season 11 at the Top 60 in Las Vegas…

Johnny Keyser – “Try A Little Tenderness” – Nicki asks right off the bat if he has a girlfriend. No he does not. “Johnny’s back,” says Randy. Randy likes when determined folk come back. He characterizes Johnny’s outing last year as “crashing and burning.” Hm. “We got to make sure you don’t do that,” says Randy. Keith loves him. Nicki and Mariah begin bickering again. Sigh. As Nicki gives her positive critique, Mariah groans and rolls her eyes. It’s 4 yeses. Wonder how far fan fav Johnny will go this year? If he makes it to the top 10, he’ll probably win.

Johnny Keyser, Auditions Chicago ~ American… by HumanSlinky

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  • Li Wright

    I wonder how long the snide remarks between the two women will go on and how will it end?  They are reallyyyy snide towards each other.  What’s it like off the stage?

  • maymirabella

    Yes I am sure a wgwg will win for the 6th consecutive time or even any cute wg!

  • bannanafish

    I don’t get why they all find him amazing, and MJ is predicting he will win. He’s good looking, but the deep tan is off-putting, and I didn’t think the singing was all that good.

  • ZsusK

    Um… I think most people who watch Idol religiously remember him as the guy from Season 11 who kept singing even though his group mate had fallen to the floor in a faint. He’s got a major douche vibe about him, And he’s not good enough to rise above it. 

  • Katie’s Uvula

    I don’t think he’s that good looking. No offense but he looks uglier now than last year. Idk if its the hair or maybe because its HQ or his eye makeup

  • sue

     You are so right. He does not look as good now. Plus I kind of liked his singing last season more for some reason. I found his audition quite boring this year. I don’t think he will win. He isn’t that great. 

  • Miss Chaos

    I didnt care much for him, I dont get where the judges were coming from.

  • girlygirltoo

    Thought he was overrated last season and haven’t changed my mind. He really isn’t all that good.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    A separate thread for his Audition? the guy will definitely
    What else new? The show becomes predictable and that surely will turn off some viewers.

  • Anny_nanny

    He was ballast in the last, he is ballast in this season. I’m not worried that he continued to sing when girl fell on the stage – the fans of the show was already aware of, as they  have been told to not stop performance, but he’s just a bsd singer.
    If he will be in the Top 10 with some other wgwg and will remain long enough, I think he may become a springboard for the second guy. I am confused by that and the other guy may be not very good, but AI are so eager to close a chain of white guys, that I remember the results of 9s with horror – I don’t want to second Lee, who was also hurt from the victory.

    Returning to Johnny hasn’t sounding like Scotty or Phillip, and he hasn’t style like Lee, brightness of David or talent of Kris, I don’t know that we can discuss at this point.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    Nicky is so rude and unprofessional. I don’t have an ounce of interest in Mariah but how hard is it to count to three and let the forth person on the panel speak without you interrupting? You are a lousy MC Nicky, don’t take this role on yourself if your timing sucks and you have zero chemistry with your coworker.

    Yeah, I am definitely sticking to youtube clips of studio recordings and life performances only, starting with top 24.

    Hopefully The Voice’s judges panel will have a better flow, I intend to actually watch that program.

  • ali_359921

    If they want him or a (“W”G) to win, the judges must praise him all the time.
    If they want a girl to lose, they must praise her all the time .

  • Miz

    I was disappointed when Johnny was eliminated his season. He had potential and I don’t quite understand Randy’s ‘crash and burn’ comment.

    With that said, I wasn’t overly impressed with his ‘Try a Little Tenderness’. The choices most of these people are making on songs to audition with (or the parts they choose to sing) are awkward to me. They sound odd without music.

    Nicki is annoying me and the feuding in front of contestants is disrespectful.

  • abbysee

    He was better last season. He better have a big redemption arc, otherwise he’s just not gonna get the votes.

    Most people are framing this as poor old jealous Mariah. I see it as rude, egotistical Nicki. She needs to chill.

  • Jake W.

    He sucked last year, and he sucks this year.

  • Incipit

    He’s got a major douche vibe about him, And he’s not good enough to rise above it. 

    His edits certainly left a bad impression with much of the audience last season, Zsusk…but much of that douche vibe was the result of Idol filming Johnny and his group hanging out in a hot tub/pool while other groups were rehearsing their butts off…along w/a small soundbite about their laid back approach. 

    His completely literal application of the ‘don’t stop singing’ directive last yr when the young lady fainted on stage didn’t show much sense of proportion or discretion, but there was a small willingness to cut him some slack because of his age, and the fact that he did catch her – until the hot tub edit. He needed to at least “appear” to be working hard, and taking the competition seriously..

    Now, it looks like he thinks he’s so good he doesn’t have to actually, you know, sing a song…he can just kinda jam his way through it? I also saw videos last yr where he was doing the same thing, jamming a few random runs from songs instead of actually singing them. So what part of his attitude has changed? 

    Whether that “Try a Little Tenderness” is another song with the same title, or was  supposed to be some kinda take on the original, IDK, and no one has said –  but it wasn’t very good, IMO. Randy may had said JK “crashed and burned” last season, in Vegas…I only ever saw a fair to middling group performance of “Oh Boy” and “Wake Up Little Susie”. Nothing great, and Johnny did not stand out there.

     So, this season we see a kid with an average to good voice (like many other contestants), a decent falsetto, a tendency to substitute runs for melody and/or lyrics,  and what still seems to be a sense of entitlement…so the “Douche Vibe” threatens to continue.

  • Sarah

    I don’t really remember him from last season except for his audition (but I was out of the country for 2 weeks during the Hollywood rounds, so if that’s where his supposed “drama” took place, then I may have missed it.). But I do remember liking his voice and being annoyed when they cut him in Vegas without really explaining why, and other people went through that I thought weren’t as good. Now we’re told he “crashed & burned?” Really? Why not show the audience that?

    That being said – I like the tone of his voice a lot, but I didn’t really like what he did with that song. I know they tell you to get to the “meat” of the song where you can really show off your voice – but I didn’t really think it worked here. I would have rather him started at the beginning and built it. Now I want to go back and watch his audition from last year to remember him better.

    I’ll be curious to see the “edit” he gets through the Hollywood rounds. I think the guy has a good voice, and at this point, that’s usually enough for me.

  • HKfan

    I seem to remember him being better looking last year too, and sounding better too, although I do think he didn’t seem cocky this year.
    that Griffin guy was much, much better looking.

  • irockhard

    He’s not cute enough or sweet enough to win IMO.

  • Trina

    I dont get the hype around him at ALL. this year and last year. I dont find his voice appealing and I dont find him remotely good looking, especially this year. Something about his face looks odd, I cant place it. I can name 3 guys already I find more appealing all around.

  • MissMyEm

    First let me say I’m glad MJ posts the auditions so I can pick and choose who I want to hear and whether or not I want to hear someone.   So thanks MJ.  I think I may have started watching S11 at the Top 12 so I don’t remember this guy at  all.  He’s definitely a looker but I guess I didn’t hear what the judges heard. I would have passed on him.  I didn’t hear the melody at all and it seemed to me that he started the song at the end just to show something…but I am not sure what that something was.  Maybe they like to have “heartthrob” types. Who knows?
    I’m not sure what the relevance of Nikki’s question as to whether or not he had a girlfriend was, but whatever.   I also thought that there is no way I can watch this show if Nikki and Mariah keep their little “game” going throughout the season.  Why don’t the producers just have Randy or Keith ask what the other judge has to say?   Oh yeah..duh…probably makes for boring TV.   Well not to me.   The fighting gets old.  I never even liked the fighting between Kara and Simon or Simon and anyone…so this is just annoying to me.
    So again..I thank MJ for posting so I can be select.

  • Seagull2

    His voice is amazing, I’m so glad he’s back.  

  • No Thanks

    I wasn’t shocked or upset he was passed over last year.  And still couldn’t give a f**k about him.  He’s got dead, empty eyes and a weird day-glo fake tan that creeps me out.  His singing is mediocre.   And he seems a bit….thick….if you get my drift.

    He reminds me of that character John Hamm played on 30 Rock.  The gorgeous doctor who was actually not too bright but was oblivious to the fact he was coasting through life entirely based on his looks.

  • merkureye

    Don’t get the appeal – appearance or voice.  No loss last season.  Won’t be a loss this season when he is eliminated.  The fact that he is even considered a contender speaks volumes about the apparent dearth of talent in the men’s category.  His caterwauling last night was wretched in my opinion.

  • Leandro

    His face looks like a Wax Museum smiling face. It’s weird.

  • Anny_nanny

    “The fact that he is even considered a contender speaks volumes about the apparent dearth of talent in the men’s category.”

    Or about the fact that this year, the interesting guys are cut off – I have not seen a single guy to “wow!”. Neither in the episodes, or in ?????????. I don’t want to try to persuade themselves that fresh water is a taste of old brandy.

  • Taylor

    Does he have a black eye that they tried to cover up, on the left side of his face?
    Then again, both his eyelids look red. Does he have two black eyes? That usually means some type of recent head injury.

    Maybe he has a rash on his face and they tried to cover it up with make-up?

  • Hazehel

    I like him.  Not from the show as such, but I happened to listen to his EP recently and thought him rather good – 

  • tomr

    Johnny = PLASTIC!!!!!  NOT likeable!

  • ZsusK

    Exactly. I admit I was surprised he didn’t make it into Top 20 last season because I thought the producers wanted him in the voting rounds. I think he should have waited a year to audition again so that he could come back with the story that he has matured. 

  • B

    He looks way worse than last year, he’s either sick or on drugs, or really needs to catch up on a month of sleep. Did anyone think that too? Oh and he forgot the lyrics, and yes, everyone does know that song.