American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #14- Cortez Shaw

Cortez is a Top 40 contestant from last year. He had some screentime (his audition is below). As you can probably tell from the videos, he’s a little cocky. The question is, will he come off as too cocky to really do well in the team (like Todrick). He’s talented, and he’s current. The competition would benefit from him being in, because he’s actually a radio ready singer, as opposed to an old school gospel type like Joshua Ledet.


Someone Like You (His audition last year)


I Will Always Love You


We Are Never Getting Back Together



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  • wordnerdarchie

    This guy is good.  If he tones it down a bit to not turn of the Idol audience but still come off as a fun guy, he should do well.

  • ??EvHeaD??ozzy??

    I sincierly love his voice… It’s an amazing tone and a great range…. but he does come across very cocky…. and towards the end of the Diamonds voice he starts sounding tired and not very comfortable…

  • Kariann Hart

    I actually remember Cortez and thought he would go further than what he did. MJ you’ve shown us some good talent so far.  I haven’t seen THE winner yet, but there is talent!

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Okay honestly – who the hell SNAPS during a song like Someone Like You? Super turned off by his audition from last year.

  • James M.

    WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK at snapping to Someone Like You. I can’t even comprehend the silliness behind that! Next time I’m gonna snap to singing Imagine by John Lennon. Oh yes, let’s snap to Gary Jules’ version of Mad World! It’s BLOODY GENIUS!

    Not to mention the snapback hat he’s wearing in a really FOOLISH looking way! Snapbacks are the epitome of EVIL. He looks like a purely foolish looking FOOL with that hat!

    ….If his weird habits weren’t so distracting I’d say he’s a good singer but I have this nagging feeling he will appear karaoke.

  • MyDailyComment

    I don’t get the complaint about snapping fingers.  He sang to a fast tempo and snapped his fingers to it.  Why is that bad?  And who could not notice his voice was good?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Well, he can sing on key (which, for me, gives him brownie points, heh!). He uses a bit too much melisma for me, and reminds me of Javier Colon in that way. He sounds and looks current though, so he could have a chance to go far.

  • Leandro

    I didn’t even remind him, but somehow I thought, just looking at him that he was cocky and would never win, despite how good he’s. Reading the comments it seems that I was right. He reminds me that black guy from S10 who didn’t want to make a group with anyone and sang OMG! on Top 24. Very good singer but extremely cocky.

    He and Johnny Keiser can make good TV, though, especially if the show put them as enemies, just like they did with Cece and Paige.

  • kcostell

    The trouble was that the words he was singing and the style he sang them in felt in pretty much direct opposition to each other.

  • Dennis

    I don’t know why ppl are calling him cocky, he seems more fun than anything else. He has a good voice and at least he’s modern which for a black male is rare on this show.

  • AlesheaDominique

    I remember him but not because his audition was THAT amazing. He is a local boy and got some media attention. With that said, I think he has a good voice and if he gets it under control he could do well.

  • cheese1

    I remember disliking his jolly, melody-optional take on Someone Like You last year, but honestly, I’d rather have him than someone who wants to take every song to church every week and doesn’t know any songs from this century. At least I’m fairly confident that he wouldn’t resurrect Fantasia’s coronation song for “inspirational songs” week.

  • WestiesRule

    I don’t remember him at all. Good tone, potential. Doesn’t jump out for me but maybe he can do something. At least he is current.

  • IDreamIn4D

    singing contests are the only instance where confidence (can be read as cockiness in other ppl too) is a huge disadvantage for an artist. In real life almost all successful artists in top 40 radio are highly confident.
    you’d have to be to succeed in the business.

  • Artha diddle

    OMG He is NOT cocky at all! Hes GOOFY!!! Where do you guys see cocky? Simply put he has an AMAZING(one of the best voices ive ever heard to be quite honest) voice and unlike alot of “divo’s” who sings this guy isnt. This guy actually possess a really good personality. I see a promising career for him. He attractive(extremely) He has charm, and unlike alot of other “Sexy” singers hes REALLY TALANTED! FYI I personally think its bc he’s so good(attractive and talented) that ppl automatically wanna label him as cocky. This GUY sang whitney Houston in the ORIGINAL key?! Who does that not even girls can do that. I like him and I have to say hes def in my top 3!

  • Artha diddle

    OMG i so agree!