American Idol 10 Hollywood Spoilers: Hollywood Week Begins!

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With American Idol 10 hopefuls reportedly making their way to Pasadena today for Hollywood Week, Gangreen brings you…another preview of Hollywood Week contestants!  Read on for the spoilery stuff…


More spoilers! Thanks again for all the spoiling.

Hollywood week begins this week!  Any chance these contestants make it through the next 11 days? What do you think?

Emily Deloach- Beautiful, piercing tone. Her voice is eerily similar to Shawn Colvin for me. Her look is a bit of a mess, but she is very pretty.  The show has a long history of taking contestants and styling them better as a kind of “transformation” all the way back to Kelly, and I could see the producers doing the same with Emily.

Nothing Compares 2 U cover

Original song

Original song


Symphony Howlett – Very pretty, but a bit hammy. Has a nice, clear voice although she tends to over-sing.  Her voice and personality remind me of Mandy Moore.  Also, her hair is different in EVERY video she has on youtube. Does she have an extensive wig collection? That gives me pause…

Angel cover

Lean on Me cover

Gravity cover


Nathan Scarsbrook- When reports were coming in that the judges were passing huge numbers through Hollywood I wondered if some “interesting” “talent” would make it through that would have been cut in other years. I present you Nathan. Nathan is certainly “interesting” and um.. “Unique”.  I am dying to see his audition, especially since he supposedly tried out with Whip My Hair.

Just the Way You Are cover

Diva cover

  • Valentin432

    Emily has a good voice, Symphony is a drama queen and Nathan is a joke right?

  • luvadamlambert

    Emily’s ok–seems too crystal-ish for me to like, but i think she’ll make it

    symphony has an aweosme name and she’s really pretty. her voice is pretty good, and plus she did songs i love, but she seems kinda cocky and gets annoying after a while


  • bagel08

    I think Emily is really good! A lot of great contenders this year! Nathan seems weird…

  • rskelly86

    Emily seems great! Humble, talented, love her! Judging by how well Crystal did, she could do great. She could also fall victim to the lack-of-charisma trap that has swallowed a lot of great talent before, but I guess Crystal and Lee proved that wrong.

    Symphony already annoys me. She’s got a nice voice, but it is kind of boring and she definitely seems over confident. She’s cute, though, and she might be a new “package” singer just like Jasmine Murray and Katelyn Epperly were supposed to be.

    Nathan is… interesting. I mean, on one hand you have the terrible singing like in the videos you posted. But his covers of “Creep” and “Until You Come Back To Me” and even “Runaway” in certain spots aren’t terrible. Either way, he dresses more X-Factor than American Idol, which I like, and he seems to have some self-awareness, which could be entertaining. I feel like he’s going to end up being the new Norman Gentle or whatever, which could be great or could get boring and get boring fast.

  • milajoy