X Factor UK Headlines for 10/26/12

The X Factor: where did it go wrong?

Robbie Williams blasts X Factor and says ‘boring’ contestants will ‘go nowhere’, is also this week’s guest mentor (this week’s theme is Halloween).

But they’re not YOUR act! Tulisa left devastated as ‘mini N-Dubz’ stars MK1 are voted off The X Factor
MK1 became the latest stars to be voted off The X Factor on Sunday night.

After the duo’s dramatic sing-off with Kye Sones, judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh were given the task of choosing which act should go home.

But when a decision couldn’t be reached by the judges, the vote was taken to deadlock – with MK1, aka Charlie and Sim, receiving the least amount of votes from the public.
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On a roll! Tulisa gets it right AGAIN as Nicole Scherzinger fails to impress in the X Factor style stakes
She started off on the wrong foot when it came to her X Factor look, but Tulisa seems to have made a style turnaround.

The London-born judge, who was overshadowed by Nicole Scherzinger in the first few weeks of the live shows, seems to have found her fashion footing as she wowed in another winning outfit on Sunday’s live results show.

She impressed on Saturday night’s show with a sophisticated bustier and pencil skirt, and now Tulisa has done it again in a black patent prom dress.
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Chaos at The Corinthia: X Factor security guard arrested and fans swarm the hotel…as contestants are sneaked in the back door
Fans seem to be going crazy for the superstar wannabes on The X Factor but things got a bit out of hand at the Corinthia Hotel on Friday night.

One of the show’s security guards, who was trying to control the sea of fans and photographers who had gathered outside the contestants’ London hotel, was arrested after allegations that he had manhandled and been verbally abusive to the crowd.

The fans, who have been a steady presence since the X Factor stars moved in to the hotel a few weeks ago, were met with a much stronger reaction than usual as the guard tried to control them.
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All over in one tweet! Gary Barlow threatens to calls time on 20-year friendship as Robbie Williams backs Rylan Clark on The X Factor
They’ve been best of friends and worst of enemies and now it seems like their rocky relationship has finally come to an end.

They might have made it through 20 years of ups and downs, but pop icons Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams may have to call time on their tempestuous friendship over X Factor contestant Rylan Clark.

Detested by Gary, the Essex singer, who has made it through another week, seems to have impressed Robbie and driven a wedge between the former Take That bandmates.
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Leading ladies: Tulisa and her girls show off their style credentials as The X Factor contestants attend Skyfall premiere
Following their decisions to audition on The X Factor, they’ve been given a fast track pass into the world of glitz and glamour.

So it would only make sense that this year’s contestants were given the opportunity to walk the red carpet at this year’s biggest film premiere in London on Tuesday evening.

Leading the way, Tulisa Contostavlos and her three contestants Ella Henderson, Jade Ellis and Lucy Spraggan stepped out in monochrome ensembles as they attended the Royal Premiere of Skyfall.
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Separated at birth? X Factor’s Rylan Clark and best friend Katie Price reveal their matching trout pouts on a night out
Rylan Clark has only been in the spotlight for a few weeks, but he’s already showing that he can pull of the perfect pout.

However, he does have the best teacher in Katie Price.

The 34-year-old former glamour model is a close with friend of the 23-year-old controversial X-Factor star, and on Sunday night they couldn’t resist working those moves in front a camera.
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What a cutie! How X Factor’s Rylan Clark transformed from innocent redhead toddler to a flamboyant male model
We now know him as the eccentric hopeful who is dividing judges and audiences alike on the current series of The X Factor.

But Rylan Clark was once a ginger-haired cutie who looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Virtually unrecognisable from the raven-haired male model now gracing the X Factor stage each week, the adorable redhead cheekily grins towards the camera in a snap taken when he was a young child.
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Now he fancies himself as a director: Rylan Clark turns the tables on photographers as he films them with a video camera
As entertainment value, he has proved himself X-traordinary.

But Rylan Clark’s singing ability has been roundly criticised by some of the judges on The X Factor.

However, he may have bagged himself as a new career as a filmmaker after he was spotted with a video camera outside London’s X Factor studio.
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Living the dream! X Factor’s James Arthur takes advantage of his new found fame as he leaves London nightclub with THREE mystery girls
There’s a new Frankie Cocozza in town, and his name is James Arthur.

The current X Factor hopeful his proving to be extremely popular among the female fans and has been taking advantage of his new found heartthrob status.

After a night out in Aura nightclub in London, the 24-year-old singer found himself surrounded by female admirers and couldn’t resist bringing three of them back to his hotel.
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‘He knows Union J are a threat to One Direction’: Louis Walsh hits out at Simon Cowell’s silence over the new X Factor boyband
Louis Walsh believes his X Factor act Union J aren’t being heavily promoted on the show as they are a threat to Simon Cowell’s hugely successful boyband One Direction.

The Irish judge is seemingly seething that Cowell hasn’t publicly backed the music star wannabes.

Louis is quoted by the Daily Star as saying: ‘He knows Union J are a threat to One Direction so he’s not going to say much about them.’
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He’s always had the X Factor: Union J’s George Shelley was destined to be a music star… as newly released baby pictures show him playing the drums
It’s no wonder Union J’s George Shelley is trying to become a chart superstar on The X Factor/

It seems music is in his blood.

The 19-year-old pin-up comes from a musical family, and he was a dab hand at the maracas and drums growing up.
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That’s frightful! X Factor’s Rylan celebrates his birthday with a Halloween themed costume party … but fails to impress himself
He’s this year’s most controversial finalist on the X Factor, so leave it to Rylan Clark to pull out all the stops for his birthday.

The singer turned 24 on Wednesday and celebrated the occasion with an extravagant costume party.

His X Factor colleagues joined him on night out in London nightclub Mahiki, and everybody dressed up accordingly for the Halloween themed bash.
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Don’t Cha know you can’t ever BEAT me! Scantily clad Nicole Scherzinger revisits her Pussycat Doll days as she upstages Tulisa at Rylan Clark’s birthday
As a former member of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger was never afraid to put her best assets on display.

And stepping back in time, Nicole showed off and out as she stripped down to celebrate her X Factor contestant Rylan Clark’s 24th birthday on Wednesday evening.
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‘X Factor’ voice Peter Dickson: ‘Rylan just fun and friendly’ – video
The voice of The X Factor Peter Dickson has defended Rylan Clark’s place on the show, saying that the controversial contestant reflects the competition’s “fun, friendly” nature.

The legendary voiceover artist said he could see the appeal of the Essex-born singer to X Factor viewers, who he described as “the broadest audience you can imagine”.
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MK Done
Axed urban act blast X Factor

MK1 rapped “rude” judges Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger and a vote-line hitch for their shock X Factor exit.

The duo, Simeon Dixon and Charlotte Rundle, also branded wannabe Christopher Maloney a diva who throws backstage strops.

The urban act, in the sing-off with Kye Sones on Sunday, were stunned as Gary and Nicole chatted through their performance.

Charlie said: “They were whispering to each other and I thought, ‘I’m trying to sing for my place and they were chatting.’ That’s just rude.” The pair also whinged that fans had been unable to vote for them on Sunday afternoon.
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‘Get Chris Maloney out’: Simon Cowell wants Gary Barlow act off X Factor
Cowell is said to have urged the other judges to criticise Chris to make sure he is kicked out sooner rather than later
Gary Barlow is fuming after learning that X Factor mogul Simon Cowell has declared war on him by secretly campaigning to “get Chris Maloney out”.

Now Barlow views Cowell’s phone calls and texts to rival judges urging them to criticise his act at every opportunity as the “final straw” in their crumbling ­relationship.

The new row ignited after X Factor sources revealed Chris, 34, “topped the vote” for the first two weeks of the live performances.

Cowell is said to believe the Liverpudlian’s ­presence makes the show dated and cheesy.

He is said to have urged judges Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa Contostavlos to criticise him to make sure he is kicked out sooner rather than later.
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‘X Factor’s Kye Sones: ‘I’ve lost count of the girls I’ve bedded’
Kye Sones has revealed that he has “lost count” of the girls he’s bedded.

The X Factor singer told Now magazine that he doesn’t do too badly at all with the ladies.

When asked how many girls he has slept with, he said: “Not enough! I don’t know… I’ve lost count.”

He went on to quip that he’s not ruling out getting it on with a fan either. He said: “I’ve already had a few marriage proposals and I just say yes to all of them – I’m going to have a busy summer!”
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‘It’s not a singing competition’: Robbie Williams blasts X Factor and says ‘boring’ contestants will ‘go nowhere’
The strong friendship that Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams once had may be gone for good.

After publicly backing wannabe pop star Rylan Clark, Robbie has now hit out at Gary and the X Factor.

The Take That star, who is going to perform on the X Factor this weekend, dismissed the Saturday night show and said that it is in no way a real singing contest.

Speaking to Short List magazine, Robbie said: ‘Somebody will come on and do an audition and sing their arse off, but they can’t project and they’re boring and they’ll go nowhere.’
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Robbie Williams stars as special guest mentor to ‘X Factor’ finalists
Robbie Williams is set to appear as a special guest mentor to the X Factor finalists on the ITV1 show on Saturday night (October 27) ahead of his performance on the programme on Sunday (October 28).

The 38-year-old ‘Bodies’ singer, who welcomed the arrival of his first child Theodora with wife Ayda Fields on September 18, starred as a guest judge with friend and former Take That bandmate Gary Barlow on the series last year.
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The X Factor: where did it go wrong?
The acts are flaccid and unsexy, and it’s being thrashed in the ratings week after week by Strictly. It desperately needs to do something to save itself – but what?

But at some point everything becomes old. And if you’re a 14-year-old viewer, The X Factor has been on TV since you were five. It’s what your parents watch. It’s old hat. That’s why someone as Pebble Millish as Christopher Maloney can keep winning the phone vote. It’s why the competition prize last week was a Volvo. You’re never going to find the next pop sensation when you’re pitching the show at middle-aged Maloney-loving Volvo drivers. Lose the kids and you completely lose the point of The X Factor.

It’s probably too late to change anything this year. The X Factor can try to sex up its current batch of dullards all it likes, but really it will just be rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. If The X Factor wants to be great again, it needs to write this year off completely and start thinking about 2013. It needs to start thinking about the sort of pop star it wants to create. It needs to remember how to have fun. If that means getting rid of Gary Barlow – or anyone involved with the current incarnation, for that matter – then so be it. It’s a risk that must be taken.
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Chris Maloney, Eoghan Quigg, Same Difference: ‘X Factor’s 10 cheesiest acts
X Factor’s Chris Maloney has been branded a “cabaret act” by Louis Walsh (of all judges).

Show boss Simon Cowell, meanwhile, reportedly wants the “cheesy and dated” singer off the ITV1 show.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cheesiest X Factor finalists, featuring Pontin Bluecoat’s Scott Bruton, cheesy swing singer Ray Quinn and “cruise ship” star Sami Brooks.
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