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I’m not sure what a lot of tonight’s choices had to do with “Guilty Pleasures”. Why would Treyc singing a Led Zepplin song be so outrageous? Or Belle Amie singing Chrissie Hynde? Eh. My favs this week were Treyc, Katie and Rebecca. Aiden made a nice comeback this week. The two made-up groups have still not convinced me, by their performances, that they belong together. Matt, whom I lurve was a disappointment this week. But did Dannii think that choosing a Britney Spears song for him was brave and new? There have been a ton of male rock-type singers who have covered Britney–Travis, Richard Thompson, Marty Casey and even Kris Allen. It’s become trite at this point. There’s always next week, cause Matt will be sticking around.

In danger of going? Wagner, John A. and maybe Belle Amie

This week, the X Factor UK is down to 12 contestants. The theme is Guilty Pleasures! Check out the spoilers for this week HERE.

The show starts at 2:45 ET

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Paije Richardson (Dannii – Boys) – Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan – No dancers, no staging this week for Paige. He’s going to show off his voice. Fancy that. Nice arrangement He’s not doing a lot of fancy runs, which you’d expect when someone sings a Chaka songs. He’s a little rough on the high notes, but he brings the proper emotion. Louis says, “I love your choice of song, I love the arrangement, you keep getting better and better.” Cheryl says, “It’s the most comfortable you’ve looked. Fantastic.” Simon says, “I didn’t like what you’re wearing. You’ve got to turn yourself into a pop star. The performance was OK. You’ve got to start behaving and acting like a star. The end part was outstanding. You’ve got to start believing you can win.” Danni says, “You have arrived Paige. So well done. The way you’ve matured in one week is well done. The vocals were perfect. The sparkle in your eye was magic.” Paige’s grandparent died this week, so he was under some stress.

John Adeleye – Zoom by Big Fat Larry’s Band (Louis – Over 28s) – WTF is up with his hair? Erm. What the hell is this song? Zoom? Louis is the worst picker of songs ever. This is terrible on every level. LOL at Simon’s expression. Horrible song, vocals, staging, arrangement, outfit. Yikes. Danni says, “You really gave it a good performance tonight. Not one of my favorite songs.” Cheryl says the dancers were horrible, and that Louis should have spoken up to take them out. Simon says, “I was trying to concentrate…you were singing the horrible song Louis gave you…” Louis says, “You came out tonight, you absolutely look like a pop star. Yes the dancers were a bit of a distraction.” Simon says the dancers might have been a distraction from a terrible song choice. He also compares the performance to watching a newscast with two dogs doing it in the background.

Rebecca Ferguson – Why Don’t You Do Right by Nora Lee King – (Cheryl – Girls) – A better song choice this week–she does really great on the retro-soul-blues songs, cause she’s got this Billie Holiday vibe going on. The red Veronica Lake hair and red dress are pretty cool too. Louis says, “Liverpool has definitely got a brand new pop star. You’re like an amazing American diva. A class act, a unique recording voice.” Dannii says, “I would be one of those people who would buy your record. Tonight was the best performance you’ve done. I didn’t like your dress and style. It aged you a bit.” Simon says, “This was the night you turned into a star. I can’t fault any part of that. This is so exciting.” He addresses the Elton’s charge that competition show don’t turn out stars. “Elton if you’re not watching, I’m going to send you this tape.” Cheryl says, “The performance was everything it should be. You are 100 percent here.”

Cher Lloyd – Mash up of No Diggity by Blackstreet and Shout by Tears for Fears – (Cheryl – Girls) – OMG her hair! – Sorry, but this chic has NO SWAGGER. Seriously. Stop giving her the hip hop! She’d do so much better with straight pop. She’s got some talent, but she really comes off like an amateur. “You took 2 brilliant pop anthems…I love what you did on stage. I loved your whole attitude…Elton would love this too!”, Dannii says, “Tonight, this felt like you. This is what you would do at your concert. Mindblowing. Love the way that you look. You sang it really well.” Simon says, “It didn’t feel like you were somebody taking part in a competition. It felt like somebody who already had 5 hit records. The two songs…very very clever, you look comfortable. You look healthy and happy.” Cheryl says, “Thank you for being a strong little thing…thank you for letting me get a little loose. You are everything a pop star should be.”

Matt Cardle – Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears – (Danni – Boys) – A guy singing Britney Spears has been done before, so he’s really got a bit of a challenge on his hands. Hm. This is just OK–kind of boring.. I”m a big fan, but this isn’t one of his best. He sounds a little nasally and the arrangement is overblown. Louis says, “You took a pop classic, you made it your own. That could be a #1 record You are unique in every way.” Cheryl says, “It’s such an Iconic song..but it was really fantastic.” Simon says, “It was absolutely incredible. I like people who take risks. Take a song like that, and turn it into your version.” Dannii says, “You rocked the guilty pleasure. After you sang that version, that’s the only one I have going in my head.”

One Direction – Nobody Knows by Pink – Simon switched their song mid-stream because the first one wasn’t working. They’ve all got Bieber hair except for the curly haired guy. Lulz. The lead singer isn’t bad, but his backups are a little rough. These guys have never sounded like they gelled, despite how Simon has been pimping them. OMG the ending is a trainweck. Yikes. Louis says, “It’s like 5 Justin Biebers. You’re really getting your act together.” Dannii says, “It seems like you’re living the dream and loving the dream. I’m not sure Pink is a guilty pleasure?” Cheryl says, “You are my guilty pleasure. You’re finding your feet now.” Simon says, “There’s no bleating on about excuses. You grabbed on to it in 24 hours. You made some improvements. It’s an absolute pleasure working with you lot.” It really doesn’t matter if they can sing anyway. The crowd is going crazy for them.

Treyc Cohen – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin – (Cheryl – Girls) – She gives it the Tina Turner treatment, and she’s pretty good. Treyc’s got a really powerful voice. She hits that high note pretty well! I like her. Louis says, “I never thought I would hear somebody sing Led Zepplin on X Factor. This is the best year we’ve ever done.” “The vocals were phenomenol. You look fantastic. What’s your style? What’s your signature?” “It’s like a kitten that’s turned into a tiger in one week. I didn’t think you quite hit the big notes on that. But, I think we can throw anything at you.” “I loved the fact that you haven’t been well, but you haven’t moaned and groaned. You really look happy as the rock chick, maybe that’s how we move forward.” Wow, she sounds really hoarse! She really got into the rock chick thing.

Mary Byrne – I Who Have Nothing by Shirley Bassey – (Louis – Over 28s) – She changed the song at the last minute (Heard it was “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough). She changed to her audition song. Well, this is boring we’ve already heard her sing this. It’s old-fashioned and dull. Dannii says, “When you sing best, is when you don’t leave any gas in the tank. It’s world class. Please sing a new song.” Cheryl says, “You represent real women with real life experience. You draw us all in. You deliver every week.” Simon says, “There are an awful lot of people who are going to be relating to you. You’ve got to show a different side. Louis you’ve got to use some imagination (picking songs).” Louis says, “Everyone loves you. You don’t use any tricks. It’s all about you and your voice.” Cheryl wants to hear Mary sing a Coldplay song. Lulz. Mary seems a little reluctant to do that.

Aiden Grimshaw – Diamonds Are Forever by the Arctic Monkeys – (Dannii – Boys) – Well this is better than last week! Aiden is a strange one. He still sounds a little nervous to me, but he’s got an interesting vibe. He’s sort of a freak. Louis says, “You are the perfect pop star, you make it contemporary. You’re going to be a brilliant recording star.” Cheryl says, “Amazing song choice, deliver. You’re a very intense performer, but I’m not sure everyone would get it. Simon says, “If you want a lesson on how to make an old song work, that’s what you do.”

Belle Amie – I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders – (Simon – Groups) – I love Chrissie Hynde and that version was a blasphemy. When are these horrible girls going to be voted off? Louis says, “I think you are potentially a really great group. It wasn’t a great song choice. Simon is putting all his effort into the boys.” Cheryl says, “It’s a great song choice. It’s very sentimental for me. I wanted to be up there with you singing.” Simon says, “Louis why do you have to be so unpleasant and bitchy? They wanted to make their own song. It wasn’t the most original version of the song, but I think you did great.”

Wagner – Mash up of Spice Up Your Life by the Spice Girls and Livin’ La Vida – (Louis – Over 28s) – Wagner is ridiculous, and not in a good way. Is this guy for real? I mean, does he actually think this off-key shouting is good? The OTT choreography is kind of entertaining. Dannii says, “I think you definitely got the theme of guilty pleasure. Every week we’re kind of shocked by the dancing on the stage.” Cheryl says, “There was a lot of guilty going on up there. I don’t know if there was a lot of pleasure.” Simon says, “It was more guilt than pleasure. Do you understand how crazy this is Louis, that you would criticize my song choice?” Simon asks Wagner if he’s happy with Louis (There’s been gossip about Wagner being unhappy.) Louis says, “He’s not the best singer, but he’s definitely entertaining and different.”

Katie Waissel – King Of The Swingers from the Jungle Book – (Cheryl – Girls) – That was actually a ton of fun. Katie went the Madonna-Gwen Stefani route and totally pulled it off. I have to say, she’s growing on me. Louis says, “Katie has arrived, this is the real Katie. She’s got the X Factor. You owned the stage.” Dannii says, “That was a very clever twist on a guilty pleasure. I absolutely loved it.” Simon says, “Absolutely loved you this week. That was absolute genius. Shouldn’t have worked. It did work. You genuinely deserve to be here. Cheryl says, “Your best so far.”

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