Amazing Race 24 Spoilers – All Star Teams Revealed?

It’s been rumored that the 24th season of the Amazing Race would be all stars, and now a spoiler named Miss Cleo has seemingly confirmed the casting and named the teams via twitter:

  • Jet and Cord, cowboys, season 16 and 18
  • Andy and Tommy, snowboarder friends, season 19
  • Rachel and Brendon, annoying Big Brother couple, season 20
  • Bopper and Mark, best friends, season 20
  • Natalie and Nadiya, twins, season 21
  • Caroline and Jenn, country singer friends, season 22
  • Dave and Connor, father and son, season 22
  • Joey and Meghan, YouTube friends, season 22
  • Pam and Winnie, best friends, season 22
  • Tim and Marie, exes, season 23

For more insight into the rumored list, check out Andy Dehnart from Reality Blurred who gathered and posted the tweets. He notes that the race is usually filmed from mid-November until December, and there could be changes to the list.

What do you think of the teams?

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  • Eric Mitchell

    Do we really need Rachel and Brandon back on Amazing Race . I like that Dave and Connor might get another try since they left in injury and it the exes from this season come back that would probably mean they go far bit don’t win

  • Madilo

    I’m happy that Rachel and Brendon are there yay :)

  • Beaugard Stevens

    I like Rachel I might watch because of that- so many people hate her though.

  • Bluebeat

    Kind of like a few seasons back when they got that Youtuber and his dad on the show.

  • Miz

    I knew Rachel and Brendon were going to be on it again and I wanted to poke my eyes out. They get on my last nerve.

  • Vetle

    I liked Joey and Meghan (underdogs for me, and the others in the top 5 were pretty unlikable and stupid for taking the hockey players to the end), nice seeing Dave and Connor and Pam and Winnie too, definitely deserved it. Caroline and Jenn is a weird choice… For the others, I haven’t really seen their seasons (I think I saw season 19).

  • EvenMoreron

    The last season I watched regularly was the one Ernie and Cindy won, but I don’t even remember how far back that was, was it before the last all stars? I did watch the tail end of the one that Ryan from the Martha Stewart Apprentice was on and i unashamedly enjoyed the Twinnies.

  • Leo Incredible

    <3 Rachel. Wish the cute gay brothers Sam and Dan were on it though. They were such a bickering mess.

  • maymay

    Among these all star teams, you only say Rachel and Brendon are annoying, why? Twins are not annoying? Exes are not annoying?

    I think Rachel and Brendon are good people. They are just emotional. On the other hand, twins and exes are very terrible people, and super annoying.

    Rachel and Brendon will definitely help the ratings. I always love their personalities.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I am just sick of Rachel and Brandon from years of Big Brother and Amazing Race. Other teams are annoying as well but they have annoyed me the longest

  • percysowner

    The only season I quit midway through was the one with Rachel and Brendon and it was because of Rachel and Brendon. I’m sure they have their fans, but they got on my last nerve. I’ll give the season a go, but Rachel and Brendon may drive me away again. I like most of the others and I guess this spoils some of this season, because I don’t think the winner would come back for All Stars.

  • Caio Fernandes

    Beside the BBB couple, Jet and Cord again?!!! Geez! And Tim and Marie? Spoiler?

  • Michael Reid

    This is only 10 teams. Can they Put Jeff & Jordan, Brendon & Rachel. OMG BB Magic for TAR. PLEASE

  • babyspock

    Rumor has it that next season of Big Brother is also going to be all-stars. Rachel is going to be back with either her husband or her sister.

    I stopped watching Big Brother after season 10. A few times I was going to start watching but couldn’t stand some of the returning players. This season I quit during week 2 after seeing for myself how much more rigged the show has become after reading the complaints on various message boards.

    As someone who only watched Rachel on the Amazing Race and felt somewhat sympathetic because her team was getting picked on, even I’m sick of seeing and hearing about her. I can image what other people who are not fans feels having to watch her for 5 straight years.

  • Sassycatz

    She’s become the latest “Boston Rob” who milked his reality show career to the nth degree. I don’t care for her, so I’ll hope for her early TV demise.

  • Eric Mitchell

    Yes but at least Boston Rob is enjoyable to watch and a great competitor. Rachel is just whiny.

  • Raymarc Badillo

    I’m glad that Dave and Connor and Brenchel are back on The Amazing Race. Admittedly, the production would have chosen Abbie and Ryan, who frankly lost their chance to take a two million cash trophy, and Jessica and John, who were both shamed from an early elimination and did not use the Express Pass, instead of two teams who were not supposed to be on the casting like Jet and Cord. What do you guys think?

  • Raymarc Badillo

    Season 19. I like Ernie and Cindy though. They’re one of my top favorite teams on TAR.

  • babyspock

    This guy who has been spoiling survivor for years claims to have insider information about Big Brother. Don’t know how true they are because he have had some real spoilers from survivor contestants but other times he’d lift spoilers from other people and claim them as his own. He’s on twitter claiming It’s CBS that loves Rachel and Brendon not the Big Brother producers and the network have the final say on casting.

  • EvenMoreron

    If the next Big Brother is All Stars, as much as people hated this past season I could see Amanda, Helen, Aaryn and Elissa all back. Maybe even Howard.

  • HKfan

    Yeh, I liked Rob.

  • Wes

    I love Jet and Cord! Can’t wait for all the Rachel and Brendon drama, I feed off of her tears! Dave and Connor getting a second chance is fantastic, I cannot wait for them to race again! Natalie and Nadiya were such good fun too! Then of course the lovely underdogs Joey and Meghan. I seriously hope these are all true, how exciting would this be?!?

  • MrONegative

    Sadly, that means mission: accomplished.

  • HenryHolland1

    Hi, found your site searching for TAR 24 teams…..

    It would be great to see Colt & Jet again, also snowboarders Tommy & Andy. I love how they race with a minimum of drama, I hope they both make the final 3. Loved Dave & Connor too, I hope Dave’s achilles is fully healed.

    I assume this is going to air in February.

  • Paula Fitzhenry

    I would like to see Louie and Michael come back. Please god let Brenchel be a mistake. He is such a whipping boy and she’s, I just want to strangle her.

  • Qdsf

    Yay! I Team Youtube, Brenchel, Twinsies and the Cowboys! Even like Tim and Marie. (lol my faves are… i know, pls don’t judge). IF this is true, it’s gonna be hard to decide which team to root for!

  • Brandon Monster Wu

    I loved Michael and Kevin!!!! (Team Jumba (kevjumba)) They were offered to go on Season 18 (Unfinished Business), but they turned it down because Kevin didn’t want to be too inactive on YouTube.
    I’m excited that Joey and Meghan are coming back!!!!!

  • Zombified Storm

    TeamCute/TeamYouTube all the way